Chapter 1 – Prologue

Chapter 1 – Prologue
Author’s Preface
It’s a new work.
I hope you will enjoy it.

「Well then, excuse me but I’m leaving earlier. 」

Greeting my coworker, I leave the company.
It’s been 3 years since I started this job in a black company.
Unusual, but today my work finished way earlier than usual.
Even if I say that, it’s still 2 hours past the schedule.
Wahh, damn it.

Even so, tomorrow is a day off.
I’m happy, so happy.
Absorbed in reading my bookmarked novels on the internet.
This is how I will spend my holiday, solely this way.
Of course, the first thing I did is to turn off my phone so that there is no emergency call from my boss.
Right now, I can’t stop my excitement.

Haa, I’m so happy.
…… If anything, I’m at least happy that I returned home earlier.
Ah, I hate it. This job, I want to quit.
But even if I quit my next environment isn’t necessarily going to get any better.
One of my fellow coworkers, a child that joined the company recently, had chosen to resign due to his dislike of the company. He had to redo his job hunting and since he already experienced a Black company, he definitely don’t want to find another or he’d definitely quit it.
Maybe if he continues there’ll be success and he can finally find a genuine company with a better workplace.

Well, it’s fine.
Let’s head home for now.
Take the car, drive to home.
The time it takes to arrive at my home, by driving, is thirty minutes.
It’s a tattered apartment in the suburbs, my parents are already dead. It’s a lonely life of celibacy.

The outside was completely dark. I have to drive with care.
Exhaustion is all over me and if I relax there’s the possibility of running over another person.
Well, it’s very unlikely for me to have an accident because there is almost no car passing this area.

Ah, but I’m sleepy.
It’s dangerous. When I reach home I’ll go to bed immediately.
That’s no good, I should at least check for updates…..
And, I guess it is impossible to drive drowsily.


There was the noise of hitting something.

「E…… Eh?」

For a moment, I didn’t understand what happened.
No, I’m certain my head refused to understand.
Because, whatever you think that sound should beeeee.

「Kn-knocked someone…… ? Eh, uso1)Uso means lie. When I translate, I often leave some of the most common known words from other novels or anime/mangas. ?」

What? What did I hit?
You’re an animal, aren’t you? A dog or a cat.
Please, be an animal.
No, even if I feel pretty bad about it I still don’t want it to be a person.
My life is over.

The motor turned off, I get out of the car.
While the car’s lamp is shining, something is lying there.

「…… Dog?No….. 」

It feels strangely big for a dog.
With a size semblable to a person.
And what? The fur’s flavor overflow with wilderness, this isn’t how a Japanese dog looks.
Wolf? No, it is even bigger than that.
Perhaps it is a foreign breed?
Is there someone so rich in the neighborhood that he can raise such a big one?
Oh, but I’m glad it’s not a person.
No, but this is a problem.
When I find the owner I don’t know what I can say.
Consolation money may be demanded.

From there, I take a glimpse at my surroundings.
Yes, there is no one.
…… Would running away be considered an option?
Dangerous, is it the state of mind of a hit and run criminal?

「HHHHHa… Hah. 」


To my surprise, a strange voice comes out.
Is it alive?
Looking towards the fallen dog, it is faintly moving.
Ho-how do you do?
Pet hospital….. Is it better for me to take you to the hospital?
But even if I try to explain.

Let’s see what kind of wound it is for now.
Approaching the fallen dog.
Uo, amazing impact.
It’s spitting blood out of its mouth. Also, its body is crooked somehow.
….. How I see it, there’s no way to save…..
Oh, no collar. Is it stray….. ?

「S-sorry!I was absent minded and got careless. I’m so sorry….. 」

What would it do to apologize?

「HHHHHa… Hah. 」

The dog looked at me with trembling eyes.
Are you blaming me?
Unconsciously, I am touching the dog.

「Sorry…… I’m really sorry….. 」

As I say my apologies, the dog slowly closes its eyes.

—- Dead.

「Haah…… 」

It’s an indescribable feeling.
Really, what should I do?
In the meantime, should it be buried somewhere even if it’s a stray?
Or should I contact the public health center.

≪―――Earned experience value. Kudou Kazuto’s level rose to 1. ≫

「…… Ha?」

What was that voice just now?

≪―――First suppression in Chaos・Frontier confirmed. ≫

≪First Subjugation bonus will be given. ≫

≪Skill『Precocious』Acquired. ≫

Heard it again.
Synthetic voice, a machine-like sound.

「Wh-who is it?」

Looking around, there’s no one here.
Hearing hallucinations? No no, it’s a joke. That voice, I could hear it so clearly…..
And that voice just now.

「…… Something, just like a game announcement…… 」

No, no way…..
Dangerous. I can tell, I’m losing my head.
Anyway, now this dog is…… Are?


The body of the dog is gone?

As if there was nothing from the beginning, the corpse of the dog suddenly vanished.

「Eh, oh….. Are?」

He-hey what’s up?
Impossible, did I just see a phantom?
No no, that’s stupid.

「….. Hm?」

At the place where the dog’s corpse was.
There is a marble, a purple jewel.

「What is this?」

In Japan, it’s impossible to have any huge dog like this.
The dog died then I heard a game-like voice.
After that, the corpse vanished and in its stead was a jewel.

「Drop Item you think?……Haha, what I am talking about. 」

Did so much overwork make my brain pass out?
Yes, that must be it, since I am too busy my brain showed me hallucinations.
Surely, that explains everything.

「There was no dog from the beginning. I haven’t run over anything. 」

Yes, that’s right, must be so.

「…… Return home. Oh, so sleepy….. 」

After inserting the purple jewel in my pocket and turning the cylinders on, I drive my car again.
After all, let’s sleep early today.
That’s good.

But —– After this time, the man will know the undeniable reality that this was neither a dream nor a vision.

At that time. What was happening with the world?

At that time. What was happening to him?

At that time. He didn’t know of anything.

【Skill: Precocious】

The title given to the first human who killed a monster in this new world. The new place created after two worlds merged.
An enormous compensation is applied when earning experience.
Attracting people, being led by fate and eventually becoming a being called a hero.


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1. Uso means lie. When I translate, I often leave some of the most common known words from other novels or anime/mangas.

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