Chapter 98 – Dungeon, reminiscent memories

Chapter 98 – Dungeon, reminiscent memories

Side: ???

When was it, how much time has passed since then……?

From that day onward, my life changed.
All the things that I had known disappeared that day.
No, there was something… a friend remains.
But, alas most of the people I can remember are gone.

That day, my homeland fell to ruin.
It completely perished.
If it had been a natural disaster I could have at least said, It can’t be helped. But the cause was war… People.
It was an invasion from another country.
…Merciless heresy, slaughter, destruction.
It was impossible to protect the people of our nation… my father the King, my mother the Queen, my sister the Princess and everyone else… they all died.
But I1)The person speaks with boku, I assume it is a male for now survived together with a single maid…… No, more than a maid she was my sister’s friend, together with her… It was us and us alone who survived that day.

……. That same day, I stopped being human.
While trying to survive I became a Dungeon Master.
That girl I was escaping with took the lead for some reason, but just like for everyone else, escape was impossible. The enemy had surrounded the warehouse we escaped to and were just moments away from breaking in.
At that moment, I received the abilities of a Dungeon Master from a woman who called herself Goddess.

「Do you want to live? …Then use this power. The compensation is… Since time is short, let’s jump straight to the abilities of a Dungeon Master. 」

…I didn’t really understand much of it.
But I figured out how to use the skills of a Dungeon Master.
So I instantly made a small Dungeon in the warehouse and desperately escaped into it.
After a long and brutal struggle, we managed to kill all those hateful soldiers who chased us with traps and monsters.

Then, together with that girl, I started calming down and catching my breath inside the Dungeon. After a few days passed, I started getting curious about the state outside and went to have a look…..
It was all gone. It looked like someone had summoned hell right on top of our beloved City, destroying all and killing all. The castle was reduced to a red pile of rubble and seemed to have been used as an execution grounds, the streets were still burning and almost as if it was as natural as having air to breath, there weren’t any survivors.

After another day we used to recover our mental strength, that girl and I ended up looking around our former territory together.
But no matter, where we went, it was the same scene… everything had been burned away.
…No survivors.
No, when I think about it, there must have been survivors… after all, killing an entire nations worth of people is an almost impossible task. So I hope that they had already run away and I was simply lacking in ability to find anyone.

After a few months of fruitless searching, she must have decided that things had to change.

(???)「Young master… What should we do?」

(???)「…… I never thought that even here… Hey, Anna. 2) Anna : アンナHow far are we from other countries?」

(Anna)「…… Let’s see. On foot……. It would take around two months….. 」

(???)「… Really. As we are now, that’s not really possible since we’ve already used most of our reserves….. 」

I vaguely understood our situation.
Even if we go to another country after this, we would only be treated as refugees.
More to the point, I can’t even say that I am a prince, in other words I can’t guarantee our safety… even slavery is a possibility.

(???)「Anna. Listen, I think I will store up power in the Dungeon under the Royal Capital for a while. Father and Mother… my people too. I want to mourn them properly. ……What about you?」

(Anna)「I think that’s a nice idea. This Anna will stay together with the Young Master to the end. 」

(???)「…… Thank you. 」

With that, Anna and I returned to our Dungeon inside the Royal Capital. We used the monsters there to clear away the rubble, bury the dead and mourn everyone lost.

I felt sorry for any random people that came and reacted to the monsters with hostility, but everyone’s now resting inside the Dungeon so it was worth it. Besides most of those random people were probably from “there”3)enemy nation.

For awhile, time passed relatively peacefully just like that4)Time-skip, but still in the past.
The ruined Capital was slowly weathered and forgotten. Eventually adventurers came charging in while seeking treasures.

(Anna)「Young Master. Another intruder. 」

(???)「Once again, make them leave quietly. Intercept them as usual. If there are any slaves receiving cruel treatment, then protect them. 」

On my instruction, the Dullahan 5)デュラハンが is the headless knight. salutes before leaving.

(Anna)「Our relationship with him has been a long one. 」

(???)「Yes, he has protected us ever since the Royal Capital fell. 」

Dullahan is the result of summoning the strongest Demon, after the Kingdom fell. The DP cost was all of it, but at the time I didn’t think twice about it
His level was 130 and he could stand shoulder to shoulder with the legendary Heroes and maybe even a Demon King.
Now, after countless battles in the Dungeon, his level has risen to 150.

Like that, when I saw Dullahan off, a small girl rushed over from another direction.

(Anna)「Raie6)ライエ-sama. Where is Dullahan-san?」

A girl is looking around restlessly, searching for Dullahan.
This girl was, according to the plan of the adventurers who brought her, going to be used as a decoy if they were to find themselves in a tight spot.
I had discussed it with Anna several times and we wanted to get in touch with someone from the outside to get her out, but adventurers cannot be trusted.
We tried to set up peaceful discussions many times, but being seen as monsters, they came in trying to slaughter us and took Anna as a hostage, they regretted that though.
That said, she is now our important family member.

(Raie)「Lilli. He went out to work. 」

(Lilli)「Eh!? I’ll also go!! I’ll defeat the adventurers!! Raie-sama, Anna-san and Dullahan-san. No one has the right to bully any of you!! 」

(Raie)「Ah, calm down. It will be fine, okay?」


(Raie)「Yes, he is very strong. 」

And that’s how our daily lives went.
…Someday, I believed someone would come and talk to us.

——————- Time-skip to present ————————–

(Anna)「Raie-sama, today marks 225 years. 」

(Raie)「You’re not counting well. I have the feeling that I have experienced close to twenty years. Anna too is also young. 」

(Lili)「Though it’s strange, I got used to it. Mou, I’m 182 years old now. Really, how surprising! 」

It’s been 225 years since Anna started counting the age of the Dungeon.

The Dungeon I made now has a town built around it, there is also an Adventurer Guild and it’s very crowded.
We are now in a state of constant increase and decrease in my comrades. 7)Cre: nakama can be read as “ally” or “comrade”, friends basically
With my authority as a Dungeon Master, I could grant them eternal youth. But there weren’t many people who wished for that.
Even if they can still die from external causes, the main reason is that they don’t want to become something that isn’t human anymore. Bodies that don’t age or succumb to illness, I can understand their feelings.

This village is the result of a group of slaves trying hard to help in the Dungeon to make a home. In the end, no one has reached this place to talk to us before meeting their demise.

(Raie)「It might be selfish, but…… 」

(Anna)「I do not regret having perpetual youth now. 」

(Lilli)「No, I don’t mind boasting of perpetual youth. It would be better though, if I could use it for an all-you-can-eat Raina-sama8)ライナ Dunno why here it’s Raina and not Raie. Perhaps Raie is a nickname used only by Anna. Tensky: Maybe it’s a combination of Raie and Anna? and Anna-san…… Fuee!」

(Raie)「*Cough* Lilli9)Lilli is リーリ, enough of that …… 」

(Lilli)「Aaww, I’m sorry. 」

Well, even if my figure doesn’t age beyond that of a child, I’m still a man and I naturally have natural urges and desires pertaining women, those 3 are my friends.
In consideration of a child, I think we can’t do it, but I think that I still want to do it one day.

(Lilli)「Well then, I’m off to the Adventurer Guild. 」

(Raie)「Yes, be careful Lilli. 」

(Anna)「Please remember to do some shopping. 」


Today as well, Lilli is going through her routine. She’s visiting the Adventurer Guild to cash in some materials and bring back some articles from the town outside.
Because it’d be bad if it’s discovered by anyone that she has eternal youth, every 30 years there’s about 10 years where she doesn’t go outside, but right now is her activity time.
Lilli is also becoming stronger, she’s now level 150, stronger than Dullahan was in the beginning.
Incidentally, Dullahan is now level 310. I think if a Demon King or a Hero were to come, they wouldn’t be able to stand a chance against him.
I see, that’s what they mean by natural disaster.

And today is a fateful day for us……



Anna’s and my voices went loud.

(Anna)「What the!? Isn’t that impossible!?」

(Raie)「We ca-cannot control the Dungeon!? Does that mean it’s being snatched away!?」

That very same day, right when I was monitoring the adventurers who were trying to capture the Dungeon, I noticed an abnormality, I lost control of the first floor for some reason……
And then, the number of floors I can control decreased every 7 minutes.

(Raie)「Anna, there are adventurers breaking in right?! Check them! 」

(Anna)「Yes, I’ve confirmed it, 55 adventurers in total!! 」

(Raie)「Inspect everyone’s status. Someone or something strange must be mixed in!! 」

(Anna)「Very well. I’ll try contacting Lilli using a Doppel as well. ! 」

(Raie)「Please!! 」

However, control of the Dungeon is mercilessly disappearing.

…5 hours.

That’s the time it took them to overthrow my control down to the 47th out of 50 floors.

(Raie)「……. Wh-what the heck?」

(Anna)「Young Master, it’ll be alright. Lilli and Dullahan will intercept them. 」

(Raie)「Yes, I don’t think Dullahan will be defeated but… Please be safe Lilli…… 」

(Anna)「She does her best and her level is above ours. She’s definitely safe. Besides, I’m giving them the elite monster I have trained as bodyguards. 」

(Raie)「Kuso, if only I raised my level too….!!」

(Anna)「That won’t do. Young Master is the Dungeon Master and as a ruler you should be giving us instructions until the very end. 」

(Raie)「But. 」

(Anna)「We have talked about this many times already. Lilli and I are also ready to forfeit our lives anytime for Raie-sama’s sake. And if that happens, Raie-sama must not break his promise, you definitely have to survive. 」

(Raie)「…… Ah. 」

Everyone be safe.
Was I wrong?
Is this punishment because I relied too much on the powers of a Dungeon Master?
I can’t control the Dungeon anymore……. What did the owner of that voice who gave me this power say at that time……
Even now, I am thinking about the meaning behind this power.

Side : Lilli・Le・ Kossel 10)Does the name”Le Kossel” ring a bell to anyone?

Today should’ve been the same as usual but it’s not.
I had just visited the Adventurer Guild to cash in some materials and as usual I was in the middle of shopping.

(Lilli)「Ya hoo. 」

(Shopkeeper)「Ou, you’re still alive. 」

(Lilli)「You’re mean ~ Even though I look like this I’m a rank 7 adventurer. 」

(Shopkeeper)「I just can’t believe it. Even if you’re rank 7, to go all the way inside the Dungeon alone… we can only assume you’d die. 」

(Lilli)「Maybe. The usual please. 」


It was the usual conversation with the person behind the counter.
Because I have lived for so long, I have also seen the changes inside this town.
But currently, I’ve been an adventurer in this town for somewhere between 5 and 6 years.
I have repeated this kind of routine over and over again.
There is no more signs of the childlike body from that time, Instead, my body has become wonderful and womanly11)Cre: If she’s really related to Delille, then yeah… wonderful and womanly indeed
It’s all for the purpose of seducing Raie-sama, but I wonder if he’s dissatisfied with the current situation.

While I was thinking about such things, several people came out from the Guildmaster’s room… People resembling nobles.

(Lilli)「Say, who are those people?」

(Shopkeeper)「Uh? Oh, some sort of big shots that came to explore the Dungeon. If you want to know what I think, I’m worried that they’ll die from some small mistake and that they’ll bring trouble to the town」


Hearing that, I look at the other party.
Anyhow, there are some beauties to the extent that even I let out a sigh.
Only one of them is a man.
I don’t know why but I am vaguely dissatisfied. Perhaps they are his slaves that he is showing off.
If while they enter the Dungeon and he treats them badly, I will immediately dispose of him.

(Saler)「Yes, it’s 4 gold coins. 」

(Lilli)「Thank you. 」

(Saler)「Seeing you shopping again, are you going to stay inside the Dungeon for a while?」


(Saler)「…… If it’s you and your abilities, there would definitely be plenty of guys you can choose from. Don’t push yourself. 」

(Lilli)「It’s a pity. But I already have someone in mind. Thanks for your concern though. 」

A while after that, while I’m busy shopping at the Guild, a doppel ran over to tell me something.

(Lilli)「What’s happening?」

(Anna’s doppel)「An abnormal situation inside the Dungeon has occurred. Please return immediately. 」

(Lilli)「Got it. 」

I turn around and immediately return to the Dungeon.
From what I’ve heard, control of the Dungeon is being lost.
Judging from the situation, we guess that this is the work of an adventurer who invaded the Dungeon.
On my way through I confirm adventurers who are invading and without any exception… I kill them all.
All at once, I killed all the adventurers I could find…. Some with whom I was acquainted.
There were also some rookies too.

I killed them all.
It’s natural. Our important place can’t become tainted.

But, the Dungeon’s control is still gradually disappearing.

(Lilli)「…… This is going nowhere. Gather everyone to the entrance to the 48th floor. The one below that is the control room. We are already unlikely to be in time for the 45th and 46th. Is it okay, Dullahan-san?」

Dullahan, who is my long time friend and also has a father-like presence for me, showed his agreement with a swing of his sword.

(Lilli)「Yosh, everyone wait at the entrance of the stairs and we’lly kill the adventurers who are coming!! 」

「「「Ooo!! 」」」

And just as we had expected, the adventurers who seemed to be the cause came down.
In the same moment they came down, I couldn’t see the Dungeon’s MAP display anymore….These guys!

(Lutz)「Oya oya, they look organized all of a sudden don’t they?」

(Seraria)「Well, it seems good for a last bit of exercise. 」

(Kaya)「… Step back Yuki. 」

(Lulu)「That’s right. Danna-sama, please stand back. 」

(Yuki)「Eh? Eh? Isn’t it normal for the man to be at the front?」

(Seraria)「Do you want me to pull you back with a choker?」

(Lutz)「… Hey wait a minute. Seraria, you want to attach a collar and do a collar play?」

(Kaya)「…. Hentai12)pervert. 」

(Lulu)「… But it might be good. Danna-sama wearing a collar… Haa!」13)Cre: the REAL pervert!!

(Yuki)「Stop it!? I don’t have such a hobby!?」

The monsters weren’t able to match them even while half of them were having such a frivolous chat.
While conversing leisurely, the monsters that were almost lvl 100 fell one after the other, without exception.

(Lilli)「U-uso!14)A lie?」15)Could be read as “No way!” as well

While I am distressed, Dullahan jumps out.

(Yuki)「Oi, that Dullahan is extraordinary!! His level is over 300!! 」

「… Humph. 」
「Oh well. 」16)Cre: LOLZ! The most bored reactions ever!!
Such weak reactions.
For awhile now, I’ve had the feeling that they were nobility, but to cut them down will be difficult.
I also chase after Dullahan…..


(Seraria)「Lately I have been training on par with Delille. With such a small difference in level I won’t be stopped. 」

The words came from the silver-haired beauty. There’s a sound. Then a mysterious sword returns to its scabbard. 17)Cre: Yes, it should be apparent by now, but Seraria is skilled in iai, or quickdraw, techniques using her katana

(Lilli)「Ah,ahhh!! 」

Dullahan-san is… gone…… !?
I have to absolutely kill these guys!!
Sorry, Raie-sama, Anna-san.
I won’t return… sorry.

Raie-sama, the family name you gave me.
…Thank you very much for giving to me the same family name as your sister.
It seems that the time has come for me to return this name to your house.
But, I would have preferred to keep smiling by your side.

(Lilli)「I will not allow you to defile this Dungeon any longer!! If you want to proceed any further, then you shall have to go through this Lilli・Le・Kossel!! 」

This is my last roar.
I won’t be able to win against the person who easily defeated Dullahan.
But still… Until the very end.
In that way, I clench my sword searching for an opening in my opponent.


Suddenly my opponents tilt their head in surprise.

I wonder why?
Afterword of the author
Le・Kossel. then, from which family does that name belong? Ahah.


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References   [ + ]

1. The person speaks with boku, I assume it is a male for now
2. Anna : アンナ
3. enemy nation
4. Time-skip, but still in the past
5. デュラハンが is the headless knight.
6. ライエ
7. Cre: nakama can be read as “ally” or “comrade”, friends basically
8. ライナ Dunno why here it’s Raina and not Raie. Perhaps Raie is a nickname used only by Anna. Tensky: Maybe it’s a combination of Raie and Anna?
9. Lilli is リーリ
10. Does the name”Le Kossel” ring a bell to anyone?
11. Cre: If she’s really related to Delille, then yeah… wonderful and womanly indeed
12. pervert
13. Cre: the REAL pervert!!
14. A lie
15. Could be read as “No way!” as well
16. Cre: LOLZ! The most bored reactions ever!!
17. Cre: Yes, it should be apparent by now, but Seraria is skilled in iai, or quickdraw, techniques using her katana

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