Join us

Translators and Original Authors:

What we would like to know about:

  • Your timezone
  • Whether you are joining an existing project or starting your own
  • The name of the Novel and if a new project, the original language
  • Estimated release schedule (“Whenever I feel like it!” is ok too)
  • Experience as a Translator, Author or MTL
  • Level of English
  • Your preferred method of communication (currently we use Discord)

What we provide:

  • A website to post on
  • Space you can put Ads up on
  • More traffic for everyone
  • An existing reader base
  • If an existing project, Editors to clean up after you
  • After you’ve proved yourself, we can discuss ways of supporting you (Paypal etc.)
  • Honor and the internet’s eternal thanks!


What we would like to know about:

  • Your timezone
  • Which work you wish to support (or clean up)
  • Estimated activity
  • A single edited chapter (chapter 25) to use as reference to gauge the English
  • Whether you can speak/read the original Language (Japanese)
  • Your activity on Discord (all existing projects communicate using it)

What we provide:

  • A group to enjoy translating with
  • A website and Discord server to do so upon
  • Honor and the internet’s infinite thanks!

How to Join us!

You can contact us through the Contact Page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.