Chapter 91 – First of all, greetings

Chapter 91 – First of all, greetings.

Side : Shera.

(Shera)「Seriously!! Onii-sama, what the hell were you thinking?! Get lost!! Despite being my onii-sama, I cannot permit this!! 」

I am angry like never before.
Because, he seriously ordered to shoot Yuki-sama with arrows and magic.
Well, it ended without injury since Kaya stood before us and intercepted them easily.
If we weren’t using doppels, and if it was the genuine Yuki-sama, my back would have frozen.

(Lowell)「A-ano Shera. Would you allow me to stand near you? Higil was just worried about you….. 」

(Shera)「Onee-sama as well!! Even though Kaya had intervened to stop it1)Anth: it was previously Kaya and now it is Seraria, Idk why it changed so I left it as Kaya, I think it’s typo from author-san, now isn’t the time to start a competition!! You should drop down on your hands and knees and apologize!! 」

(Lowell)「U, Uguh…… 」

By the way, this baka ane and baka ani, who tried to assault Yuki-sama, are currently doing seiza in the visitor’s room.
Of course, upon my instructions.

(Seraria)「Shera, please calm down. I thought it was interesting and Yuki is safe. It ended as mere entertainment. 」

(Shera)「Seraria-sama, but… !! 」

(Lowell)「Hey there, you’re that Seraria right?」

(Shera)「Onee-sama, please stay silent!! Right now, onee-sama, you don’t have any right to speak!! 」


(Shera)「Otou-sama, eldest brother, do you intend to leave them be!?」

Like that I’m asking my father the King of Galtz and my eldest brother, the next in line for Galtz to do something. They look like they aren’t going to say anything.
Near them is Seraria who is talking with Lowell onee-sama.

(Seraria)「Lowell, please get a grip on your younger sister. 」

(Lowell)「Uuu, Seraria, help me. You’re my childhood friend, right~?」

(Seraria)「That’s right, but this time you’re the one at fault, so you reap what you sow. From my point of view, this is just a light punishment. 」

(Lowell)「L-light punishment… What kind is the he-…… 」

(Seraria)「Well, your neck won’t fly for the time being, but you tried to assault the husband of your younger sister, so it would be impossible to leave like nothing happened. Perhaps, how about doing three months of Princess-like activities without training?」

(Lowell)「Wh-what?! If you take away my sword and shield, what would remain?! 」

(Seraria)「That’s the problem. It’s a nice opportunity so please train your head too. 」

(Lowell)「Im-impossible. Seraria, do you think? Isn’t it easier to just swing the sword?」

(Seraria)「That’s true. But I more or less hold authority over the military since there’s no commanding military staff… unlike this place. I actually use my head too.」

(Lowell)「….. Uaaaaaaa」

Serves her right.
Please get crushed for a little while.

(Shera)「Then, do you have any last words?」

(King Galtz)「Ca-calm down. I understand the situation. 」

My father is shrinking before my angry face.

(Shera)「You understand what we’re talking about? This onee-sama and nii-sama here attacked before any kind of conversation could be had, or friend-or-foe recognition could be made!」

(Higil)「Th-that, he grabbed Shera’s head. I thought it was an assault… !! 」

(Shera)「I only had my head stroked, onii-sama. Is it nice to approach a couple when they are being intimate and crush the moment?」

Higil-sama who could only muster terrible excuses looks like an ugly animal.

(Shera)「This waste of a brother」

Silence spreads for a while after I issue those words…..

(Higil)「Uwaaaaa….. !! I can’t live anymore!!」

Before anyone even noticed, Higil nii-sama took a knife from who knows where and thrusts it towards his own neck…..

(Sharl)「Eeh, calm down!! Because Shera was just joking. Huh? Huuh!! 」

Sharl onee-sama tells me while desperately trying to stop nii-sama.
Are, did I go too far?

(Shera)「Ah, yes. Just kidding. However, I would like you to reflect on it that much. 」

(Higil)「I’m sorry!! I’m up to my neck in regret!! Please don’t hate me2)Chill: …..Siscon. Tensky: Siscon indeed Face: Wellll….it’s a king so can we be sure all them are blood related, or full blood related?!! 」

Higil nii-sama desperately lowers his head many times.

(Teak)「…… This time was our mistake. I’m sorry Shera. I will deeply apologize to Shera’s bridegroom, Seraria-dono, Lulu-dono and those with you. 」

My eldest brother deeply bowed while speaking.

(Teak)「My father too would like to lower his head, but he is a king. Please, I want you to forgive myself and additionally the King from my lowered head alone. Regarding the punishment, after examining things thoroughly, we will confirm and administer it severely. 」

…… Eldest brother, have you shrunk a little?
Was that a bit overkill?
Only in regards to eldest brother, for the others it’s far from enough.

(Sharl)「… I am sorry. Let’s introduce ourselves first, so we’ll prepare rooms. Also, is it alright if I leisurely listen to your stories later, while we have dinner?」

Sharl onee-sama is sweating profusely from her forehead, she’s trying to return the situation to normal.

(Seraria)「I don’t mind. 」

(Lulu)「I don’t mind either. What about Shera-sama?」

(Shera)「…… Even if I complain some more here, there’s nothing to be done. Let’s do that.」

(Sharl)「Thank you Shera. You know about the guest rooms right? We are a bit short on time so please assign the rooms while the maids are preparing to receive you. 」

(Shera)「… Yes, I understand. 」

===== Change to Yuki’s POV, later on =====

(Shera)「Truly, I’m really sorry. 」

Shera first leads us to our room and lowers her head with all her heart.
Well, if such a thing were to happen to me, I too would become pale.

(Yuki)「Even if you say that, I don’t mind it, I’m fine, honestly. Don’t you think that with this, the negotiations are going to be easier now? It wasn’t such a bad icebreaker after all.」

(Shera)「…… Is it really going to be alright?」

(Yuki)「Well, you’re my important family member after all. Shera, does it sadden you to be the cause of such discord?」

(Shera)「Th-thank you very much!! 」

(Yuki)「Yosh yosh. 」

(Shera)「Yuki you… If you were to hate me… I think… Hihku, Egu. 」

Ahh, she started crying.

(Yuki)「Is everyone else alright with this as well?」

(Lutz)「Onii-san, you have received no damage, even though there was no real danger, I’m glad. 」

(Kaya)「… No problem. 」

(Seraria)「I already had a chat with Lowell. 」

(Lulu)「There’s no problem for me either. 」

(Kur)「Although I have a few complaints regarding the security of this place, it’s okay. 」

(Rock)「Because I am a Guild Master, I have no right to say anything3)Chill: aww someone give him a cookie :3. 」

(Kirue)「I appreciate your generosity from the bottom of my heart everyone. Please wait for a while, there will be drinks soon….. 」

Lastly, Kirue also gives her thanks.

After that, our drinks arrived and I asked if we could talk about Shera’s memories of Galtz, specifically their specialties, to kill some time.

(Shera)「…… And that’s how it is. 」

(Lulu)「Oh, such a thing. 」

(Yuki)「Not really a good story. 」

(Seraria)「Yes, it was by no means a good story. 」4)Face: Foreshadowing anyone?

We also decided how to divide our rooms. Seraria, Lulu, Shera and Kirue are sharing with me.
Lutz, Kur and Kaya are sharing a room for four. Well, I guess that couldn’t be helped. 5)Face: I guess author-san decided Rock doesn’t get to stay with them??
We unpacked all our luggage, we have the item box so realistically they are just inconvenient and in the way though, but it’s for appearances.
While I talk to Seraria and Shera, Lulu is hugging me instead of using a hug pillow…..

(Sharl)「Sorry for keeping you waiting. The King, Princes and Princesses are waiting for you. This way, please. 」

In accordance with her words, we all proceed to the dining room.
As one would expect, the food that is served here could be said to be tasty.
Everyone is enjoying the dishes and have calmed down, the King opens his mouth.

(King)「How was Galtz’s cuisine, did it suit your palate?」

(Lulu)「Yes, It’s very good. Thank you very much for sharing this meal. 」

(Seraria)「I’m glad that I tasted this flavor again after such a long time. I never thought our relations would break down to the point of war. 」

(Yuki)「Yes, I too am very glad to have been able to enjoy this meal. 」

We enjoy a light chat together.

(King Galtz)「Now that we have finished the meal. Then, let me introduce myself once again. I am the King of Galtz. Galtz the 9th. 」

The King introduces himself with plenty of dignity.
He’s a human.
His build is very solid and he gives off the feeling of being a super heavyweight class.

(Teak)「I am Galtz’s first Prince, Teak. 」

Next, an ikemen with blond hair.
Somehow, I feel he experiences the same kind of troubles as me for some reason…
I wonder why?

(Lowell)「I caused you some trouble a while ago. I am Lowell, the second Princess of Galtz. I think that you already know, but Seraria and I have been friends since long ago. I’m happy we could meet again. 」

After that is the blonde wolf girl, who attacked us a while ago.
How to say it, I think she’s a muscle-head just like Seraria.
I think that her sense of style is better than Seraria’s though.

(Sharl)「Onee-sama, my younger brother has caused you some trouble. I am Sharl, the third Princess of Galtz. 」

She is also blonde, but her race looks different, is she an elf?
Her breasts are similar to Ellis’s boin-boin. 6)Face: What’s this sense of incongruity? elves with boin-boin? I DON’T THINK THAT’S HOW I NORMALLY IMAGINE ELVES

(Higil)「….. Fourth Prince, Higil. What I did is inexcusable and once again, I apologize with all my heart. 」

He’s an ikemen wearing glasses that seems full of intelligence as he lowers his head again.
That’s the Prince who ordered to shoot me with magic and arrows.
Well, he looks like he gets exploited quite a bit, poor guy…..

(Teak)「We apologize, however for the time being the 5th and 6th Princes are outside to subjugate monsters. Please understand. 」

(Yuki)「No, it is us who should be saying that. After all, we are the ones who suddenly appeared unannounced. I too will introduce myself. 」

After thanking him, I stand up and bow.

(Yuki)「I am Yuki, Shera’s husband. I have the title of marquis. 」

(Seraria)「And he is also my husband. It’s been decided that Shera is a concubine. 」

(Lowell)「Wait!? Seraria’s married!?」

(Seraria)「Yes, that’s right. 」

(Lowell)「You traitor!! 」

That way while Seraria and Lowell have a playful talk, the King opens his mouth.

(King Galtz)「I understand. To have Seraria-dono as your wife, It means I can entrust Shera to you with peace of mind. 」

(Shera)「Yes, father. 」

(King Galtz)「Then, why has Lulu from Ritea also come?」

(Lulu)「Oh, I’m very sorry. I also became Yuki-san’s concubine… 」

The air froze.

(Lowell)「Wh-what. The Holy Woman got married?」

(Lulu)「Yes, and I’m no longer the Holy Woman, now it is Alshtail. Now I’m giving all my support to danna-sama as a wife. 」

(Sharl)「Wa-wait a moment, please. Seraria-sama and Lulu-sama from Rochelle and Ritea are also married to the same man as Shera?」

(Lulu)「Yes, that’s exactly right. 」

Sharl-san who is surprised loudly questions Lulu.
There is no choice, no matter where you look, I do not look like such an adult.

(Teak)「…… Hah, sorry. I was just a bit surprised, but I’d like to know the circumstances surrounding why this marquis Yuki married both Seraria-dono and Lulu-dono?」

The eldest son, Teak, reboots and manages to ask what he wants to hear the most.
Wow this guy is amazing. Even in such a situation, he successfully manages to advance the conversation.
I am convinced that he has what it takes to be the next King.

(Seraria)「Okay. However, please carefully pay extra attention. 」

Seraria smiles and says so.

(King)「Understood. 」

Seraria’s observing the King’s attitude, keeping him at a distance.

Then, where is the talk going from now on…..


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1. Anth: it was previously Kaya and now it is Seraria, Idk why it changed so I left it as Kaya, I think it’s typo from author-san
2. Chill: …..Siscon. Tensky: Siscon indeed Face: Wellll….it’s a king so can we be sure all them are blood related, or full blood related?
3. Chill: aww someone give him a cookie :3
4. Face: Foreshadowing anyone?
5. Face: I guess author-san decided Rock doesn’t get to stay with them??
6. Face: What’s this sense of incongruity? elves with boin-boin? I DON’T THINK THAT’S HOW I NORMALLY IMAGINE ELVES

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    • Elves with huge tits are uncommon, but not rare. Not nowadays. Still in the minority overall though. Fear not! Slender and petite is still the norm in most settings.

      Look at Shera from Isekai Maou (How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord, English title).
      She’s got a bigger rack than Ellis and is an Elf Princess to boot! Though, unlike like the intellectual Ellis, Shera is kind of an airhead and not exactly the br8ghtest bulb in the group… but she’s a sweetie though, so it’s okay.

      Big breasted elves are a thing… best get used to it.

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    • Themistocles said his infant son ruled all Greece — “Athens rules all Greece; I control Athens; my wife controls me; and my infant son controls her.”

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    • well… the war was because of scheming of idiots that get greedy, from the looks of it both of the countries are in peacefull and have good relationship, until the Ritea want to ‘monopolize’ the holy woman and the greedy uncle get swoon to start a coup

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