Chapter 121 – Broken girl

Chapter 121 – Broken girl

Side : Leia, the hero of the love who hasn’t awakened.

(Asu)「Haa, haa. Okay, I’ll take you guys to meet your new lord. Please try to not be rude. 」

(One girl)「Yes. Ehh Asu-san called us「you guys」1)Chill: methinks some Japanese thing, Anth: he said “kimi tachi” and kimi is a rude way to say you. Thought “you guys” would be enough as a translation in English, but maybe I am wrong.. 」

(Asu)「Oops, sorry. But feel at ease, I strongly believe he would never treat you badly in any way. 」

Before me now is Asu-san, a slave merchant who helped me. He has come to take me and three other people to meet our goshujin-sama.
Does this make me fortunate?
Although I fell into slavery, Asu-san gave me the necessary food and clothes and I have never received the terrible treatment this slaving world generally has to offer.
I was also not trained to become a sex slave by Asu-san.
Whilst a woman can resist, a slave can’t. He knew the moment he saw me in my village that I was victim of sexual desires.
That’s why, I can be considered to be lucky since Asu-san has firmly checked and thought about the people he sells to.

(One girl)「Asu-san. Thank you for everything until now. I will never forget this. 」

When one expresses thanks on behalf of all of us, we all lower our heads.
I am a bit late, but I also lower my head.
Then, maybe he was watching me, Asu-san comes and talks to me.

(Asu)「……. Leia-chan. As for you it hasn’t been long since you joined me, but to me you are more than a companion. That’s why, I hope you do your best. You have lived through the atrocities that assaulted your village and yet, against all odds, you’re alive. Surely, everyone form the village would want you to live happily, so you have to live. I truly wish from the bottom of my heart, that you’ll be able to laugh again someday. 」

(Leia)「…… Yes. 」

(Asu)「I don’t know what will happen, but I’m certain you won’t be permanently separated from the other three, it is a situation that cannot occur. So rely on your seniors. I’m asking you all too. 」

(One girl)「Yes, it’s fine. You can entrust Leia to us. 」

These people are nice.
They carefully speak to me who can only answer like this.
My body doesn’t react properly and my mind just goes with the flow.

My village was a quiet place on the border between Galtz and Rochelle.
It’s was not rich, but we had no problems in regards to food.
All the villagers were living to help one another.
Asu-san was also coming as a peddler, we had opportunities to touch clothes and unusual things from other countries.
As for me, I never questioned whether or not this life would last.

But, everything ended so suddenly.

A war between Galtz and Rochelle broke out.
The Demon Kings plot.
That is the cause of the conflict.
But all of that is none of my business.
For me only the result remained.
The village is gone.

That’s the only truth left for me.

I don’t know which sides soldiers it was.
But our village was looted.
Since there were few, we tried resisting the inevitable, but it was meaningless.
Everyone in the village was caught, toyed with and killed.
The children and the women became playthings and were covered followed by murdered.
I was supposed to be one of them.
Mother, father and sister. All were killed right in front of my eyes. I was stunned and could no longer react to the man who tore at my clothes.

However, before I had even noticed, the room was reduced to tatters. It looks like something raged through and reduced the bodies of my father, mother and sister into horrible shapes on the walls and windows.
Of course, all the soldiers were scattered around too.

After that, Asu-san the peddler visited, he was surprised at the state of the village and looked for survivors. He found me, the only one remaining.

(Leia)「I’m so-rry. 」

I can’t react to anyone’s kindness anymore.
Everyone should be equally pained.

(Asu)「It’s all right. I understand. 」
(Asu)「Ah, such a horrible thing happened. You don’t have to worry about anything. Come. Join me and let’s depart from this place. 」

I don’t hold a grudge against him for being enslaved.
Because he does not see me as a thing to be ordered around, but more like a proper party member.
Realistically I’m just another mouth to feed and contributing next to nothing, so I understand his reason for selling me.
I only have words of thanks for Asu-san.
But, I can’t display that.

I cannot reply to anything so we started moving towards a strange building that is inside the strange Dungeon.
This is a very marvelous place, the eyes directed towards us, slaves, is merciful. Different from the gazes I’m used to receiving.
They’re looking at us as if we are equals.

Even so, there are a lot of things that I have never heard of or seen before, such as the toilets.
It seems we will be handed over to the representatives of such a city.
I’m not able to react. I’m not able to speak much. So I’m very worried about whether or not I’ll jeopardize the other three.

(Asu)「You have my gratitude for this time. Please do not hesitate to make use of them. 」

Saying that, Asu-san shows us to a man.

(Yuki)「Haa, thank you very much. 」

There stands an ordinary man with black hair.
No, the lines of his body are rather thin.
Though it isn’t good to judge by appearance, but someone who has raised his level, must fight against monsters.
His body doesn’t have that kind of aura at all.
Therefore, regarding our previous discussion.
Something is bothering me.
Somehow, I don’t see the representatives who made such a great town.

!! That look he gives me feels like it sees my soul!!

「Gehoh, gehoh, tea entered my trachea. 」

No, was it just my imagination?
Just for a second it felt sharper than anything I have ever experienced
He just choked on some of the tea has was drinking.

But, appearing quite important, suddenly, three beautiful women charge in from the door surrounding themselves around the man to protect him. They’re staring at Asu-san.
He just choked a little though.

(Yuki)「It’s a misunderstanding. I just failed to drink my tea. I’m sorry. My wives are causing troubles. 」

And he tells his women.
Eh, wives!?
Such beauties2)Bijin here?
I wonder which ones among those people is the man’s spouse?

After that, the negotiations with Asu-san quickly finished and he left.
We remained here.

(Yuki)「First of all. Everybody sit down on the sofa. 」

(One girl)「N-no!? That’s something terrible!?」

Even if you say something like that so easily, it’s troubling.
You and your representatives are allowing us to sit where Asu-san was for talking about the negotiations.
Indeed, I too shook my head with the three other people.
The three girls who entered earlier advanced to the front and said with a smile to relieve us.

(Ellis)「It’s okay. While it may be true that you are slaves, we won’t oppress you. We will treat every single of you as a person. 」

(Kaya)「…… That’s why don’t worry. 」

(Millie)「There’s is no whip which can be wielded against slaves here. We only scold a little when necessary. 」

Perhaps, it would be safer to follow what the people serving as guards say.
We sit on the sofa directed by the words, fearfully.
It’s a great sofa.
Its softness and comfort are something I have never sat on before.

「Well, the number of people have increased, so I will prepare for tea. Well, ■■■. These children seem to have the arithmetic skill according to the Asu-san. I think that a direct training will bear immediate results compared to sending them to the basics training center. Let’s hear their stories for the time being. 」

「I see. If you can already do arithmetic, you may as well skip the training center. Besides a little Weed Introduction they wouldn’t miss anything. 」

One of the representatives bothers to bring tea, but I was bothered by something besides that.

Ever since I left the village, I haven’t been able to hear people’s names.

Yes, I haven’t been able to hear people’s names since that day.
I wonder what broke inside me.

(Ellis)「Then, welcome to Weed. I am acting as the representatives of the Entertainment District, ■■■ . May I hear everyone’s story a little?」

Yes, that’s why I can’t respond much.
With my heart and body broken and ears that can’t hear.

Before another representative asks a question, I managed to answer somehow.

I wonder if I should be alive.

This question, I have asked myself it so many times.

The man representative delivers tea and gently explains the situation to us.
And, I wonder if they were trying to lift the atmosphere or something, but the three representatives drinking tea spew tea just like the man earlier.

Then things wrapped up for the day, after having chatted lightly, it was decided that we would meet again tomorrow after having stayed at the inn.

(One girl)「Ano, representative ■■■. I have something I’d like to ask. 」

(Ellis)「Yes, what is it??」

Whilst we are headed to the place called a Inn.

(One girl)「Etto,、Representative ■■■, he is our master but, I wonder what he means when he said “wives”?」


Looking surprised at the question, the woman representative’s eyes are rounded.

(One girl)「So-sorry!? My bad manners made you hear something rude!?」

(Ellis)「No no, don’t worry. When you think about husband and wife, it’s normally between two people right?」

(One girl)「Eh? That means….. 」

(Ellis)「Yes, all of the three people you met, including me, are all his wives. But all the representatives are ■■-san’s wives. 」

(One girl)「Eehhhh!? Ah, sorry. It’s not in a bad meaning….. 」

(Ellis)「No problem. What do you girls think about ■■-san?」

(One girl)「Uh……」

(Ellis)「Don’t mind me please, you can speak freely. I won’t punish you. 」

She said that and we answer what we think about the man.
He is seen only as a normal person.
Isn’t he a bit weak?
Are there any rulers who bring tea to others?
He’s a strange person.

Even though she heard the criticism of her husband, the woman representative answered us with a smile.

(Ellis)「He is a good man. Whilst there is conflict everyday, he treats everyone with kindness. 」

Is what she said and we agreed since we had felt kindness.
Then, how much love does she have for the man to see him in this kind of way?

If the people called heros are hope and happiness, then that man would definitely be her Hero. What does it take to make someone accept you as their Hero?

I lose the track of my surroundings, I still can’t reply even when I’m hurried, I’m different from others.
That’s what I think.
I wonder if I can live whilst being such baggage here?

(Leia)「What are you saying? Two characters? Three? Maybe even a single letter. 」

That evening I looked at the moon and superimposed with him without permission.
I was thinking of his name.
Afterword of the author
This child is the most damaged mentally because of her past.
She can’t even get angry or cry like Millie.

As for Asu-san, she knew him from before the village disappeared so she already heard his name.
In other words, all the information regarding names she received after being saved are lost.

Also, the update is getting on.
Don’t worry.
23 went by, it’s too much.


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References   [ + ]

1. Chill: methinks some Japanese thing, Anth: he said “kimi tachi” and kimi is a rude way to say you. Thought “you guys” would be enough as a translation in English, but maybe I am wrong.
2. Bijin

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  1. I totally get her. I have a point in my past that I could not hear names aswell. I did not go through an event like she did, just something similar. I’m not completely over it and that was over 20 years ago. Names fall off of my ears every now and then. It really hurts when you forget your families names. Father, uncles, aunts, sister, ETC. ever since then my social skills took a hit and have never recovered. I can still talk with things like chat. I just need lots of time before my words get out. I’m looking forward to the Authors way of handling Leia now.

  2. This chapter fricking hurt….

    Leia needs to be loved and heal….!!!!!!!

    In a way, it’s good, VERY GOOD, that they made her Yuki’s attendant with the goal of marriage in mind.

    She’s no different, if not in some ways worse, than the Labiris and the rest when they first came.

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