HDUH – Chapter 131-132

Translator: Antheor
Editor: Chillnova and Tensky 
Quality Checker: FacelessEntity The Degenerate
Meme finder: Antheor

Official statement :
Apparently, here is another version of 131. Enjoy
Find ours bellow.


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Access the chapters by clicking the links below :

Chapter 131 – Arrangement announcement.

Chapter 132 – That girl’s hero

6 thoughts on “HDUH – Chapter 131-132

  1. Ahh so glad to see you are back, the google translate version of 131 from kitsuao made me cringe so badly. Now we can enjoy a proper translation <3

  2. Glad to see you’re back the quality of the other translation is a bit lacking but hey it’s better than not having anything for over 4 months i guess.

    Hope to see you on a regular schedule some time soon once you sort out your stuff.

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