HDUH – Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou

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必勝ダンジョン運営方法 相手に合わせる理由がない

Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou

Certain Victory Dungeon Administration Technique

The Way to Absolute Dungeon Administration – There Is No Reason To Meet With the Opponent!

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Current chapter :

399 (Ongoing)

Tags :

Dungeon Master
Game Elements
Smart Male Lead
Strategy /Tactician
Protagonist Transported to Another World

Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Synopsis (Found on Novelupdate) :

One day in a sunny leisure day, a woman visited my house and asked me if I’m interested in managing a dungeon along with support offer from goddess. But of course, I refused.

Eh? I shouldn’t ignore person in trouble, moreover if it’s beautiful woman? No way that’s too bothersome and why do I have to do that? I’m perfectly satisfied with my comfortable life now, throwing it away is just overly stupid…… …sigh, fine, so it’s go to another world, become a dungeon master, manage a dungeon and deal with the Mana circulation problem?

Understood, but how to do it?

My Synopsis :

A goddess visited my House. She offered me to run a Dungeon in another world. Damn it’s such a bother… Expect that… she’s beautiful! I can’t say no… So, let’s agree with it! For what reason should I manage a Dungeon? The Otherworld seems to need me in order to fix an issue regarding the flow of Mana.

Along with me came my whole room. It’s way too convenient! But when I what at a loss on how to manage things… I found that I could still use internet?! Wait, let’s check this forum first.

Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Chapter list :

Previous chapters prologue 1 – 3 [lnaddiction]

Prologue 1 [lnaddiction] Prologue 2 [lnaddiction] Prologue 3 [lnaddiction]

Arc 1 – Dungeon Practice (1-10)

Previous chapters 1 – 8 [lnaddiction] Chapter 1 [lnaddiction] Chapter 2 [lnaddiction] Chapter 3 [lnaddiction] Chapter 4 [lnaddiction] Chapter 5 [lnaddiction] Chapter 6 [lnaddiction] Chapter 7 [lnaddiction] Chapter 8 [lnaddiction]

Chapter 9 – All planned. Anger, dislike, tear, apology and reconciliation
Chapter 10 – Stacking up troubles

Arc 2 – Dungeon Test (11-18)
Chapter 11 – Manage’ and ‘Protect’ are two different things
Chapter 12 – If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles
Chapter 13 – Looking at the big picture
Chapter 14 – Collaborator
Chapter 15 – Mass production of Holy Women
Chapter 16 – Discussions and explanations about the way of Dungeon management.
Chapter 17 – Is it NDK in various ways?
Chapter 18 – The plan is a success.

Arc 3 – Dungeon Administration and start(19 – 28)
Chapter 19 – Afterwards, The consequences
Chapter 20 – Mauve… Out!
Chapter 21 – Caught off guard
Chapter 22 – Bathing is a culture Japan is proud of
Chapter 23 – Relaxation
Chapter 24 – Good night
Chapter 25 – Good morning, then good morning explanation, then explanations
Chapter 26 – The bitter feeling of a bitter feeling.
Chapter 27 – Usagi-san, Usagi-san
Chapter 28 – I love you, my master.
Chapter 29 – Watermelon

Arc 4 – Dungeon and its administrators(29 – 44)
Chapter 30 – To use the uselessness of futility
Chapter 31 – The holy woman growth to adult from child
Chapter 32 – The fundamental of things and it’s meaning
Chapter 33 – The meeting (First Half)
Chapter 34 – The meeting (Latter Half)
Chapter 35 – Melon’s feeling
Chapter 36 – Melon & Usagi VS Peach
Chapter 37 – The importance of one’s own room.
Chapter 38 – The wolf girl is participating as well.
Chapter 39 – The primary and the second Holy Woman
Chapter 40 – Selfish
Chapter 41 – Heated
Chapter 42 – Fox and answers
Chapter 43 – Busy and yet!?
Chapter 44 – Doppelganger

Short stories 1 – Daily trap(1 – 2)
Side Story – Trap 1 – Sushi, ah!!
Side Story – Trap 2 – The true charm of the hot springs.

Arc 5 – Dungeon business trip (45 – 62)
Chapter 45 – Trafic jamming?
Chapter 46 – The fairy tribe circumstances.
Chapter 47 – The big four, and the revised pill bugs
Chapter 48 – A break in the adventure
Chapter 49 – Training consultation
Chapter 50 – For the sake of a better life
Chapter 51 – Rookie adventurer
Chapter 52 – Job allocation problem
Chapter 53 – The Slime, the Demon King of violence.
Chapter 54 – The Demon King and the children
Chapter 55 – Briefing of the current condition
Chapter 56 – Severe uneasiness
Chapter 57 – The princess is a bride
Chapter 58 – Level recognition
Chapter 59 – Starting the adventurer district
Chapter 60 – The Holy Woman awakens
Chapter 61 – The building of the Dungeons has begun
Chapter 62 – The one who can’t read the air

Arc 6 – Dungeon diplomacy (63 – 70)
Chapter 63 – Briefing and information, and welcome …!?
Chapter 64 – For the things I lost
Chapter 65 – Excellent
Chapter 66 – Give us money?
Chapter 67 – The wife tends to prefer battles

Trap 3 – An after work drink.

Chapter 68 – Protect the important place

Trap 4 – Late-night snack

Chapter 69 – Stepping on a landmine
Chapter 70 – Cleanup

Side Story – Trap 5 – Weakness

Arc 7 – Dungeon begin full scale operation (71 – 89)
Chapter 71 – Representative’s workload
Chapter 72 – Military work
Chapter 73 – To make use of reflecting
Chapter 74 – Adventurer Guild policy
Chapter 75 – Experiencing Wanwano

Trap 6 – Resident problem
Trap 7 – Problems at school

Chapter – 76 Injuries by the dozens
Chapter 77 – Duel start!!
Chapter 78 – Injuries are increasing

Trap 8 – Children are always growing

Chapter 79 – The King’s ride
Chapter 80 – Wives’s meeting.
Chapter 81 – The useless God descends once again
Chapter 82 – God’s messenger.
Chapter 83 – Blocking with all my might.
Chapter 84 – Pretexts for war.
Chapter 85 – Dumping things on someone else!

Trap 9 – First part : Everyday, the promise.
Trap 10 Second part : Everyday, the promise.
Trap 11 – Third part: everyday, the promise.

Chapter 86 – Evening Drink
Chapter 87 – Discussing the future plans
Chapter 88 – Dungeon rating, the results
Chapter 89 – Now off to the negotiation

Arc 8 – Dungeon and another country (90 – 102)
Chapter 90 – Solid country
Chapter 91 – First of all, greetings
Chapter 92 – Reactions from Galtz
Chapter 93 – Real issue
Chapter 94 – emergency meeting
Chapter 95 – Measures against the political heavyweights
Chapter 96 – Reaction of the ministers and killing times

Trap 12 – On a certain summer day
Trap 13 – Midsummer Day of the Ox

Chapter 97 – Insanity
Chapter 98 – Dungeon, reminiscent memories
Chapter 99 – Familly
Chapter 100 – What’s this?

Trap 14

Chapter 101 – What are you going to do after this?

Trap 15
Trap 16

Chapter 102 – Shield Princess

Arc 9 – Dungeon and hero (103 – 148)
Chapter 103 – Weed
Chapter 104 – Written as ‘Hero’, read as ‘Puppet’
Chapter 105 – The festival and the foolish Hero
Chapter 106 – The tale of a Hero
Chapter 107 – I’m shorryyy!!
Chapter 108 – Explanations about the circumstances, and their husband’s homeland.
Chapter 109 – Festival and residents: Part 1
Chapter 110 – Festival and residents: Part 2
Chapter 111 – Festival and residents: Part 3
Chapter 112 – Conference

Trap 17

Chapter 113 – Tale of the Hero and the Demon King
Chapter 114 – Yeah, that’s the main idea.
Chapter 115 – There are as many ways as one likes

Trap 18
Trap 19

Chapter 116 – Response of each country towards the hero
Chapter 117 – blown
Chapter 118 – Grasping the situation
Chapter 119 – Give me alternatives
Chapter 120 – School work
Chapter 121 – Broken girl
Chapter 122 – Consultation
Chapter 123 – Troubles come together after all
Chapter 124 – The inquiry and once again, blow.
Chapter 125 – It’s practically my fault
Chapter 126 – Those who bully the wives won’t be forgiven
Chapter 127 – Grand Declaration
Chapter 128 – What happened at the bargain. (Circumstances of the persuasion)


36 Replies to “HDUH – Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou”

    • The Prologue and Chapters 1-8 are all on lnaddiction

      Chapter five was just released out of order, so its the latest post

      • I feel your pain man!!! There is 8 chapters and the 3 prologues, but trying to navigate that site is like trying to find a needle in the earths core!!! Not easy!!!

  1. I was wondering when you normally publish new chapters?? Is there a specific day, or whenever you feel like it?? Just waiting eagerly for more chapters, so I’m sorry if my questions sound rude!!!! ??

    • A day by day schedule is not possible for now because I have to sync with Seele and all.
      We will do at least three chapters per week and sponsored chapters whenever they are in queue.

      The chapters of HDUH are long and I had 35 to 37° this week it is really hard for me to focus on translating when it’s too hot like this. In my country, it was labelled as “Heatwave”.
      That’s why I’m sorry for the delay. We should be able to bring you more chapter this weekend. Stay tuned ;).

      In spite of that KYNE release will not be as regular as HDUH.

      • Thanks for the quick reply!! I know how you feel, I live in the desert where summer days rarely get below 36 degrees and am in the construction trade!! ??

      • I saw the post about you posting chapters up to 3 chapters a week last month and it’s been a bit since the last chapter. I just wanted to make sure that you were still translating and that you are ok. I don’t care when the chapters come out, just wondering if they are coming out. Also, as a side note, how many chapters have come out from the author

        • Hello there. I’m still okay don’t worry and thanks for asking.

          Time flew faster then I thought when I saw that yesterday it was 14 days without posting x) I’ll post the next chapter in a bit as it’s translated and edited.

          More than 400 are published by the author. There is still more to enjoy 😀

          Stay tuned

    • You can summary that by “Whenever they are ready and good enough to be released”.
      Unlike before when I published my edited versions soon after they were translated.

  2. Hey antheor-Sama, just letting you know that clicking on the 33 and 34 chapter likes takes you to chapter 32!! Again thank you for your hard work!!!

    • Hey TheeJonesingOnee. (Did you know that Onee mean sister in Japanese?) I updated the links. Thank you for the information 😉

  3. Hmmmm ???!! I meant to put “one” but the comment section here saves your name and email for future use so I didn’t notice!! ??

    Thanks for the hard work!!!

  4. When I read this; It became one off my favorite stories. I think my favorite part though by far is the prologue. Although I can’t seem to get the image of Spencer ,from the T.V show “Psych” out of my mind, whenever I read that part.

  5. Simply put this série is amazing?
    The translation is Well done, it à pleasure to read so please keep the good work

  6. This content is really cool. I have bookmarked it.
    Do you allow guest post on your website ? I can write high quality articles for you.

    Let me know.

  7. Finally I decide to start reading these, and gosh! I love it very much. Kinda hard to understand the early part, but it become easier after entering Arc 3.

    Thank you very much for translating this series!

  8. Do you have any time frame for when new chapters will be translated? I’m rather enjoying the series and sad that it has stalled.

  9. I feel this is kind of boring you know because it have less action and more politics and nobility etc.
    If someone is looking for something more fantastic like this why not try reading (the demon lord’s urban development) if you find this novel boring that is.
    Sorry for my poor language.

  10. Thanks for the translation^^

    Just a little a info, DMM Games just release a webgame for this novel…..
    and it seems the character are all from the novel until the latest chap would make an appearance. And they got a 18+ ver too^^a

    So just for a little time killing until the next chap you can try the game if (in japanese of course)…..

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