Kyne Chapter 0 : Prologue

Chapter 0 : Prologue

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〓???~3500 years ago~〓

(God Emperor)「This is the end!!Demon King!」

(Demon-King)「My sweet God Emperor! I will not die like this! It’s your turn now! Know despair, God Emperor!!!」

(God Emperor)「Gu! Guaaaaaaa!!」

(Demon-King)「Ahahaha! This is how you end!! God Emperor!」

(God Emperor)「Damn! I didn’t want to use this!」

The man called the God Emperor threw a bottle to the Demon King. The bottle crashed onto the Demon King, the contents splashed on his body.

(Demon-King)「How about that! God Emperor!! Dieeeee!!」

(God Emperor)「《Seal》!! Guaaaaaaa!」


Right before the Demon King’s attack reached him, the God Emperor muttered the word 《Seal》. After that, the attack from the Demon King achieved its purpose and the God Emperor died. The Demon King was now fully wrapped in golden light.
Thus, the Demon King’s reign ended and was sealed.


(Man)「Are we ready to summon the hero??」

(Children)「Yes. Father.」

(Man)「I see. I am truly sorry in regard to the summoned Hero, but it’s with the purpose of saving the world. We might end up getting heavily punished, however we can only try this.」



At a high school, behind the gymnasium, four people were gathered. 1 was being beaten up and kicked, while 3 were doing the kicking and beating.

(Boy #1)「Come on! Die!」

(Boy #4)「………」

(Boy #2)「Say something! Trash!」

(Boy #4)「………」

(Boy #3)「TCH! It’s getting boring. Let’s go guys.」

And just like that, the three people: Sato, Kashima, and Agatsuma left. Behind them, lying on the ground with dirt splattered everywhere on his uniform, one person remained. It was Tetsuya Kanzaki.

(Pretty girl)「Kanzaki, you? What happened!?」

While Tetsuya removed the dirt, one school girl approached.

(Tetsuya)「Yuzuha, it’s always the same.」

Yuzuha Sasaki. She’s really nice. A beautiful girl with a really good smile and high scholastic aptitude, she is also one of the school’s three major goddess.

(Yuzuha)「The same as always… Was it Sato-kun and his band?」


(Yuzuha)「Ah, no good! Are you injured somewhere?」


(Yuzuha)「Mou. Kanzaki………. Why don’t you fight back? Kanzaki should be strong enough in order to push Sato-kun back, right?」

(Tetsuya)「Maybe but it’s impossible. I could possibly end up killing him. That’s because the martial art I’m practicing is from the military and it specializes in killing my opponent, unlike the martial arts practiced as a hobby. You don’t need to worry because in three years it will all end, even if i didn’t fight back.」

(Yuzuha)「Okay……However, you have to consult someone whenever it hurts, understand?」

(Tetsuya)「I’ll prevent it before that happens.」

Tetsuya and Yuzuha were walking side by side to the classroom.
It was the slightly passionate glance from the girls and the malicious and feverish glance from the boys that welcomed him when they entered the classroom.

Tetsuya’s appearance was, for better or worse, outstanding. Everything about him was excellent. Because he has an excellent appearance and astonishing grades, one would ask if he was truly human? They started to distrust him. And the main reason… Was still the following…

(Mana)「Yoo! Tetsuya-kun!」

(Yuki)「Hello Tetsuya-kun.」

It was because of these two people. They were the other two of the three major goddesses of the campus. The first one who greeted Tetsuya, was the Public Moral Committee’s chairman, Mana Sakazaki. The second to greet him, was the student council president, Yuki Hoshino, the Snow Princess.

This was the reason why Tetsuya received bullying. In short, it was because of jealousy.

Let’s return to the main subject.

Tetsuya doubted if they were the same 3 years ago who were in his classroom back then. Do they need something?… is what he wanted to ask. Even though he would hear the same answer everyday.

(Guy)「Mana-senpai, Yuki-senpai, Oi! Open the door!」

When Tetsuya tried to ask the two girls, a voice interrupted him.
(Yuki)「Ara, I can’t open it? Seems like I really can’t open it…!?」

(Mana)「You’re kidding, right!?? What!? Why doesn’t it open!」

The entire classroom panicked.
A magic formation, one which would not lose compared to the ones inside mangas, suddenly appeared on the floor. A few seconds later, it shone brightly.
After the bright light disappeared, nobody was left inside the classroom. And nobody remembered anything about the students and their classroom.

『Magic Guard Invocation.
Target, otherworlder Tetsuya Kanzaki.
Deleting Target’s ability and appearance when awakening status.
An error occurred. Cancellation is not allowed. Switching with sealing.
Sealed successfully.
An error occurred. Deleting the Seal’s history. Initializing… Magic Guard is now on stand by.
Number of Personal history deleted: 0
Number of seal: 0
Number of invocation: 0』



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    • (You can see the TLDR if you don’t want to read trough the whole thing)

      An entity called a ” Magic Guard”

      Intercepted his “target”, the hero of the story.

      He tried to modify the status, remove his memory and alter his phisyque, but ! Our MC was too strong and it didn’t work.

      After that, the guardian tried to seal him and did it successfluly. But once again, an error occurred! And the guardian did what you call at my job a “Factory reset”. He went back to defaults !

      With : 0 altered person, 0 sealed person and of course 0 summoned person!

      The reason I wrote Invocation was because it was the word used in the raw and not “Summoned”.

      I hope that it made you understand a bit more.

      A guardian, an error, and the MC got sealed. But no one knew. (At least the guardian didn’t).

      • Thanks so …what I got is:
        so the Magic guard tried to turn the MC into a amnesia case and wreck his well trained body but failed so he sealed it instead (1)
        unexpectedly another error occurred so the Magic Guard failed to record the event so it went on standby.

        1-did it successfully seal the targets psychical structure AND database? or did it seal supernatural elements -as in unique abilities-?

        • That we don’t know yet,
          The guardian should be something like a “Gatekeeper” instaured by the ones doing the summoning on the other world.
          Something to, if you stick up to the standards of Novels, makes them submit to absolute order.

          But it’s pure speculation, I don’t know yet what will be in the next chapter!

          • tottiy was mumbling to himself. Suddenly, streaks of word-ki began to appear around him. Covered by countless streaks of word-ki, tottiy looked like a spirit composed of words.

            tottiy closed his eyes.

            Threads of enlightenment continuously flowed towards him…
            Thank you very much!!
            Optional; refer to the excerpt’s origin

  1. interesting twist, that last part was hella complicated tho. so magic guard stopped functioning after targeting the mc and thus wont be deleting the rest of the student’s memories .. are they trying to summoner heroes or meat paste ? deleting ppl’s memories, abilities and physique .. these people are scumbags. or maybe its required to give them [status]

  2. You see officer, he surprised me, so I instinctively used the Vulcan Death Grip.

    Pfft those martial arts skills.

  3. “I could possibly end up killing him. That’s because the martial art I’m practising is from the military and it specialize in killing my opponent.”
    Chuni level is over 9000! omfg so stronk!
    ROFL,I can see where this is going LOL,seriously
    I dont mind Cliché romcom but wow,this is on brand new level,if he really know how to kill he would know better than most people how to *NOT* kill,if you know what kills people you know how to avoid it duh,that logic the author use hurt me physically

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