One month old! Current stats of my site, and poll regarding the future.

Today I want to share with you a big news! (Please read until the end. I know it’s long, and I will not do any TL;DR . But this post is important for me and for the future).

The eighth day of August, on this hot Monday, my website, reached 1 month old!

With this MTL work of mine, here are the few stats I managed to achieve :

  • 17 HDUH chapters translated (With the help of Unlucky Translator, he did some of them beforehand, altought I took a long time to proofread / edit them)
  • 14 KYNE chapters translated
  • 250 000 views
  • 28 000 views on my best day
  • 25 000 views for my homepage
  • 22 000 visits from NU
  • 900 visits from Reddit
  • 290 visits from search engines (Only 156 from google)
  • 50 visits from WLNupdate

Here are a few stats that I’m sure you will like to see!

Since I became approved by Adsense:

  • 141 000 views
  • 670 000 ads printed
  • 333 clicks
  • 0,62 RPM (Revenue per thousand page)
  • 0,13 RPM (Revenue per thousand impression)
  • 90 € earned

I can’t yet give you stats about Infolinks and Amazon.

The top 5 author of comment :

  • DarkLoki (16)
  • Owls_Hi (15)
  • Foguinho (13)
  • LygarX (12)
  • tottiy (11)

I received 0 donations (I don’t even know if my button work xD)

Regarding the publisher I contacted !

  • Svorn (Refused twice because I didn’t yet have 4 months of content)
  • Adsense (Refused once then accepted)
  • Sekindo (Refused because they work only with website with over 50K Views)
  • A-ads (No need for approval)
  • Infolinks (Approved at the first try)
  • Media (Refused twice because I didn’t have enough content)
  • Clicksor (Waiting for their answer)
  • Adsoptimal (Accepted really fast, but with 200K impression, I earned 0,02$… What a joke? xD)
  • Amazon affiliate (Didn’t require approval)
  • Probably more I forgot about

For this one month, I was happy, I was sad, I had hard times and I also became rewarded! I think that I improved a lot.

I’m very happy with the current results, Thank you guys. You made the launch of my website a success! I want to keep going like this. You’ve made translating more and more funnier for me! Although I made many mistakes, you kept supporting me. Thank you very much!

Now, I will talk about the future directions I will take.

  • I added a Patreon and a Coffee button! Two new ways to support me.
  • I will keep translating HDUH
  • I consider dropping KYNE
  • If I drop KYNE, I will take on another series.
  • I’m also considering on recruiting an Editor, to bring you better quality work! Although it’s MTL, I take time and try to understand the meaning of every sentence (I’m pretty sure I progressed well with that).

So I want you to answer this poll about what you’d like me to do :

click here to answer the straw poll

Also, if you want me to drop KYNE, you can ask for me to translate another series here:

Click here to submit with Google form

If you want to apply as an editor, please email me at the following email :

With the following information :

  • Your timezone
  • Which work are you interested in working with
  • Chapter 26 of HUDH edited

What I require from you !

  • To be online often! I need communication. Communication is key.
  • To use either skype or hangout.
  • I’d be more likely to work with someone from Europe because I’m European! (Or someone not too far from my timezone)
  • A good understanding of English language (Well, It won’t be hard to do better than me, even though I improved).
  • To tell me whenever you find the translation strange!

What benefit will you have if you join me?

  • Honor and everyone’s infinite thanks!
  • After you make your proof, I’ll add ways to support you (Paypal button, or something else)

Also, I’m thinking about opening the website to other fellow translators!

Send me an email at if you are interested!

What will be the benefit of joining ?

  • Increasing traffic for everyone
  • The possibility to place your own ads
  • Self-hosted website for improved speed

What is required to join ?

  • At least 15 translated chapters
  • At least 2 chapters per week
  • Any of the following
    • Japanese
    • Chinese
    • Korean
  • The work can be either MTL or TL but need a decently translated quality

By the way, do you think I should add a Discord channel or another kind of instant messaging? please tell me in the comment!

Also, I’m waiting for your different review! Tell me what is on your mind. I know that my projects are big but If I don’t try, I will never get anything!

Did the stats interest you? Do you want me to display them more often? With that much clarity? (I don’t know for example if displaying my AdSense stat is a good idea. Probably not).

Regardless of the quality of my translation that is not always accurate and not always written with the best quality, I think that I improved a lot, and I always held my schedule.

I hope that you will keep to support me and read my translations here if you like them!



20 Replies to “One month old! Current stats of my site, and poll regarding the future.”

  1. Congrats dude, well you are doing a good job so no wonder and i don1t think you need to drop the series but if you want go for it it is already proven that you can pick good series AND do a good translation, my best regards from now on

    • Thank you, I’m glad that you supported me until now. The only thing is that it’s sometimes hard for me regarding all those negative comments! I know perfectly that “Unhappy people” are the first one to comment and the”Happy people” usually don’t say much.
      Today I had read what my “reputation” is on animesuki on the HDUH tread. (See here )

      • it’s funny that those people don’t take upon themselves to translate since you’re is “so horrible” it’s annoying but sadly these people will always be a part of society just ignore them, if you a happy with it keep doing, keep in mind there are people like me that even though use MLT to read it and it’s already finished waiting for a new release from the author still takes the time to read translations like yours(you already know that MTL isn’t 100%) and give a supportive feedback

    • Oups I did a mistake. The title is wrong… now I don’t know how can I do it xD well I’ll remake it wait a few minutes please.

      • Well at least you’ve noticed, before alot of people vote for it and ends up irreversible, maybe just make a new post announcing the change with the new poll and change the link in this post?

          • No problem, didn’t want others to get the wrong idea, it’s a full blue circle for now in the straw poll hehehe.

          • (Well I changed it once again, did a typo… can you look through it again ? x))

          • It seems about right now, I think it was probably how the question was worded that made it weird along with the answers that didn’t match up. also can’t reply to the lower post as it seem to hit the limit for me, so heres the response.

          • I preferred the previous way. At least that way, we could guarantee you would drop that rubbish KYNE. 😛

    • I assumed that the second part of the answers, that explained what would happen, were correct. Dunno why the answers didn’t fit the question though

  2. I don’t think you should drop KYNE yet… because we haven’t even gotten to the point where the mc meets the 3 goddesses (which I’m expecting) BUT if you still consider on dropping it, then do you like harem, romance, overpowered, etc. related WN’s?

    There are good jap novels that have been dropped but I can’t remember them :/

    I can recommend one, which is which has been dropped lol.

    Check his website out! Also, Idk if [Master’s Smile] is dropped in his website.

  3. I was thinking that If at all possible could you make individual links for each chapter (1-8+3prologue) in HDUH, because I think it would hurt you more having people have to navigate that train wreck of a website to then get to your chapters afterwards?!?

  4. New to this site and the novels translated here, however I just wanted to say a few things.
    1) Thanks for the work you put into translating these for us.
    2) Sorry I’m not capable of donating, really do hope for the best and wish I had the money to do so (and would/will if I ever have spare money to put towards it)
    3) I really enjoy reading HDUH, so thanks for picking it up/translating it- it’s hard to find novels that I enjoy like HDUH (that are trasnlated).

    Anyways, good luck with everything and sorry for not giving feedback throughout the time I’ve spent on the site (not a very social person, but I felt like commenting to show some support this once).
    Take care,

    • Hello Teargos!
      Thank you very much for the time you took writing this comment!

      I love when one of my dear readers take some of his time to show how he appreciate this novel, it’s a warm feel.

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