Some explanations

So here I am!

Finally starting to translate a novel. I selected Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou as it seems to be totally dropped by the past two translators! And I liked it so far so why not?

I’ll translate using tools to help me.

My primary language isn’t English or Japanese.

If it’s not the case, then please tell it to me, this way I wouldn’t do things already done by others!

I’m counting on you, dear readers!

I need a lot of feedback either positive or negative as long as it’s coming with good explanations:

  • About the design.
  • About the font.
  • About the content.
  • About the mistakes I do while translating.
  • And other things I probably would never know…

Also; I want to do a blog at the same time about my life and things, it should be totally random! Well, don’t be disgusted by it! Wait … come back already!

Please as a kind reminder:

Don’t write spoilers in your comments! Deducting is good, and sharing is all the same, but I don’t read ahead so… no spoilers please T_T.


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