Chapter 106 – The tale of a Hero

Chapter 106 – The tale of a Hero

Side : Rankus’ Hero, Taiki Nakasato.

This world is bullshit.

Because I was an otaku, I was constantly being bullied. People kept telling me me that I was worthless because I didn’t study or exercise enough!!

But now! Now I can actually use the knowledge I gained from my hobbies!!
It wasn’t all just a waste of time!!
My knowledge of Light novels and manga will be useful!!

Especially here, in another world…..

And just like that, it happened.
I was actually summoned to ANOTHER WORLD!

…You couldn’t get any more cliché classic than this.

It even came with the whole “power of a Hero” spiel too. It kinda sucks that I had to start at Level 1 though.

But, by using my knowledge from Japan, I’ll do my best to save Rankus from ruin, I told myself.

Initially, Rankus was just seen as small, aggressive nobodies. Though realistically we were just raiders and invaders… Still, we had our own reasons.. our own justice.

Unreasonably high taxes, countless unending wars and not enough land for everyone…

Well, the Royal family at the time prided themselves with the feat of managing the country despite all the hardship though.
But, at the very brink of our ruin, I persuaded the others that I needed to level up and get stronger. I used my cheats–yes my honest to God cheats–to deal with the internal conflicts, my comrades and I managed to somehow stabilize the country.

However, another problem surfaced…. It was the King and Princess who summoned me. Of course, they wanted to oppress the citizens in order to keep their pride and increase their power, they were that kind of tyrant. Seriously…
Pull that crap and of course you can kiss my help goodbye!! Deal’s off!
…But, I just didn’t have enough support in the court….


Even though I was confined, it’s not like I was tortured or dealt with any ill will either. And I was free enough to move about in the castle grounds. Thanks to that, I’ve become quite sensitive to the surrounding atmosphere…Though, that might just be me being overly conceited in my boredom….

(Taiki)「If I die like this, would they even build a bronze statue….. 」

But what to do about this?
More like, what can I do?
I mean, if I took my individual skills and power into account, then I could almost definitely manage on my own, but… even if I do escape, the situation for the citizens or any of the surrounding countries doesn’t improve. Those idiot royals who summoned me aren’t the only ones pinning their hopes on me… I just couldn’t bring myself to cause any more trouble for all the people I’ve met here….

You see,when I became a Hero, ended up a total ikemen1)a handsome man who attracts all the ladies, good looking and everything. The cheats only made things even easier for me too…
Ah, they only work on the weak and narrow minded though. From a modern Japanese point of view, you might just call such people seriously naive though.
Still, another world with magic, cheats and naive people or not, it’s not like I could be careless either. I’m basically tricking people after all…

What else can I do though?
In the end, those royal idiots only summoned me to clean up their prided mess once it got a little out of hand.

That’s why I came up with this instead.
Because I’m a Hero, things are bound to get messy. So, if I can somehow make the Princess my wife I can use that to gain real power and influence in the royal court.
If I can pull that off then even I–someone from another world and a complete outsider–would be able to intervene and influence the Royal Court somehow.
Well, having an obedient pawn would be the cleanest way to achieve my goals, so for now let’s go with that.

While pretending to be a good pawn, I dove into Dungeons, conquered them and collected funds and other resources.
All of it in order to enact crazy radical policies, improve the citizens’ quality of life and reduce the damages inflicted on them to the bare minimum. To accomplish these things, I used my resources and cheats to make a name for myself and gather information.

In the end, I suppose this was just me doing what I could to survive too.

But that rotten fen-rat still tries to corrupt the people around her!!! Beautiful Princess or not, her insides are glorified shit.

Eventually we somehow got married, but we never slept together.

Now there’s this business of me becoming a Royal Knight too…Great.
…Calm down, calm down. It’s fine.
Do your best, me!
Things are bound get a little easier for me with this.

— — —

(???)「Fufufu, now it will be much easier to use the Hero. Just ask kindly with upturned eyes and he’ll eagerly oblige. With this, if you can bare the Hero’s child as well, his bloodline would become a great asset for the military and you will become a great Queen. 」

(???)「Kuku, he isn’t bad for a Hero. Well, there’s a few things he’s good for after all. 」

(???)「Yes, your father also agrees that we should just let the Hero handle all the hard work. 」

— — —

When I heard all that, I thought I was going to explode, but I somehow managed to hold myself back for everyone.


It really was just all an act! Prided rotten scum everywhere!! Heroes are just useful tools to such people….

Hurry up, save the world (our world and crush others world) and get tossed somewhere as a feudal lord already. I can totally feel what they’re thinking.
…I just want to say goodbye to this place as quickly as possible.

But an opportunity never came.
Instead, they unjustly started conflicts with neighboring countries and by using my status as a Hero they claimed they were liberation the people and other crap.

Hey there, even your own territory hasn’t stabilized yet, things won’t get any better for anyone if you keep picking fighting with everybody else you know!?
Don’t you know about the Invasion of ZEONG2)Gundam reference, I don’t get it but here might be some info http://gundam. wikia. com/wiki/MSN-02_Zeong?

It’s pointless if there are too many battlefronts!

But, thanks to my efforts, the three surrounding countries were forced to capitulate, their territory became ours and damages were kept to a minimum . Also, thankfully I was able to secure their Royal families safety with my skills and organized a ceasefire. Those really pushed the limits of my cheats though.

By the way, as a result… The Kings of those three countries told me to lend them an ear and then promised to cooperate should I choose to rebel someday.

How ironic, in a way it’s all thanks to those Idiots from Rankus, who started this whole mess, that I managed to gain support and see the method to protect the people.

The only thing left is the timing.

If I rebelled on my own now, I would be only seen as crazy and the results would be, at best, a minor revolt. No, it’s natural since the people in Rankus feel happy about the previous victories. It’s impossible if the other three foreign countries don’t enter the picture.
That’s why I have to do this! I have to make it a reality!.

However, due to transportation issues it’s almost impossible in this world to organize a time and place for multiple foreign nations to pool their forces.

…If I’d have been faster it might’ve been possible using Galtz’s connections with the four major powers, but it’s impossible now with the recent political climate.

And they’re using my name AGAIN!!

Yeah, I’d love to strangle your necks, royals of Rankus!!

I don’t know whether it’s God’s doing or something like that, but it happened. Someone succeeded in controlling a Dungeon, built a city and made a plan to connect countries with some kind of gate.
Freaking ridiculous! Who could think of this?
Apparently, this Dungeon has been recognized as an independent state, it’s a policy to prevent one country from controlling all the wealth I assume… That’s thanks to the declaration from three of the four major powers.
And Rochelle, who missed such a golden opportunity, must be screaming.
But thanks to that potential danger, the foolish Princess, who wanted to salvage their trade situation, decided to bring me along.

That’s why I told her.

(Taiki)「It’s bad, there’s a Demon King and The Big Four here. 」

Speaking of that foolish Princess, naturally she replied…..

(Rankus’ Princess)「That must mean that the Demon King is trying to constrict and destroy the fighting prowess of all the countries. Of course, they will also try to restrain the Hero, Taiki-sama. Since it would be hard for me to defend the country against an invasion from the middle of a country like that without the Hero. However, it seems that the Demon King doesn’t know that we’re here yet. 」

(Taiki)「Yes, that’s our only saving grace. This power of the Heroes. If we defeat the Demon King here, everyone will come to their senses. 」3)Chill: Seriously what the heck was any of that, jumping to conclusions like a fool….

Yosh, I got permission to magnificently draw my sword.
There are even people who ask for the devilish opinions of monsters here.
Moreover, it was written in the pamphlet that the monsters here are charged with security.
Well, I’m hiding my ability to read though and I also know that the Princess can’t so she doesn’t know.
I guess if I manage to make a scene here, leave the princess in safety and then discuss with those 3 major power leaders, then my rebellion will make leaps and bounds forwards.


Well, I managed to do it. With this guys help.
No matter how you look at it, he’s the same as me. A Japanese person is involved here.
Going by the situation, the cheat is stronger with him too. 4)Cre: As in, Yuki has WAY more skills than the Hero / Chill: had to make a reference :3
But I’ve been listening in on as many surrounding conversations as I can manage and I couldn’t find a sign of Japanese people being present here. There’s not even a Japanese name floating around either.
But the one controlling things behind the scenes is definitely Japanese. The reason I’m so sure is all of the technology. Not only is it advanced, but it has far too many japanese like quirks.
So I decided to pick a random fight with a monster, since the Princess wouldn’t be suspicious that way and I would then ask the major power people about him once I get that far in my plan, is what I thought.

(Taiki)「Monsters!! You can’t deceive my eyes!! Prepare yourselves!!」


The little girl froze.

…Not yet?
Aren’t you going to attack? It’ll be hard to seperate from the Princess if you don’t fight back…
Right, even I don’t want to cut down such a small child. Even so……


Yosh, I’m totally victory posing in my mind right now.
A seriously hardcore victory pose.

The one who came out was a man about the same age as me with black hair.
Japanese, he’s definitely Japanese!!

Calm down, let’s think.

He’s seriously gotten angry.
That’s natural since I struck at such a little girl.
Great, how can I get away from this shitty Princess to talk with this person now?

(Yuki)「…..Oi, bastard. I hope you’re prepared for the consequences. 」

He’s getting angrier!?
He’s gotta be acting!!
Is he though? I can’t tell!!

(Taiki)「To protect a monster, it’s clear that you’re guilty. You’re finished!!」

(Rankus’ Princess)「Do your best, Hero-sama!!」

Shut up, you shitty Princess!
Ah, let’s just get this over with!!

Thinking like that, I slashed forward.



(Taiki)「Gah…… !?」

You’re kidding, to think he was the same as me, and stronger even!?
He blew me away in one attack.
I’m screwed if he doesn’t go easy on me!!

(Taiki)「Take that!!」

I’ll die here unless I can cleanly push through the gap in power, force a deadlock and negotiate!

SFX: Kiin!!

My sword stopped in mid-air before it could even hit the man. Is it some kind of magic barrier!? No way! Even a Hero ranked weapon boosted with my skills is useless!?

…But for now, my opponent’s just observing my actions. Is this my chance…… ?

I take that chance to speak to him in the quietest voice I can manage.

(Taiki)「…… Sorry. I apologize for earlier. Please, give me a chance to explain. 」


(Taiki)「It’d be bad if that Princess behind me listens in. So could you please get blown away?」


(Taiki)「No, but if you’re blown away, this shitty Princess won’t follow. You’ll be away from here and I’ll chase after you. So keep your guard up, since I’m gonna go all out. 」

(Yuki)「……Are you struggling against chains?」

(Taiki)「…… Ah. You’re Japanese aren’t you? Me too, but I can’t move freely because of that person, can I ask this of you?」

Then we take some distance from each other.

(Yuki)「You’re pretty good. Anyway, because being violent here would just cause unnecessary damage. Send me to the forest!!」

With that, I closed the distance in an instant and blew him away.

(Yuki)「Stunning performance. 」

(Rankus’ Princess)「….. Is he special?」

(Taiki)「Sorry, a big battle here would be bad.. 」

That’s why I blew the man into the forest.

(Taiki)「Princess, since he’s a powerful enemy. I’ll go alone. Please, wait here. In the meantime, try to calm the people down. 」5)Anth: lol the Princess is so dead.

(Rankus’ Princess)「Okay, I understand. Please do your best, Hero-sama!!」

….. If she was the heroine of this story, she’d follow after me. Well, she’s a shitty Princess though, so it’d be a problem if she did follow me.

Then, where should I begin?

With that thought I ran into the forest.

Side : Lutz

(Lutz)「Nananana…… !?」

…Ridiculous, too ridiculous!?
Onii-san was blown away!?

The wives watching this are in severe turmoil.
It’s great that onii-san jumped in to stop that foolish Hero—But he was blown away!?!?

(Seraria)「Q-Quickly, we need to go help him!?」

Seraria’s also quite rattled.

(Lulu)「W-we should go!! Hurry!!」

Lulu was finally able to stand up and take in the situation.

(Riel)「Everyone, calm down. Because he’s using a doppel. Yuki will be fine!!」


Because of Riel’s words, I finally remembered. That’s right, onii-san didn’t go out to the surface.


(Kiyu)「Ah, I’m truly sorry. But he’s the real thing. 」

Onii-san’s remote doppel, Kiyu, said.

「「「The real one!??」」」


Aslin’s doppel was attacked though!?



Shera fainted.
Me too, I can barely keep it together.

(Seraria)「Ki-kill IT!!」

Seraria-sama draws her swords and rushes forward.

(Tori)「I-I’m coming too!!」

(Riel)「Me too!!」

(Millie)「Wait for me!!」

Tori, Riel and Millie also start to rush out.
It’s the same for me… the image of onii-san getting blown away played out over and over in my mind.

(Lutz)「Please be safe onii-san!! That Hero, I’ll murder him 10 times over!!」

…That was the only thought in my head.
Afterword of the author
The hero also had his struggles.
And you may be killed by Yuki’s wives at the end of your troubles. Lol


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1. a handsome man who attracts all the ladies
2. Gundam reference, I don’t get it but here might be some info http://gundam. wikia. com/wiki/MSN-02_Zeong
3. Chill: Seriously what the heck was any of that, jumping to conclusions like a fool….
4. Cre: As in, Yuki has WAY more skills than the Hero / Chill: had to make a reference :3
5. Anth: lol the Princess is so dead.

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