Chapter 8 – Checking the status for a second time

Chapter 8 – Checking the status for a second time

「Status Open」

There’s no need to say it.
I’m just in the mood.
Status when you’re tired.  Status at any time.

Kudou Kazuto
Level 2
HP : 15/15 →+
Mp : 1/1 → 2/2
Strength : 13 → 15
Endurance : 12 → 13
Agility : 19 → 22
Dexterity : 19 → 22
Magic : 0
Magic resistance : 0
SP : 2 → 22
JP : 0 → 10

Spy Lv4.

Unique skill :

Stealthy steps LV2, Observation LV2, Improved hearing LV2, Covert action LV2.
Body strengthening LV2, Stress tolerance LV1, Fear resistance LV1, Hostility perception LV1, Crisis perception LV1, Item box LV1,

Overall, the numbers went up.
There’s a benefit to raise my level.
The influence of my job on agility and dexterity makes them grow a little more.
So, with one level up, 20 SP and 10JP?
Splending, I take that.

What to do?
Right now, this place is dangerous.
『Hostility perception』show no reaction.
But since this Goblin is dead, maybe other will perceive it and come together.
Let’s move first.
Store the washing machine and pick up the fallen blue pebble.

「Still, when the monster die the corpse disappear and it’ll drop a pebble. 」

The first dog gave a purple pebble.
This Goblin gave a blue pebble.
The pebble from the goblin is smaller for some reason.


The pebble is inserted inside the Item box for the time being.
Then, let’s move on.

I came back to my room.
It’s okay. There are no monsters here.
I’ll probably be fine, because I’ve made sure there are no monsters behind me or hiding somewhere along the passageway.

「But I was so scared. 」

One Goblin.
How scary would I be the day I encounter an Orc strolling along the road?

The previous battle.
Honestly, after crushing it with the washing machine, it was good to stab one of the protruded part with my knife.
Well, it’s very hard to stab.
Yes. Stabbing a creature is more pressuring than you think.
You may want to think otherwise after the world becomes like this but it’s true.
It’s very brave of you to stab a Goblin.
I was nervous at that time and my flabbergastedness was laughable.
It was seriously hard and scary.
Well, I mostly just beated it to death, tough. But that’s it.

The next time, I don’t know if it’s going to work.
Now I have to decide and get 『Ready』.

「Even if the usefulness of the Item box is so good….. 」

There’s no arguing in its physical power.
But if I want to take something out, it’s only forward.
The destructive power is amazing when done so.

I take out the washing machine from earlier.

「Ue…… There’s Goblin’s blood sticking on the bottom….. 」

Blood from the Goblins appear to be blue. Disgusting.

「Are? That said, the body of the Goblin has disappeared. Then why is the blood on the washing machine remains?」

If the monster dies, its body disappear and a pebble remains.
Maybe this is a mistake.
However, the gore which is part of the body remains without disappearing.
What kind of mechanism is it?

「Well, maybe it can’t be helped. 」

It’s more realistic.

「Let’s put our status on hold first and head downstairs. 」

After that it’s the first floor.
Next to a nearby convenience store.
Maybe it’s already been ruined, but I want to look for some food.
Then maybe I could meet with other people.

But let’s first fix our status for the time being.
First, I got 10 JP.
Let’s spend them on spy.

≪Do you want to increase the LV of spy by consuming 5 JP?≫

Yes, of course.

≪Jp are consumed. Spy rose to Lv5. ≫

≪LV is now high enough. ≫
≪Skill『Hostility perception LV1』Acquired. ≫
≪Because the skill is duplicated, it will be integrated to the existing『Hostility perception LV1』≫
≪Hostility perception LV1 merged and rose to LV2≫

In addition, I also acquired Hostility perception?
It is possible to gain new skills when the level of a job raises?
So, if it is an existing skill, they are unified.

Eeh…… Say it first!
There was no answer of course to the question I thrust in my heart.

Next are the SP.
The remaining points are 22.
How should I allocate them…..

I remember the surprise attack from the Goblin earlier.
Despite having 『Covert action』 I was still noticed by the monster.
Even though『Hostility perception』was activated, I could only respond at the last minute.

Judging from this, the skills aren’t almighty.
And depending on the level, you should think that there is a difference in effect.

「It’s probably because despite of『Covert action』, I talked a little….. 」

I knocked too.
If you undertake actions that can be understood by your opponent, the skill『Covert action』will get less effective immediately.
But, what if the LV rise?

≪Do you want to increase the LV of Covert action by consuming 3SP?≫

Consuming SP in the same way, I raised the level of 『Covert action』to level 4.
Now, I still have 15 SP.
Then『Body strengthening』to 3 and『Crisis perception』to 3.
After that I also take the level of Item box to 3.
Because the Item Box is so convenient.
It’s already one in my family, the Item box.

「Status Open」

Kudou Kazuto
Level 2
HP : 18/18
MP : 2/2
Strength : 15 → 20
Endurance: 12 → 18
Agility : 22 → 30
Dexterity : 22 → 30
Magic : 0
Magic resistance : 0
SP: 2
JP : 5

Spy Lv5.

Unique skill :

Stealthy steps LV2, Observation LV2, Improved hearing LV2, Covert action LV4
Body strengthening LV3, Stress tolerance LV1, Fear resistance LV1, Hostility perception LV2, Crisis perception LV3, Item box LV3.

This is good.
No, I don’t know if it’s good or not.
But it has improved considerably compared to the beginning.
Well, let’s go out again.

Ah, that’s right.
As I explore, if there is something I can get to eat, then let’s throw it inside my Item box.
What? Theft? It’s not a crime, is it?
Such world of the end-of-century, what now.


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