Chapter 6 – Let’s decide our future policy.

Chapter 6 – Let’s decide our future policy.

Now, let’s verify the skills I acquired.
Even if it’s what I said, I can only try 『Body strengthening』and 『Item box』

Then, I wonder how much my body’s ability went up.
Strength is “13”. The original number was “3”.
It’s four times. It’s quicker than I expected.

「Ah, speaking of which…… 」

I head to the kitchen.
There is the refrigerator before me.
This is too heavy.

「Yoshiyo….. 」

Grasping the refrigerator, I slowly try to lift it.

「Oh…… It doesn’t feel heavy at all. 」

I was able to lift it up easily.
Kuu, if I had this skill when I moved, I could carry a lot more easily.
The refrigerator is big but it’s enough to be passed through the door to the corridor outside.
Oh, but the refrigerator casters. That’s amazing.
No it’s not! It’s been dripping water! It’s cold!
I hurried away from the refrigerator.
Ah, I’m all soaked.

Let’s change.
After which I move to the heaviest machine in my household, the washing machine.
This is also not light…… But I managed to move it.
Great….. Up to now it was a weight for two people.

Next I jumped lightly.
My hand reached the ceiling easily.
Are you serious.
This time, the jump has a little more strength.
SFX : Bang.
It became a suicide jump. It hurts.
There’s a hole now.

Next I take out a spoon and tried to grasp it with the palm of my hand.
SFX: Splat
Uooo….. An esper would be surprised at this power…..
Even if I can’t say that I’m one.

「Yes, it truly feels like my physical capabilities increased overall. This is amazing. 」

Fuahahaha, I’m overflowing with power.
What is it?

Then, since I confirmed the performance of my body, let’s examine the 『Item box』next.
『Item box』 is the ability to store things that you hold or touch just as I tried earlier.
This is a staple of fantasy, exactly.
With 『Appraisal』, you can say they are the two major lines from fantasy.
Due to the presence of these two, the cheat condition in different worlds is quite variable.

At any rate, there is even the novel idea where harems are built solely based on these skills alone.
They are promised victorious skin. Probably.

So, let’s try and see how much we can store at LV1.
For the time being, I decided to store everything I pass by.

As a result, almost all of the furniture that I own can be stored such as change of clothes, underwear, gloves, heavy clothing, ero doujinshi, Konnyaku(Used), table, washing machine, dock good; in my Item box.
Eve, at LV1, the size seems to be considerable.
Super convenient. God-like.

Dangerous, I’m enjoying it too much.
Although it is quite an emergency situation, this fantasy feeling is unbelievable.

「Oh, I wish I had made a list of what I stored inside….. 」

I put so many things inside and now I can’t remember everything that I put inside.
Now I realize it is a natural thing.

≪Do you wish to display a list of the stored items?≫

When I was thinking, the voice sounded in my head.
What? There’s a list?
When I say yes, a plate of the same kind as the status screen emerges in front of me.

「Oh, it’s displaying the items in the order I added them….. 」

The list show the items from top to bottom according to the order they were stored.
Moreover, it has a vertical scroll function.
It seems that whenever there’s more than one item, it is displayed with x Number.

For example, if we talk about a pet bottle, here is how it is displayed.
Water 500ml x3 bottle.
Tea 2L x1 bottle.

And so on.
It’s neatly classified by types.
Super powerful. God-like.

「There’s no need to worry about forgetting what you put inside in this case. 」

Wow, that’s too amazing, the Item box.
This different world is already showing good promises.

By the way, I thought about how the preservation would work inside so I boiled hot water and tried to store it.
After a little while I retrieve it from the box.
It’s getting lukewarm as normal.

Humm, there is no function like insulation to stop the heat or something?
No, my Item Box is only LV1 so maybe if the level increase the functionalities will improve.
Anyway, this is a great skill.

That’s not all. When you use the skill to store and retrieve an item, not only it is useful, but if you think for it to appear in your hand, the item truly does.
In addition, the things that are too big for your hands are released in front of you.

Besides, it seems that if an item is recognized as mine, I can store it even from a little distance away.
It’s subtle though to see in your area what is and what isn’t considered as your 『Possession』, but I will have the time to find this later.
The effective range from which I can store things is about 1 meter.
If the skill level increase, the range will probably expand further.

Then, I’m almost done with the verification of skills.
What should I do now?

For the time being, should I eat and nap?
No no, what do you mean I’m pushing reality away?

Even now the cries from the monsters and the screams from someone can be heard from outside.
The skill『Improved hearing』makes me hear them even more clearly than before. It’s scary.

Okay, so what now?
Should I head out or should I siege here?

「But even if I want to siege here, my food….. 」

There’s some proper ingredient left in the fridge.
There’s some slice of bread and eggs, several fruits and vegetables, Natto1)Japanese fermented soy beans, Seasoned meat and Japanese pickled vegetables.
After that I have a few cups of ramen, some scarce dried food, a pinch of sake and a few snacks.
The supply of water is still up but there’s nothing I can do if it’s cut.

「Oh, right. Let’s put water in empty bottles for the time being. 」

There are dozens of PET Bottles that I thought about throwing altogether on the next garbage day.
They are still usable if I rinse them.
Added water, I store them inside the Item box.
For the moment, I have secured the minimum amount of drinkable water.
In my storage, I managed to add twelve PET bottles with a size ot 2 Liters.

「Should I store the seasoning and the frying pan as well?Don’t forget about right. 」

Even if there’s no electronic cooking utensils, it would be good if I can use an earthenware pot to cook some.
That’s why. let’s store rice too.

「And also, should I put some tableware together?」

Hence I managed to store all the tableware that were stored in the closet. 2)Anth: He probably forgot the ones inside the sink lol
Even if it’s LV1, I can store so much. 3)Anth: I can imagine him throwing everything on the road because he needs to store something xDWhat a good surprise for 1 point.
Now, everyone will be able to have the same convenient Item box!

「Hum, I guess I should head out, yeah…… 」

This is a good place but once an orc or something reach the inside, there’s no leeway for escape.
More than that, the food is too scarce.
At most I have enough for a few days. Meanwhile, if there are monsters in the neighborhood, it’s checkmate for me.
Above all, it hurts so much that there’s no electricity. 4)Anth: I understand you Kazuto. Look, imagine you can’t read your favorite novels anymore? Hurghh, the past 4 years of my life gone in a bling
There’s no way to gather intelligence from staying within the house.

Even if it looks somehow risky, it will be better to go outside, join someone, and gather information.
In the worst case, I can still escape immediately.
The efficiency of my acquired skills is real.
Besides, compared to monster, I have earth’s geographical advantage.
If I devote myself to flee, there’s no way I’d die even when facing the worst.

「The thing is, I also need a weapon….. 」

That’s how it is.
In this place there’s no such thing as even as a standard bat or a crowbar.

「…… Is there no other way?」

What I have in my hand is the knife I’m using in the kitchen to cook meals.
This is the only thing I could think of as a weapon from my place.
Well, no matter how you look at it.
This is one of the classic weapon in suspense5)I think he talks about film genre. It’s killing ability is excellent.
This is a weapon that has buried many adulterers, but it is also an excellent weapon for killing.
That’s why, the weapon I am holding isn’t just a kitchen knife.

「Hum, but if I wander outside with a knife, I’ll look completely like a suspicious person… 」

I don’t know what to say.
The door was opened, and I have the kitchen knife in my hand.

Yosh, let’s go to the outside world.


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1. Japanese fermented soy beans
2. Anth: He probably forgot the ones inside the sink lol
3. Anth: I can imagine him throwing everything on the road because he needs to store something xD
4. Anth: I understand you Kazuto. Look, imagine you can’t read your favorite novels anymore? Hurghh, the past 4 years of my life gone in a bling
5. I think he talks about film genre

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