Chapter 10 – Stacking up troubles


side : Herge . Rau . Rochelle

I was in the Royal capital now.
It’s 5 days from Yuki-San’s Dungeon. Thanks to Mauve-San, we had a safe trip until here.
From now on I wanted to end this tragedy.

(Herge)「Thank you very much Mauve-San for the travel. I want to stop the war, even at the cost of my life.」

Mauve-San looks embarrassed when I declared it so clearly.

(Mauve)「Princess, This feeling of yours is wonderful, but please don’t force yourself. It was hard for me to find the hope to live again. So, don’t make the fact that Yuki helped wasteful.」

The fact that the strange Dungeon Master helped Mauve-San reconcile with life is a good argument. However, he wasn’t here now.
「I don’t want to go out of the dungeon. It’s because I don’t know when someone will aim for my life.」
He said his farewell and stayed inside the Dungeon.

(Herge)「The kindness received, I could not return it to Yuki-San after all.」

He said that it was enough with the information I gave him, but I felt that it was still not enough to repay him.

(Mauve)「 I understand your feeling, I would not be able to follow you openly here. Princess, you should be careful.」
(Herge)「If I make room for it and the war and, it should be able to help Yuki-san in various ways.」

I can’t speak about the Dungeon Master now in this confused country. It would bring dangers to Yuki-San and other countries would have openings.

Like this, I reached the Fountain Square in the Royal Capital while we talked.

(Mauve)「 I have to go, to handle Yuki’s errand. Farewell.」
(Herge)「Yes, thank you for your kindness.」

I intended to treat Mauve-San in the Royal castle.

(Mauve)「You stop! I don’t need to get praised by a Princess. Are you even following your virtues?」
(Herge)「Huh? It’s really rude!」

My virtue remained safe, whether you like it or not it’s up to you, but you should feel Lucky.
After all, I enjoy when he was confused me.

(Herge)「Will you stay a while in the Royal Capital?」
(Mauve)「I wanted to run various errands for myself incidentally. Also, I want to learn new funny stories for my wife and daughter」
(Herge)「… I see」

(Herge)「Then, I’m looking forward to the day we can meet again.」
(Mauve)「I think that the possibility to meet is high if you come to the Dungeon.」

After they said this, the group of 3 left the place.

(Herge)「Oriel, from here on, this is our battlefield. Will you come with me?」
(Oriel)「Yes, I will follow you to the battlefield or anywhere.」

side : Mauve

(Curse)「Hoho, Is Yuki’s errand done?」

While we were moving, Curse called me out.

(Mauve)「Please, wait a moment. Did you hear what Yuki said? The possibility that a troublesome fact will happen now is really high, right? I also need to watch for a long time until I can see how things are going in the Palace.」
(Curse)「It’s not a hobby nor a reason, right? If you came looking for a maid slave. You can do it in no your time.」

It was on the way to my duty, I encountered Curse and Raija.

(Raija)「Mauve-San is still the same as ever right?」
(Curse)「Seems right? Come and have a look at the state of the Royal Castle with us. If you do it, we should be able to help with the errand for that man.」

(Instructor)「Amongst other things, there is a point that I can’t reach, Foundation is certainly the basic for groups battle.」
I look for the location of the person’s abusing language I heard a short while ago.

(Mauve)「 Is it the place? Can’t you give me a little break these days?」

Freed on time from my “madness” thanks to Yuki, Although there was a lot of things that didn’t come back to me either, I was now way better than when I was in “that condition”.
But a slave to do housework in the Dungeon… He didn’t instruct me on what kind of slave I should buy… I guess someone like a worker is a good choice.

I entered a back alley where I could be alone.

「I’m calling Yuki, please answer.」

As Yuki’s follower, To be able to speak with another follower, Yuki gifted me a skill called “Substance” we can use it freely when needed. Isn’t it convenient?
(TL : Please, remember that this skill exists because they will often use it but not mention it again).

(Yuki)『What? Mauve’s operation? What happened? I’m busy now, did they move already?』
(Mauve)「No it’s something else. I would like you to h help me. I want know what kind of slave should be bought.」
(Yuki)『I didn’t say it, right… Mmm, a young woman would do, because it will be something like a housemaid?』
(Mauve)「That’s we can understand… If it’s a granny housemaid, even if she is protected inside the Dungeon, she would probably not have a long life.」
(Yuki)『That’s it. The appearance and the species aren’t important. Yes, so please prevent the different race that they don’t need to be afraid of each other.』
(Mauve)「Why? And the different race, wouldn’t they be confused between etiquette and relation?」
(Yuki)『I desire an intelligent and expecting species. I would like to know more about them. I wonder how many species exist?』
(Mauve)「I understand, they seem to have what you’re looking for here.」
(Yuki)『I’ll enjoy it. I’m looking forward to seeing your taste.』
(Mauve)「Oh! That was your purpose?」
(Mauve)「That! Hey, cut it out! Hey!」

Even if I did not want to buy a slave alone, It was decided that 「Mauve」will make it up to is liking.
There’s a high possibility that we can buy someone with the same age as my daughter, no?
If Raija and Curse don’t participate, only I will look like a pervert.
I thought so and entered the detestable shop.

side : Oriel

(Seraria)「Herge!! The safety here feels good, don’t you agree!? I was so scared that you would get discovered inside the carriage, I felt like I was dying from the slowness!」

The above is Seraria’s picture

(Herge)「Older Sister, it is really difficult to please you…」

Before my eyes was Herge-Sama’s elder sister, Seraria-Sama. She is embracing us while crying.
Seraria-Sama has a sharp tongue, but what she was saying did not match her behavior.

We are inside Seraria-Sama’s own room in the Palace.
We could enter the Royal Palace without trouble. The soldiers at the gate were somehow surprised, but we were allowed to meet up with his Majesty easily.
(Seraria)「Herge… I’m so glad! Oriel, thank you for all your work and devotion.」
I got praised here. But actually, I became a slave, I was far from protecting her…

(Seraria)「Someone, here!!」.
(Someone)「Yes, I’m here.」
(Seraria)「Prepare for Herge’s favorite black tea and favorite cake. Fast!!」
(Someone)「I obey your command.」
(Herge)「Older sister, you don’t have to do this much.」
(Seraria)「What are you saying, it’s not for you, it’s for me!!」

This scene would cause anyone to smile. even an outsider.
Because it was peaceful, I can’t help but remember the word said by Yuki.

(Yuki)「Now I’ll say the things I expect to happen. I can’t look at that place actually. But if you want to protect Herge, No need to worry about ordinary things. However, regarding… it’s different…」

Yuki had this talk only with me. I thought it was because he wanted to tell me that worrying about Herge was unnecessary.
The content was about Herge and of she was used for the war.

(Yuki)「I think you can understand, but if Herge was used by another person, that guy will still use her.」
(Oriel)「I’m thinking the same.」
(Yuki)「While raising several patterns, You can be relieved that the worst did not happen.」

It’s as the following:

Pattern 1: where the Princess is used has already ended. It eased my mind.
If it the case, I’m really thankful.

Pattern 2:
A group was using Herge-Sama as an excuse to promote the war.
With this one, If we’re not careful with our actions, the same tragedy will happen once again.
Because the invasion was carried in the name of Herge, it was still possible.

Pattern 3:
I don’t know about the background of those people, but in the worst possibility, they plan to kill Herge.
Yuki guessed the most of their plan.
Yuki said that our carriage got caught near the battlefield.
If this is the truth, then I’ll definitely murder the rebel!

(Seraria)「Look, it’s delicious! Have a drink Herge.」
(Herge)「Older sister, don’t hurry so much」
(Seraria)「Fast, drink…Kof…Kof」

I came back to my sense when I heard a heartbreaking sound. Seraria-Sama was holding her throat and had a really painful look. While I was approaching Seraria-Sama in order to help her, The door of the room opened with a loud bang.

(???)「Seraria-Sama!? ah…late!! Guards, Guards!! Seraria-Sama almost got killed by an impostor looking like Herge-Same!! Recovery magic users!!」

The minister of the country, Loire, stood in front of us.

side : Seraria . Nou . Rochelle

This minister was saying that Herge was an imitation?
This behavior smells bad, I can bet my underwear that Herge is 100% fully real!!
My voice did not go out, This is part of the brute Minister’s plan!
I had intuitively understood it.
After Herge became a Holy Woman, my smile brightened more.

But recently I got depressed.
It’s due to what happened in a specific village.
Our goddamn Father praised the fact that Herge made everybody suffer.

Before I knew it, a flag had been raised for Herge.
Seeing all of this disturbed me, Moreover, don’t put my important Herge with that crime!!

(Herge)「Older Sister!! Older Sister!!」
(Oriel)「Herge-Sama please, calm down! When Seraria-Sama get healed with your power, she will remove the misunderstanding.」

Nice one Oriel!! Please, Herge, remove this poison with your power and everything will turn against the minister’s shitty face!!

(Herge)「Un,understood !!」

The lovely hand approached me but…
(Loire)「Do not move!! If I let you, Seraria-Sama will die!! Hand over the imitation to me and don’t worry, the guards called a skilled Recovery user.」

In the end… they made Herge shoulder the crime.
I’m still not saved either…

(Seraria)「He…*cough*…r… es..cape..」
Even if it’s not possible I did it.
Even invaded by poison, when I thought about my important Herge, nothing could stop me.
(Loire)「Do not move !!」
(Herge)「Oriel please, I hate it!! I don’t want to be separated with Older sister!! Older Sister Seraria !!」
(Oriel)「Please, excuse me! Princess! Seraria-Sama!」

When Oriel flung something against the floor, lights overflowed, dyeing everything in white.

Side : Raija

(Raija)「Did the prediction from Yuki proved to be accurate after all?
(Curse)「It did. But I didn’t want it to happen. 」
I was scouting beside the Royal palace when lights suddenly overflowed from one of the windows. Someone went out.

Look like it was the princess and her follower.
Oriel seems to hold another person? But is falling from here really safe?
(Curse)「I don’t know. But shouldn’t we ask them if they need help?」
(Raija)「Yuki said that if what he predicted were true, to help them thoroughly.」

(Curse)「Don’t say unreasonable things! If it comes to this, the guards would overflow into the Dungeon.」
(Raija)「I Understand honestly, it can happen in the case we help them. What on earth is Yuki thinking? To shelter the girls in the Dungeon is the worst! It’s the same as saying goodbye to himself.」

When I was speaking, Oriel, holding the Princess and another person were coming this way.
I have no intention to stop them, I intended to run back to the Dungeon as fast as I could.

(Raija)「Keep going」

She ran for a few minutes, after which, a soldier had shown himself.

(Soldier)「Did the girl holding another two women came here!!」
(Raija)「If it’s about them, they went this way」

I pointed to a different alley

(Curse)「Did something happens?」
Curse asked the soldier naturally.

(Soldier)「Sorry!! I have no time for this!!」
The soldier ended the talk and ran.

Pattern 4: This one is the worst where the takeover of the country happens.
That’s the flag: Herge is held responsible for a crime she didn’t commit and the evaluation of the country dropped. If the war is kept running in the long term, The Holy Woman’s standpoint will get affected by it.
Countries around will ally and make an Anti-Rochelle union. When that happen, the King will lose his influence. Then, the one pulling the string, who plotted all this appear. The people will then stop following the King. Cruel one, no?

Here is the kind of delusion I had in mind. But because the information is not complete, I can’t yet understand who is the mastermind at all. I don’t know everything but the way Herge is laid back is because the Holy Woman they thought dead returned.
In that case, there was another person. Who? it’s probably someone from The Royal family.

I remember Yuki said that:

「Then, it’s another face from the Royal family?」
「Who knows?」

The only one really able to answer this question already ran off far away from this place.

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