KYNE – Kami Sumeragi Yuusha no eiyuutan 《Ryokou Tan》

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Heroic tale of the Emperor God Hero’s《Ryokou Tan》>
Kami Sumeragi Yuusha no eiyuutan 《Ryokou Tan》>

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Steel Bambou

Current chapter :

128 (Ongoing)

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Game Elements
Protagonist Transported to Another World

Kami Sumeragi Yuusha no eiyuutan Synopsys translated from ncode :

He was strong. With a handsome appearance, he was even stronger than his father. The one was called the strongest. The student enjoyed his youth inside at his High School. However, because he was in really good terms with the three major goddesses of the campus. He concealed his strength, and because of other’s jealousy, he was bullied daily. One day, Tetsuya was summoned with his classroom into another world. Although he should have earned a cheat ability, he received nothing. His status was even below the average villager! But with no ability and weak status, how much could be done, even by a genius? Thus, he got bullied and dropped inside a Dungeon. But his true abilities awakened inside the Dungeon!
The epic tale of the traveller begins now!

Kami Sumeragi Yuusha no eiyuutan Chapter list :

Book 1

Chapter 0 – Prologue
Chapter 1 – Summon
Chapter 2 – Sealed
Chapter 3 – I wonder if it’s a conventional template to get screwed inside a Dungeon?
Chapter 4 – The Late Hero
Chapter 5 – Tetsuya and the hobby of this world’s God of Creation
Chapter 6 – End of the seal
Chapter 7 – Matchless Item
Chapter 8 – Story of the Abyss’s Fool.
Chapter 9 – Story of the Abyss’s Fool 2 : Intimidation 「FunーFun fuーFun♪」
Chapter 10 – Story of the Abyss’s Fool 3: Floor 195 onwards
Chapter 11 – Materials and Amazing Horse……
Chapter 12 – The one Loved by god, the old witch, and the magic spellbook

Book 2

Chapter 13 – One was soaring trough the sky over the horse, But……
Chapter 14 – Familiars registration… Two days later.
Chapter 15 – Adventurer registration 1
Chapter 16 – Adventurer registration 2
Chapter 17 – The Transcendental Deity blacksmith and the Emperor God
Chapter 18 – Now, finding the template?!
Chapter 19 – Encounter with the King
Chapter 20 – Encounter with the King 2
Chapter 21 – Tetsuya lost his temper ※ Tetsuya did something heartless

Bonus 1 – First act in the Kanzaki residence

Chapter 22 – If you don’t have horses, take a tactical grade flying battleship
Chapter 23 – If you don’t have horses, take a tactical grade flying battleship 2
Chapter 24 –  Since the enemy has come to the hornet’s nest, then let them be
Chapter 25 – Black magic
Chapter 26 – Iris-chan
Chapter 27 – Iris-chan 2
Chapter 28 – Henceforth the car!
Chapter 29 – Captivity? Are you silly?
Chapter 30 – The magic research institute under the Royal family . 『Kingdom magic institute』
Chapter 31 – Discovered
Chapter 32 – The new ability and the King
Chapter 32-5 – Mjolnir
Chapter 33 – Adol’s strongest knight of the 『Knight of the white wolves』
Chapter 34 – Don’t worry headmaster!


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    • I don’t know yet! Will you enjoy this series with me for the time being? Let’s see together what will happen!
      I’m eager to know what will happen!
      This Novel is rated R15 on Ncode though.

  1. Thanks for picking up this series, it seems interesting, i hope to see a lot of chapters and see how this will develop. Thanks!

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  3. Its a really simple Story and its good for Calming Yourself down and for chilling Hope i can See more off it in the Future thanks for your Hard work at Translating i really thankful for that also wish you a good day

    • Hello mFearxd, someone else took over the translation using the time I was on a break and at the moment I don’t feel like translating it. I’m actually in the middle of the next chapter but it’s not fun at all to translate this.
      Maybe some other day I will get through it, but don’t expect anything short term.

      • Could you take this novel off of hiatus, it hasn’t had a new chapter translated in a long while, also the person that translated it while you were on break only did the next 6 chapters after where you stopped for your break before dropping it themselves.

        • When I said 6 chapters in my last post I was referring to when looking at this page (since it goes to 34) but it looks like they only did 2 chapters (up to 40) before dropping it.

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