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Chapter 27 – Just now a formidable enemy appeared in my sight.
Chapter 28 – Students and refugees.

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  1. Why were there two months with no releases? Shameful. The chapters aren’t even long.

  2. Chapter 30 – translated via google translate and edited to make sense.
    Do what you want with it. If I weren’t lazy I’d just take over the full translation, this stuff is easy these days. I did change a few things here and there because I took liberties. I don’t think it really changes how it reads in a negative way.

    It was fun to test the performance of the item box.
    Even just looking with the eyes, storing it, how can you not get excited?

    But I was overwhelmed by rocks. Well, do not you stand out evil?
    …… Well, I do not mind returning, though.

    “There food is gone … Is that true?”

    “Oh … …. I checked over and over, but I’m not telling a lie …. What should we do, Nishino? Well, as usual …”

    The voice of the student who came to report was pretty upset.
    Glasses and Bad are getting upset.
    Meanwhile, the one who was calm was again Mr. Nishino, the leader.

    “… Shit, how much food have we got left?”

    “Er, um, well, that, when we were alone, there was about three days left, but the amount we gave to those who just joined was … ….”

    “Hey! Do not say Gudaguda, say it from the conclusion, blur!”
    ((TN: Okay, you got me here, wtf is Gudaguda? Someone’s name? And what’s the deal with novels using the word “blur” so much? Is it slang?))

    “Oh, sorry!”

    Eyeglasses that answer slowly, sounds like you’re all bark. ((TN: yeah I winged this one too))

    “Stop it, Shibata. It’s a bad habit of yours to jump to conclusions hastily.”

    “…… I’m sorry, sorry.”

    “Shit, you can do it slowly, how much food is left?”

    “I’m sorry … ___ ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ ___ 0

    Eyeglasses reply caused everyone in the surroundings to become silent.

    “Okay … I understand … the evacuee people have not heard of this yet, right?”

    “Oh, of course not.”

    I’m listening perfectly, though.

    “If you can, do not let this happen, if you know that there is little stockpile of food, riots can happen, don’t tell the others either.”

    “I understand,”

    That said, the student who came to tell goes out of the room.

    “Huh … … Well this is annoying … ….”

    “Yeah … …”

    “Let’s organize the story.The situation has changed since the fourth transportation work has ended, that was about two hours or so ago, It’s impossible to rob the items from this neighborhood shop by that extent of time.”

    “Oh, yes, but if so —”

    “Oh, it will be the work of a guy who has that kind of “skill.” It will be a fairly high level thinking from the scale of the act.”

    “Oh, it’s an item box or transport magic, that’s the kind of skill you’re talking about? If this were a net novel, that kind of skill would be fairly common.”

    Yes, the correct answer.
    Temperance, glasses. If you are a net novel love reader, I’d like to keep two “appraisals” and “item boxes” down.

    “You did something completely troublesome”

    “Damn it, no matter when or where! People are always so selfish!”

    No, bad man.
    That line will be a completely boomerang.
    You are not special.

    “… ….”

    “What, what’s wrong, Nishino, are you thinking he’s lying to us and the food hasn’t disappeared, he hid it??”

    “No … I’m not thinking anything like that, the timing is too good. At the same time that we accepted refugees, this is what happens ….”

    “Nishino, you think someone planned this?”

    “Shit, I haven’t decided yet that this is someone working alone, there is a possibility that others are acting in groups like us.”

    “Oh, that’s … ….”

    No, I’m not in a group.

    “Besides, there’s always the possibility it’s just a coincidence.”

    “Do you want to find out?”

    “If possible, but … … If this was truly an intentional act against us, it would be a nuisance.”

    “That … … What do you mean?”

    “Do you not understand? There is only one reason to do such a thing, the same reason we accepted refugees. What do you think happens to the value of food and daily necessities in the world as it is now? It’s value goes up, the less there is then the more it will go up- food value will be steadily rising. If you use it well for negotiation material, there will be as many people as you can hear begging for it.”

    “Well, that’s right ……”

    No, no, I won’t do something like that.
    Oops, I’m being misunderstood.
    I never thought of that at all.
    I just enjoyed trying out the performance of the item box!

    “Either way, if you steadily continue losing food with this condition, it won’t end well. We have to secure more food before others do.”

    “Do you want to spread the search range?”

    “Risky, but that’s the only thing we can do, I want to go out soon if I can, but the sun is going to set soon. Unfortunately the monsters are hanging around In this situation, moving and searching during the night is dangerous. Today is a day to rest and tomorrow, at dawn, we’ll move.
    Also, if the perpetrator’s aim is the monopoly of goods, there is a high possibility that they will come here as well. Please tell everyone to be careful. ”

    “Here?! No way…”
    “Okay, Mr. Nishino.”

    It seems that the discussion ended there.
    Three people leave the resting place and head towards the sales floor.
    Carefully, I left the home center as quickly and safely as possible.

    “Fuh … ….”

    Unexpectedly a deep sigh comes out.
    I have no idea what to do, really, this is bad.
    I was really misunderstood … ….

    After that, I found a safe building which is a little away from the home center, and secure a space to rest.
    I took food out from the item box and had a late dinner.
    Momo also came out of my shadow and I gave her some dog food and water.

    I got tired from various things.
    Let’s think about the supplies of home center tomorrow.
    I thought about this as I entered the futon and tried to sleep.

    At that moment, there was a response to [Hostility Perception.]


    There are…… Four in total.
    They’re coming to this place.
    No, to be precise, they’re heading towards the home center, not the building I’m hiding in.

    “Momo, come on out”


    I leave the building and head towards the home center.
    When I looked down on me, It was there, like a wolf monster.
    That one … … Looks like that monster that I killed the first time.
    Certainly, was it a Shadow · Wolf?
    But it’s smaller size than that one.
    Is there a lower version of Shadow · Wolf?
    I watched it whilst hidden. It wandered around the home center and looked like it was checking the inside.

    “Woo …!!”

    Momo gives a deep groaning voice.
    Is it because it is a dog-like appearance monster?
    It seems that the alarm is barely exposed.

    “Students are … … have you noticed yet?”

    There are two guards at the entrance, but they do not seem to notice.
    It is already dark, so the appearance of the monster is not visible.
    Or is there no one who has the skills of “perception” or “sensing”?
    Ah, were you even aware of my existence?

    What do you mean?
    It feels like a pattern that can get twisted when putting out a hand to this … ….

    • Thanks for your goggle translation of chapter 30. Wasn’t bad. Could do with some editing.
      Where did you find the raws?
      I binge read all the translated chapters b4 I noticed the last post was 6 months ago.
      Liked it enough that might do machine translation if can get the raws. If I do I’ll likely wordpress them & post on novelupdates

      Thanks for your efforts on this novel. Myself & I’m sure other readers would appreciate a post letting us know if you’ve dropped this novel.
      Ty again.

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