Chapter 124 – The inquiry and once again, blow.

Chapter 124 – The inquiry and once again, blow.

Side: Yuki

(Yuki)「Now, it’s good that Leia came. But there are things I have to protect. 」

(Leia)「Yes, I won’t leave your side. 」

(Yuki)「True, but that’s not enough to put my mind at ease though… Here, put this ring on and keep this dagger on you at all times 」

(Leia)「Etto, what are the purpose of these things?」

At first glance they just looked like ordinary rings and dagger, I know.
My wives all had one of each as well, though they were gorgeously forged though, not made with DP. I was especially fond of the Transfer Ring though, and as the name implied, came equipped with both the Transfer skill for emergency use and Auto-transfer for when our lives were in danger. The daggers were SSR level equipment in that they gave you a huge status boost just from having them with you! That was just how extreme Naruja’s hobby for smithing was.

I explained their specifics to Leia as we walked.

(Leia)「…Am-Amazing! 」

While Leia was holding the dagger, I confirmed her status.
Well, just by holding it gave her a boost of +200 to all of her base parameters.

They were made using using extracted and refined orichalcum. By the way, the same process was used for handling magic metals and spirit ores too.
Mixing and combining alloys of differing strengths and quality, meticulously folding and hammering them over and over again… Our forging methods were based on the same ancient techniques used to make katana. Those were the basics I taught Naruja anyway.
By the way, she used elixirs made with DP for the cooling step.
What she made weren’t weapons, but overly broken and pointlessly absurd OP weapons.
Compared to the 10,000+ people who lived here, there really weren’t many made—that’s just how ridiculous it was to make them. And if you you knew how much DP it actually took to make just the materials, then you’d understand what I mean… In the end, that’s why it was probably smarter to focus firearms development then. Still, there were still a lot of other possibilities I wanted to explore, so I asked Lutz and Ellis to keep using DP for that.
Well, I think you could probably guess by now, but all my wives had their gear custom forged by Naruja, which were updated monthly1)Tensky: they’ll run out of DP at this rate 😀 / Chill: I’m guessing updated means maintained / Cre: Well, Im guessing maintained and actually replaced with better versions. But man is he overprotective!!!.
Labiris was still using the katana she received in my place, but it was already oudated byt now…Innovation really was scary, huh?

…Even PCs would only update their models every 8 years…

(Yuki)「You look surprised. But because of the dangers of joining me as a Representative, you’ll be getting your own exclusive equipment made too. 」

(Leia)「What!? My own exclusive equipment!?」

(Yuki)「since you’ll be stuck with me for awhile, you’ll be counted as an escort too. Though in reality, it’s more like—if you don’t do your best from here on out, then you’ll only be buried under a mountain of complaints.」

(Leia)「…… Do, my, be-est. 」

(Yuki)「Well, even though I say that, I don’t think you’ll need to worry too much about it 」

After all, I was going for a one shot level up feast from hell anyway.
Now, should I put her under my Guardian Appointment now?

(Yuki)「Anyone who is either a Representative or in our inner circle will receive the Dungeon’s protection. Under that protection, you can keep in touch with us easily and at any time by using the Call skill. Since you’ve already seen it in action I think you get the idea.」


(Yuki)「Ah, in order to receive my Guardian Appointment, the condition is simple—Just fully accept it from the bottom of your heart. A lot of other people have done this already, but be careful」

(Leia)「Fi-ine. 」

Easily, the G
By the way, we found out that the ones who failed to receive Guardian Appointment actually planned to try and take over and usurp power.
They weren’t publicly called out or punished for their actions, but because of the fact they that tried to deceive us, promotion was out of the question.

(Yuki)「Preparations are now complete. Since it’d take too long to walk over to the Government Building from here, let’s try out the Transfer Ring. When you want to use it, you’ll have to say『Transfer』along with the destination target. For the time being, say『Transfer to the Government Building』. 」

(Leia)「Yes. Transfer to the Government Building. 」

She said and disappeared.
Yosh, did the personal identification process go well?
Of course, the ring and the dagger identify the individual according to their magical power so even if they’re stolen, they couldn’t be sued by anyone else.
Strictly speaking, it’s a combination of magical power and fingerprint verification, science and magic, so there’s no way they could use it.
Unless, like me, you had the knowledge of both.

Should I follow after her?

(Yuki)「Oh, it’s good. 」

(Guard)「Joint chief Yuki, we’re here to escort you. 」

The escort at the transfer place salutes.
Leia seemed to be worried about when I would come.

(Yuki)「Well done. You will understand, but since I gave you the ring and dagger you now have heavier responsibilities, let me introduce you. She is my exclusive attendant, Leia. Please treat her well. 」

(Guard)「Hoh!! Leia-sama, please treat me well. 」

(Leia)「Hiya, Hiayii. 」

(Guard)「To summarize, you’re an escort. joint chief Yuki’s wives are busy. Even if we soldiers can escort you, we cannot do it privately. I’m entrusting you with joint chief Yuki. 」

At that moment, the soldiers escorting at the Transfer place lower their head concurrently to Leia.

So they said. Oi, you guys are my escorts and this is my problem you know.

(Guard)「It’s always been one of our problem as guards. Although If you make one mistake, Weed will be in the midst of chaos. 」

(Yuki)「Uoi, I haven’t finished talking. 」

(Guard)「Then, on a daily basis, I want you to stop him from wandering. 」


My guts have no way to refuse the trouble.

(Guard)「Well, I do know that joint chief breaks a lot of bones for us. He is also hard to stop. But the wives are anxious. There’s a possibility of Weed getting destabilized. I understand both. So, Leia-sama, please I entrust you with Yuki .

(Leia)「Yes, please leave it to me!!」

Why was your reply so high spirited!?
……. Hm? Wait a minute, from the current talk, is Leia going to be together with me all the time?
Are, with the matter related to Leia and hero.
You’re not going to give her to me as a permanent escort, or do you want me to be the everyday watchman of the hero?

No way.
There cannot be such a squandering.
…… The people from the Demon King, this is a relaxing affair, but what with that freaking squandering?

(Guard)「And, the talk was a bit prolonged. The meeting with the Demon is inside the third meeting room. Representative Ellis is mandated, supported with Delille. 」

(Yuki)「Have you heard any information?」

(Guard)「No, they just began talking. 」

(Yuki)「I see, thank you. I’ll continue to ask the escort to guard the Transfer place. I also gave a report to the Kings of each countries, so they should come together. Don’t make a mistake with the correspondence.

(Guard)「Hoh!! Take care joint chief!!」

I’m accompanied with Leia and we walk to the conference room.
We enter the sliding door2)Anth : Japanese sliding door. http://www. homedosh. com/wp-content/uploads/japanese-door2. jpg of the third meeting room.


(Guard)「This is the joint chief. 」

(Yuki)「How it is?」

(Guard)「No, now they’re having tea and trying to calm down. 」

Of course, he is listening to the situation at the place with the magic mirror.
There’s no progress according to that side of the surveillance.

(Yuki)「And, this child is Leia. 」

(Guard)「Ah, I have heard about it from your wives. Please take care of joint chief Yuki. 」

(Leia)「Yes, you can leave it to me. 」

What, I’m the child?

(Yuki)「Then, you’re saying that she is calming down?」

(Guard)「Yes, when she came, she had a considerably rough breath and her body was full of bruises as well. Although there were no fatal injuries, there were places where she had fractures, so she was in danger. 」

(Yuki)「Huh? Wait a minute, and you want her to explain the situation now? You should let her rest first, no?

(Guard)「Even so, we together with Ellis-sama and Delille-sama jointly proposed, but after a light treatment, she asked to speak immediately. 」

(Yuki)「Is it an important matter?」

(Guard)「Perhaps it’s the case for that person. So she is recovering with tea mixed with potions. 」

(Yuki)「Yes, Herge and Lulu are out. 」

(Guard)「Yes, aren’t Rankus invading from the territory of Galtz? In this case, they need to interact with the destination. Even if it’s a life-threatening wound, as long as the people aren’t dead, they can handle it.

By the way, Herge is stuck working at the hospital since she heard the story, she’s now managing medical supplies.
Lulu went out as a diplomate, so Herge’s work is a lot.
I am the greatest healer after Herge and Lulu inside weed.
Because they can’t operate poorly, Herge and Lulu are working on a 24 hours shifts at the hospital.
Although they can easily come and go with the functionality of the ring, the persons themselves want to respond as quickly as possible.
For the moment, there aren’t any severely injured people so she can take naps, worrying about their skin.
I don’t know if it’s because of that, but Lulu always hugs me whenever we meet.
She has less time to be with me than anyone else.
There’s no complain, whether everyone understands or not.
Should I say this is my wives power? Or should I say their collaboration is frightening?

(Yuki)「Then, I’ll go over here and heal. Leia, sit here. 」

(Leia)「Yeah, but. 」

(Yuki)「Don’t worry. They could capture and harm you if you go there but not me. 3) I have no idea: というか、力技Otherwise escape」

(Leia)「No, way. 」

(Guard)「Haaa. joint chief, you’re saying it wrongly. It’s fine, Leia-san. This is only a talk with the Demon. There is no harm done. Or rather, there won’t be any fights. There will be only a talk. So don’t worry. 」

(Leia)「I’m, glad. 」

(Yuki)「Hey you know, I think if by any chance….. 」

(Guard)「I understand that Leia-san is only here for her second day so she hasn’t seen it. I’m not aware of the extent of joint chief Yuki’s strength either. So I would like you to stop being scared. 」

(Yuki)「I’m sorry. 」

It’s hopeless even if I say so.

(Leia)「Is he, strong?」

(Yuki)「Yes, inside Weed he would be the strongest. I heard he already won against Special Duty Delille who can be said to be the strongest among his wives. But it’s a secret. The information is kept confidential on purpose. Apparently, despite being the strongest, he is supposed to be intermediate. 」

(Leia)「Under, -stood. 」

For some reason, Leia’s eyes are sparkling. She is looking at me with a radiant gaze.
Have you misunderstood something?
I’m not a hero.
It makes it hard to wander about your face, are you hiding some information?

I’m curious, but I can’t afford to spend time there now.
I immediately enter the conference room.

(Delille)「Oh, Yuki’s here. 」

(Ellis)「Ah, Yuki-san. 」

Delille and Ellis look back here.
The demoness slowly drinks the tea mixed with the potion while being supported by Ellis.

(Yuki)「How it is?」
(Ellis)「It is that this fellow is a stubborn one. Even if she isn’t going to die, her chin is crushed, she took an intense blow on her jaw. Still we need to treat her because she’s insisting to write her story. 」

(Yuki)「She is in a hurry to that extent. 」

(Delille)「Let’s do it. We recognized that there isn’t any hostile intention. Ellis helped me with the treatment, we ought to treat her carefully or she’ll die. 」

(Yuki)「Okay, in that case. Ellis, stay a little away. I’ll use an Extra Heal. 」

(Ellis)「Yes, please. 」

Ellis left her side and I quickly use chantless casting.
Normally I’d keep this hidden, but I had to hurry here.
By the way, Extra Heal tended to have really flashy effects and sounds for some reason.
Still, whether it was attack or recovery magic, the effects tended to be pretty flashy anyway though…. Let’s think about a way to get rid of those pointless effects somehow.

To any right, the female Demon checks herself over.

(???)「Awesome, without even chanting and yet—an Extra Heal of this level….. Ah, my jaw is healed.」

She noticed that her jaw was healed and she is now able to speak. She’s putting her hand on her face to make sure.

(Yuki)「Is there any problem with your body?」

(???)「Yes. It seems I got completely healed. 」

(Yuki)「No, it doesn’t return the blood that was shed and the loss in your physical strength. It’s usually better to eat and sleep at once. 」

(???)「There is no such time!!」

(Yuki)「Yes, sounds like that. Please drink some tea first of all. Maybe you heard it, but since it comes served mixed with a potion, you will also recover faster. And if you don’t speak in a composed manner, we will also be confused. 」

(???)「Oh, okay」

That said, she returns to her seat quietly.
No matter how hurried she is for a time, you have to explain from the beginning.
If we are told that a huge group of monsters is heading here, we will respond, but the watchmen outside will also report it.
Therefore, we have to listen to the information correctly as to not make any errors in judgment.

(???)「For the time being, the one who assaulted me are hurrying toward this Weed. If you don’t plan something about them, the residents will be harmed. 」

(Yuki)「Very well. Delille, Contact. 」

(Delille)「Understood. 」

She’s calling to report for Tori and Riel.
Just to confirm this story.

Ellis put here cup of tea back and sits next to me.
I press here to continue talking over tea.
First of all, let’s introduce ourselves.

(Yuki)「Let’s start by introducing ourselves. My name is Yuki. I’m in charge of the military as the joint chief of this Dungeon’s town. 」

(Ellis)「As I mentioned earlier, I am Ellis and I serve as the representative of the Entertainment District in this Weed. 」

(Liliana)「Thank you for your kind greeting. My name is Liliana・Reston」

Why does that name sound familiar?
Ellis next to me is tilting her neck too.

(Liliana)「「From the country Last. No, you won’t understand. I have served there as the Demon King in the country of Demons. 」

The both of us blew together.

From far away, the all-important Last Boss has come!?
Where’s the Hero!!

Ah, she’s in the next room!!
But she’s weak.

But hey, this Demon King, she’s weaker than Delille.
She can’t even put a fight against Ellis.

Are, so strange!!

….I’m confused.
Afterword of the author
The troubles overlap.
They overlap further.

Anth: Hello, our dear readers! Antheor here and today Tensky, Chillnova, Faceless, Crevanille, and Joeemm all join me to wish you all a merry and fantastic Christmas! All of you are amazing, it’s been an amazing year so far and where you had to bore with my many breaks. For these upcoming festivities, I wish you all the best time and fun!

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1. Tensky: they’ll run out of DP at this rate 😀 / Chill: I’m guessing updated means maintained / Cre: Well, Im guessing maintained and actually replaced with better versions. But man is he overprotective!!!
2. Anth : Japanese sliding door. http://www. homedosh. com/wp-content/uploads/japanese-door2. jpg
3. I have no idea: というか、力技

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  9. (Yuki)「Yes, inside Weed he would be the strongest. I heard he already won against Special Duty Delille who can be said to be the strongest among his wives. But it’s a secret. The information is kept confidential on purpose. Apparently, despite being the strongest, he is supposed to be intermediate. 」
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