Chapter 2 – Apparently, the world has gone wrong

Chapter 2 – Apparently, the world has gone wrong

Wake up.
Oh, I slept well.
I don’t want to work. I’m lazy.
Well, it’s permissible even if I am because today is a holiday.

「But, to get up at that time, it truly struck me that I’m a corporate slave…… 」

Toilet… Pee.
Dragging my body, I got out of the futon.
Washed away in the toilet, I feel refreshed.

How should I put it? Outside is getting noisy.
Alarms and warnings, I can hear such sounds…… ?
What are you doing in the morning?
Well, whatever.

「I am hungry…… 」

After all, since I went to bed as soon as I came home yesterday I haven’t eaten anything.
Yes, breakfast and a second service of sleep.

「Etto, oh, I don’t have any rice cooked. Well, I’m going for bread then….. 」

With egg and bacon, I’ll make bacon egg toast.
Yosh, Jiburi meal 1)https://ouchi-gohan. jp/384/.
I want to eat a full one.

「….. Hm? Are?」

The electricity in the fridge is gone.

「Uwah, the milk is lukewarm….. 」

The milk inside the refrigerator is lukewarm.
Although I wanted to drink it cold, I will have to drink it soon now, so let’s do it this way.
The ice was melted and when I open the freezer, what was supposed to be ice flooded.

What’s going on?
Perhaps I thought of something. The string of the light got pulled and the incandescent light should turn on.

「….. Acha, maybe the breaker fell?」

Was there a thunderstorm yesterday?
No, I think the weather was good.

It can’t be helped, I reach the entranceway and raise the breaker.
What’s going on?

「C’mon, you mean there’s an electricity outage?」

You think the whole neighborhood has a power outage?
The siren which is ringing since a while ago would be the result?
It’s inevitable. Do your best Eastern electricity. 2)東◯電力
The Gas…… Yes, it’s working.

「Well, it’ll be alright for a while. Other than that. Meal, the meal. 」

Disposing the frying pan, I turn on the fire.
The margarine melt, bacon and eggs are added.

「Because I can’t use the oven, should I fry the bread with the frying pan?」

When bacons and eggs are done, I spread another round of margarine before I add the bread in.
One side is cooked until it becomes a little brownish.
Sort of Panini. This could surprisingly work.
When I add the bacon and egg from earlier it’s completed.
For a bit of additional taste, sprinkle some salt and pepper to your liking.
Easy food for a single man.
Good smell.
It looks really delicious.

「I’m showing my gratitude for this meal. 」

The bread is crispy, the bacon is crispy and the softly cooked egg is thick.
It’s delicious. If milk was cold to go with this, it’s impossible to complain.
I’m putting on the television as I drink the lukewarm milk. Nothing.
Oh, I see, there is the power outage.
Well then, let’s check the news on the smartphone―――.

「…… Oh, I forgot to charge it. 」

The smartphone is also out of charge.
Are you serious? What a day!

「Hm? Wait a minute. If you don’t have electricity, that means you can’t use internet!」

All the novels in my bookmarks are waiting……
Haa…… No way. Time to sleep now.
Shortly, I am to finish my breakfast in a swift and return to my futon.
For the time being, let’s poor water on the dishes.
I’ll wash them properly later.
…… I have to remember later.

「Then, good night. 」

So, I started my second service of sleep.
Today, since earlier, it’s really noisy outside…..

Well, let’s go sleeping.



Woke up.
I slept well……
I check the time after dragging myself out of the futon.

「Uwa, it’s already noon. 」

My second service, I slept 6 hours.
The light leaks from a gap in the curtain it is completely daytime.

「Dazzling….. 」

The light of the sun is poison to a corporate slave.
The negative energy inside my body (Mainly because of the boss) is purified.
It’s useless.  Don’t cleanse it.
This energy, I will store it so that one day I can send payback to my boss.
SFX: Shaa. I open the curtain.

「….. Hm?」

I’m puzzled.
My room is a shabby apartment at the fourth floor.
From there, even if only a little bit, you can see through a part of the city.

「What’s with this sight?」

The first thing that jumped into my eyes is a mysterious big tree.
The huge tree should have dozens of meters in height.
This tree looks straight out from a fantasy world.
He grew and broke all over through concrete and houses.

Furthermore, the part where the ground is paved and the part where it is exposed overlap like a patchwork.
It seems to be forced with different colors, just like a jigsaw puzzle.

Smokes rise here and there. Sirens are ringing incessantly.
The sound of claxon coming from cars is heard all the time.
Screams mixed with roars that you can’t think of them coming from human.

「Angyaaaa!」Or 「GIGAAAAA」, they’re giving different feelings.
Yes, like a monster…..
No, impossible.
That’s the conclusion―――。

「O-orc. 」

A pig head with a corpulent body.
This monster is a classic in fantasy.
Orcs are walking on the road.
No, from morning to noon. It’s a pretty good day.

「And, no, no, no!」

That’s laughable!
Really laughable!
Orc? Why Orc!?

Once again, I take a look at the pig-like creature.
It’s real.  …… There’s no way it looks like an artifice……
There is no zipper on the back.
It’s too much for a costume.
In his hand is a huge kitchen knife and it is definitely moving towards a person’s head… Ah, if you look closely it’s full of blood.


And that orc have something inside of his other hand…..
It’s dripping blood, round…… Is it a ball of bowling or something.
I’m certain.
In here you can see the parts that give the feeling of being eyes, mouths but it’s certainly different. It’s a mistake I’m certain.
It’s a nice boat.

「Uppu….. Oeeee. 」

Yeah, impossible.
What’s that?
Really gross.
It is certainly beyond the level of something gross.

There are others monsters than orcs such as zombies wandering around.
It’s slightly early for an Halloween isn’t it?
Besides, it’s May the fifth.

「Oh my gosh….. 」

That’s situation is too unrealistic, my understanding is far behind.
But, maybe it’s like this.
The world has changed.
To a new world where monsters appear and attack people.
I don’t understand how or why, but it appears to be so.

「It’s not a dream right….. ?」

Pinch my cheek. It hurts.
I thought that this development was something akin to an otaku’s delusion.
No, I have already read this kind of novell on the internet.
But I would have never thought it would actually happen.
My head isn’t following.

「Fuuu….. 」

On the table stands the milk pack I left earlier.
I wanted to put something in my mouth anyway.

「Ngu, ngu …… Puwaa. 」

There I drank everything.  My brain begin to work a little.

「….. Which means that what happened yesterday wasn’t a mistake?」

After calming a little, I recalled the events of yesterday.
The big dog totally out of common sense which had been killed when I was on the way home.
Maybe it was a monster?

In this case, since at least yesterday the world has changed.

「Well then, after what I heard “that voice”?」

The voice that resounded in my head after that dog disappeared.
What did the voice say at that time?

「If I remember correctly….. It confirmed the first subjugation, I gained a skill. 」

Suddenly, I come up with a possibility.
The world where monsters appear.
And the mysterious announcement.
With “That” should be there as well.
In such a case, it’s a promise.

「―――Status Open. 」

What the hell.

Kudou Kazuto
Level 1
Hp : 5/5
Mp : 5/5
Strength : 3
Endurance : 2
Agility : 1
Dexterity : 1
Magic : 0
Magic resistance : 0
SP : 10
JP : 10

Job : none

Unique skill : Precocious.

Skill : none..

………. It really went out.


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    The margarine melt, bacon and eggs are added.

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