Chapter 119 – Give me alternatives

Chapter 119 – Give me alternatives

Side: Yuki

I am suffering more than ever.
If someone wants to exchange places with me, please exchange.
I have never wooed a woman before, the difficulty is too hard for me. No, it’s nightmare difficulty.

Thinking about that, I get out of the futon, carry the 3 girls, wash my face and brush my teeth in the washroom.

(Yuki)「Hey, I’ll wash your face. 」

(Philia)「Uniyu. Yes, nii-sama~」

I’m holding Philia and I wash her face.
After that, she gives me a cup with the toothbrush to brush her teeth.
Next will be the same for Aslin and Labiris.

(Yuki)「…… No matter how you look, I’m just average. 」

Staring in the mirror, I am looking at my face. What is displayed is the face of an ordinary man.
It’s clear that I’m not an ikemen1)handsome.
That’s not something I regretted so far.
But to think I am now in so much trouble because I’m not someone handsome!?


Labiris is asking for a hug.
How how, being negative made me successful.
Shaking off the idea, I embrace Labiris and head out of the washroom.
Labiris kisses me without notice.

(Labiris)「It’s going to be fine. No matter where I look, you’re the best man. 」

(Yuki)「It tasted like toothpaste….. 」

(Labiris)「It’s good occasionally isn’t it?」

And then Labiris kisses me again.
After that Aslin and Philia got excited watching the kiss, eventually they both received their morning kiss.
I didn’t dislike it.
Rather I like it.

It’s a short rest and breakfast.
We talked about the outline of today’s actions and lightly about how everyone is going to act.
Even if we can call anytime, it’s still a nuisance when the call is during a meeting.

(Yuki)「Then, everyone do your best today. 」


That’s how I tried to conclude.

(Ellis)「Please wait. Yuki-san, today I want to entrust you with a new face. 」

(Seraria)「Yes, Yuki said he wanted a follower like Kur. 」

Ellis’s voice stopped me and Seraria’s continued with expectation.

(Yuki)「Wait, aren’t you being too hasty? This is after all love that we’re talking about….. 」

(Ellis)「Yesterday, four young men went to greet Leia. This I confirmed at the dining room in the inn. 」


Isn’t this too early even if she’s a beautiful girl?
Just tell me this isn’t a manga world.

(Ellis)「Don’t you understand? Though they may not speak to her today, if she’s called out everyday, there’s one day she won’t be able to say no anymore. 」

(Lutz)「Onii-san, do you know?」


(Lutz)「After the success of our wedding ceremony that onii-san filled with love, the church receives successive applications for wedding ceremonies. 」

What is that!?
Marriage boom!?

(Tori)「You didn’t know? Even at the training center, there are a lot of couples who are doing their best to hold a ceremony. 」
(Riel)「Yes yes. Many people are seriously working harder than before. Whether they were inspired by seeing that wedding, both men and women are aggressive. 」

Tori and Riel also look this way unexpectedly.

I want to beat myself!!
To squeeze my neck, let’s apply for suicide!?

(Ellis)「What are you panicking for. The wedding was to promote these things. 」

(Lulu)「Certainly danna-sama you said this. If people want to be like us at this wedding ceremony, you must work hard and do many things. Love is great!!」

Feeling that I got surprised at what Seraria said, Lulu remembers the time of our wedding and strangely exaggerates it.
No, I was expecting this situation.
But I didn’t think it was going to happen in any case!?

(Ellis)「Anyway, that’s it. Please come with us. Four people. Three of them will be taken by Lutz, Millie and me. Therefore, even if Yuki-san stays with Leia, it won’t be suspicious. 」

Kuuh, what a perfect job Ellis!!
I am so happy as a husband. Damn it.

According to the idea from yesterday, we are going to meet the four people who are waiting at the front desk of the Inn.

(Ellis)「Good morning. Did you sleep well yesterday?」

(?)「Yes, Ellis-san. 」

(?)「It’s amazing. It was my first time sleeping in a futon, it was all soft and fluffy, I slept well. 」

(?)「The meals were as delicious as Yuki-san said they would. 」

(Leia)「…… Yes. 」

Only one person has a low spirit!?
Terribly low!!
Besides, by all the odds, she’s the hero?
She is Leia-chan!?

Give me an alternative, game-like easier settings so that I can understand them!!

(Ellis)「Everyone looks fine. In that case, would you mind joining with us? If it’s okay we can teach you our work for today. 」

(?)「Not at all, let me come please!!」

(?)「That’s good for me too!!」

(?)「Please let me do it. I’m able to remember. 」

(Leia)「….. It’s okay. 」

(Ellis)「Then…… With me, ….. With Millie, …… With Lutz, please. Then, Yuki-san please take care of Leia. 」

(Yuki)「Yes, I understand. 」

According to the schedule, the three left the inn with one of the children.
Somehow, they achieved good sensitivity.
Hm, this inn is for adventurers.
Because this one had vacant rooms, is it why it was selected despite being expensive?
In other words, this place has rich adventurers and a lot of them called out to Leia.
Can I make use of this?
While a rogue adventurer scares her, I’m going to intercept him and take Leia away.
I’ll help like that, a dashing hero!!

I feel cheap. It’s plain and easy to carry out.

(Leia)「Ano, what should I do?」

(Yuki)「Oh, sorry. I’ve been doing a lot of work recently. I was wondering which one to choose from. 」

(Leia)「Is that so. 」

Not simple.
After replying, she closed her mouth and gazes at me.

(Yuki)「Which reminds me, I haven’t heard the situation of the adventurers. Because I will talk with the front desk, please wait here for a bit. Because it’s a bit different than Leia’s work, alright?」

(Leia)「… Understood」

Yosh, with this I naturally separate from Leia and I reached the Adventurer’s desk, waiting for someone to hit on Leia.
Well, it’s not a lie that I want to check the state of the Inn.

(?)「This is joint chief Yuki . 」

(Yuki)「No, Yuki-san is fine. 」

(?)「No, it’s my duty and the owner would be angry. Then, what do you want?」

(Yuki)「Just wanted to hear your impression recently. How is the reaction of the adventurers who use the inn?」

(?)「Oh, I see. Shall I call the owner?」

(Yuki)「No, you don’t have to do that. Rather, the owner usually tells me everything together with her report. What I want is to hear from you directly. 」

(?)「You’re as diligent as ever. So you are wandering the town, aren’t you going to make your wives worry?」

(Yuki)「I know that already. So, how it is?」

(?)「Let’s see. It is the toilet I guess. It seems there are a lot of people who are playing with
the paper getting it clogged……」

(Yuki)「I understand. It’s the first time they see it. 」

(?)「After that….. 」

Listening to her, several adventurer gather outside the corridor for one of the guest room.
Then, I hear their voices.

(Adventurer Z)「Th-there, this woman with grey here?」

(Adventurer Y)「Oh, she has breasts, I think I can enjoy it. 」

Yosh, I found a good fool.
Let’s be on our way to thank them now.

(Adventurer A)「Stop it. 」

But my hope is shattered.

(Adventurer Z)「What is it?」

(Adventurer Y)「You can’t see such an ice woman very often?」

(Adventurer A)「If you behave like that there’s no way you can get in Weed again. 」

(Adventurer Z)「Well, that’s okay, I just wanted to greet her lightly?」

(Adventurer A)「Look over here. 」

He says that and looks at me for some reason.

(Adventurer Z)「Geh, is it Yuki, the joint chief?」

(Adventurer A)「You’re too loud. That’s right. 」

(Adventurer Z)「Seriously, he is the person who representative Millie pushed to rank 6 in a blink?」

(Adventurer A)「No, in fact it’s a story that Yuki’s bride made to protect him. 」

Oioioi, when did this become such a story?

(Adventurer A)「Regardless of the truth, it’s no wonder that joint chief Yuki has the same mysterious abilities as representative Millie. And that girl here is waiting for someone. Yesterday it seems she came by the guidance of representative Ellis. 」

(Adventurer Z)「Wait, what are you trying to say. 」

(Adventurer A)「Perhaps she is waiting for joint chief Yuki . 」

(Adventurer Z)「Seriously, you saved me. I owe you a favor. 」

Hiiiiii, the flag broke!?
The flag was broken because of the festival!?
Guys if you are a man and want a woman, go for it!!

(Adventurer Z)「But, I’m jealous. Did you see the wedding ceremony?」

(Adventurer A)「Yes, it was amazingly beautiful. 」

(Adventurer Z)「More than 10 people who admire the same man, but what about this young woman?」

(Adventurer A)「This, I don’t understand very well because I’m not a woman, but it doesn’t seem very good. If my favorite man was holding yet another woman. 」

The story of the wedding is now the biggest obstacle.
I understand. I understand, it’s because we talk of an harem.
But this now, you didn’t need to talk about it.
If someone asks Leia, she will say that I’m an absolutely dishonest man.

(Yuki)「And, it’s time already I have to go to my workplace. Thanks for the talk. 」

(?)「Nono, please say hello to Naruja-san for me. Haagen Dazs vanilla is the supreme one. 」

For the time being, if we don’t escape quickly from here, Leia’s favorability will drop down even more.

(Yuki)「Sorry for the wait. 」

(Leia)「No need. 」

(Yuki)「Then, shall we head for work?」


That said, I successfully escaped from the inn.
First of all let’s go to school to take a breather.
When we’re walking on the way to school…..

(Leia)「Ano….. 」

(Yuki)「What is it?」

(Leia)「Do you have a lot of wives?」

I was asked!?
But I can’t tell a lie her, I have to be faithful and tell her properly.

Eto, Seraria, Shera, Lulu, Delille, Ellis, Lutz, Millie, Tori, Riel, Kaya, Labiris, Aslin, Philia, Kirue. Eto they are fourteen.
Can i say that?

(Yuki)「Fourteen people. 」

(Leia)「…… It’s amazing. 」

After what silence continues.
How should I respond?

1, It’s amazing, I’m popular. ! That’s foolish.
2, No, not really. The girls told me it was okay. I’m exhausted.
3, …… Pierce the silence. Prove that you know it is bad.
4, make a joke. The wives will get angry at me later.

No no no, none of those answers are correct!?
All the choices make no senses.
They are all negative choices!?
Ehh, let’s talk about something for now.
Even if it goes down, it’s still better than staying silent and not answering!!

(Yuki)「I don’t know what Leia thinks about it. I love everyone of them and they all love me in return. Everyone cooperates. That’s why, I’m proud of my wives. 」

(Leia)「….. Is that so?」

Gyah, even when I said something so embarrassing, it’s like nothing enters Leia’s gap!?

Please send help!!
Afterword of the author
He cursed 4 times.
And it’s the first time Yuki is afraid.
Everything he tried to plan backfired!!


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