Chapter 112 – Conference

Chapter 112 – Conference
Preface of the Author
In chapter 108 there were a lot of comments regarding Yuki’s homeland.
Thank you for the many impressions.
A lot of them judged him “Guilty!”. Ahahaha.
Consider the following as a collective reply.
Thank you for your patronage.

Side : Ellis

Thankfully, the festival ended without incident.

To finish things off in style, and once again show ourselves off to the people, we also held our wedding ceremony then too. It really was something else. By the way, Yuki-san helped pick out our wedding dresses!
…Well, there were various other developments, but those are stories for another day.

And before long, everyday life in Weed returned to normal.

The issue now, is how to go about dealing with other countries.

During the festival, we successfully displayed both our city’s economic power as well as the ease and simplicity of our Gate technology.
There’s also the matter of Galtz, Ritea and Rochelle all scrambling desperately to maintain and strengthen their ties to us.

On a side note. During the wedding, there were quite a few aristocrats and nobles who went pale when they saw that we were actually this city’s Representatives and leaders….Well, there was this one, very persistent person though.

— — —

(Ellis)「Well then. Right this way please.」

Currently, I was showing the foreign VIPs and dignitaries who remained after the festival ended to the conference rooms we’d set up.
While sending a few of their attendants back to their respective nations as messengers, the rest stayed in Weed for negotiations, hoping to establish a relationship with us—closely observing each other1)Tensky: I’m reminded of a Japanese proverb, one sword keeps another in the sheath while they tried to stay one step ahead and gain the most favorable position possible for their own countries.

(Foreign VIP 1)「Ho, what a splendidly elegant conference room.」

Naturally, one VIP offered up their honest praises while entering.

In order to accommodate negotiations, we set aside 10 spacious conference rooms easily able to seat up to 20 people. Not only can the VIPs comfortably discuss things in a relaxed environment, the rooms had adequate soundproofing measures in place to ensure their privacy. Well, we can still easily listen in on everything they say though, of course.2)Anth: Sneaky Ellis, sneaky / Cre: standard practice I say

(Ellis)「Everyone, please have a seat and relax as we’ve prepared these rooms specifically for the negotiations. Now then…」

Once seated, I take the time to explain the room’s various amenities such as the paper, writing tools, water dispensers and the available refreshments. Meanwhile, a single maid remained on standby, ready to respond to any requests the VIPs might have.

(Ellis)「Lastly, each conference room comes complete with a restroom as well.」

(Foreign VIP 1)「…Restrooms, are included in every room!?」

(Foreign VIP 2)「Such inconceivable luxury!!」

It’s no surprise that they were so shocked.
Never mind toilets and restrooms–the VIPs were simply overwhelmed by Weed’s technology. It reminded me of how difficult it was for all of us to get used to it all and how everything worked in the beginning.

For example, Weed wasn’t prone to the same smell and stench that plagued other towns and villages as it was forbidden to relieve oneself outside of restrooms. Heavy penalty fees were attached for anyone caught breaking the law. We also had the residents cooperate by showing off and explaining how to use the restrooms and toilets to visitors.

Actually, the biggest problems were concentrated in the Adventurer District.
Millie was so furious with the accumulating filth that she actually put out a Quest to guard the restrooms and enforce the ordinance.3)Anth: Ahah Millie /Cre: Dood, Adventurers are so effin’ skeezy…

(Ellis)「Yes, everything has been prepared to ensure maximum comfort and allow the negotiations to progress smoothly without distraction. Additionally, the included restrooms are an extra measure to prevent spying on the other conference rooms with the excuse of needing to relieve yourselves.」

(Foreign VIP 3)「I understand. Since these negotiations involve many countries; these measures are in consideration of them as well as to prevent potential seeds of conflict, yes?」

(Ellis)「That is correct. Also, we advise you to station your own guards outside. Although we’ve taken many scenarios into account, and as an extra precautionary measure—It’s best to leave security to your own personnel.」

(Foreign VIP 1)「I see. I will select and leave security to my own guards then.」

And so began the finishing preparations by the VIPs.

(Ellis)「With this, I will be taking my leave now.」

(Foreign VIP 2)「Yes, thank you for your guidance, Representative Ellis.」

Having said my farewells, I left and rejoined Lutz, Millie, Tori and the rest.

(Millie)「How are things looking?」

(Lutz)「For now, no problems.」

(Tori)「All’s clear on my end.」

While talking, we returned to the Government building’s Central Hall located above the conference rooms.
The Central Hall was used as Weed’s meeting hall and was normally open to the public.

(Seraria)「Welcome back. Ellis, everyone, how are things progressing?」

While we were leisurely having tea and processing documents, Seraria entered while also asking about the situation before joining us.

(Seraria)「Ara. And here I was certain that someone would foolishly try to sweet talk Lutz or Millie.」

(Lutz)「They were too busy keeping an eye on each other. Well, if they had tried to do that with the other VIPs present, then they’d only end up humiliating themselves.」

(Ellis)「True enough.」

Just as Lutz said. These negotiations don’t just involve one country—many were gathered here and participating. Moreover, if you just wanted to meet with your own people, or with one or two others, then renting a room at the inn was enough, and you wouldn’t have even needed a large conference room then.

(Seraria)「Then, which countries are participating, and how are they distributed?」

(Ellis)「Since Galtz, Ritea and Rochelle are already our allies, they’ve opted to share one conference room. As for the others, it went more less as Yuki-san and Seraria expected.」

I answered, looking at my notes.
Not surprisingly, the various gathered countries tended to group with their nearby, neighboring states. They weren’t even trying to expand their connections.

(Seraria)「Fumu. Well, either way is fine. Your thoughts, my Dear?」

Seraria casually asked.

(Yuki)「It should be fine, and this way, they can concentrate on enriching themselves at their own pace. Besides, I don’t want to meddle unnecessarily if I don’t have to. The countries themselves should be the ones to deal with and keep each other in line. Anyway, would all of you like something to drink?」

Yuki-san said, before leisurely opening the refrigerator and asking.

(Seraria)「I’ll have coffee.」

(Lutz)「Onii-san, I want ice tea.」


Since Yuki-san didn’t have any issues in particular, we all took him up on his offer without reservation and chose our favorite drinks.

(Yuki)「Ellis, you wanted milk tea right?」

(Ellis)「Thank you very much. Really, we should be the ones taking care of you though. Sorry.」

(Yuki)「Don’t worry about it. Since I’m always leaving you all to deal with most of the work, just this much is fine. Besides, Kirue’s been helping out with this and that too.」

(Kirue)「Yes. Please be at ease Ellis-sama, as I am doing my utmost to support Master4)Danna-sama. Please, as his wives, continue to do your best for Weed.」

At first, Kirue only acted to serve as Shera’s maid but is now helping to take care of all of us. She really is an amazing person.5)Anth: With a knife ready to kill anyone anytime, she makes me think of a kuudere

(Lulu)「But, danna-sama. Do you really think that the negotiations will settle things?」

Lulu-sama—who was monitoring the different conference rooms—aked, visibly disgusted.
Curious, everyone turned their attention to the various meetings being displayed.

(Monitor A)
『Are you a fool!! We will be the first to connect a Gate with Weed!!』

『No!! The Gate will be set up in our country first !!』

(Monitor B)
『Listen, our supplies will be taking first priority.』

『Hah! That’s not a very funny joke. It’s us who’ll get first priority here.』

(Monitor C)
『You won’t get anywhere with prices like that! There’ll be no demand for them!』

『What are you talking about!? You’re the ones overcharging people!』

Rather than diplomatic negotiations, they just devolved into verbal fistfights.

(Yuki)「Things will settle down soon, don’t worry. Everyone’s acting like that now, but they’ll all reach an agreement sooner rather than later. After all, each nation wants to set a Gate as quickly as they can, so the ones who notice first and act on that desire will be the ones to take the lead and wrap things up.」

(Seraria)「Indeed, since we told them that the Gates will be set up once negotiations are concluded, some nations will have to compromise in order not to be left behind once they do end. That’s really all they can do.」

(Yuki)「Right. Since the Gates are directly related to their economies, they can’t afford to take too long—not with future negotiations in mind, so they should reach a compromise soon. If that’s not enough, then they’ll just handle things with under the table backroom deals and bribery.」

Seraria and Yuki-san exchanged only a single glance.
Still, that’s true. I personally dislike bribery, but I understand full well that such things are a reality among nations. However, the final say on how that’s handled solely rests with Seraria, as Queen.

(Seraria)「Rejected. Remove anyone foolish enough to attempt that. Remind them of why such behavior will not be tolerated, and if they resist or continue–then tell them that we’ll expose their crimes to the other nations.」

(Yuki?)「That’s rather extreme, Seraria.」

(Seraria)「Of course. I won’t tolerate such foolishness in Weed. This is a country of and for the people after all.」

Everyone nodded at Seraria’s words.

(Seraria)「We will be really busy from now on. Along with our ‘war’ against Rankus’ Hero, there are a great many other things to be done as well. Setting up Gates with as many countries as possible, uncovering the movements and habits of the Demon King’s Army6)Anth: Remember that Delille isn’t the only Demon King, there is another one really active and probably a foe, as well as understanding the situation in Rumel. Everyone, for the sake of our country, our people, and our husband—Please continue to lend me your strength.」7)Anth: Yes!


We really founded a nation, but this was only the beginning. It was just the first step in helping Yuki-san save the continent.
All we could do was harden our feelings and resolve as we continued to see this story through to its happy ending.

Yuki-san caught a glimpse of a certain document.

(Yuki)「A list of non-participating countries…. No matter what, I must confirm the intentions of these countries.」

…Yuki-san stared intently at the names of those countries.
Afterword of the author
Here is the report.
I haven’t decided yet, but I received an offer to make a book.
The publisher company laid an ambush.8)Anth: Lol
This isn’t decided or anything, but there’s a possibility. I thought about reporting to everyone who is reading.


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References   [ + ]

1. Tensky: I’m reminded of a Japanese proverb, one sword keeps another in the sheath
2. Anth: Sneaky Ellis, sneaky / Cre: standard practice I say
3. Anth: Ahah Millie /Cre: Dood, Adventurers are so effin’ skeezy…
4. Danna-sama
5. Anth: With a knife ready to kill anyone anytime, she makes me think of a kuudere
6. Anth: Remember that Delille isn’t the only Demon King, there is another one really active and probably a foe
7. Anth: Yes!
8. Anth: Lol

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