Chapter 88 – Dungeon rating, the results

Chapter 88 – Dungeon rating, the results

Side: Yuki

Today is the day the results of the Dungeons assessments will be announced.
With this out of the way, we will be able to move on to the negotiations with Galtz.

(Grand Master)「Now then, I apologize for having all the representatives gather. Yesterday was the end of the Dungeons’ ratings. 」

Before me stands the big boss of the Adventurer Guild, the Grandmaster.

(Grand Master)「I am truly sorry for the time It took, nearly three weeks, far exceeding the schedule. 」

The Grand Master lowers his head deeply.

(Ellis)「No I don’t mind, was there a problem?」

Ellis seems to care about any inadequacy of the Dungeons.
Well, if the time goes past the schedule of two weeks, you would certainly be worried.

(Grand Master)「No, there weren’t any problems as such. It took more time to confirm that the presented information was not wrong. Originally, Dungeons are investigated by manual searching. Information regarding a Dungeon is very valuable. We did it diligently and we have confirmed that it is all true. 」

(Ellis)「Hmmm. does that mean that our informations is correct provided no unforeseen circumstances occur?」

(Grand Master)「We certainly had to check that the information is correct and particularly whether or not the monsters on the lower level don’t come to the upper level. 」

It certainly is necessary work.

(Grand Master)「Well, since the team of adventurers was injured the first week, their numbers decreased so it took a while. 」

By the way, it seems that the team who got beaten by the kobolds returned home after a week.
It seems that Riel’s acquaintances, Orvik’s party, managed to break through without problems.

(Grand Master)「At present, the results of the rating are… Summarized on these sheets of paper. With this, it will be easier for me to answer… 」1)Anth : Lol I bet GrandMaster-kun can’t read

The Grand Master temporarily makes a short pause.
Everyone is feeling nervous.

(Grand Master)「There’s no problem. With unprecedented dedication by the staff of this Dungeon’s Guild, the adventurers responsible for the investigation and the manager of the Dungeon the rating process was unable to reveal any problems. I am thankful for the information regarding the maps, the monsters and their ecology. Please, the various representatives, let’s get along from now on as well. 」

The Grand Master said that and smiled.

Wah, everyone is cheering.

(Grand Master)「Ho ho ho. I’m glad about that. Then, when are you planning on announcing her to the public?」

(Yuki)「Oh, about that. She’s here you know?」

Speaking about Shera, I move her to my side.

(Grand Master)「Umu, this is the first time I’m seeing Yuki-dono’s wife since I heared about it. You are the Princess from Galtz?」

(Shera)「Yes, that is me. 」

When he hears that, he narrows his eyes before nodding.

(Grand Master)「Understood. Well, as Rochelle and Ritea are no longer the only ones with ties to this place, various things will move forward in the near future. I mean, is Galtz also going to be invited to this place?」

(Yuki)「Yes, for that reason, next I must go to negotiate with Galtz. You’ll have to wait for two months before hearing the results. 」

(Grand Master)「Fumu… Then I’ll hang on until then?」

(Yuki)「No, it’ll only take that long until it is widely known. If there is a group from the Adventurer Guild there, I see no reason you would have to wait until the information naturally spreads. However, the question is, would you bother to listen in? Just saying, but if a rough man comes along just to drag along a problem, I will punish him according to the law and if he’s lucky, send him your way….. 」

(Grand Master)「I understand. Of course I will be able to do something about information gathering at that place. I would be in trouble if this Dungeon becomes rough. When I’ll give a strict order to that area, so there’ll be a screening for your potential stalkers. Regarding the ordinary adventurers, I will only do something once the negotiations with Galtz are over. 」

(Yuki)「If it’s like that, I accept, it will become easier. 」

I say that and look at Millie.

(Yuki)「Please share the details with the Adventurer District representative Millie. We will soon have to start preparations regarding Galtz’s negotiation. 」

(Millie)「That sounds difficult. 」

(Yuki)「Well, in the end I still have to protect this town. Also, Millie. Can you give this stuff2)ranking papers to the others, so that all members know more about how the adventurers view the Dungeons. This is so that once adventurers arrive and start seriously using the Dungeons we can win some time by skipping some trial and error phases.」

(Grand Master)「Ho ho ho. You can count on me. 」

(Millie)「Yuki-san, you can leave it to me. That doesn’t inconvenience me. 」

I’m sorry I kept pushing the connection with the Adventurer’s Guild to Millie recently.
Someday I’ll have to show her my appreciation.

In that way, we came went back to the meeting room inside the government office…..

「Fufun, that’s reasonable. 」

「Just like it should. 」

「Mumumu, this evaluation…… 」

「Ara, are you dissatisfied with something?」

「I see, is that the result?」

「I am a bit dissatisfied. 」

「Nee nee, Labiris-chan, is this okay?」

「I don’t understand very much.」

「… Geez, how should I understand this? 」

Well, seems the announcement of the result regarding the Dungeons everyone made with hard work. I wonder if it feels like getting an exam back?

(Shera)「Ano, everyone, it looks fun but…… What is going on?」

(Yuki)「Oh, which reminds me Shera, I didn’t tell you about the Adventurer District. 」

(Shera)「Ahh no, I know a little. As a measure to attract people to this Dungeon, it is a section aimed at gathering adventurers?」

(Yuki)「… That’s about it, you understood quickly. 」

(Shera)「I’ve been here for nearly 3 weeks after all. I also go to school and listen to the stories from Aslin and Philia. It’s natural as your wife. 」

(Yuki)「Don’t push yourself ok? Just like Shera said, I thought it would be easy to gather people quickly thanks to them, but since we accepted refugees from Ritea, the residents have already settled quite firmly. However, the connection with the Adventurer Guild is precious, the Small Dungeons… In other words, they are genuine Dungeons and at first I was planning to make them near our Dungeon which they could travel to from our Dungeon, but eventually I decided it would be easier to just have them inside the Dungeon. 」

(Shera)「I understand, we can freely make as many Dungeons as we need inside here and regulate them easily. You used it effectively. 」

(Yuki)「So today is the announcement of the results regarding the Dungeons we made. 」

(Shera)「Oh, I understand. It’s reasonable then for the Grand Master to be involved. I am surprised to see that there is more than one completely owned and managed Dungeon, so is the Grand Master the one who did the rating? And so far everyone looks thrilled with the result. 」

(Yuki)「That the gist of things.」

(Shera)「Ano, did Yuki-sama make a Dungeon?」

(Yuki)「Oh, I made one. 」

(Shera)「May I hear the evaluation of Yuki-sama’s Dungeon?」

(Yuki)「Eetto, wait here… This sheet. 」

Dungeon of marquis Yuki .
Evaluation 10.
The detailed traps have monsters, atrocious.
Certified as the most difficult of the existing Dungeons.
Basically, this Dungeon is prohibited to enter and exit.
Yet, the Item drops on the contrary are worthwhile to balance the danger.
Currently, it’s judged that this Dungeon is impossible to capture.
Fortunately, the position of this Dungeon is at the deepest part of the Dungeon District.
The discovery of the entrance is time related and also it is a cave that doesn’t look like an entrance.
Even if by chance an adventurer does discover it, he has to report it immediately and further investigation is absolutely forbidden.

「「….. 」」

The two people who looked at the paper fell silent.

(Shera)「Etto, Yuki-sama, what is the purpose of this Dungeon? With this, people would rather not approach it…… 」

(Yuki)「No, I believe that there is no problem regarding the evaluation of the Dungeon. It also fits with it’s purpose. I just think that the content of the evaluation is slightly too radical. 」

(Shera)「May I ask for it’s purpose?」

(Yuki)「It’s simple. Did you know that this main Dungeon is also functional thanks to a Dungeon Core?」
(Shera)「Yes, that’s what I had heard. 」

(Yuki)「Then, what would you do if you wanted to stop this Dungeon?」
(Shera)「There would be no other choice than to take away the Dungeon core….. The only difference here is I think the Dungeon Core inside this Dungeon is moving, so it would be difficult to find. 」

(Yuki)「The truth is, there’s an underground basement at the Inn. Won’t you think it is the real thing if you found a Dungeon core there?」

(Shera)「That’s right. I think that this Dungeon is and stays off-limits. Seriously, totally mischievous. 」

Shera smiles3)Chill: So which one of them was the evil one again?.

(Labiris)「So Yuki, how is it?」

(Lutz)「Nee, please look at this Onii-san, our Dungeon… 」

(Riel)「I’m frustrated!!  So frustrating!! 」

(Philia)「Onii-chan, please look!! 」

Everybody gathers one after another.
This is probably going to take a while. But Galtz…
Afterword of the author
Well, it felt slightly in a hurry.
Should I have delved more about the story with the King?


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1. Anth : Lol I bet GrandMaster-kun can’t read
2. ranking papers
3. Chill: So which one of them was the evil one again?

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  1. The Dungeons got rated, YAY!!!

    Too bad we don’t get to see the ratings…
    As far as as Galtz is concerned… I can’t wait!

    Ah, but I wonder how smoithly things’ll go for Yuki. New country, new politics, new problems.

    Ah, but thx 4 the Ch!

    Minor grammar and spelling issues aside, great work!

  2. So that little back in forth was Yuki saying the true dungeon core is in the inn but he made a turbo dungeon so anyone sane would think it was located there?

    It’s sneaky and all, but why not just put it there. Unless you actually think someone can get down there, and you can teleport… you’re just opening the possibility of some strong / dumb person accidentally into that room and destroying the core for cheap cash.

    That tactic is only smart if you think someone CAN beat whatever you throw at them.

    • It’s reverse psychology.

      By having something THAT absurd to chase after, nobody would bother to look anywhere else. Look, if you hype that the place is n8gh unconquerable, slap on a Guild grade that all but damns anyone fom attempting it… then EVERYONE AND THEIR MOM will do 1 of 2 things, broadly speaking.
      – Cut their losses.
      – Attempt it anyway.

      Regardless, the focus is drawn there to the uber dungeon instead of the inn, or wherever else the core could be. Unless you’re someone who THINKS & ACTS like a Dungeon Master, you’d only assume the obvious.

      Plus, Yuki set up plenty of Dummy Cores too anyway. The guy’s just exploiting an adventurer’s pride is all.

      • Nobody is worried that Yuki’s true dungeon core will be identified. The concern is that someone might stumble across and consequently destroy the actual core by pure force of coincidence. Or, assuming such cheat like abilities exist in this world, someone may come along with a skill or item that can locate genuine dungeon cores…

        To prevent such misfortunes, it would be sensible to put some actual protections in place for the real core, on top of the mental games Yuki prefers to employ. Contingency measures, was it?

        • What makes you think he hasn’t thought of that?

          That’s kinda why he created such a stupidly hard mini dungeon. Nobody would bother to look anywhere they wouldn’t think to look. And even if, IF, someone managed to crack the hidden area under the Inn… that’d be the same as invading the Lord’s Manor. Don’t forget that that’s where Yuki is staying along with several of his wives. You’d have to be INSANE to nust randomly start searching that place.

          Granted, the reality isn’t zero that someone may “accidentally” find the place, but finding it and destroying the Core are 2 separate issues.
          I highly doubt he’d leave ANYTHING to chance, and Shera did mention that the Core may be partly, he probably has several dummy cores set up in advance anyway. Yuki specializes in traps, trickery and being pointlessly unfair here after all.

          • “The truth is, there’s an underground basement at the Inn. Won’t you think it is the real thing if you found a Dungeon core there?”
            This bit could also be interpreted as the core in the inn’s basement is a fake. And keep in mind that these other dungeons are inside the main dungeon, so it is possible that the real core is actually located inside that rank 10 dungeon.

    • It is for atract to anyone who wants to take control of the core or destroy it lured in that dungeon so even if that one clean the dungeon he will not destroy it bisides he will know more or less how strong is such a guy. Not to mention that there is other summoned people with cheat skills.

    • bueno,bueno-la respuesta es simple, ES PARA LOS HEROES!! por lo visto seran enemigos… Asi que una mazmorra legendaria para heroes…
      es simple es claro xD

  3. Smartass adventurers would know that the place they live in is a dungeon and would speculate that its dungeon core is found at the highest difficulty mini dungeon… lol

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