Chapter 120 – School work

Chapter 120 – School work

Side: Yuki

For the time being, I reached school.
Yosh, the minus points from before can’t be helped.
It’s something hopeless that I can’t avoid.
First, let’s concentrate on work.
With this, if she’s looking at me earnestly when I work, maybe her overall rating of me will improve.

(?)「Ara, Yuki-sensei. Good morning. You’re late today. 」

(Yuki)「Greetings, good morning. From today we have a new recruit. It’s this girl. 」

(Leia)「Hello, I’m called Leia. 」

(Mimia)「Yes, please treat me well Leia-san. I am Mimia1)ミミア and I’m also a teacher at this school.

The greeting was smooth.
Well, I think that I would be hopeless if I tripped here.

(Mimia)「Yuki-sensei you say she’s a new recruit. Not only in school, is she going to do various other works?」

(Yuki)「Ah, that’s right. Eventually, it’s how I feel. Rather, my wives say that I am too busy so I don’t want them to worry. 」

(Mimia)「They’re right. When I think about all the work Yuki-sensei is doing, even if you’re very effective, it’s impossible to do all of it alone. 」

(Yuki)「This I already understand. That’s why I asked Mimia and the other senseis to join this school and attend classes.」

(Mimia)「Because this is a school. The rest is almost exclusively from the abilities of Yuki-sensei isn’t it? To be honest, please don’t push yourself because the students are worried you would fall down from stress. 」

(Yuki)「I’ll keep that in mind. 」

I am already planning to organize a schedule so that I will not collapse from overwork, but in the end, there’s always some circumstances to make me busy.

(Mimia)「And, like this Yuki-sensei always gives the impression of doing the impossible. We can only support Yuki-sensei at school, but Leia-san seems to be attached as Yuki-sensei’s attendant from now on, so please take care of him. He is the pillar of Weed. 」

(Leia)「Y-yes. 」

Oh, with Mimia-senseis surging waves, this is the first time I’ve seen her afraid.

(Yuki)「Mimia-sensei, I will make her attend the class I’m teaching for the day. Because she just joined today, I won’t be able to go back and forth to the Commercial or Military District by myself. Can you please take cake of Leia when I’m not here?」

(Mimia)「Yes, it’s okay. But it’s the first day? She still hasn’t even ended the 2 days training camp?」

(Yuki)「Oh, she came with the slave merchant. and she already studied since long ago. She only came yesterday but she is a competent child with skills such as arithmetic and speech. I talked with the representatives and decided that it is better if we train her ourselves instead of letting her at the training school. 」

(Mimia)「I see. She already knows arithmetics. Then it’s agreeable and she might already be able to do her work like the representatives. 」

(Yuki)「However, since she didn’t undergo the training school, she may be ignorant dealing with the common sense of Weed. So please take that in consideration. 」

(Mimia)「Yes, I understand」

After that, I went to notify the other teachers of what I just told Mimia-sensei.
The school doesn’t have a name, but there is already so many students.
About 200 people after the second half. We’re not far from 300 people now.
Moreover, it’s still only an elementary school of grade 4 and 5.

Then, I give the paper to Leia. On it is summarized the content of the different lessons and have her confirm it.
The contents are as follow.

Weed class.
The origin of Weed.
The law.
Explanation of the Dungeon Core.

Arithmetic class.
Area calculation.

Language classes.
Teaching characters.
How to read a book.
How to read the contract-related wording.

Magic class.
Explanation of Magic.
Fundamentals of Magic.
Checking for proper attributes.
Learning beginner Magic.

Adventurer class.
Physical lessons.
Weapon handling.
Knowledge of monsters.
Appreciation of traps2)using them, not finding them in Dungeons.
Description of the Guild.
Description about camping.

History class.
History of each country.
Location of each village and towns.

Science class.
Teaching basic things.
About electricity.
About elements such as oxygen.

The majority of the senseis are also working as guardians inside the dormitories and are taking care of the students.
Most of the children are orphans.

(Yuki)「If you can study that much, nothing will be a problem for you in the future. 」

(Leia)「Th-that’s right. 」

You are surprised at the content, aren’t you?

(Yuki)「Leia-san, it’s alright. You can teach slowly and they will diligently learn. 」

(Leia)「What do you mean?」

(Yuki)「Mostly everyone don’t even know how to read or how to calculate. That’s why we’re teaching them. 」

(Mimia)「Yes, this place opened thanks to Yuki-sensei’s idea. Owing to him, people who can read letters increased in the past 3 months and they can also easily do simple calculation. 」

(Leia)「W-wow. 」

(Yuki)「Is that so?」

(Mimia)「Because Yuki-sensei’s way of thinking is so strange, he may be hard to follow. But since it will be beneficial to Leia-san, please do your best. Ah, giving up is not permitted, okay?」

(Leia)「Yes, I understand」

To be honest, her sensitivity towards Mimia-sensei is higher than the one she has towards mine right? 3)Chill: Yuri?
But, now let’s get back to work.
Mimia-sensei has better not meddle with me when I’m doing my best.
Well, it’s good even if I don’t rush. Let’s make the dunfation with Leia first.
That’s right. I was pressed from the back by Seraria and Ellis but there’s no way she will become my girlfriend in one day.
I ought to go slowly.

(Yuki)「Well then, the empty desk is…… 」

(Mimia)「If so, should we have her be next to Yuki-sensei?」

(Yuki)「Maybe. The place isn’t full, and I won’t force you….. 」

When I thought of refusing, Raija called out to me.

(Raija)「I don’t mind exchanging with you. 」

Yes, Raija and Curse are in charge of Magic classes.
Mauve is in charge of the rookies from the Adventurer Guild.
Now speaking at my side secretly.

(Rajia)「I heard about the hero part. It’s for the people of Weed. Do your best. As for my cooperation, it’s regrettable. 」

(Yuki)「Do you want to change with me?」

(Rajia)「No. 」

He passes by my side and speaks to Leia.

(Raija)「I’m Raija who is in charge of the Adventurer Class at this school. I’m also an active adventurer. If you have any question related to adventurers, please ask me. We’re working at the same place, let’s do our best. 」

(Leia)「Yes, thank you. 」

He casually picks up an object on the desk and moves it to a vacant seat.
Damn, you want to pierce a hole in my stomach?
When I showed how to use the desk to Leia and what she needs for the class, the chime sounds.

「So, this sound mark the beginning of class. Don’t be late even if a little. Follow me, you don’t have to bring anything with you today. 」

That’s how I go to my classroom.
Since recently there was the festival and the meetings, it’s been a few days since I last went to school, I need to go and firmly relieve everyone.
Still, since Leia is here I can’t neglect the children.
They are the children who will mark the future of Weed.

(Yuki)「Ohayo~! Is everyone doing fine?」

「「「Good morning!!」」」


Oh, don’t break in the morning.
Children are better than this.
Leia seems surprised.

(Yuki)「I will introduce a new teacher today. 」

「「「Wah wah!!」」」

(Yuki)「She is Leia-sensei and she’s going to teach arithmetics. Now you can greet each others. 」

「「「Looking forward to work with you. 」」」

(Leia)「Yes, pl-please treat me well!!」

Umu, the children’s momentum is pushing her.
It’s hard to be unanswering, but children have that kind of power.
Regardless of the love matter, I think the heart of Leia should be relieved a little.

(Yuki)「Leia-sensei. These children are the first class of third year students. This class is the most advanced among the children. They are the children with the most knowledge. 」

(Vilia)「Yuki onii-sama. No, Yuki-sensei. I don’t know for how long this class exist but I have been here since the beginning. I’m this class’s chairman, Vilia. Best regards Leia-sensei. 」

(Leia)「Etto, yes. Looking forward to help you. 」

Vilia is mature for her age. That’s why if anyone is having problem with Leia, she will answer them.
Alsin and the others are also here.
Thinking that way, I’m looking towards Aslin’s group.
They nod after they understand me.

(Yuki)「Come now, since it’s Leia-sensei’s first time. Please listen to my lesson with the students for reference. 」

(Leia)「Oh, okay」

(Aslin)「Leia-sensei, the place here is available ~. 」

Alsin waves her hand and points to the desk beside her.
Yes, nice Aslin.
Let’s pat you a lot today at home.

(Yuki)「Today’s class is arithmetic. Since I want to look if you’re studying properly, I will go over the basics. 」

「「「Ye-yes. 」」」

Everyone nodded cheerfully. Since I did addition and subtraction on purpose, It’s a secret but everyone got angry a little bit.
Because of that, the children were laughing and Leia too did laugh.
Yes, there is no need to be hasty.

Look. It’s okay because I don’t want to die from an explosion.

Afterword of the author
Actually, I didn’t disclose the learning level of the school. So I introduced it according to Leia’s work explanation.
This is a top class learning system in this continent.


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1. ミミア
2. using them, not finding them in Dungeons
3. Chill: Yuri?

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