Chapter 94 – emergency meeting

Chapter 94 – emergency meeting

Side: Yuki

All in all, Seraria has done a good job guiding the conversation.
After that, I hope they will agree to making a Dungeon…..

(Teak)「Make a Dungeon? In the middle of Galtz!?」

(Seraria)「Yes, we set up a kind of transfer trap inside the Dungeon called a gate, and it will connect with our Dungeon. 」

(Higil)「… You said that Ritea already has one of your Dungeons. Could we have some more details about that?」

(Lulu)「Yes, Ritea and Seraria-sama’s Dungeon are already connected. A Dungeon was built under the cathedral of Ritea. 」

(Higil)「Under the cathedral!?」

(Lulu)「Well, at the time we needed to threaten them, that’s why it was constructed there. If at all possible, we would love to make one here too.」

Lulu is being cooperative.
However she outright told them it was by threatening them, so safety will become a bigger issue.
If they get cold feet and we push too hard, then they may end up hating us.

(Higil)「That’s…. You mentioned you have a declaration of safety from the Adventurer Guild. 」

(Rock)「Yes, there’s already an Adventurer Guild inside the Dungeon, the representatives are busily attracting Adventurers. To that end, they’ve created various smaller, original Dungeons inside the main Dungeon. We use them as our means of advertisement. The Grandmaster has already finished the inspection and rankings of those Dungeons. After that he granted his seal of approval. 」

(Higil)「The Gr-Grandmaster is involved now too?」

It looks like they will be satisfied by just mentioning the Grandmaster. Big names really are powerful in this era. Thanks, we’re in your care.

(Seraria)「We understand that this is a huge topic and that you can’t make a decision immediately. We intend to stay here for a while longer, and so we hope that you can decide before we have to leave. 」

Says Seraria, with a big smile.

(King Haltz)「Oh, is that so. I appreciate it. We will gladly take our time to consider things then. 」

(Seraria)「Of course. If you suddenly agreed to making a Dungeon under the Royal Capital, I’d be forced to question your leadership.」

Seraria stands up and drops a comment.

(Seraria)「Then, I apologize, but the rest of our story must be postponed until after we’ve made the Dungeon, so if you’ll excuse us. 」

(King Galtz)「…… There’s still more to share?」

(Seraria)「Yes, opening a Dungeon and commencing trade are mere milestones to us. If you want to hear the rest, it will have to be after we have made the Dungeon. Now then, we will be returning to our rooms. Since you may not want us to be listening in on your upcoming discussions. 」

Yare yare, despite only having experience in battles, she still has a head for these things1)Cre: Yuki, Seraria is a Princess AND was in charge of Rochelle’s military…Of course she has a head for these things….
After Seraria’s proposition, we all stand up from our chairs.

(Seraria)「Ah, please thoroughly discuss the matters regarding the new Dungeon with your ministers. I would like you to remain silent about the source of the reparations and the truth behind the Demon King’s machinations though. 」

(King Galtz)「…… Umu. I hereby consent. 」

The King of Galtz nods firmly.
Even if we hold a meeting with the Royal family and they agree to whatever we ask of them, they’d still have opposition inside their own country to convince before anything can easily be done. I think convincing the ministers will be difficult though……
It’s not like they actually have a choice though2)Uwah, Demon-King desu~ Face: Who made this comment?!??! LOL.

Side : King of Galtz.

After Seraria and her entourage had left, before discussing things with the ministers, we decided to hold an emergency meeting with everyone who knows the entire story.
To be frank, as Seraria had said, it’s truly the main topic.
The truths behind the dispute and the reparations.
Neither of those really concern Galtz, but this topic concerns Galtz’s future.
Indeed, that old geezer from Rochelle has grown a good successor.

But, why offer this to us on a silver platter?
I don’t understand their reasons.
What are their benefits in this?
It would be huge for Rochelle if they could monopolize even just the abilities they’ve told us about. And I’m sure there’s more.

(King Galtz)「We are now starting the emergency meeting regarding Seraria-dono’s proposal….. 」

(Teak)「If it goes the way they’ve told us, then I can’t see anything wrong with going along with them. Because she spoke as if they have a way to quickly set up and remove a Dungeon. 」

(King Galtz)「The problem is, we don’t have any clue about Seraria’s purpose. Something is clearly missing and it’s big. 」

(Sharl)「Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Simply put, why offer this to us at all? That’s the question. 」

Teak and Sharl seem to have the same general idea as me.

(Teak)「If she wanted money and power for herself, she wouldn’t submit the reparations to our country, and more than that, she would only move the Dungeon for her own purposes. 」

(King Galtz)「Indeed, if it was political power or just fortune she was after, then there would be absolutely no reason to share. Especially since it feels like, provided we play our cards right, we could get more out of their proposition than they themselves. 」

(Higil)「….. She needs urgent private funds right now… That can’t be it. 」

(Sharl)「There’s no end to it. Generally speaking if you export more than you import, then the purpose would be wealth. But then why share the wealth….」

(Teak)「I don’t know what she’s aiming for. This is bad. It feels like we’re dancing around in her palms, with the country Galtz as the prize I might add. 」

(Sharl)「I agree with onii-sama’s thoughts. Seraria-sama appears to be unshakably confident, I think it’d be dangerous to move without understanding why. 」

She’s right.
I wonder if Seraria is considering something that we cannot possibly predict……
That’s pretty scary….
I can smell something ridiculous coming from her…..

(Higil)「… Dungeon gates… Can they make them so arbitrarly? ….. Impossible… No, but…… That’s crazy. 」

Meanwhile Higil, who is arguably the most perceptive in our country, is frantically writing things down on the new paper.

(Teak)「Higil. What’s wrong? It’s fine if it’s trivial, or even wrong. If you’ve noticed anything please share it, if it’s an incorrect guess then it may allow another to find the truth.」

(Sharl)「Oh well. It’s Higil’s perception after all. Have you thought of something?」

Teak and Sharl also notice Higil’s odd behaviour. It’s not like him to ignore us in favor of organizing his thoughts like that after all.

(Higil)「Ahh, n-no. There’s still something that doesn’t quite fit….. But it’s too long-term…… 」

How unusual for him to hesitate.

(Lowell)「What are you saying. Speak up. We seriously have no clue. I am trying, but it’s not enough. That’s why I want you to tell me even your trivial thoughts. 」

(Higil)「Nee-san…… 」

Hearing Lowell’s words, Higil calmed himself a little.
Fumu, Lowell should be able to bloom as an officer in the future.
To be able calm Higil when he’s like this.

(Higil)「That’s right. So now I will tell you my thoughts. However, as it is only an inkling of an idea, I would like you to swallow it with a grain of salt3)don’t believe it blindly, but judge yourself. 」

Everyone nods at Higil’s words.
Higil confirms that and slowly opens his mouth.

(Higil)「I’ll start at the deep end, to answer what Seraria-dono is thinking. Most likely she is trying to create a world without war…. No, more accurately a world where war is much more restricted. This negotiation about the Dungeon is but a mere preparation to that end. 」

No one could react at those words.
Yeah, I’m lost.
War, no a world without war is pretty much impossible.
It’s like a nirvana which everyone would want.
Also, on countless occasions blood has ironically been shed in the name of peace.

(Teak)「….. Can you explain how you reached that thought?」


Higil looks at me and nods.
This isn’t something someone guesses based on mere intuition.
Higil must have noticed something to convince him of it.

(Higil)「I noticed when I was wondering about the unprofitable disclosure of information, the over-generous reparations they paid, the lack of reason behind revealing the Dungeon and the fact that they were even willing to share the Dungeon. 」

(King Galtz)「Umu, it’s the same for me. 」

(Higil)「But, that in and of itself is an answer. There is no benefit. The only possible answer is that it’s an investment into something that would otherwise be impossible. And after pondering over the results of opening a Dungeon, the only possible answer I could find was that. An investment for a world without war. 」

(King Galtz)「A world without war?」

(Higil)「Yes. The Gate inside the Dungeon. Seraria-dono said it is safe and that merchandise could be moved through it, to its destination in the shortest time possible. 」

(King Galtz)「That’s right. 」

(Higil)「This means the exchange of information between each participating country will also become easier. In other words, we can easily monitor each other. 」



At Higil’s words, everyone but Lowell reacted.

(Higil)「If each country acknowledges the reason for it. And if Seraria-dono who manages the Dungeon permits it, then instant movement of armies can also be achieved using the connection of the Dungeons. For example, to the Dungeon that is under the cathedral of Ritea. Hence the threat. 」

「「「!! ?」」」

(Higil)「This means that countries using the Dungeon to trade are driven to a state where they cannot go out of hand. No, rather as the number of allied countries increases, the other countries will increasingly become easier to invade and will also slowly suffer from isolation.」

(Teak)「You can instantly combine allied troops at an unprecedented speed and invade them from all sides with overwhelming numbers if you choose to. 」

(Higil)「Yes, in addition we can share the spoils of war of the country that got attacked. 」

(Teak)「If that’s true then….There wouldn’t be a reason to avoid a coalition. 」

(Higil)「There are various issues, but this is most likely the final objective of Seraria. Peace in this world. 」

(Teak)「…… A tremendous dream… Which isn’t one4)not a dream; it can be achieved. 」

(Higil)「Yes, this is realistic, feasible, and I can’t imagine a better way of reaching the same result without shedding blood. And with this, we’ve guessed the purpose behind their negotiations with Galtz. 」

(Teak)「Something like that? For the purpose of a world without conflict?」

(Higil)「It’s the ultimate goal. Negotiations with Galtz should be the last choke point. 」

(Teak)「Hoh, we’re a checkpoint?」

(Higil)「Yes, no matter how you look at it. That’s the purpose of Seraria-dono coming to Galtz. It is a commitment to support the independence of the Dungeon. 」

I finally understood after hearing that line.

(Teak)「Well, Seraria didn’t deny that she would be willing to turn her sword against her own country. 」

(Higil)「Yes, Seraria-dono has weighed the world’s stability as heavier than the stability of her own country Rochelle. She explained that the Dungeon under Ritea was a threat. Since Ritea wouldn’t allow that, it means that they can easily make a Dungeon underground, whether we allow them to or not. 」

(Teak)「…… Do you mean we should believe in Seraria-dono?」

(Higil)「Let’s be honest. If we don’t lend a hand to Seraria, our country will one day perish. Even without outside intervention, like I mentioned previously, death by isolation. In addition, I believe it’s a good cause and worth supporting. Besides, realistically speaking, we don’t have a choice. But, if we choose to support Seraria-dono….. 」

(Teak)「You can become one of the leading figures in stopping war?」

(Higil)「Yes. I don’t have the right to make a decision, but there’s really no disadvantage here. What Seraria-dono wants right now is comrades who will support her. Besides, Ritea has already agreed. As for Rochelle, they should be trying their damndest to stop the independence movement. However, if the independence is supported by great countries… If Galtz and Ritea announce to the world that they support it….. 」

(Teak)「Because Rochelle’s dignity is at stake, they wouldn’t be able to stop the independence?」

(Higil)「Though that may be true, don’t overlook the steps Rochelle takes to keep its advantage. They know that if they go about this poorly their image would take heavy damage. Therefore they must be taking appropriate measures as we speak. However, I don’t think Seraria would yield to such a thing. 」

…… Fumu.
Everyone gathered their eyes on me.

(Higil)「Father. This is my opinion. However, having put thought into it and I am confident that it isn’t a mistake. King, this is for you to decide. 」

Higil says and lowers his head.

(King Galtz)「Umu. Although I’m not sure yet, if this hypothesis proves to be the true, then I will support Seraria for the many people who wish for peace. I’ll persuade the ministers to allow them to make dungeons. Please lend me your assistance, everyone. 」


Then, I will have to confirm this with Seraria tomorrow.
And about who thought about that plan… It is perhaps this young man, Yuki.
Afterword of the author
I’m sorry, I’ve been thinking a lot and I’m late for the update!!


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References   [ + ]

1. Cre: Yuki, Seraria is a Princess AND was in charge of Rochelle’s military…Of course she has a head for these things…
2. Uwah, Demon-King desu~ Face: Who made this comment?!??! LOL
3. don’t believe it blindly, but judge yourself
4. not a dream; it can be achieved

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