Chapter 14 – Familiars registration… Two days later.

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(Book 2 Chapter 2) Chapter 14 – Familiars registration… Two days later.

(Tetsuya)「Oh, we found the town」


Tetsuya found the city. He was riding on Yamato’s back. Kagura was doing the same.


(???)「Branch chief! We got a problem! A, a dragon is coming this way」

(Branch Chief)「What! Are you saying the truth!?」


(Branch Chief)「What kind of dragon is it!?」

(???)「Big dragon with rainbow colored scales!」

(Branch Chief)「It’s that guy? Oi! Call the Knights and the guards! But never start the fight. Never start it!!! I will head to where the dragon is coming! So where is the place !?」

(???)「It’s coming near the East gate!」

(Branch Chief)「I Understand! Please, tell them, by all means!」

(???)「Please, excuse me! Message from the adventurer Guild Branch Chief!」


(???)「Yes!『Do not meddle with the Dragon. I will be alright』was what I had to convey」

(???)「You’re kidding! To not participate! I won’t approve of such a thing! I will not do nothing and die!」


(Tetsuya)「Fuwaaaa finally arrived.」
(Yamato)「Hmm? It seems that a lot of people gathered, and the head of this place is here too.」

Tetsuya arrived in front of the wall of the town 『Berganstadt』However……

(???)「Magie, Fiiiirreeee!!!」
(Head Branch)「Stop it! You idiotttt!!!」
(Knights)「「「《Fireball《Flame shot》》」」」

(Tetsuya)「Wa!? What did they hope by attacking suddenly《Clear《Delete》》」

They received a joint attack from the Knights. Tetsuya erased it with Magic. However, the magic sent by the Knights kept increasing.

(Knights)「「「《Fireball《Flame shot》》」」」


(Knights)「《Lightning ball《Thunder shot》》」


(Knights)「《Stone bullet《Stone shot》》」


(Branch Chief)「I’m telling you to stop!Stop this scrap!」

Tetsuya erased all of their magic.Thanks to that, Yamato and the others received absolutely no damage.

(Tetsuya)「You’re annoying. What did we do? Yamato, silence these guys」

(Yamato)「As you wish」

However, Tetsuya who was irritated took the first step.


(???)「Hey! It’s a person!」

(???)「Impossible, there is really a person… huh… I’m sorry for what we did…」

(Tetsuya)「Hey! Temee!! What was that jus now! I did nothing, and you attacked me! I’m just here to enter the town!」

(???)「Hey, now what.」

(Tetsuya)「I wasn’t going to do anything, and yet, you attacked me, what can you say about this?」

(???)「Wait a minute! I can’t believe that guy! To tame a dragon is impossible!?」

(Branch Head)「Hey! Did you hear? You attacked someone with magic, shouldn’t you apologize??」

(???)「Seriously, look like you really tamed it.」

(???)「What are you going to do!?」

(Tetsuya)「You’re talking about me here.」

(???)「And ignored……。Will you burn us?」

(Branch Head)「we were rude to attack you!」

(Tetsuya)「Who are you?」

(Thomas)「I am the Branch chief of this town’s adventurer guild. Thomas・Cruserno」

(Tetsuya)「Oh, really? So what kind of welcome was that? I just came to the town and get attacked for no reason.  Are you doing the same thing with everyone? Nee, why?」

(Thomas)「No, that’s not it」

(Tetsuya)「Then, why did you attack us? Is a dragon anything bad?Does a dragon equal demon that you had to set an attack? Or what?」

(Thomas)「Tha that’s a bit……」

(Tetsuya)「Now I’m asking you!I need an answer quickly!」

(Thomas)「Well, it wasn’t supposed to happen!」

(Tetsuya)「Well whatever. But right now, I only wanted to come here and register my monsters, do you have any problem with that? But why did you suddenly attack? The one who initiated the attack, get out before me now!」


(Tetsuya)「I will forget what happened, the one at the origin of this have 30 seconds to appear, otherwise…
…………. 15 seconds remaining now.」

(Thomas)「Me, it was me!」

(Tetsuya)「You’re lying Branch chief. But I guess you would say that huh? Rest 5 seconds. Yamato, be ready to attack」

(???)「It was me」

(Tetsuya)「Yes, it seems. So, why was the attack for?」

(???)「If a dragon come, anyone would attack it! To defend the town.」

(Tetsuya)「Lying is not good. You just wanted to defeat the dragon and be admired. Apparently, you ignored the advice of Branch chief.」

(???)「Such a thing isn’t true!」

(Tetsuya)「You can only spit lies. I can read people’s mind with skill. Therefore, I know immediately if someone lies. Huh – You, apologize now.『You Ignored other’s advice, for your own selfishness, you attacked some harmless stranger.  Apologize』」

(???)「That, why do I have to do something like that!?」

(Tetsuya)「Didn’t you hear the talk? Therefore, it’s normal to apologize after attacking other?」


(Tetsuya)「What is it? When it become inconvenient, you remain silent?
It’s good already. Branch Chief! I want to register my familiars. Will you do it? Also, I want to register as an adventurer.」

(Thomas)「Huh!Please wait a moment!」

(Tetsuya)「Ladies and gentleman criminals. Because your gazes are annoying, can you disappear? This is an order.」

After a few minutes

(Thomas)「We’re sorry for our lateness!To register as an adventurer, please fill this one. After that, let’s perform it at the branch. This collar will be used for your familiars. Please use a bit of your blood onto them.」

The Branch Chief came back with Tetsuya.Tetsuya, according to the description of the Branch Chief, 『Collar of Familliar』 had been put on Izayoi, Kagura, and Yamato.

(Tetsuya)「Then, I will register. Everyone, enter now the Hakoniwa (Home) 」 (TL : he talked about his spatial house, Hakoniwa mean “Little Garden”)

Thus, Tetsuya, Izayoi and the other two had finished the registration. He put the three familiars inside is home. And now walked toward the second city of the other world.

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