Chapter 9 – All planned. Anger, dislike, tear, apology and reconciliation

Note from Antheor: Before you start, please know that you need to bear with 20 chapter and my poor skill first before the grammar and sentences improve. It is actually a nice read so I hope to see you until the end! I plan to improve those chapters but please bear with them for now.

During 3 days, in order to collect more information, I kept chatting with Herge and Oriel. This made our friendship stronger.


The above is a picture of Herge(Left) and Oriel(Right), at the Prison’s scene.

Today, after having a lot of fun, I made this situation while we were drinking tea.

(Herge) 「Yuki-San, I got a request」

Yuki is me and there is a good reason for me to use a false name.

(Yuki)「What is it?」

(Herge)「Could we get out of here? We have some things to do」

(Yuki)「After all… Do you intend to go?」

(Herge)「Yes! I don’t want to repeat the same kind of tragedy that happened with Mauve and as a Princess, I have to stop the fight!」

This is the princess of the country Rochelle.

Herge and Oriel asked me to punish Mauve which apparently did some outrageous things to them. And… Capital punishment has been required.

It’s because they are currently under my protection but even with this, meddling with Mauve was still too much.
I understand where they’re coming from. But without hearing the other side, it’s impossible for me to decide if I would kill them or not.
To be frank, the social positions of those adventurers are a bit too high to treat it too lightly.
(TL : Actually, he said : with light footwork, it probably means something really specific, but it’s out of my comprehension)

(Yuki)「Please I need to attach a proper reason, so let me talk to them first」
On this, I told them to wait for a moment.
But they kept trying to stop me from doing it, please…

(Oriel)「If a softhearted like you talk with such a beast, you will definitely be killed!」
Oriel ! You’re getting violent !

(Herge)[I agree with Oriel ! There is no way that such a patronizing person woul’d listen to you, or anyone!」
Even Herge is saying things like this.

Their reactions were exactly the same as I expected. So I said what I had planned.
(Yuki)「Then maybe you could come with me and stand a little further, so we could hear them together and you’ll be able to save me if i’m in danger.」
They took few seconds to consider my proposition and finally agreed with it.

Actually, Mauve isn’t really “alive” anymore. It’s more like a creature which has been biologically “fully burned out”

I heard about the quarrel between the countries Rochelle and Galtz from them.
Thanks to Herge, it became the perfect reason to start an invasion ,wich caused a village and a town to be burned down. The country of Galtz bogged down ran in a counterattack,
A reason with this degree was said to me. In the long run, the probability that someone considered Mauve as a victim of war would increase.
When it’s not the case, it’s impossible to get a Princess and make it a slave anyway.

I finally met Mauve and introduced myself. When I told her I was a dungeon master, my face instantly filled in of pride, but I quickly took my self-control back and returned to an expressionless face. The lifeless face asked me.
(Mauve)「The slave… The Princess… Is she alive?」
(Yuki)「Well, yes」
(Mauve)「I see…」

(Yuki)「Why did you enslaved the princess? Even in the country of Galtz I would have made fame and money from it.」

After a long time, Mauve began to talk.
Wife and daughter…An Acquaintance was an enemy of the village and town.
Tears appeared in Mauve’s eyes and started to hit the ground.

The Princess and Oriel were astonished when they heard it.

(Mauve)「I lost the treasure which is more important than money and fame.」
(Yuki)「Is that so…」
(Mauve)「Angry, I’ve been hired as a mercenary to burn the town of Rushuru.」

(Mauve)「I raped and killed as my wife and daughter were done.」
(Mauve)「I caught the Princess and tried to kill her, this limit I learned it thanks to you…」

(Yuki)「When did I disturbed it?」
(Mauve)「Unfortunatly I’ve been unable to cool off; thanks to you… After all this, nothing returned to this empty dad… I think if my wife and daughter found out what I did, they would be mad at me. In fact, I would be scolded. 「Father who did such a thing! Whyyyy?」」

Raija Curse and Mauve laughed weakly. The look on their faces is embarrassing.

(Mauve)「Well, even if it’s like this, she’s a Princess right?」
(Yuki)「That’s right」
(Mauve)「Kill me down please, I won’t resist. I don’t want to be scolded by my wife and daughter anymore.」

Right now the three of them are lowering their heads.

(Yuki)「Oh don’t hurry! Did you hear this Herge?」
Herge which has her eyes deep red is supported by Oriel comes out.

(Yuki)「The past you constructed is quite good, but the Princess will choose how it will end.」

Mauve got a little bit of is vigor back. A light smile is floating on his face.

But this isn’t a reason to drop the weapons. Oriel is stomping her foot on the ground while Herge is lowering her head.
(Herge)「Mo… me … I’m sorry… so sorry… sorry… sorry…」

With sorrow and tears, she is repeating “I’m sorry”.

(Oriel)「No, wait? What on earth is happening? Did you do something?」

What I saw really surprised me. The strange behavior of Herge about Mauve.

Herge told him something I heard once in a series 「I don’t know whether you’re saying the truth…」just like this。

After Mauve heard what she said, he took a look a glance at the Princess and loosened his shoulder a bit. Followed by Raija and Curse on the back.

(Mauve)「Holy Woman truly does exist.」

(Mauve)「Please raise your face, Princess, I’m not a guy who can solicit a favor from a Princess. I’m the brute who ran out of control and misunderstood.」

(Herge)「But…Because I was here, in your town and village…」
(Mauve)「Even if the story from Princess is different from the one I heard at the town…. I’ll still believe in you」
(Raija or Curse)「Yes Princess! We will believe your words…. Going so deep was our sins!」
(Mauve)「Anger and rage… all of it went out」

Is Mauve reconciled with Herge now?
Look like she made up her mind to stop this quarrel.

I’ll never tell about this dungeon. This Princess shall protect this dungeon to repay the kindness received.

She’s looking at this place with determined eyes.
Well, I have to say as an advertisement, you should do dungeon’s operations

(Yuki)「The skill Guardian Appointment can restrain you, with it you won’t be able to speak about the Dungeon」
(Yuki)「Well…Because Herge is trusted after all I will not do it this time」
(Herge)「Then we may leave and return to the country!!」
(Yuki)「There is one condition for settling. If you agree with it I’ll let you go. I’ll let the protection aside for now because it doesn’t count inside the Dungeon.」
(Herge)「Thank you very much. What’s the condition?」

(Yuki)「I want you to take Mauve with you. He’ll be a guard. There is also something I’d like to buy in town」
(Herge)「I see, it’s reassuring. Hey, Oriel?」
(Herge)「Good, he got considerable capacity and it would be perfect for guard duty.」
Mauve talked about my circumstances (Falsehood is mixed into some extent). And all three of them laughed at the funny story and willingly consented to the full protection.

Well, I hope that I can live quietly with this…
If only it was possible!
After seeing the 5 people who were leaving hastily off, I worked hard to reinforce the dungeon and earn more DP.



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