Chapter 123 – Troubles come together after all

Chapter 123 – Troubles come together after all

Side: Yuki

After all, the world is like that.
No, only when you’re busy right?

The issue with the hero of Rankus, also called Taiki.
The trends of the demons.
And the naivety of the country-summoned heroes?

OK. You understand, no need for me to say more.

It was still good until now.
But then.

(Leia)「From today please take care of me. 」

Leia somehow in high spirits has come to live in my house.

『Report from the outside. A woman who calls herself a demon is demanding a visit. 』

And I’m contacted by the guards outside of Weed.

(Taiki)『Anoo, that foolish freaking Princess seems to be in a bad mood, she’s already at the edge of the Garmu territory 』

Also, Taiki came in contact to say only the cavalry is coming.

The information that popped into my head isn’t bad.

(Yuki)「Seraria, I entrust you with the organization of our troops. Begin the preparation of Mortars for the planned war area. Take two Goblins battalion and one Orc battalion. Equip them with the four types. 1)Anth : Bow // Lance // Sword and Magic?? I don’t know


(Yuki)「People under the direct control of Seraria have to rescue and relieve the survivors. The total number of enemies is 5000. The plan is to dispose of all of them in the KillZone2)Anth: キルゾーン, that’s violent x) . As for the remainder, ask them to surrender, those that refuse, force them by shooting them in their hands and feet. After that apprehend them. 」


(Yuki)「Because this is the speed of a mounted cavalry, it’s understandable that it’s abnormally early. Move out. 」

(Seraria)「Hey, I know something like that already!!」

Yosh, this is a good response from Rankus.
Taiki in order to walk among the mortar fire, do your best.
I’m too busy to listen to your pinch.

(Yuki)「Next, Ellis will guide the Demon. Perhaps she meant to have a discussion. Gather information and report frequently and in-depth. 」


(Yuki)「The place you should use is the meeting room at the Government Building. Because that place has both Skill and Magic seal, only physical things can be done. Delille, I entrust you with escorting her. 」

(Delille)「Thou may leavest this duty to me. 」

(Yuki)「Riel and Tori. There must be other demons around, explore in detail and sniff them out, catch them and extract information from their side. Work together with the police. Since war is about to take place, it is possible for security to be patchy. Thoroughly encourage the police to call for reinforcements where necessary and to not be negligent. 」

(Riel & Tori)「「Roger」」

With this, the connection to the Demons will be ready soon.

(Yuki)「Millie, Kaya, openly report to the ranks that Rankus has come, we want to prevent any noise, but this can’t be helped. I thought about concealing it for longer, but we’re dispatching our military power in numbers. There’s no need to hide it any longer. Brief them in advance. In addition, tell them we will enter formation when the enemy approaches this town. So tell them to be patient until that time. Regarding supplies, please open the first warehouse. 」

(Millie & Kaya)「「Roger. 」」

With this, the correspondence to the residents is also good.

(Yuki)「Shera, Lulu and Naruja-san. Ensure that each of the countries are notified in advance about Rankus’ and the Demons’ advance. Tell the rulers directly. Declare the ceasing of trade in three days. Please tell them to enhance the coercion upon Rankus. 」

(Shera & Lulu & Naruja)「「「Yes」」」

The 3 countries will be notified, it’s good.
The rest is up to everyone’s own judgment.

(Yuki)「Aslin, Philia. Please devote yourself to the school for a little while. Say that I will be absent and pacify them. Also, I entrust you with the dinner at the house. I don’t think I can make it for now. 」

(Aslin & Philia)「「I’ll do my best!!」」

Seriously, when you think that I’ve only been to school for one whole day after a long absence.

(Yuki)「Lutz, Labiris. Make sure to wait at the ready inside the Government Building just incase we need to respond to any problems. In addition, Lutz, there is the possibility that our supplies may run a little thin. Please stay on alert regarding war logistics. You may supplement from the amount of saved DP if necessary. Super Lutz will be operating as usual to allow the inhabitants feel to feel relieved. Let’s show that we are impervious to the depletion of goods. 」

(Labiris)「Got it. 」

(Lutz)「Please leave it to me. 」

I’m glad that I could think about the countermeasures quickly.
One can’t be careless when dealing with the three simultaneous threats.

(Leia)「Eh, eh, eh? Rankus? War? Demons? What?」

Leia is confused as expected.
Well, as soon as we can relax I will explain the bits she cannot understand.
This inn is without a doubt the best facility of Weed.

(Leia)「Ano, what the hell, what?」

Therefore, what can I do?
The remaining problem is the hero, Leia.
I can’t afford to leave Leia alone for such a long time.

(Yuki)「As you may have heard. Rankus barked at Weed’s festivals that our hands are tied by the Demon King. 」


(Yuki)「The real intention of Rankus is just to receive war supplies. Thanks to that, it seems one of the Demon’s spies entered Weed. So in short, Rankus returned home and prepared to attack Weed. 」

(Leia)「Mu, Chacku cha. 」

(Yuki)「Alas, that’s why we have to resist them. All right, we’ve already prepared for them. The only problem left is you. 」


(Yuki)「Yeah, Leia is going to be aware of Weed’s secrets. Just like now for example, you will quickly learn many important secrets. 」


(Yuki)「I don’t intend to do anything to Leia, but there is the possibility that someone from outside may find strange value in you because of it. That’s why me and my wives want to protect you unanimously. How about it?」

(Leia)「Wh-why do you want to protect me? Me-me, only result, loss of time, inefficient. This, situation, especially. 」

Leia seems to be afraid, I extend to take her hands.
I don’t know what on earth happened to her or what she has seen with her own two eyes in the past, but…
This is still only the second day since I met her.
It’s natural for her to be full of things we don’t know.
The only thing that can be believed is that I am a representative of Weed.
I’m also the master of Leia, but that’s not even a foundation.

(Yuki)「You just came here so you probably don’t know about much of anything. But this is the way Weed protects and nurtures its people. That’s why, I won’t ask you to join me. But, you’re safer here. Could you stay with Aslin and the others for a little while?」
(Aslin)「Leia onee-chan, do you want to watch home with us?」

(Philia)「Do you want to make meals?」

The two gaze at Leia while tilting their head.
Leia also looks at Aslin and thinks.

(Yuki)「Even if you want to come, you’ll just thrust yourself deeper into unknown problems, I certainly wouldn’t recommend it. And, I’m about to go. We have to listen to the Demon circumstances without making them wait too long after all. 」

That said, I start heading towards the front door.
The wives are already scattering in every direction.
The Princess of Rankus returned the day after leaving the festival.
Two weeks later, after gathering their cavalry, she’s returning.
Taiki, you’re early, but still within prediction, nice!
Those idiots must have held meetings the day after leaving whilst traveling and departed again the moment they arrived in Rankus.

(Yuki)「Well then, I entrust you with the house. 」

That said, I turn around quickly to have a look. Leia is putting on her shoes quickly.

(Leia)「Me-me, too, coming. Still, can’t, stay, selfish, always. 」

Leia’s eyes have firm power.
No, she’s looking at my eyes.
You don’t need to be a genius to know such a thing.

(Yuki)「Alright. But on the condition you don’t leave my side. For the time being Leia must stay beside me. Okay? 」


Now, I really don’t understand Leia’s decision, but this isn’t the problem this time.
Unlike yesterday, I won’t need to always be on an hasty offensive.
Maybe I can get along with her after we’ve dealt with the troubles?

Yosh, it’s decided.
I’ve already decided.
If you won’t let me relax, I’m going to stretch…..

(Yuki)「I will convince you3)Rankus. 」

I will relax using my abilities.
Looking at you especially Rankus, who brings trouble.
Although we kinda planned it, I won’t permit it.

This is the beginning of Rankus’s downfall.
Afterword of the author
Since it’s only 2 weeks after the festival, the time to prepare for each action was really short.
But, the timing is bad.
Yuki troubles are increasing. Ahah.

It’s not a rapid development but now that things came it’s beyond cure.
The enemy.


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References   [ + ]

1. Anth : Bow // Lance // Sword and Magic?? I don’t know
2. Anth: キルゾーン, that’s violent x)
3. Rankus

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  1. @Anth 1st References : maybe Bow // Shield (defend the mortar group) // Sword and dagger (more acceptable because goblin and orc mage sound rare)

  2. More like Loadouts:
    Vanguard – Lances and Shields
    Skirmishers – Swords/Halberds and Shields
    Range – Bows
    OP – Grenade Launchers. Never forget Steve and grenade launchers

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