Chapter 16 – Rest, remorse and the future

Chapter 16 – Rest, remorse and the future

The route from where I came, I can’t remember it at all.
Night fell before I could even notice.
In the rain, Momo and I desperately continued running.

I avoided fighting with monsters as much as possible.
Even battles that I could obviously win against a lone Goblin or a lone zombie, I evaded them and kept running.
Nether Momo nor me were calm.

Eventually, we ended up in my own old apartment.
We got up the stairs and entered the room.
With my key I closed the door and fell on the mat. The place was completely dark.
I was soaked wet. And this feeling…..

「Haa….. But I’m still alive….. 」

I survived.
Came across that dreadful monster but I survived.

From my Item box, I took out water and food.
Within plates, I pour the water and pass it with food to Momo.
Then I drank from the remaining water that is inside the bottle.

「Nguh…… Nguh…… Puwah. 」

Water is delicious. This water was so tasty.
I drank it in a flash.

「Wan. 」

Momo seemed to say it isn’t having enough; with its paw it is holding the plate.

「All right, there is more. 」

For a while Momo and I continue to drink water.

「Haa~~~……. 」

The feeling has finally settled.
I was scared.
Never in my life have I felt so close to death.

What the hell, that monster.
It’s strange but this is so ridiculous.
This Orc definitely isn’t something you meet early in the game.
This is definitely the kind of game where you would dump your controller on the side and return to sell it, saying the difficulty is outrageous.

When I’m thinking about it now after calming down, there have been many ways to avoid that situation. In the convenience store, I sensed an 「Unpleasant feeling. 」.
That was the work of 『Crisis perception』.
It was telling me : if you go the mall, there will be an High Orc.
The alarm was ringing when there wasn’t any superior enemy in the neighbourhood.

「According to the intuition, I should have gone another way obediently….. 」

Perhaps that was the correct answer.
The time I left the convenience store and headed towards the Mall, 『Hostility perception』and 『Crisis perception』worked properly.
Disregarding them and going「Well, whatever and I’ll manage. 」It was my responsibility for being too optimistic. I can only say that I am a fool.
The world became like a game. My skill rose, I got skills and it seems that I was too highly spirited.
The fact that I was able to defeat monsters without any strain spurred my carelessness.
That’s why I risked my life so easily.

「Ah, shit….. Damn damn damn damn. 」

I’m scratching my head.
It seems my stress is wearing off a bit.

≪Proficiency has reached a sufficient level. ≫
≪The skill Stress tolerance rose from LV4 to LV5≫

Ah, yeah! Thank you!
I’m feeling calmer now, thanks! Damn!

「Haa, I’m tired….. 」

I want to sleep before anything.
I want to sleep and forget for a bit.

「Wafuuu…. 」

Momo seems to be tired too.
There is no tension in its voice.
I change my wet clothes.
Take a towel and wipe Momo’s body.

I’m really sleepy. I want to sleep.
But it’s okay if I sleep in this place now?
If a monster attacks once I’m asleep, it’s all over.
But, we don’t have enough strength to take turns with Momo and watch all the night.

「There’s no way to escape….. 」

Because I’ve seen the scene from a while ago, I have no choice now but to make barricades.
From the item box, I take out the bigger items including the wardrobe, refrigerator and the washing machine and I place them in front of the windows and the entrance.
I’m continue doing so until only the place where Momo and I will sleep is not covered.
My house looks like a garbage heap.
But, in this case, if a monster tries to come he won’t immediately reach us and we will earn enough time to escape……. Unless this in an High Orc- class monster.

「Well then Momo, shall we sleep?」

「Wan. 」

Surrounded by various type of furnitures, Momo and I went to sleep.
Probably because I was tired, I fell asleep in just a few seconds.

In this way, the first day since the world changed was over.
…….. Well, more exactly the second day though.
Anyway, it was a very heavy day.

Good Morning.
The morning came.
The time is 6. 00 am.
It was around 20:00 (8pm) went I went to sleep yesterday, it seems that I fell asleep for a little more than ten hours.
Seems that I was very tired.

Momo is already awake.
As I woke up in the morning and the first things of the day enter my eyes, the first thing I’m seeing is Momo.
I was surprised for a moment.


Peropero, Momo’s licking my face.
It seems to say good morning.

「Good morning, Momo. Have you rested with ease?」


Momo shakes its tail and responds.
It seems to have become completely energic.
As the morning comes with a nice Perpero, I’ll stroke it properly.
Yes, Mofumofu, it feels good. I’m healed~ Haa.

「…… it seems that there was no raid from monsters. 」

There’s no sign of the furnitures being ruined.
It’s good. It’s really good.

Hmm~ I’m stretching, and raises my body.
First, store all the furniture pieces.
After making the space a little wider, I take out the bread and vegetable juice I got from the convenience store and a yogurt.
For Momo, I take out the dog food she held with her mouth at the convenience store yesterday.
It’s a light breakfast.

After eating, I take out the basin and water then I wash my face lightly.
Then it’s time for toothpaste.
Yes, my head finally awakened.

「Well now…. 」

I’m facing Momo.

「Momo, we need to talk. 」


Momo looks at me from a sitting posture.
I’m sitting in front of Momo, facing straight.

「I think….. I will hunt monsters aggressively starting today. The reason is to raise my level. 」

I convey to Momo my reflection from yesterday and my idea.
My awareness of this world has been too optimistic.
The best way to survive is to hunt monsters and raise my level.
And with my companion, it’s possible to fight against monsters more efficiently.

「Of course, it isn’t a reason to make unreasonable hunts. Safety comes first. If we die, we lose everything. 」

「Wan. 」

「That’s why Momo, please let me ask you again. I want to borrow your strength. Let’s survive together……. Well, I’m the one who’ll rely on you since I’m unreliable myself. 」

While I’m saying that with a bitter smile, Momo rubs my body.
All right, let’s do our best together. That’s what it is saying.

「…… Thank you, Momo. 」


Momo barks strongly.

Yosh, then I’ll do my best.

I’ll definitely survive.
In this monster-filled world.


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  1. Thank you for the chapter! I’m enjoying it so far, which rarey happens.

    Also, I noticed a mistake:
    perpero -> lick (peropero is a licking motion)

  2. With no knowledge, he’ll be wasting the magic stone only to Momo and not for him. What an idiot.

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