Chapter 103 – Weed

Chapter 103 – Weed

Side: Seraria

『Now, beings who dwell in this Dungeon. The day has finally come. 』

A broadcast is currently flowing through the Dungeon.
It seems that a mad scientist and Yuki collaborated to reproduce loudspeakers using magic.
One of the self-proclaimed Big Four have recently been put to use as part of this. Usually, those huge breasts work in the field.1)Face: I just wanna say should we change breasts to udders since she’s in the field? Is she a cow? Livestock? That’d be kinky.

Do you want to squeeze those breasts?

Although it moved in a strange direction somewhat, the installation of Galtz’s Dungeon has ended without incident.
The merchandise has started to flow and the economy of the Dungeon has grown to an unprecedented level.
And it’s been about 3 months now since the last of the refugees from Ritea arrived.
Since returning to the Dungeon a month has already passed, and the refugees are getting used to things. The Dungeon has finally also saw its first born child.

Today our guests are the royalty of Galtz, leaders from Ritea … and the family faction of Rochelle. We succeeded in gathering these three countries here.
The meeting, no, the unpleasant chit-chat is over for me. It was a careful discussion regarding trade, in which I didn’t even participate.

『Today, due to Seraria’s actions as the lord of this Dungeon. No, even to this day, the Dungeon is chasing the image the deceased Herge-sama held for this Dungeon. Although I think that some people may be busy, please listen to this broadcast. 』

(King Galtz)「Wah, this ‘broadcasting’ is wonderful. 」

(Alshtail)「Seriously. I want it as soon as possible in Ritea.」

(King Galtz)「What? The King of Rochelle didn’t know about it?」

(King Roshuru)「No I didn’t. My daughter…」

(King Galtz)「What? You’re still hated?」

(King Roshuru)「….. Yes, I’m getting too old, what can I say? 」

(King Galtz)「Ooh, let me join the club!! Recently, Seraria has gotten even stricter with us too. 」

(Alshtail)「You’re the ones to blame. Since you have many daughters, you will be disliked if you act carelessly. 」

The King of Galtz is almost correct.
Alshtail will be spanked afterwards. 2)Face: Spankies for the bad girls~
Kuso oyaji3)Shitty father, I’ll ignore him.

The leaders of each country have such a leisurely chat as they check the documents in the Government Building, drink tea and relax while eating sweets.

(Aria)「What do you think?」

(Sharl)「It’s too hard like this, Aria-sama.」

(Aria)「But, I’m waiting for it. 」

(Teak)「I’m in the same boat. 」

Aria ane-sama, Prince Teak and Princess Sharl of Galtz are getting along peacefully.

「Then, about the aforementioned sum…」

「Can you manage a little bit more?」

「Yes, this way we can also concede with this. 」

Ah, this is a battlefield.
Both of them are successors, I wonder, will I ever get used to this?

(Lutz)『To ensure it’s done properly, this broadcast will be held jointly by myself and Ellis, Representatives of the Government Accounting Office. 』

At first we were planning to get the newcomers to do it, but this technology was too advanced for them, so it didn’t feel like they were addressing the Dungeon, but each other. Hence, until the newcomers get more used to it, we arranged for someone from amongst us to do it.
And these two were chosen.
Yes, I think they are perfect for this.

The two of them are talking while reading a script inside the broadcasting room right now.
My husband is supporting them from the side.
……Although I’m dissatisfied, if I was told to do the broadcast, it would end up a mess. I’ll do my best to endure it for now.

(Ellis)『Then, today we have decided to change the name of this Dungeon’s city. 』

(Lutz)『There are currently 12,423 people living in this Dungeon. We have received everyone’s votes. A total of 11,863 votes were tallied. First of all, I am grateful that you came to vote despite your busy schedules. 』

(Ellis)『This was the first time we held a vote, so things might have been a bit tense, but the chances to vote will continue to increases from now on. For example right now I am serving as the Commercial Representative, but my term will be over in a year and you will choose another representative from amongst yourselves. 』

(Lutz)『Of course, I think that it would be confusing to leave everything to you so suddenly, so we will do ensure proper support, but this is how we will manage the authority figures in this city. This is the political system Herge-sama sought. By the people, for the people. 』

By the way, Herge is still here in disguise, but she is writhing in agony because of being used as an example.
There’s no choice though, it is what she wanted, but this way she will receive all the honors and fame that Yuki should have received.
Moreover, she’s receiving it in a post-mortem state4)she has been “assassinated” and is publicly declared as “dead”.
She has no choice but to accept it.

(Lutz)『Now then, the votes!! A certain person is coming. 』

(Ellis)『Yes. Everyone knows about it already, but the leaders from Galtz, Ritea and Rochelle are present. Holy Woman-sama is also here in this Dungeon. 』

The Grandmaster is also here, but he chose to be very relaxed and not stand on display.

(Ellis)『From these three sides, we will announce the new name, along with a certain declaration. Please listen carefully. 』

My husband approaches the 3 leaders.
Yeah, as expected.
The big shots aren’t related to each other.
No, the biggest tie between them is still my husband.

After the standard greetings and introductions finish.

(Lutz)『Now, finally. The announcement!!』

The paper with the results is handed to my kuso oyaji.

(King Rochelle)『Then, I will announce the results. With a total of 8,301 votes『Weed』 is the new name of this city!!』5)Cre: The…hell!? Weed? …WEED!? Chill: well it comes from something like Grassroots; It means up and coming, growing, greenhorn … it’s supposed to have that kind of feel; Comment guys if you have a better idea

When it’s announced, the surroundings start rumbling.
No, they are cheering.
However, the next one is still the real thing.

(King Rochelle)『And to celebrate the birth of Weed…… I declare Weed as an independent nation!!』

(Alshtail)『I, the Holy Woman of Ritea. Alshtail, support the declaration of King Rochelle!!』

(King Galtz)『I, Locksten, the King of Galtz also present my support!!』

After the declaration, everyone becomes quiet. What does it mean? They are confused.
Now, my husband prepared lines to help improve everyone’s image, Kuso Oyaji, so be sure to read them well.

(King Rochelle)『Everyone!! To make Herge’s wish come true… No!! The sight of you all standing on your own pleases my eyes!! People in this city have already left my palm. Everyone, by yourselves, make this city a great place, your own paradise!! Seraria, I leave this grand undertaking to you!!』

(Ellis)『The provisional Queen of this country is Seraria. However, as you all know this throne is something that can exist only because of the people. From now on more than ever, everyone lean on each other, help each other, protect each other and propel each other to greater heights!! Towards a better future!! 』

「「「UooOOoOoOO….. 」」」

The Dungeon shakes from the cheering.

(Ellis)『Now, this is wonderful. This Dungeon… Weed has become an independent state. 』

(Lutz)『It’s time to celebrate!! Ah, but don’t quarrel, that’s not good, okay? Also, it’s a good time for merchants to make profit!! So please set up a lot of stands and spread the festive spirit!!』

(Lutz & Ellis)『『This is a festival!!』』

The broadcast ends and we can hear some BGM.

(Yuki)「Ussh, everyone’s tired. 」

Yuki looks very happy.
I’m satisfied just by seeing you happy my Dear.

Then, should I also stroll around and have a look at some stalls?
Afterword of the author
I skipped the story a little.
Well, because it’s a small story maybe it will be a Trap at a later date.
Then, the city name is 「Weed」And the meaning is「雑草」.
After this, which fool will come on stage in Weed?


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References   [ + ]

1. Face: I just wanna say should we change breasts to udders since she’s in the field? Is she a cow? Livestock? That’d be kinky.
2. Face: Spankies for the bad girls~
3. Shitty father
4. she has been “assassinated” and is publicly declared as “dead”
5. Cre: The…hell!? Weed? …WEED!? Chill: well it comes from something like Grassroots; It means up and coming, growing, greenhorn … it’s supposed to have that kind of feel; Comment guys if you have a better idea

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  1. Well this skip came out of nowhere after using so many chapters going into soo much detail.

    It’s a bit odd if you ask me. There should have been a glue chap between the two in my opinion.

  2. “(King Galtz)「Ooh, let me join the club!! Recently, Seraria* has gotten even stricter with us too. 」”
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  3. Dear, translator-sama
    I humbly sugest the name “Cannabis”
    Instead of weed. Because weed feels so weird and cannabis is much more badass.
    Btw, they mean the same, Cannabis is the scientific name of weed.

  4. Face: I just wanna say should we change breasts to udders since she’s in the field? Is she a cow? Livestock? That’d be kinky.

    Before Yuki got a female demon general isnt she about who she is talking abaout?

  5. Well Weed…. People immediately think of [that] but…. It’s kinda poetic.

    The dungeon already rooted itself inside the center of the 3 big nations, and it’s NEVER going to go away.
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  6. Hmm since the word weed is probably about “growing” plants then how about seedling, little root, neophyte, tenderfoot, softwood, or maybe greenhorn?

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