Chapter 117 – blown

Chapter 117 – blown

Side: Yuki

For the time being, they are holding the conference about the trade relationships. Some people like Lutz, Ellis, Millie and some part of the staff came out.

(King Rochelle)「What is it, son-in-law? Do you have some business with me?」

(Yuki)「Is this not part of your business old man?」

(King Rochelle)「I will leave it to Aria. There’s nothing in particular for me to say. Because this place is not my country. 」

The Rulers from each country sent one person to our meeting room. They’re looking at the progress of the trade negotiations.
Seraria is the same.

(Yuki)「Well, would you like some liquor?」

(King)「Umu. I’d like the brandy. 」

The time of the day started to turn, but it’s still daytime.
I wonder what’s with his resistance against liquor.
I invited him, but is such a thing really okay? It’s with a feeling like this that I start to walk.

(Yuki)「You have no escort with you, is it okay?」

(King Rochelle)「You are stronger than my bodyguards. When you say that, isn’t my son-in-law the same?」

(Yuki)「It’s the same for me. Ah, but I have been told to be careful of my relationship with women. 」

(King Rochelle)「Ah, that’s how it is. My youthfulness has withered, thoughtfulness is necessary, seeing as my son-in-law is so vigorous I don’t want you to wither. It is important to remember this while making a child. 」

The King of Rochelle who also had this problem told me that.
Is it necessary to take countermeasures after all?

(King Rochelle)「But everyone around you son-in-law, including your concubines, are all busy. If there’s no soldiers, it’s a lot more fun. 」

(Yuki)「I know right? Well, I think if an answer is not given immediately, I will manage somehow. Besides, we just need to stay away or retreat from the worst. 」

(King Rochelle)「Well, isn’t that one of the answers too? Only this time, it’s about talented people. 」

That’s true.
Now, If I am going to the Government Building I better do it without an escort, I don’t want to be troubled.
That’s why. we walked inside using the customer’s door.

(???)「Ano, Yuki-san. 」


Certainly, she should be Tiffany. One of Ellis’s subordinate.

(Tiffany)「Have you finished with the meeting already?」

(Yuki)「Yes. This person is King Rochelle. 」

I point with my finger to the grandpa at my side.

(Tiffany)「Awah!? This is inexcusable!!」

(King Rochelle)「This is not good. You’re working, right? Your diligence can only be praised, there’s no reason to criticize. Please help me by taking care of my daughter and son-in-law. 」

(Tiffany)「Ye-yes!! Thank you very much!!」

The really stiff Tiffany returns an answer.
Even if this is interesting, it’s useless because we’re not advancing with the conversation.

(Yuki)「Then, what’s wrong?」

(Tiffany)「Ah, about that. Just as we discussed, it is about how we should deal with the slave dealers, but they are already here. 」

(Yuki)「Hee, that’s too early. Then, please guide me according to schedule, I will take care of it. 」

(Tiffany)「Eh, is that okay? What is going to happen with His Highness, King Rochelle?」

(King Rochelle)「I don’t mind, just give me a brandy if you can. 」

(Yuki)「You never stop drinking huh. 」

(King Rochelle)「There’s no reason to quit. 」

This way I took out a brandy and some snacks and left him alone to his drink.
This is something I have to report to Seraria. Amen.

Now, let’s greet the slave traders as planned.
Since it’s contrary to the ethics of Weed, we received questions.
But it’s different.
The image of slaves in this world is terrible.
They have no human rights.
They’re treated like things.
There are quite many with such images, they are also synonymous of misery when you hear from the slaves of this world.
But from a different perspective, it is also a remedy for the future.
One village can be saved by exchanging someone for money.
Families are able to eat. They are saved.
This isn’t only a bad thing.
Rather, when there is no such system of slavery, it is more problematic if a village is destroyed since families starve to death.
It’s true that selling someone for money makes me frown, but it is also true that with this people can be saved.
Or rather, this is a policy fitting for this continent….. One of its rules.

In modern Japan, there is a system that guarantees the minimum living standard. Money is paid and people can still go to the hospital.
But there is no such system on this continent.
There are mechanisms of defense in place inside villages. They are knights of the nation that fight for the honor of the country but they aren’t there to fight poverty.
You can see it with Ritea and all the citizens who fled from the capital and became refugees.
There is no way for help to reach a village.
Therefore, when a slave trader comes, it becomes another alternative.
The mean that is also called the “last way” is to save the village by converting people into money instead of losing their lives.
Well, there are a lot of downsides.

Therefore, it is actually impossible for slaves to disappear from this continent.
No, they might disappear in the distant future but not now.
Then, we can build a system that accepts people sold that way in the nation called Weed.
If you simply refuse or ignore the slaves traders, the slaves will be sold elsewhere and treated according to the laws.
However, if we accept slaves from the traders here. They are slaves who we can help and can come in handy here.
We can provide a safe place for them.
As for the trader, it is a nice place where they can sell useless slaves that won’t become the center of trade from now on. They can sell them without losing any face1)honor.
Indeed, we will do a reasonable examination.

And, that’s how I preached the need for slaves trader in Weed.
The representatives, especially my wives with experience of slavery were opposed initially. But after listening to my story they agreed.
From the standpoints of adventurers, it is necessary to accept that some of them buy slaves for their adventures. I think it’s okay as long as we protect the slaves from any assault with laws in Weed.

(Yuki)「Excuse me. Sorry to keep you waiting. 」

(Slave trader)「No no, thank you for answering after we came sooner than our notice. 」

This reception is dedicated to the slave trader in the first room.
This place seems to be covered with walls at first glance, but it seems that the interior can be seen with a Magic mirror.
It’s to qualify the slave traders.
In this case, Ellis left her meeting. Kaya and Delille also joined her to qualify him.

(Slave trader)「However, for the joint chief Yuki-san to meet me….. 」

(Yuki)「Do you know me?」

(Slave trader)「Yes, that wedding. I was allowed to participate. Truly magnificent. 」

(Yuki)「That’s very kind of you. And, today’s topic is about you, slave trader, right?」

(Slave trader)「Yes, this is what I heard about. How you are recruiting slave traders in this place?」

(Yuki)「No, rather than recruiting….. 」

With this we proceeded to the talk.

(Slave trader)「I see. Accepting slaves from outside…… 」

(Yuki)「Let’s see. If you don’t mind, we will collect the remaining slaves at a reasonable price. And if you show your aptitude, we will allow you to open up a store inside the Commercial District. 」

(Slave trader)「But in that case, wouldn’t it be enough to buy slaves from itinerant traders?」

(Yuki)「That alone won’t be stable. This Weed also requires a slave trader. 」

(Slave trader)「Slave traders don’t seem to be seen in a good light in Weed. 」

(Yuki)「I won’t deny that. However, what would they say if a slave trader exists to save people from outside? I have known that. 」

(Slave trader)「Yuki joint chief. 」

(Yuki)「This thing is something we already talked about amongst the representatives. That’s why Weed will support you with all its best. 」

(Slave trader)「Uugh, I am very sorry. It’s the first time I’m being told something like this. 」

He sincerely told me why he became a slave trader while shedding tears.
Originally, he was a merchant that dealt with ordinary miscellaneous goods, but he was begged to buy villagers to save them from poverty while selling to villages.
After some distress, he finally bought a villager but it was a problem.
He was then recognized as a slave trader by doing that.
Therefore, the poorer village all got him to take villagers.
Because he did it once, he couldn’t refuse.
However, the number of people he bought kept increasing.
His money was reduced.
He had to start working earnestly as a slave trader before he reached bankruptcy.
However, it doesn’t change the fact that from the viewpoint of the public, it’s painful to be doubted and accused.
When he arrived at the villages who pushed their own villagers, they blamed him for selling them.
It is a foolish story.
In the villages to sell or not to sell, he was pondering whether he would return them instead of selling.
This isn’t something he wanted to be responsible for.
After all, the ability of a slave trader with this has been admitted.

Well, I don’t know if I can believe his story but at this time there is no reason to repel him.

(Slave trader)「Please hear my story. There’s a lot of people frightened from terrible treatment. Many of the people who I sold became corpses or ended in misfortunes. This is something I want to reduce even if a little. 」

And the reaction of the three people who are on the other side of the Magic Mirror is 「Permitted」, they judged it isn’t a problem.

(Yuki)「Yes, thank you for your support from now on. 」

(Slave trader)「Thank you very much!! Oh, I forgot about this. There’s some kids I have personally taken care myself, but I would like you to employ them here. 」

That said, he rushed out of the room and came back a couple minutes later with 4 women.

(Slave trader)「You have my gratitude for this time. Please do not hesitate to use them. 」

(Yuki)「Haa, thank you very much. 」

Suddenly he brought slaves here.
They usually would need training.
Though I was thinking that, I used appraisal on every of them.
Concerning what I can recommend, they are all capable children. They all have the arithmetic skill and some have the speech skill.
In this case, I think it may be better to ask for Lutz and Ellis to directly instruct them rather than send them to school.

And that’s why at this moment that my judgment is blown.

Her appearance is that of a beautiful woman. She looks younger than Lutz but older than the outward appearance of Delille.
She could probably enter a high school?
I have never seen this until now. No, Labiris is wearing them but they are more adult-like sized gray twin-tail?
Well erhh, with her red pupils she tightly returns my gaze.

This child’s name is Leia.

Name: Leia
Tribe : Human
Status: Slave.
Gender: female
Occupation: Slave (unawakened hero) * Recognized because of high-level appraisal.
Age: years old * All characters in this world are older than 18 years old. 2)Anth : Can’t stop laughing Face: nobody tell him….

Lv. 4
HP: 90
MP: 130
STR (Strength): 7
DEF (Defense): 6
INT (Wisdom): 70
AGI (Dexterity): 12
LUK (luck): 8

Arithmetic LV2
Speech LV1
(Unawakened hero of love skills) * Recognized because of high-level appraisal.

What are you doing!? Heroooooo!?

I coughed my tea and choked.
Afterword of the author
It’s not wrong.
An eruption.


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1. honor
2. Anth : Can’t stop laughing Face: nobody tell him….

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