Chapter 11 – “Manage” and “Protect” are two different things

side : Yuki, real name : Kazuya . Torino

「Oh oh ~ It’s a big crowd, with a lot of people! But I can’t figure out their numbers, though.」

Throughout a monitor, I was able to watch the Dungeon. Soldiers with good and sturdy armors, nearly 1000 of them, were coming one by one inside.

「Eto… Yuki-San? I want you to know… Those guards are elites from the Royal Capital…What should we do? 」

Herge, with a small and horrified voice, called out to me.

「Try to understand the present situation!! Herge and Me will die at this rate!!」

My reaction made Seraria angry. She is not at all like her sister Herge, a difficult character.
Her hair on each side of her head looked like drills. Is this curled? No way it is! But those drills are not made cheaply.
Is it because they got the same silver hairs that they look so similar?


「We have to leave!! Listen, follow us, there is no other way!!」

The two of them took shelter inside the Dungeon. As the result, soldiers from the country Rochelle followed them.
Geez…Can’t you at least keep your promise? I got totally tricked here. Apparently, Herge already spoke about the existence of the “Dungeon Master”.

「You’re right ~ there is no need to fight back. We should send a notice saying that the Dungeon Master wants to surrender.」

「Ehh? What about you, aren’t you the Dungeon Master?」

「I’m only known as a Dungeon Master by you. It will confuse them if I go out. Herge you go out. Seraria is safe if she stays here.」

「Uhh!? I have to go as the Dungeon Master!?」

side : Seraria . Nou . Rochelle

「No way… You don’t intend to make Herge your substitute as a Dungeon Master right?」

Judging from the remark a short while ago, this man is suspicious. Herge said she trusted the man called a Dungeon Master. I’m not even sure he is really one.

「Stay quiet Herge! And you, you must give me a good explanation.」
「Oh really? Seraria, you didn’t see that you’re not affected by the poison inside my skill’s protection?」
「As long as the Dungeon core is still alive, if Herge dies on the other side, she will appear again on this side.」

After speaking, he pointed at the gem held on top of the Throne.
Thanks to Herge, I know that this gem and he are connected. If the gem disappears, he will also disappear along with it.

「… The Minister is waiting outside. As soon as you go out you’ll definitely get killed you know?」
「It’s not important. The world will have no meaning if Herge dies. If that happens I’ll definitively kill you and Loire !!」
We all became quiet, but suddenly, he burst out in laughter, breaking the silence.

「Bu Ahahaahah!! …Sorry. Herge explained it to you. but it’s a false.」

From inside his pocket, he took the gem and displayed it to the confused us.

「The Dungeon needs a Dungeon core to stay alive. But that doesn’t mean a false core can’t exist. I already set some of them. I also created a secret passage just in case I need to escape the Dungeon.」

A Dungeon Master leaving is Dungeon? I never heard of it before.

「however, It’s not the time to escape yet.」

side : Seraria’s personal army, Leader : Kur . Este

We came at the Dungeon under the direct authority of the King, to suppress the Dungeon Master in order to save Seraria-Sama and Herge-Sama.

The imitation of Herge-Sama poisoned and kidnaped Seraria-Sama. It’s troublesome, but we don’t know the strength of the Dungeon Master yet. The upper echelon decreed that,: 「Because her strength wasn’t enough to take over the country」, she had to run in an attempt to take refuge at the Dungeon.
(Tl : They believe in the fact that the false Herge is the Dungeon Master)

This judgement does not satisfy me. It’s due to the result of an investigation within the domestic’s department. It seems a threatening shadow has been seen around Seraria-Sama’s room.
Also, I discovered that Herge-Sama is held responsible for the destruction of an entire village.
Thanks to Seraria-Sama, I had the chance to talk with Herge-Sama many times. Nevertheless, to the fact she uses the same name as the kind and gentle Holy Woman, I can’t help but doubt.

Herge-Sama’s carriage received an attack. She went missing after that. The search started immediately by the command of Seraria-Sama. The place the carriage got attacked, is deep inside the other country. 15 days away. Though I’m not sure, because it’s far away from the battlefield. This carriage was judged as the one belonging to Herge-Sama.

I wonder, why kidnap Seraria-Sama after poisoning her?

「Was it necessary? After poisoning her, to bring her away?」

Is what I Muttered. Wait, I just thought of something. Why is the mission called “The rescue of Seraria-Sama”? When she could die from the poison at any moment?

「Wrong, because they’re convinced that she’s alive…. After all the fake Herge-Sama might be real.」

The corpse of Herge-Sama wasn’t found. In fact, the accusation from Loire, can easily be countered by an argument such as “Herge-Sama could never do such a thing”. Only the persons trusted by Loire saw the real scene. Isn’t Loire, the most doubtful person then?

It has been decided already, the false Herge-Sama should be a weak Dungeon Master. She’ll probably see me as an enemy.

Should I protect Seraria-Sama and Herge-Sama? What can I do…
While I was pondering, the dungeon became bright. Reflected over the ceiling were Seraria-Sama and Herge-Sama.

Side : Herge. Rau . Rochelle

「 I’m Herge Rau Rochelle.」

For my first time, I became tense.
To my surprise, The monitor is also able to project my voice and form to the other party. That’s because Yuki-San always used it to watch.
No, now isn’t the time. I must remove this misunderstanding.

「Please hear me out. I did not poison Seraria Ane-Sama, it’s a misunderstanding. Seraria Ane-Sama’s safety is the proof, I’m saying the truth.」

「Everybody. I, Seraria Nou Rochelle, can guarantee that Herge here is genuine. Therefore, this incident was nothing but a vulgar plan for the sake of killing both of us!!」

The soldiers, as displayed on the monitor, started to tremble.

「Stop telling lies!! Everybody, don’t be tricked! Seraria-Sama is under control. There is no reason to keep alive someone under the effect of poison !! This imitation must be frightened by us, she is definitely threatening her in order to stay alive!!」

After the soldier shouted, roars of approbation rose amongst other soldiers.

「I agree!! You are saying that you are innocent? So why aren’t you coming here!! No, in the first place, why had you even escaped to the Dungeon!!」
「Yeah!! If you’re innocent, then there is no reason for you to escape!! You cowardly imposter.」
「Wether Seraria-Sama is the real thing is doubtful!! Why would the fearless Seraria-Sama, stays quiet as a prisoner!!」
「How come? Is Seraria-Sama already…!?」

On Ane-Sama’ head, a blue vein is popping… Scary.

「It’s the truth!! Due to some circumstances, we can’t appear in front of you, soldiers. Please retreat. If you advance any further, I will not hold back !!」
Raising my hope, I tried to make them retreat, however…

「She is displaying her true nature !! In the depth of the dungeon she can’t escape!! Moreover, monsters never appeared inside the Dungeon so far!! She’s weak!」
「You can not confuse us with your schemes!! Prepare!!」

Coming forward, a man appeared on the monitor. The crowd became quiet.

「Herge-Sama and Seraria-Sama warnings, I heard them. Despite that, I can’t testify if you are the real deal. After securing you two, according to his majesty’s order, I will find the truth」

Ares . Leicester. is the commander of the Royal corp from the country of Rochelle.

Level 122, a living legend.

side : Oriel

Around a thousand guards started to invade the dungeon.

「Ahh mouhh. That man is a blockhead !!」
「Take it easy Ane-Sama.」
「With that situation, we don’t have a choice… What will you do? This Dungeon, with his 3 floors, is definitely not a newborn.」

She stared at Yuki after saying this much.
Despite of that, Yuki, with an expressionless attitude, kept watching the map. Seraria-Sama got totally ignored.

「Oriel !! Say something!! We’re running out of time!! We need to get out of here!!」
「Yuki, I know how you are attached to this Dungeon, but we will lose the opportunity to escape」

With a gesture of his hand. Yuki told her to stop.

「Would you like to see?」

Saying so, he showed us the monitor. He pointed at the invading soldiers displayed on the screen.

「Heyy… what is happening?」

A trap! About 200 soldiers fell inside a Hole. We can’t see how deep it is.
We were astonished by the spectacle, but he seemed disappointed with something.

「Oh no, even though I properly wrote on the signboard “Please from now on, enter with only 6 persons.」

Thus, 200 markers disappeared from the map.

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