Chapter 7 – First encounter

Chapter 7 – First encounter
Author’s Preface
There is a somewhat cruel depiction.
Please be careful.

Standing before the entrance door.
From here on, it is not the same everyday that I spent until now.
The unknown world in which monsters overrun spreads out.


This ordinary door fell awfully heavy.
Fuh, I’m apparently nervous —– Oh, it is just normally rusted.
SFX:Gachari. Opened.

Got out.
To my destiny.
It’s okay.
『Awareness 1)Here instead of Crisis perception that MC chosen before, it’s 気配察知, which I believe isn’t the same skill but W/e』and『Hostility perception』in addition of『Covert action』work.
Right now there are no monsters in the vicinity…… That’s how it should be.
I mean, these three skills.
When I stayed in the room, I didn’t understand their effects so well.
It’s the first time for them to function since I am outside.
There is still a little anxiety.

First, check the left and the right.
It’s the corridor of my familiar old apartment.
Here and there cracks are on the concrete, fluorescent lights are installed and spider webs are in the eaves.
It’s okay. There is no monster.
At least, on “this floor”.

「Fuuu….. 」

The kitchen knife which I grasped isn’t very reliable.
Although it resembles nothing like a real weapon, with this I appear as a completely suspicious soldier.
Inhale and exhale, then keep moving while using the handrail wall to hide.
This way, no one can see my figure from the outside.

Now, confirm the next door.
There’s a newlywed couple who lives inside.
I don’t know much more details about them.
I don’t communicate with my base neighbors.

Simply because the wall is thin, the voices of a nightlife often leaked out.
The next day, I don’t feel to say anything after I see the glossy wife.
Beautiful woman with big breasts that seem to be so shy, she raises her voice until it reaches a disturbing level at night.
On those days, there is a lot of consumption of the Konnyaku…… No, now isn’t the time to become sad in many ways.

SFX:Knock Knock
Knock the small door.
…… No reaction.

Turn the doorknob.
…… Nothing. Are they out?
Or did they run away?

Maybe any of these happened while I was asleep for the second time?
It’s possible.
Come to think of it, the world has been like this for more than half a day.
It’s no wonder that everyone is taking action.
I was asleep, though!

Maybe they had checked my safety while I was asleep.
And since I showed no reaction, they ran away as it was.
Yeah, could be plenty enough.
Or rather, while the world is supposed to be like this, I am the one in the wrong for sleeping 6 hours twice.
No way, I was tired.
It’s not bad. The whole society is bad.

Let’s try to check the other rooms for the time being.
In turn, knock, open the doorknob.
Everyplace is absent.
There is one of the room open, but the inside shows that things were pulled out messily.
Perhaps in panic he ran away.
This feeling on the fourth floor, the lower ones will be the same, no?
I’ll check them once.

Go down the stairs.
When walking in the crossing passageway I was scared, but the awful sound I thought would come out didn’t.
Perhaps this is the effect of the skill 『Stealthy steps』.
Even when I’m moving quickly, I don’t make any sound.
Here, won’t I be able to moonwalk perfectly? What?

Come to think of it, what kind of feeling am I looking from others right now?
I’m in a very inconspicuous state, right?
Hum, I’m frustrated but I can’t confirm this myself.

I arrived at the third floor.
There is no one in the corridor.
Knocking each rooms near the staircase.
No reaction.

There was no reaction in the next room and the one after that.
And the last room at the corner.

Knock on.
No reaction.
Turn the doorknob.


The door opens with a loud noise.

「….. Is anyone here?」

I’m watching for a reaction with the smallest voice possible.
…… No reaction.
In anyone there?
I’m slowly peeking in.

「…………. Hmm?」

Someone…… Is there.
Awareness is feeling it.

But…… What? What with this『Bad feeling』echoing in my head?

Is this…… 『Hostility』?

Therefore, I return myself to reality.

At the next moment.


Someone comes from the back of the room, popping up!


I rebound with my knife instinctively.
SFX:Kiiin! There was a sound.
The sound of cutlery colliding with cutlery.

The person who attacked me comes into my sight.
It wasn’t a person.

The stature of a child from elementary grade school, with green skin.
Wearing only a dirty loincloth and a small knife in her hand.
This is a classic monster in fantasy worlds.

「Goblin….. Is it?」

….. No, it may be the case that there is an official name.
But, it looks completely like a goblin.
So I decided for it to be named goblin.

The goblin slowly gazes at me.
Its body is much smaller than mine.
The arms look underweight and its overall floomy.
The feeling of intimidation is frightening.
It’s not some fake creature that appears on screen like in game or animation.
The only feeling here is: it’s real.

I understand, that’s scary…..
Owing to『Fear resistance』, I’m a lot more relaxed but if I didn’t have the skill, I might shit myself. My legs would shake and there’s no way I would be able to escape.

「Gigi….. 」

The goblin takes a little distance and gazes at me.
Are you cautious because I prevented your first attack?

「Fuh, there….. Isn’t this a sudden feeling of fantasy?」

I prepare the kitchen knife too.
And also, a fearless smile.

「Gii….. !」

The Goblin holds his dagger, ready to go at me any time! Its expression is just showing that.
Kukuku, its fired up.

If you feel like that ——– I’m running!

I suddenly turned around with a curl and ran away from the place.
Goodbye, Goblin!


From behind, you can understand the goblin is saying 「Ehh!? Wait. 」

Then, the Goblin rushed after me and went out of the entrance in the hall.

At that moment, I turn around again and stand right in front of the Goblin.
With my mystery action again, the Goblin becomes startled for a mere moment.
It’s my chance.

「— Item box・Open. 」

While holding the kitchen knife, I use the 『Item box』
Take out the 『Washing machine. 』。
The wastefully heavy washing machine is taken out.
When something I take out from the Item box is too big, it appears straight in front of me.
And the Goblin is right in front of me.
What is going to happen?


The Goblin was crushed by the sudden appearing washing machine.
Because this washing machine is extremely huge, the entrance and the corridor are almost the same width.
Because the machine also have some depth, the monster can’t have the time to retreat.

「Strategy successful. 」

Yes, smashing it gave me a good feeling.
Although it isn’t dead.

「Gii….. Giiiii…… !」

Just under the washing machine, it is pinned down.
Enough that it seems to be stuck.


The washing machine is stored again inside the Item box.

「Gi?Gii….. ?」

The object suppressing the Goblin suddenly disappeared, making it display a surprised expression.
My smile turns in laugher.

「One more time. 」

Take out the washing machine again before the Goblin gets ready.
Aim at the position of the head as much as possible —– SFX:Dosun.


Of course, the Goblin was crushed again.

「Well, you’re still alive….. ?」

The Goblin twitchs.
I prepared a higher position than before. Was it a little too short?
Then, again, put the washing machine in the Storage and take it out.

「Gu…… Giya….. 」

Repeat the work.
Storage, Take out, Dosun.
Storage, Take out, Dosun. Storage, Take out, Dosun.
Storage, Take out, Dosun. Storage, Take out, Dosun. Storage, Take out, Dosun.

How many times did it repeat?
An unpleasant sound echoes.
The Goblin is completely motionless.
He seems to have died.
At that moment, the Goblin’s corpse disappear and a blue pebble rolls in the hallway.

≪Earning experience points≫
≪The experience has reached a sufficient level. ≫
≪Kudou Kazuto rose from level to 1 to level 2. ≫

This voice echoes in my head.
Apparently, it seems that my LV have gone up somehow.

「Fuuu….. 」

With a big sigh, I sit down on the spot.
Oh, I was scared.
No, I’m glad that I managed to win.

Sweat is rushing out from my back. I was scared.
But, that’s right.
I killed a monster by myself for the first time, and I now know I can do it.

The most impressive Item box.
Oh, I’ll use a knife. I’m using a knife.


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1. Here instead of Crisis perception that MC chosen before, it’s 気配察知, which I believe isn’t the same skill but W/e

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