Chapter 105 – The festival and the foolish Hero

Chapter 105 – The festival and the foolish Hero

Side: Aslin

(Philia)「Aslin, Aslin!! Hurry up!! There are a lot of stalls!!」

(Aslin)「Philia-chan, calm down. The stalls aren’t going anywhere. 」

(Labiris)「That’s true, so let’s take it easy.」

Today is the nation founding commemoration.
Onii-chan and the onee-chans did their best for this day.
As for this Dungeon, is it now called Weed meaning 雑草 Zassou, it means that everyone can live and grow together.

This is everyone’s city.

Onii-chan is amazing!!
He made this city in only six months.
My onee-chans also helped out, but it’s mostly thanks to onii-chan. Since onii-chan was the one to ask, everyone gladly followed after him.
That’s why, we all love onii-chan.
However, onii-chan isn’t even trying to become famous on the surface.
Talking about safety first, even for us, we’re only temporary Representatives and will be replaced soon.

Onii-chan is always thinking about us so we have nothing to say.
Because, he promised everyone that we could live leisurely as long as the busy times are over.
Everyday, I get to sit on onii-chan’s lap and get my head patted!! And at night, we get to be affectionate under the futon1)In chapter 21 it was mentioned that everyone is 18 and above!!

Oops, I went off topic!

Today is a festival, National Foundation Day.
Because there’s lots of people coming from many places, it’s safer for us to go out with doppels, but I’m still enjoying it!!

(Aslin)「Eto, the pamphlet and…」

(Philia)「Aslin, cotton candy is good!!」

(Labiris)「… There’s a lot, huh. 」

Today, we’re acting separately from onii-chan and the others.
Since he’s busy talking with the Kings and other VIPs, we are conducting a field survey right now and will report to onii-chan and the others later.

This is a good job!!

Although we’re looking at the pamphlets right now, there are many people who don’t understand their meanings, so we hand some out and give them explanations.

This brochure is called a pamphlet, it comes with a map and gives various explanations about the festival and what is where and such, so it’s very convenient.
The location of trash cans are also properly marked.

Littering is no good!!

(Philia)「It’s here, the cotton candy!!」

(Aslin)「Wait, Philia-chan. We have to eat a proper meal first. 」

(Labiris)「Yes. Yuki will get angry if we eat sweets till our bellies are full. 」

(Philia)「Auu, that’s true. We promised Nii-sama. 」

We shouldn’t eat sweets before meals, we promised onii-chan that.

It’s fine if you eat some at 3pm during snack time, but not infinitely,. One time, because I ate too many, I wasn’t able to enjoy onii-chan’s cooking…

That’s when I made that promise with him.

(Aslin)「Then, what should we eat?」

(Philia)「It has to be as delicious as Nii-sama’s food!!」

(Labiris)「……That’s impossible. 」

Philia-chan, that’s impossible.
Onii-chan is the best cook in all of Weed.

(Aslin)「Okay, Yakisoba2)Yakisoba are fried noodles with vegetables and meat seems like a safe bet. 」

(Philia)「Nii-sama, more….. 」

(Aslin)「It’s impossible Philia-chan. 」

(Labiris)「Well, I heard you should avoid it since it’s not very good. 」

Taking hold of the grumbling Philia-chan, we headed off on an adventure to find food.

— — —

(Aslin)「Wow, so many people!!」

(Philia)「This is my first time at a festival!!」

(Labiris)「 Yes, it really is amazing. 」

Right now, I’m going to the square in the Commercial District where a lot of food stalls are open. There are a lot of people enjoying the festival with smiling faces.

Appetizing smells are drifting here and there.

(Dwarf 1)「Oh, isn’t that Labiris-sama? And Philia-jouchan. Aslin-jouchan too. 」

(Dwarf 2)「Oh, come over this way!!」

Dwarf uncles call out to us.
They seem to be Philia’s coworkers, and I’m also indebted to them for many things.

(Dwarf 1)「What’s the matter?」

(Dwarf 2)「Are you hungry?」

(Philia)「You can tell!!」

(Dwarf 1)「Yosh, come here!! This place is selling Takoyaki, we learned the recipe from that lad, Yuki. Have some. 」

(Labiris)「Is the amount of money alright?」

Labiris asks since she’s the one paying.

(Dwarf 1)「Don’t mind it!! We are indebted to that Yuki lad . Also to Seraria-sama, Lutz-jouchan and Naruja-sama too…… For so many things!!」

(Dwarf 2)「Oh!! Me too! I’m also indebted to Philia-jouchan who helps Aslin-jouchan every day. ! Please try this. 」

(Aslin & Philia)「「Thank you!!」」

There, inside a paper container, I received 8 takoyaki. There’s one container per person.

(Labiris)「Thank you. Is there anything else you can recommend?」

Labiris-chan has asked for a lot, but since we are hungry…..

(Aslin)「Hafu hafu…… It’s hot!!」

(Philia)「But it’s delicious!! Nii-sama’s dishes are the best!!」

The taste is a bit weaker than the one’s onii-chan makes, but it’s still delicious.

But it’s very hot, hafu hafu!!

(Dwarf 1)「Right…… Your stomach is swelling. Why don’t you look at some souvenirs?」3)Face: Stomach is swelling???? IS SHE PREGNANT?!?!?

(Dwarf 2)「Try the south end of the Commercial District, it’s explained in the pamphlet. They also show off some accessories. 」

(Labiris)「I see. Thank you. 」

(Dwarf 1)「Ou, it’s still the first day. Enjoy it!!」

We listened to their advice and aim for the accessories.

(Philia)「Hmm. Nii-sama said that I look beautiful if I put on some accessories if I recall?」

(Aslin)「I don’t understand onii-chan’s preferences….. 」

(Labiris)「……That’s right. He loves everyone so much, but we don’t even know what he likes. 」

Onii-chan… If possible.

(Yuki)『You’re very beautiful Aslin!! Today, I can only love Aslin!!』

I want you to say such words to me…….

While we were talking together, we met up with Vilia and Hiro.

(Vilia)「Ah, Aslin. 」

(Hiro)「It’s Labiris-onee and Philia-onee. 」

They came to join us.

(Labiris)「Where are the others?」

(Vilia)「Everyone else is also enjoying the festival. We’re strolling on our own. 」

(Hito)「That’s right. 」

(Labiris)「I’m a bit worried. 」

(Vilia)「No problem. The Goblins are seriously guarding the place. 」

Vilia-chan is pointing with her finger.
Steve and several goblin guards are making inspections.

(Aslin)「I agree. Since Steve is here, it’s alright!!」


(Labiris)「……I’m still a little worried. 」

Labiris-chan looks concerned.
Can’t be helped.
Her worries come from the fact that onii-chan said that the fate of these people will be something great.

(Labiris)「So, where are the two of you going now?」

(Vilia)「Can we join you?」

(Philia)「Yes, it’s fine. Right?」

(Aslin)「It’s a great idea!!」

(Labiris)「Oh well. Let’s make our way together. 」

「What is it?」

Like that, we found the stall selling accessories, wondering about onii-chan’s preferences.

(Vilia)「Onii-sama’s tastes….. Which reminds me, onii-sama seemed to be particular about something he wanted to stick to us for our protection. 」

(Hiro)「When he said that we are important?」

(Philia)「That’s how it is!! Although he cherishes us, Nii-sama never tries to ask anything of us. 」

(Aslin)「I’m certain he must be enduring. Because onii-chan is always taking care of us. 」

(Labiris)「……Indeed, there is some truth to that. 」

(Vilia)「Onii-sama is enduring… that’s wrong!! We must answer his desires properly!!」

While we are discussing this matter, Seraria onee-chan, Lulu onee-chan, a woman resembling Sharl and a man resembling her brother suddenly come near…..

(???)「Monsters!! You can’t deceive my eyes!! Prepare yourselves!!」


SFX: Hyun.

He drew his sword and swung.


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References   [ + ]

1. In chapter 21 it was mentioned that everyone is 18 and above
2. Yakisoba are fried noodles with vegetables and meat
3. Face: Stomach is swelling???? IS SHE PREGNANT?!?!?

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  1. Since Aslin is such sweetheart… I REALLY enjoyed tuning this chapter… it was cute…. cepting for the end, of course.

  2. Face: Stomach is swelling???? IS SHE PREGNANT?!?!?
    Is the cliche about a big tummy after eat a lot i think XD

  3. The author contradicts himself. In chapter 21 there is a statement saying everyone is over 18 to keep himself legal, but aslin, philia and lbiris keep being called children. They are even in class with other kids when all the other “adults” have full time jobs regardless of previous level of education. Also in chapter 28 when Labiris proposes to him he says he appreciates her sentiment but she isn’t old enough to marry him.

    • Also Philia is treated as a part-time worker in the blacksmith and part time student, not full time. So like 3rd year middle/ 1-2 year high school at oldest. The speech patterns of aslin and philia are too child like…he should fix that

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