Chapter 118 – Grasping the situation

Chapter 118 – Grasping the situation

Side: Yuki

(Yuki)「Gehoh, gehoh, tea entered my trachea. 」

What is it?
Is there a hero sold as slave in recent fantasy?
Is this a success story from slave to hero?

(Slave trader)「Are you okay!? Yuki joint chief!?」

(Yuki)「Ah, I’m fine. I just failed to drink. 」

Just like that, the door is opened with great force.

(Delille)「Bastard!! What hast thou done to Yuki!!」

(Millie)「Yuki-san, are you okay?!」

(Kaya)「…… Poison!? Hold on!!」

Delille, Ellis and Kaya rushed inside to defend me. They surround the slave trader.

(Yuki)「It’s a misunderstanding. I just failed to drink my tea. I’m sorry. My wives are causing troubles. 」


(Yuki)「It’s okay since Asu-san didn’t do anything. 」

「…… Yes. 」

The three withdraw when I answer them.
I think it is okay for them to sit down with us.

(Yuki)「Let me repeat myself, I am sorry. My wives reacted a little too much. 1)Anth : A little, only a little

(Asu)「N-no. I think it’s natural. There’s no damage so there’s no harm. 」

After that, we talked lightly and promised to meet again tomorrow with detailed explanations and separated with Asu-san.

「Ano, goshujin-sama2)Goshujin-sama means master. What should we do?」

The four people are left alone with me in the room, feeling lost.
Oh yes, here’s the problem.

(Yuki)「First of all. Everybody, sit on the sofa here. 」

「N-no!? That’s something terrible!?」

Everyone including the hero in her eggshell shake their heads sideways.

(Millie)「It’s okay. While it may be true that you are slaves, we won’t oppress you. We will treat every single one of you as a person. 」

(Kaya)「…… That’s why don’t worry. 」

(Ellis)「There’s is no whip to wield against slaves here. We only scold a little. 」

Whether they were relieved from the words of the women, they finally sit on the sofa.
Now, shall I prepare a little mischief?

(Yuki)「Well, the number of people have increased so I will prepare for tea. Here Ellis. These children seem to have the arithmetic skill according to the story. I think that a direct training will bear immediate result compared to sending them at the training center. Let’s hear their stories for the time being. 」

(Ellis)「I see. If you already can do arithmetic, you may as well skip the training center. 」

While doing such interaction.
Since I already appraised their Skills, I sent them a signal.
As for when I talked about earlier, I decided to change the suffix at the end of the sentence from 「In that case」to「Seems」3)It’s something Japanese, Yuki usually use Rashi at the end of his sentences but this time he changed it. . Since I would lie if I said that I understood this appraisal.
After that, since it might become a problem for each side, I must talk with Ellis and make a judgment.
Well, I don’t have to decide hastily today, or rather I’d like for them to be accustomed to Weed for at least one week.

(Yuki)「Yes, everyone sorry we only have tea. Take it with these sweets. 」

Still, it’s akin to a superhuman feat to make something else other than coffee or tea with only a small teapot.
As for the four persons, they received tea their directly from me. They were extremely nervous but they finally started drinking after my wives took their first sip.

(Yuki)「Listen while you’re drinking tea. Since you will definitely have to hear this again, since you might be uneasy after this, please listen to this lightly for now. Look, there…… 」

My speech followed about how they will be treated, what labor they will have to do, and how they can buy themselves back after they earn enough money. How it is okay to leave the town or stay here once it is over.
Weed was explained briefly.

(Yuki)「And well, now you can understand that you don’t need to be so tense here, I think?」

(?)「It’s amazing right?」

(?)「I will work hard!!」

(Leia)「…… Yes. 」

Leia, somehow the reaction from the hero in her eggshell made a thin answer.
About that, is she disgusted to be a slave?
I feel like she didn’t believe half of this story.
No, I feel as if she’s in despair?
Somehow, she’s giving the same vibes as Kaya did.

So, let’s change the flow a little.

(Yuki)「Ellis, can you pay me attention for a little? It’s a simple story, so you can drink your tea. 」

(Ellis)「What is it?」

And then I tell her how Leia is a hero.

(Ellis)「Buhoh!! Gehoh!!」

She blew, as expected.
The other two had the same reaction.
Delille especially tripped over.
How clever.

After that, we chatted lightly and promised to give a detailed explanation tomorrow, after that we divided.

(Yuki)「It seems that Ellis brought them to an empty room in the inn. As expected, she’s going to thrust them into training next week. 」

(Kaya)「…… But, this girl is a hero. 」

(Yuki)「Maybe, she’s stronger than your average Level 4. 」

(Delille)「Yuki is too nasty. Mine was too surprised, I fell on my back. 」

(Yuki)「My bad, my bad, but only about Leia, we have to carefully consider what we’re going to do with her. 」

(Kaya)「…… That girl. I’m sure she is a victim from that conflict. I understand. Those eyes, they are the eyes of someone who have seen the downfall of her family. She thinks that everything in this world is iffy and untrustable. 」

(Millie)「Hero-sama….. Is the world so harsh?」

Kaya and Delille stared at the girl. They are looking in the direction of the departing Leia.

Time passes and it’s now dinner time after some rest.

(Aslin)「Onii-chan, did you see hero-sama!!」

(Philia)「Nii-sama, is hero-sama a man?」

(Labiris)「Fumufumu, indeed. Beautiful girl similar to me. Her chest is losing to Millie and Ellis but it’s big enough. 」

(Aslin)「Labiris-chan is sly!! I want to see too!!」

(Philia)「Me too, I wanna see!! Labiris-chan show me!!」

(Labiris)「Wait you both, you’re going too far!? Hey, Kiyaaa~!?」

Labiris who is urged got flipped over.
The skirt also turns over, but she’s wearing an underwear.
Since they can take whatever garment they like using DP, they asked me for a big catalog corresponding to everyone’s hobby. What Labiris wears is mostly see-through only.

(Yuki)「Are you okay?」

(Labiris)「Well I am. Let’s play you two. 」

(Lutz)「Che. 」

That way, the three started chatting with each other.

(Lutz)「Eh, do you like that kind?」
(Yuki)「Get away from here. 」

(Lutz)「Well whatever. You only need to answer when you use it later. Even so, a hero-sama~」

(Seraria)「That is unthinkable, but one really came. 」

(Millie)「But her level is 4 isn’t it? Moreover, she hasn’t awoken. Shouldn’t we treat her normally?」

Lutz agrees to Seraria’s words. MIllie came up with a plan.

(Yuki)「Well, as Millie says, if she can live a normal live then there isn’t any problems. 」

(Seraria)「If we manage this badly and the hero awaken, she will do so in Weed as a Slave. She will be regarded as our servant. 」

(Riel)「Uwah, even I can tell it’s bad. 」

Riel after she listened to Seraria makes a frown.
Just as Seraria says, it is very bad if the hero awakens when she is a slave before the protection.
She would become a suitable fodder for the people who think Weed is an obstacle.

(Shera)「Which remind me. Yuki-san, this hero-sama, is she from the same world of Taiki hero-sama and Yuki-sama?」

Shera, who is trying to remember asked me as she have listened to the previous conversation.
By the way, she isn’t an isekai person.

(Yuki)「Certainly「Hero of love」was written. She’s not from a different world. 」

(Seraria)「I see. It’s wonderful. She is an hero-sama born from our continent. 」

(Lulu)「I’m happy too but she’s a slave. Wait a minute. Danna-sama, did you perhaps say「Hero of love」?」

Lulu strangely snapped.
How come?

(Yuki)「Oh, it certainly said she was a hero of love. 」

(Lulu)「Then, isn’t she related to Lilith?」


Then, we immediately summoned Lilith for an interrogation.
Incidentally, unlike Luna, Lilith is living as a priest inside Ritea’s church in Weed.
I’ve done my best trying to make her return to Ritea for a long time, but in the end I wasn’t successful at all.
Several times, I tried to go to the cathedral and make the high priest listen to the story, but he got erased every time4)Tensky: I’m a bit unclear whether he was eliminated or his memories were erased.
Alshtail and Lulu who heard this story fainted.
Well, since the God they worship is turning away at their doorbell, it’s a problem close to blasphemy.
It seems that Alshtail and Lulu talked to him a few years ago and he was really working earnestly as a priest.

Let’s return from the digress.

The present problem is the 「Hero of Love」

(Lilith)「Oh, that child came to this place~. She will become a hero, I anticipate it. 」

She answered with a firm smile!?

(Lulu)「Lilith-sama, could you explain?」

(Lilith)「Yes, I don’t mind. This is a story from 10 years ago….. 」

Here is a summary.
Each God can choose one hero associated with them.
Basically, they find someone suitable that can be used, and they make a hero for their own use.
An hero is different from the correction of a Holy Woman.
However, there is weaknesses and the title of hero isn’t given so easily.
It’s one person every 100 years.
This seem to be the fastest pace.
But in general, people with the title of a hero are usually struck with war or political brunt and don’t live long.
So, Lilith, at the place she used to serve as a priest found Leia, gave her an awakening condition that would make her a hero.

But now, she’s a slave!!

(Lilith)「Haa, Leia-chan is a slave now…… It’s sad. But she’ll be safe now that she’s in Weed. I think she can safely awaken as a hero if she’s here. 」

No, it’s very annoying if she awakens!!

(Lulu)「Eetto, Lilith-sama. What is the condition that would make her awaken?」

(Lilith)「That is the symbol of love. It’s to do ecchi things!! But it can’t be forced, okay? Because if you forcibly do ecchi things her power will run wild and the whole area will explode. The safety of this neighborhood is perfect to protect Leia-chan. 」

It’s not perfect!?
I would have to make an express unfashioned evacuation warning to the residential area of Weed!?

(?)「…… Wait a moment please. Then, Leia isn’t going to awaken as a hero anytime soon. 」

(Lilith)「Yes, no one is going to rush her to do ecchi things. And her life isn’t a danger as long as her power doesn’t activate to protect her, the rest isn’t much. 」

Hum, because of Lilith there was the possibility that Leia was done while in slavery.
If one was unlucky, he would already be a corpse.

Then, the awakening of the hero isn’t something stoppable.
And, since we all now know that Weed could potentially be damaged, everyone fell silent.

(Seraria)「Dear. 」

(Yuki)「What is it?」

(Seraria)「Leia, make her fall for you. 」


(Seraria)「Don’t you understand? She will be revealed as a hero and the existence of Weed itself is in danger. Normally it’s best to leave this to the flow of nature, but this time we simply can’t. 」

(Yuki)「Yes yes, but my heart is humane….. 」

(Seraria)「I know well. That’s why my Dear, if you both love each other there’s no problem. 」

My eyes are swimming.

(Lulu)「Danna-sama. There is no correct way to love. You showed your manliness to me. So please, protect her and love her. 」

Lulu hugs me from behind.
Well, I understand what she means.
I also understand the necessity.

The problem is different from simply losing a prey.
I’m not the main character from a Gal game5)https://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Bish%C5%8Djo_game !?
Moreover, the bad end climax is the explosion of the whole area.

What with this difficulty level!?6)Chill: Level Date A Live!!
Afterword of the author
Make the bomb girl fall.

Failure means explosion.

Note: She has wounds in her heart. Remaining details are unknown.
Since she is a beautiful girl, there’s a high possibility that other man will court her.


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References   [ + ]

1. Anth : A little, only a little
2. Goshujin-sama means master
3. It’s something Japanese, Yuki usually use Rashi at the end of his sentences but this time he changed it.
4. Tensky: I’m a bit unclear whether he was eliminated or his memories were erased
5. https://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Bish%C5%8Djo_game
6. Chill: Level Date A Live!!

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