Chapter 109 – Festival and residents: Part 1

Chapter 109 – Festival and residents: Part 1

Side: Millie

Yahoo!! Hey there all!
After such a long time away, it was finally my time to shine!!

Seraria, Lutz and Ellis were busy managing domestic affairs. And although my shadow was thin1)Japanese proverb meaning that she is barely noticed by anyone, I was entrusted by Yuki-san to manage the Adventurer District, which ended up the largest district in the Dungeon.

Yes, my shadow was thin—No longer!
With Weed’s founding, more and more adventurers have been coming in and signing up! Like I said–This was my time to shine!.
And, while I did feel bad for the other wives, this time, the story’s all about me, kay?
Got it? Good.

(Yuki)「Now,I understand that a lot of things happened yesterday, but today is all about the festival, alright? So everyone–Please try to enjoy yourselves. 」


Everyone replied to Yuki-san’s request.

By the way. The Hero from the same homeland as Yuki-san and that rotten royal bitch were supposed to be returning home today.

Although things seemed to be going according to plan well enough, it wasn’t like anything would just happen right away either. Wars required a lot of time and preparation, so we at least had a month to get ready.
However, after insulting Weed so much, and then having the gall to return via Galtz’s gate?
You’re really taking us too lightly, aren’t you?
…That damned rotten royal bitch really must be blind!

(Yuki)「Right, are you heading to the Adventurer Guild then?」

Just like everyone else, I was headed off to work as usual. Anyway, because of yesterday’s meetings with the VIPs–and royal bitch related drama–we were all stuck in the Government building the whole time.
But today, things were back to normal.

Even though we technically had time off now, most of the Representatives were playing it safe and staying in their offices on standby. In case something should come up. Take here in the Adventurer District, where countless rough and wild idiots are constantly flowing in and out, for example.

Just yesterday alone saw 8 fights break out, 4 cases of threats and harassment in our stores, and 16 Guild related disputes.

Luckily, nothing major happened, nor was anything stolen so that’s good.
Thankfully, the adventurers who’ve been around with us for awhile have been helping us maintain public order. Especially Tori and Riel’s friend Orvik, and his party. They’ve been supportive of Weed since the beginning and I often seen them around.

I really should do something for them to show my appreciation, but what?

(Yuki)「Millie, mind if I hang around and keep you company today?」

(Millie)「H-Huh? That’s, it’s fine! But.. you mean, keeping me company, at work…though? If that’s what you want. I mean, I don’t mind at all…!」

Actually. Yes! Yes, I DO mind! That’s not what I was hoping for when you said ‘company’!!! Okay, I’m happy you want to spend time with me… But it’s at work. Stuck all day, in my office…Really…

(Yuki)「Hey, take it easy. I mean, it’s the end of the festival later, right? We gotta make sure to end the whole thing in style! 」

(Millie)「……Uh huh. 」

(Yuki)「You don’t look very satisfied though.」

(Millie)「Not if you’re just going to hang around with me at work all day, no. I want you be be a little, you know… affectionate with me. 」

(Yuki)「……Y-Yeah. Okay 」

Yuki-san looked down when he replied.
Fufufu… Because of yesterday’s events, Yuki-san owes us quite the debt, but thanks to that… he can spend his time together with us ‘properly’ for awhile… And of course it went without saying that it includes a daily morning kiss!

I think everything worked out well in the end though since everyone was just sparkling from all the care and attention.

Yuki-san really was a shy one though… But that’s refreshingly cute, in its own way.

(Yuki)「So, are talks with the various countries’ Kings and leaders going smoothly?」

(Seraria)「It’s fine. Rest assured we’re handling things properly. 」

(Shera)「Yes, please leave Galtz to me. 」

(Lulu)「I am responsible for Alshtail-sama. But everyone, please keep a close eye on danna-sama. He certainly needs it… Given yesterday’s recklessness. 」

While I was busy with my own thoughts, Seraria, Lulu and Shera were discussing various things.

I see. The right person for the right job at the right place and time, huh.

(Millie)「Yeah, leave it to me! If I stick close to him like this, then no problem! 」

Saying that, I grabbed Yuki-san’s arm.
That’s right… I’m never letting you go now!

(Philia)「Nii-sama!! We’ll come too!!」

(Aslin)「Together with onii-chan. I’ll protect you!!」

(Seraria)「Well. Having more people never hurts 」

It seems the girls will be tagging along.
Well, since they don’t have to worry about any official duties, they can basically just have fun and relax without reserve. Still, they feel the same way about Yuki-san as I do, so it’s fine. Rather, that makes me very happy actually.

(Millie)「Then…you girls handle the other arm, and don’t ever let go! 」

(Aslin)「Millie onee-chan, I undestand!!」

(Philia)「Millie ane-sama, Roger Desu!!」

(Labiris)「…Well, it’s the usual spot for me.」

The three are crowding around Yuki-san’s arms and head. Rather than being his lovers, they look more like his children.
I can’t wait for the day Yuki-san and I can have this very same moment with our own children…. Oh, that day can’t cone soon enough…!! Just imagining it is making me…!!

—Ah! Got a little too excited there! My nose…

And so, just like that, everyone joined me in going to the Adventurer District.

(Aslin)「Uwa, so many people here…!! 」

(Philia)「Nii-sama, Millie ane-sama, I want to look around in the Weapons Shop!!」

(Labiris)「Don’t leave our sight, you two. 」

Philia’s really interested in everything blacksmithing related, huh.

(Yuki)「We can’t since we’re in the middle of working right now. Well, I don’t mind if you girls wanna go look around a bit on your own, but just try not to get lost then, okay?」

(Aslin)「Urgh, No! I want to stay with onii-chan!!」

(Philia)「I’ll be good…」

(Labiris)「From the beginning, I wasn’t going to to leave this spot. 」

While Yuki-san persuaded the girls like that, I linked my arms around his even tighter! But oh my! …Don’t we look like just the perfect family like this though?

While still on cloud nine, we finally reached the Adventurer’s Guild.

Although there’s a back entrance here like with the supermarket, there’s no rule saying that employees have to come in that way so we just came in through the front like normal

(Guild Staff 1)「Yes yes, the receptionist is right here!!」

(Guild Staff 2)「If you’d like to use a gate to reach a Dungeon directly, please look for and confirm the area here first. Just a valid description is enough, so you can use it right away once you’re done!」

The straff looks really busy today again too.
Of course, it’s been really hectic what with all the adventurers coming and going like that. Never mind just the regular, there are a flood of new faces too.

And just like that, i found my way to my usual spot at the Receptionist’s Desk.

(Adventurer 1)「Oh, isn’t that Millie-chan? There! At the Receptionist’s Desk. 」

(Adventurer 2)「It’s true!! She’s really here!!」

Just when Yuki-san left to talk with Guildmaster Rock-san… I ended greeted by idiots.

(Adventurer 1)「Hey hey! Didn’t you hear this already? That this little lady is really high level?」

(Adventurer 2)「…Really? Say, why dontcha come n join us for a bite then, huh ?」

…Piss off and die.
Leave… leave and never come back already, you scum.

(Adventurer 1)「Oi, you there. 」


(Adventurer 2)「What the hell is wrong with you, bringing those brats in here like that! This ain’t some orphanage you idiot! …Are you screwing with us!?」

Just then, one of those idiots rudely spewed such things towards Yuki-san as he finished up his talk with Rock-san.

(Yuki)「’Screwing with you’? Hardly. You do know that it’s written in the rules that children being here in the Guild is perfectly allowed, don’t you? What’s the problem?」

(Adventurer 1)「I know that, but shut it with that crap! Adventurers make their living risking their lives every day! And having brats hangin’ around here is just a damn nuisance! Oi!」

(Adventurer 2)「Right! Just take those brats and get the hell outta here you twiggy little shit! 」

(Adventurers)「「「Yeah!! You said it」」」

…So sings the choir of dumbasses.
Meanwhile, Rock-san just has his head in his hands…it’s the same for Kina and the others too.

…Me? I’m fine. Just this much isn’t enough to get me angry.

(Orvik)「Hey!! What the hell’s going on here!?」

(Adventurer 1)「Oh, it’s Orvik-san! Look at that little shit over there. I was just tellin’ him to hurry ‘n leave! And to take those damn brats with him, is all.」

(Orvik)「Brats? Wait.. No, stop!! Hey, those are…–!! 」

(Adventurer 1)「Seriously! What a poor and disgraceful piece of trash of a man! I’ve never seen a more pathetic example as this little shit before today! I mean really!! 」

Orvik-san. Everyone. Sorry.
…I can’t hold back anymore. I reached my limit.


(Adventurer 1)「–Wha?」

It was that kind of sudden, confused voice.

(Millie)「Because you kept running your mouth, insulting, and saying whatever you please about my husband… I hope that you’re fully prepared to accept the consequences of such behavior.」

(Adventurer 1)「Millie… Chan?」

Face in the floor and kissing the ground at my feet was one of the idiots bad mouthing Yuki-san. Ah, but I’m the one who put him in the ground though, so it’s fine. Yes, perfectly fine.

(Millie)「Don’t you get it? Because of this city’s overall safety, we made it so that Guild facilities are open and available to the children in order to help educate them about the dangers and horrors of monsters. Well, it’s not like we can stop you from running your mouth or anything, but since you’ve already heard the rules and explanations about this place and still seem to have a problem… how about you just leave, permanently. If you like, I can easily have that arranged for you. It’s not that hard for me, having you banned from here?」

(Adventurer 1)「 What? How? Wh-why is Millie acting this way and saying all that!?
…Isn’t she just a receptionist!?」

The crowd of idiots intimidated by me were making noise again.

(Rock)「Representative Millie, wait. We’re in the midst of a festival, so there’s no need to take things that far . Even if we ban them from the Guild right now, it won’t really change anything. Just this once, could you please let this go? 」

(Adventurer 1)「…Oi, did the Guildmaster just call you a Representative?」

(Adventurer 2)「Aren’t Representatives the ones who’re supposed to have the highest authority and power in the Dungeon? …She’s one of those Representatives!? 」

And so. The stories start to fly…
Of course, Rock-san took advantage of that and continued speaking.

(Rock)「Exactly. Millie is one of the Dungeon’s Representatives. Moreover, since she’s responsible for both the Adventurer and Dungeon Districts, she has complete authority over this entire area. 」

SFX: Glumps.

Someone’s throat rumbled.

(Rock)「Furthermore, this man is feudal lord Seraria-sama’’s—No, Her Majesty the Queen’s—husband. As for the children around him, they are under the Representatives’ direct protection. The one on top of Yuki-sama’s head, is Labiris. Actually, she stands on top as the Dungeon’s Chief Representative and wields full and absolute authority here. 」

(Adventurer)「What!? that kid managed to do something like that! Impossible…!! 」

So mutters a nobody in the crowd.

(Labiris)「Ara, you’re being rude. I’m at the top because of my ability and qualifications alone. 」

Labiris, who was in front of said nobody, heard such a remark.

(Labiris)「However, I’m not as kind as Millie… And I’m not a woman who will stay silent when someone is making fun of Yuki.」

Catching sight of the nobody’s crooked smile, he was promptly sent flying into the ceiling.


The whole guild was silent while everyone just stared at Labiris and I.

(Labiris & Millie)「「Now, please diligently follow the rules and work properly, okay?」」

With those words, the crowd of nobodies blankly swung their heads up and down like broken toys.

From that day onward, a certain rumor started going around Weed.

『If you value your life, steer clear of the Representatives’ husband. 』


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1. Japanese proverb meaning that she is barely noticed by anyone

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