The author wrote it after chapter 12.

Setting 《World introduction》
Earth… a scientific planet that exists on the 777 axis. It is the birthplace of Tetsuya and the others.

Japan is a country that exists in the science world 『Earth』Someone who get spirited away and disappear is a common occurrence.
To tell the truth, aren’t they reaching another world?

Science world… it’s a world which progress using science.Magic and monsters do not exist.

Asura … … n° 286 illusionary world. The world were Tetsuya and the others were summoned.

An illusionary world… A world with magic, monsters, etc. Once in a while, someone from a different world is reincarnated with cheats. Or heros are summoned. It’s a unique kind of world where a god tried to imitate a science world and created it as an experiment. It’s lower ranked than the science world. As for the reason why the concept of this world is based upon science is because… Numerical value represents status and abilities. However, it was not very helpful for the world.

Skils ……. With effort, it’s an ability everyone can obtain.

Unique Skill …… Powerful abilities but really hard to get.

Original Skills …… The power one personally created. It has similar capabilities as Unique Skill.

Special skills …… Power which can be used when special conditions are met.

Magic ….. To interfere or create something out of nothing.Simple magic.

Unique Magic …… Magic available with a low probability. Powerful, but the consumption of magical power is high. Currently, in Asura and including the summoned heros, about only 50 people possess one (Or more).

Heros are people summoned from another upper world. They own powerful force. However, even though it’s not often, but a summoned person can rarely be summoned without cheats. Still, that doesn’t mean he would be weak.

Hoshina……name. Almost all the heroes will follow the fool (LOL) Hoshina. It was a waste for the MC to get bitten by a dog.

Lancers are doing a good job. After all, they are small fry.

(About my story desu. Please don’t get offended. Thank you. The Author went beyond the level of Tofu mental. And if the mental become any more like a wet newspaper, it will vanish)

The coins used in commerce, guild or everywhere else in Asura are the same. The unit which represents the Zeru is Zr.Also, each guild card can be used as a credit card to depose, use or transfer money.
Values are worth as the following :

Stone coin = 1Zr = 10 Yen
Big stone coin = 10 Zr = 100 Yen
Copper coin = 100Zr = 1000 Yen
Large copper coin = 500 Zr = 5000 Yen
Iron coin = 1000 Zr = 10000 Yen
Large iron coin = 5000 Zr = 50000 Yen
Silver coin = 10000Zr = 100000 Yen
Large silver coin = 50000 Zr = 500000 Yen
Gold coin = 100000 Zr = 1000000 Yen
Large gold coin = 500000 Zr = 5000000 Yen
White Gold = 1000000 Zr=10000000 Yen

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  1. Looked at the Reviews on NU and thought lol it can’t be this bad. So i tried and read up til this point , I was mistaken severely………I’ll stick with Hisshou.

  2. Incorrect:
    Copper coin = 500 Zr = 5000 Yen
    Large copper coin = 5000 Zr = 50000 Yen

    Large copper coin = 500 Zr = 5000 Yen
    Large iron coin = 5000 Zr = 50000 Yen

    Thanks for the chapter 🙂

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