Merry Christmas! We got gifts for you! :)

Hello, our dear readers! Antheor here and today Tensky, Chillnova, Faceless, Crevanille, and Joeemm all join me to wish you all a merry and fantastic Christmas! All of you are amazing, it’s been an amazing year so far and where you had to bore with my many breaks. For these upcoming festivities, I wish you all the best time and fun!

We come with two gifts for this Christmas!

The past few days have been hectic! We gave our best to bring you a few surprises.

The first one is a new novel with 15 chapters! Joeemm is joining me to present you: The world is overflowing with monsters, I’m taking a liking to this life

The second one is not less than 24 chapters of Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou!! Tensky, Chill, Face, and Creva and I worked to our death for you. There will be a new chapter every hour starting just now! Because gifts need to be savored :).

Everyone from our team prepared a little word for you

Chill: Happy getting older maggots! You’re now one year closer to human! So enjoy the festivities while they last! Happy Christmas!

Tensky: Merry Christmas and please no editing spree for New Years Eve.

Cre: Hello all. A pleasure to make your acquaintances. Seeing as I’m new, and a bit of a late newcomer. Unfortunately, you’ll all have to do with my wishing you a Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and whatever we’ve managed to put together for your enjoyment! Tenderly prepared with our blood, sweat tears and burnt out souls…
Please do enjoy…Or else.

Face: Hey guys how are you liking HDUH so far??? You’re still here so you like it huh? Antheor has us working like slaves for him so don’t forget to give us some love too please Chill, Tensky, Creva and Myself love hearing you are enjoying the novel just as much as Antheor so shout out your support for the holidays and everyone have a wonderful Christmas, or any other holiday you celebrate, be it with your friends, family, your lover or whoever I hope you have a wonderful day..

Joeemm: Merry Christmas readers…..hope with all the ham and turkey and gifts you get the time to appreciate this “reading” Christmas from all of us here….Happy Holidays


And after this?

Enjoy the festivities and the chapters, we will do the same and take some rest too.
And also, you got a mission: You have to comment every chapter we’re bringing to you for Christmas!

9 Replies to “Merry Christmas! We got gifts for you! :)”

  1. Damn! You know what since you guys are doing this I’m throwing some money your way to show my appreciation!

  2. They insult us
    Their king,….
    Who do u think they are????

    But I am a kind king and good also polite and others so I leave forgive them
    And because it’s Christmas I will say thanks too u all my slave
    I ordered u to like this and more in 2018 ….

    From ur beloved king…

    • Your Servant is indeed in awe of My Liege’s magnanimous and generous spirit!

      I, Your Servant, shall endeavor to continue and faithfully serve!

  3. Oops so they are our slave
    It’s not too bad….
    Thanks for chapter
    Also I wish to ur luck in 2018 especially in romcom
    Maybe God of ntr will bless u…


  4. Thank you for everything this year and have a blessed rest of the year
    thanks for all of the chapters so far

  5. thx for wary very nice present i love Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou
    so plz keep at it i am looking fov every day
    and very happy marry christmas

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