Chapter 93 – Real issue.

Chapter 93 – Real issue.

Side: Seraria

(King Galtz)「Seraria-dono, Lulu-dono, I am very grateful for the information you’ve given me. With this, our secret conversation is complete. Shall we move on to the King of Rochelle for a bit? 」

With this, the King of Galtz tries to conclude the case.

(Seraria)「Ara, slow down for a moment please. Like i said, this is an opportunity for us. Is it alright if we stay on topic for a while longer?」

(King Galtz)「Mu? There’s more?」

(Seraria)「Yes, that’s right. Everything up until now was intended as a lead-in. From now on, we would like to discuss the future. 」

(King Galtz)「The future?」

(Seraria)「Yes, you should understand how important this is, if you hear us out and seriously consider it. Then, what would you like to do? Would you like to take a break first? Because I think this will be a lengthy story. 」

I say that and look at the people from Galtz.
Perhaps they’ll have a series of surprises.
Though we have prepared, so they have eaten… But I think that it will be better if we take a short break in between anyways.

(King Galtz)「Fumu, it’s after a meal. I don’t mind continuing as is, but what about everyone else?」

(Teak or Sharl)「Is that okay Father? Shouldn’t we ask if we can officially hear their story?」

(Seraria)「It’s honestly best we keep this unofficial, for many reasons. For us, because we haven’t prepared enough to move full-scale in other countries yet, and because you need to take your time examining the feasibility. You will also need time to prepare various things on your side. 」

(Teak)「I can agree to that reasoning. Then I won’t stop you. 」

(Sharl)「There’s no problem on my end either. 」

(Lowell)「Well, I’d like to chat with Seraria’s party, while peacefully drinking some tea. Does anyone else want a cup while I’m at it?」

(Higil)「Nee-san. Watch your speech a bit more… She’s a Princess from the alliance, moreover she’s not the only one here. 」

Fumu, I’d like this to be a leisurely chat.
If any problems crop up, it would be nice to have some breathing room.

(King Galtz)「Everyone seems to be okay. Seraria-dono, can you carry on with the main topic?」

(Seraria)「Yes, I understand」

Well, I wonder how in-depth the explanations will end up being.
It’ll be troublesome for me if they ask too many questions though.
But since I’m officially in charge of the Dungeon and all its actions, it’d be inappropriate for my husband to join the fray.
Even if my husband has to explain things, there’s no other choice than to try to fake the explanation, somehow.
Originally we wanted to be able to reveal that my husband is the true Dungeon Master, but Rochelle reacted extremely confused and almost hostile when I dealt with them. Besides, my husband told me to be upfront1)told her to be boss lady.

(Seraria)「Okay, then straight to the point. I want to open trade between my territory and Galtz. 」

(King Galtz)「…… That’s normal. No, although it’s ordinary, it’s too pretentious2)suddenly asking us this with little to nothing in return for us, also your territory is new, isn’t it too fast, why are you asking this?」

(Seraria)「I agree, but time is of the essence. Do you understand the meaning behind “Ruling a Dungeon”?」

(King Galtz)「Doesn’t it mean that you have captured the Dungeon?」

(Seraria)「No, Herge succeeded in controlling the Dungeon and I inherited those rights. In other words, I can freely manufacture things with the Dungeon. For example, I can summon monsters. 」

(King Galtz)「… Isn’t that a huge achievement? But, isn’t there extreme danger?」

(Seraria)「Everybody here has confirmed the level of control I have already. 」

(King Galtz)「Really?」

Fufu, you won’t notice unless I tell you.
As one would expect of a doppelganger?

(Seraria)「Everyone who came to Galtz this time, including those whom you would recognize, Shera and Kirue, are controlling doppelganger monsters. In other words, we are all fakes. Well, it’s genuinely us controlling these fake bodies though. Remote controlled bodies if you will. 」


The people of Galtz are surprised once again. Their eyes are flashing from white to black.

(King Galtz)「… No matter how I look at you though, you’re definitely the real thing… 」

(Higil)「I heard that doppelgangers only imitate the figure of someone and if someone knows that person well, he would be able to perceive the monster’s true identity immediately….. 」

(Seraria)「Yes, that’s true. However, the reason a difference can be perceived is because the behaviour and level of the original can’t be copied. In other words, currently before you stands a monster with a human soul, since we are controlling the monster’s body, there’s no difference, besides strength from the original. It’s for our safety, since like this our bodies do not need to leave the Dungeon for dangerous trips. 」

(Higil))「….. I see, doppelganger bodies can be borrowed when a VIP needs to go somewhere?」

(Seraria)「After I received control of the Dungeon, I learned the true nature of the doppelgangers, so I thought to use them like this. 」

(Higil)「With doppelgangers, there’s no need to escort VIPs. It’s similar to a body double, but superior. This is wonderful. 」

Higil obediently praised the doppel.

(Seraria)「Do you understand now? Though we are monsters, we won’t harm you. If you still have doubts… Should I call a blood minotaur?」

(Higil)「Wa-wait!! If you call such a monster, it’d cause an uproar!! I believe you control the Dungeon!! 」

As Higil says this in a panic, the others nod.

(Seraria)「Thank you very much. But, this is only the beginning. 」

(Higil)「Th-that’s just the beginning….. 」

(Seraria)「Yes, like I said in the beginning, trade is our goal…. Well, I should show you our merchandise first, shouldn’t I? Do you mind Lutz?」

Lutz looks at me and nods.

(Seraria)「This is Lutz, commercial representative of the Dungeon. Also, allow me introduce Naruja, the blacksmith representative and the head of the fairy tribe. 」

(Higil)「Fai-fairy tribe? Where is this person?」

(Seraria)「Naruja, please. 」
(Naruja)「Yeah, yeah. I thought you might have forgotten about me.」

「「「Huh!! ?」」」

Galtz’s group must think that Naruja just suddenly appeared, but she’s been hiding herself with invisibility magic this whole time.
Of course, she’s been together with us inside the room the entire time.

(Naruja)「Hey, baka3)Chill: not explaining :3!! You made me use special magic for such a mundane thing!! 」

(Seraria)「Well, it’s a difficult exercise… but. 」

Naruja waves her hand and a number of fireballs appear.

(Naruja)「There’s not much problem as long as it’s me doing it. Oh, please rest assured. Because most can’t use it so nonchalantly4)french: without care, casually. 」

After declaring that she extinguishes the fireballs.

(Naruja)「Then, once again. I serve as the representative of the Dungeon’s blacksmiths. The elder of the fairy tribe, Naruja is my name. 」

(Higil)「Oh, ah. It certainly looks like the real thing….. 」

(Naruja)「Yes, this is the true me, body and all. That’s why I’ve been hiding until now. We hope this will help to prove that we don’t have any hostility. 」

Fufu. As planned, we could prove that we did come in person and that we mean no harm.
We can be confident in the fairy tribe in the event of an attack so there’s no real danger to her, and if we had truly meant harm by coming here, it’d go against the rules of the fairy tribe.

(Lutz)「…… Ano~. I was suddenly ignored because of Naruja…… I am the commercial representative of the Dungeon. My name is Lutz. I am also one of Yuki-san’s concubines. 」

(King Galtz)「Wow!! Yuki-dono also has a rabbit girl as his wife!!5)What happened to Shera? Isn’t she rabbitkin as well?

…… Why are you speaking so delightfully to my husband I wonder?
Speaking of which, Shera is also a rabbit girl.

(Yuki)「Ah, yes. She is a good wife. 」

(King Galtz)「Umu umu, Seraria-dono, Lulu-dono and Shera, I thought there was only these three, but there are other concubines as a side dish. You’re still inferior to me but it’s a point worthy of note. I want to deliver effective medicine for the night to you. You might even match up with me if you had at least 4 or 5 more…… 」

(Sharl)「… Otou-sama. That’s a little dirty. 」

(Teak)「…… Oh father. We are in the middle of an important conversation. Please restrain yourself. 」

That father had his brakes pulled by his daughter and son.
…… But should I get this medicine?
Because it seems interesting to make it more intense/extreme6)Dear Yuki, you have my condolences Chill: I can totally imagine her making a vicious face right now.

(Lutz)「Eto, First of all, I would like to introduce some of the many goods that we can trade, so we have brought some samples with us for this visit. This way for the demonstration please. 」

As Lutz says that, she picks out the items we selected from the item box and started explaining.
Naruja joined in with introducing the various weapons made by the fairies.

(King Galtz)「Ho ho. This is called whiskey. It’s strong but delicious!! 」

(Higil)「That’s right. However this sword that Naruja-dono brought me. Is it the same as Seraria-dono’s? It’s got a good edge and has enchantments. 」

(Lowell)「Seraria, you’re brilliant!! This armor is great!! It barely reduces flexibility in any way!! 」

(Sharl)「Ara, delicious. Was it Chou à la crème? 7)cream puff By all means, I would love it if you could raise this to the top of the priorities list regarding trading items. 」

(Higil)「Wait, what’s with this parchment8)it’s close to “normal paper”!? And this… pen, was it!? I can write without ink!? No, the ink must be inside this. But, how…… 」

Apparently, it seems that they have accepted the majority of the goods instantly.

(King Galtz)「Fumu, this isn’t a big deal……. There’s no real reason to refuse the trade. 」

(Sharl)「Otou-sama, you have to wait. We haven’t discussed anything regarding prices just yet. Seraria-sama’s party, what was it that you said you wanted to buy from our country?」

(Higil)「I agree. There’s also our current market to consider. Even though this is convenient, if it’s just dumped on the market en-masse, the market for other things would collapse. We need to be prudent. 」

(Teak)「… That’s right. According to how we all reacted, I too feel that kind of state would not be outside the realm of reason. From our side…. What we recommend is wheat. There are other things too, but I can’t think of anything else which can be easily traded right now. 」

(King Galtz)「That’s right. Do you want to purchase some wheat as the first successful trade?」

(Seraria)「Yes, with pleasure. It’s best this way, this trade isn’t only for profit. Since wheat is also a material for the chou à la crème that Sharl-likes, why don’t we teach you the recipe and develop a unique chou à la crème together?」

(Sharl)「…… That’s a splendid idea. I’ll get some parchment. 」

(Lutz)「In that case, please use this paper. 」

Lutz hands them a large quantity of paper.

(Teak)「 Eldest sister, please leave the writing to me!! I’ve not properly tested the ballpoint pen yet. 」

(Sharl)「Then, if you please. 」

After that, this meeting went ‘Ooh’ and ‘Ah’ for a while…..
The meeting is mainly between Lutz, Naruja, Teak, Sharl, Higil and myself.
Others inspected what we brought and played around a bit9)Chill: yes it’s on purpose :3.
… Seriously.

(Higil)「But, this is a trade product. If you lose these to thieves or disasters en-route, it would be tragic. 」

(Teak)「I agree. If these items prove themselves, thieves will surely set their sights on them. 」

(Lowell)「… We’d need to strengthen the security between Rochelle and Galtz to counter that… 」

(Teak)「But, that won’t completely prevent it….. 」

(Sharl)「…… Onii-sama. It can’t be helped, but we would first need to purchase them and prove the products first. 」

(Teak)「Well, you only have to be able to make up for some losses, simply increase the sales price….. 」

(Sharl)「That’s right. The value will go down10)The value from the point of view of the countries leadership; it’s referring to the value of being able to provide quality objects for low prices to the people and prices will unjustly go up, but that’s something we can’t do anything about. 」

The three people said so and as a result, have difficult faces.
Their pain is my gain though.

(Seraria)「There is a way we can solve that problem. There’s a way to transport goods safely, in large quantities, and enable you to sell things to the people at a low price. 」

(Sharl)「Is that the truth!! 」

(Seraria)「Yes, I will borrow the power of the Dungeon… Is that ok?」

(Teak)「…….. I see, using the Dungeon is a dangerous thing. However if that truly becomes possible, then it would be worth thoroughly testing things in the long run. Father, what do you think?」

(King Galtz)「I think that this should be very carefully pursued, however I think we should assume a state of wait-and-see for the time being. 」

(Teak)「I agree. For the time being, are you okay if we use these for a while. We would like to test these products and send a group to investigate the Dungeon to see if this method of yours is safe.」

(Seraria)「It doesn’t particularly matter. I think that it is a natural judgment as a person in charge of a country. However, the specifics of the method… 」

I say that and hold my breath. The people from Galtz look forward to my answer, as expected I guess.

(Seraria)「Can we make a Dungeon in the basement of Galtz? So that one may travel directly to our Dungeon using something like a teleportation device we call a gate. There’s already one gate open in Ritea. The adventurer guild already gave us their declaration of safety. 」

I say that, while forcing my best smile.

Afterword of the author
Seraria’s abilities and Naruja finally appear!!
Because she is a fairy, I had her hide until that point lol.


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1. told her to be boss lady
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4. french: without care, casually
5. What happened to Shera? Isn’t she rabbitkin as well?
6. Dear Yuki, you have my condolences Chill: I can totally imagine her making a vicious face right now
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9. Chill: yes it’s on purpose :3
10. The value from the point of view of the countries leadership; it’s referring to the value of being able to provide quality objects for low prices to the people

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