Chapter 89 – Now off to the negotiation

Chapter 89 – Now off to the negotiation.

Side: Yuki

(Yuki)「I’m leaving for Galtz now, please take care of the house during my absence. 」

I look back and entrust the Dungeon to everyone.

(Elli)「Yes, you can leave it to me. 」

Ellis firmly nods.
This time, we… Me, Seraria, Lulu, Shera, Kirue, Lutz, Kaya and Naruja are heading out.
It was decided that Ellis would be in charge whilst I’m gone.
Well, I judged that it would be okay because everyone’s hard efforts are starting to bloom and there have been less things that need my attention
Worst case scenario, we can wake up our real bodies in the clinic.

(Yuki)「Delille. If something goes wrong, you are our Ace. Please protect everyone. 」

(Delille)「Umu, thou may entrust this duty to this one. 」

It seems that Delille has more or less finished adapting herself, she’s also working hard.
As for helping me with my work, she seems to be poor at handling delicate, personal and political subjects.

(Millie)「Rock-san, please don’t give Yuki-san any trouble okay?」

(Rock)「I know that, because if I do anything to the Princesses’s husband, they would separate my head from my torso. 」

Rock-san will be helping with the Guild’s negotiations and relations.
At the end of a hard days work, we have meals together at the bar or similar, but well anything beyond that and his neck would fly.
Since I can’t afford to drag the Grand Master around on our journey, the Guild Master Rock-san will be coming with us.
As soon as we open the Dungeon Gate, the Grand Master will also come.
Speaking of him, the Grand Master has returned to Ritea along with the other adventurers a few days ago.
He said 「How convenient」 and quickly became accustomed to the lifestyle here, incredible for a jii-san.

(Tori)「Kaya please protect everyone. 」

(Riel)「Please protect them for me!! 」

(Kaya)「… I don’t think it is needed to be honest. 」

Tori and Riel are sending Kaya off with words of encouragement.
It’s normal to have escorts when dealing with VIPs, well with this number of people we should go unnoticed1)Chill: right because you totally gonna be low profile with your uber car Face: I’d buy the marauder if I could too. Idk if it’s street legal though, isn’t there the Doppelgangers as well? Their highly leveled too so aren’t we safe?

(Aslin)「Take care Shera-chan. 」

(Philia)「Kirue-ane-sama too. 」

(Labiris)「…… For the both of them, please come back safely. 」

(Kirue)「It’s all right. I will return. 」

(Shera)「Philia-sama, thank you for your concern. Labiris-sama as well, I hope they won’t cry while I am away… plea… se… 」

(Labiris)「… If you worry too much it would be a problem… 」

(Kirue)「… I can’t leave Shera-sama’s side, but… 」

Kirue is hugging Aslin and Philia, Mou she’s doting on them too much.
However, they were pushed to the point of wanting to stay… You can’t look down on the two small children.

(Naruja)「Then I’m off… Kovil, please follow through on what we agreed on. 」

(Kovil)「Eh, then I certainly will. BuuuBuuu2)SFX for wrong answer; basically says I won’t and you can’t force me to :3. 」

(Naruja)「Is that so, I think your wages need reconsidering. So what’s it going to be?」

(Kovil)「I will work diligently, honest! Seriously honest!! 」

This is as usual.
Naruja-san the elder fairy and representative of her tribe, said that in the Dungeon The fairies would not make any problems.
Because she has the fairies wrapped around her middle finger, her tribe seems to be completely independent. She’s doing a good job.

(Ellis)「Lutz, don’t overwork yourself okay?」
(Lutz)「That’s my line, Ellis. Since I have subordinates stepping in for the accounting, who are former member from the government office, the role that I’m abandoning should be covered, but the trade association will probably be troublesome. Please call me the moment you run into any serious problems. 」

(Ellis)「I know. 」

Lutz is joining us as the representative for the distribution of the Dungeon’s goods and it’s logistics.
I fully intend to make use of talented personnel I have gathered and cultivated.
It would be time-consuming to go back and forth, so in this single trip… I want to receive permission to create a gate with the Dungeon publicly.
Though i would like to avoid it, if that’s not possible, I’ll make it in secret.

(Herge)「Chii ane-sama, Lulu-sama, I hope that you’re successful… 」

(Seraria)「Leave it to me. Herge too, do your best. 」

(Lulu)「Herge-sama, please take good care of the hospital while I am away」

Seraria and Lulu are exchanging words with Herge.
The two are coming along to testify that Rochelle and Ritea are involved with this Dungeon.
Both carry heavy words from their respective countries and since I will be meeting Galtz for the first time, I am grateful that they are accompanying me, for various reasons.
After everyone finished their departing words, we set off.

(Seraria)「…… Boring nee. 」

(Yuki)「Do you want to join the others in the back?」

I retort to Seraria’s comment while driving.
Because of the number of people, Kaya and Lutz wanted to have a run to stretch their legs, so Lutz is practicing driving the Marauder.
In my car there’s Seraria, Shera, Kirue, Lulu and myself.
In the other are Lutz, Kaya, Naruja, Rock and Kur.

Ah, Kur is coming along because Seraria is going to another country and even if she’s using a fake body, we still need to appear as if we need bodyguards.
Because she is an elite bodyguard, that part should be covered.
But why is she in a different car than Seraria?
She said it wasn’t a problem because Kirue is in our car and because Yuki-sama’s wives naturally also need guarding.

-Seraria)「Trump3)Trump is a card game nee… Is that what you are playing?」

Seraria the rear seaters that.

(Kirue)「Now… Yes it’s a 9. It is a feint. 」

(Shera)「….. Then 10. 」

(Kirue)「It is still fake. Shera-sama. 」


From the conversation, it seems that Shera’s feints are splendidly undone.

(Shera)「How did you realize Kirue?」

(Kirue)「Shera-sama is completely calm when she tells a lie, too calm. You reveal absolutely nothing, which in turn is information that you are hiding something. 」

(Shera)「Th-that’s sly. 」

(Kirue)「Well, it only works because I understand you so well… Speaking of which, we will soon face off against your father and siblings for the negotiations. These cards are a good way to practice, let’s do our best4)don’t you mean “do your worst!” :3. Read the opponent’s gestures and facial expressions and try to perceive the opponent’s hand. It’s going to be a necessary skill for Shera-sama very soon. 」

(Shera)「I-I won’t lose!! 」

(Kirue)「That’s the spirit!」

(Lulu)「Well, well, it was trump, Seraria-sama 」

Lulu is slightly restraining her words, but both of them somehow seem to be blazing with competitive drive, maybe it’s getting a little too serious.

(Seraria)「If I mix in with them, I think I will suffocate. 」

(Yuki)「Yeah, that might really happen. 」

(Seraria)「Are Lutz and Kaya keeping up alright?」

(Yuki)「Yes, look at the mirror on the side… When you look through it, it redirects where you’re looking at. 」

(Seraria)「Oh, wow. It’s a really useful vehicle. 」

(Yuki)「Just a moment… Let’s call Lutz. 」

(Lutz)『Yes yes, onii-san do you need something?』

(Yuki)「No, I’m just checking in to see if everything is ok on your end. 」

(Lutz)『Honestly it’s getting boring. Everyone in the back seems to be playing card games. I want to try too. 』

(Yuki)「In your car as well huh. 」

(Lutz)『Oya, over there too?』

Like that we have a little small-talk.

(Seraria)「Nee Lutz, are you the one driving now or Kaya?」

(Kaya)『… No, the one driving now is Lutz. 』

(Seraria)「Ara, driving and talking at the same time how skillful5)So when they do it, it’s skillful huh…. 」

(Lutz)『No, I only have to push a button to answer the call. 』

(Seraria)「How amusing, I am bored too. 」

(Lutz)『Huum yes. Although the car is fast it will still take us about 3 days right?』

(Seraria)「Well, it is hard to do it in one day. 」

(Lutz)『If you can’t find a way to kill time on a regular basis, you should leave things to your doppel and relax in the Dungeon. 』

(Seraria)「I want to avoid that. It’s a pleasant outing. 」

(Lutz)『… That’s right. I think so too. 』

About that, to kill time huh.
Is there something convenient for it?

(Yuki)「Oh, I can’t think about anything immediately, so what kind of country is Galtz?」

It’s a good way to kill time, discussing the characteristics of Galtz.

(Seraria)「Galtz is it… 」

(Lutz)『Ah I have never been to the Royal Capital of Galtz so ….. 』

(Kaya)『I have heard that their wheat is delicious. 』

(Lutz)『Oh, in that case I have heard that too. Galtz has some kind of unique cultivation method for growing them… 』

(Seraria)「Which reminds me, frequently wheat’s included in products traded from Galtz. The taste of their bread is excellent… Well.. 」

(Lutz)『It doesn’t match the lightness of the Dungeon’s breads. 』

(Yuki)「Fumu, if we buy their wheat, then maybe we can combine their taste with our texture, right? Maybe we should try automating it if that works.」

(Lutz)『Oh, that’s a good idea. Simply by putting the wheat inside a machine it becomes soft, we could probably develop this machine with Naruja and make it ourselves. Mass production is also a possibility. 』

(Yuki)「If it comes with a unique flavor, suitable to everyone’s palate, wouldn’t it become a lead item in our trading?」

(Lutz)『Right. I’ll make some notes on our next break. 』

While we’re talking about such things, the two cars that are in the wrong era advance.
Afterword of the author
From now on, Galtz!!
The things to wait for in Galtz!!
Will they survive!!
No, don’t say that they’re fakes.


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1. Chill: right because you totally gonna be low profile with your uber car Face: I’d buy the marauder if I could too. Idk if it’s street legal though
2. SFX for wrong answer; basically says I won’t and you can’t force me to :3
3. Trump is a card game
4. don’t you mean “do your worst!” :3
5. So when they do it, it’s skillful huh…

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