Chapter 92 – Reactions from Galtz.

Chapter 92 – Reactions from Galtz

Side: Seraria

My husband is making a difficult face.
No wonder.
From where to start and what to explain in which order?
If you give a bad explanation, it would be difficult to start fresh.

When Galtz’s King heard my words, he easily brushed me off… Then let’s do it this way.

(Seraria)「I agree. Anyway, I don’t know how much you know for the time being so I don’t know where to start. If you don’t mind, please let us know about your understanding of the situation regarding the Demon King’s scheme. 」

(King Galtz)「… Excuse me Seraria. But you want us to disclose our information? Truly we cannot simply accept. It’s like showing our hands here. I would much rather go in with the assumption that what you say is the truth, besides Shera, Seraria and Lulu have pretty influential positions in their respective countries, if those voices are speaking, the least we can do is listen well. Why don’t you convey your side of the story first?」

Although Shera was angry and she even cried, right now she is very calm.
Well, hasn’t she grasped Lowell by the reins…….

(Seraria)「No, we certainly didn’t have any such intentions. But that’s true though, isn’t it. Let’s go through the topics in chronological1)in the order that the happened in time order then. But first, do you know what my position is now… The fact that I became a feudal lord?」

(King Galtz)「… Is it about the Dungeon that Herge ruled?」

(Seraria)「Yes. You seem to know a reasonable amount already, just like Shera. Then, do you know why I married my husband?」

(King Galtz)「About that, not at all. Rather, today was the day we just learned about Seraria-dono being married. 」

Fumu, it seems they only know the state of affairs to that extent…
Well, there’s the matter about the reconciliation that came, and then the marriage of the Princess for the sake of the alliance.
Since we sent words of gratitude at the very beginning, which led to the strengthening of the alliance, there isn’t really any need to hide what we know…
In this type of discussion hiding things can seriously backfire. Also, our goals are in mutual alignment, so there shouldn’t be any problems giving them the full details, minus most things regarding Yuki personally of course.

(Seraria)「I understand, starting from the event surrounding the Dungeon then. We heard from Shera that she was tasked to investigate the source of the reparations, is that right?」

(King Galtz)「…. H!? Shera spoke?」

(Seraria)「Yes, my husband listened to her well in bed. 」2)Anth : What a killer move Seraria… XD Face: Evil….


Shera faces me, her face dyed a deep red.
Aren’t you lovely? But from their side of things, isn’t this completely an act of betrayal?

(King Galtz)「Shera, what the heck is this? With this, our relations with Rochelle may become unstable. Don’t tell me that you didn’t know.」

(Shera)「It’s dif-different. Th-there’s a reason…… 」

(Seraria)「Yeah, there’s a reason. So please do not bully my husband’s important concubine. I will tell you a story, with this maybe you can make a guess about the origin of my marriage and the reparations?」

(King Galtz)「…… Did Seraria-dono do something about the compensation? With those level of funds? Impossible. Nevertheless, I’d like you to teach me. I have no idea in regards to your intentions at all at this point. Rochelle doesn’t benefit at all from giving us that kind of information. 」

(Seraria)「Of course, I only require benefits for my husband. 」

When I say that out loud, the surroundings became quiet.
It’s natural, this declaration…..

(King Galtz)「…… Seraria-dono. Are you trying to turn your sword against your own blood and country?」

King Galtz stares at me seriously and asks.
Yes, it is like declaring that I don’t want any benefits for Rochelle.
That’s the purpose of the declaration, though.

(Seraria)「Well, that’s not all there is to it. If we were to converse with Rochelle as an intermediary, a terrible serpent would appear, so I will talk directly with Galtz and then there’s no need for any further feverish investigations. This is not official, but it is also a request from my father. 」

(King Galtz)「…… I see. Since it is something that shouldn’t be known by many, you intend to give information only to those who need it and prevent the spreading of a false truth?」

(Seraria)「That’s right. 」

(King Galtz)「Okay, I got it. Please continue. 」

(Seraria)「Then, before that… My sister Herge…… 」

Before I could say any more, Lowell stood up.

(Lowell)「Don’t say it!! Seraria, how cold of you!! That’s right, now that Seraria and me have finally reunited, we have to crush the Demon King……. You… your sister… 」

Lowell and Herge got along well together.
She probably also has plenty of pent-up anger about that time3)Cre: I’m assuming Seraria is talking about the news that reported of Herge’s “death” in the past tense and Lowell’s anger about it.
She has tearful eyes, she doesn’t want me to say it.

(Seraria)「Thank you, Lowell. But I’m afraid that the matter related to Herge is at the center of this, so it can’t go unmentioned. 」

(Lowell)「… Gusuh. What about it?」

I take a deep breath and wait for everyone’s eyes to focus…..

(Seraria)「The stratagem of the Demon King, Herge’s assassination…. The truth is, Ritea was behind it all. 」


The eyes of the people from Galtz flash from white to black and back again in astonishment.
Well, it’s a normal reaction if you thought that the Demon King was behind it and then were told your neighbor was the evil one pulling the strings.

(Seraria)「Did you know? At the same time Herge was promoted to a Holy Woman, Ritea’s internal affairs started becoming increasingly unstable?」

(King Galtz)「…… More or less, however… Muu. To think Herge-dono was a hindrance for the holy country of Ritea to that extent… 」

(Lowell)「Do-don’t be foolish!! Don’t be silly!! Are you insinuating that Herge was killed just because Ritea couldn’t suppress it’s anxiety!?! 」

(Higil)「……. Nee-san, calm yourself. I understand your feelings. But, although it is a poor plan, it is an effective solution. 」

(Lowell)「Higil!! You!! In front of Seraria!! Besides, listening to that story, this war was the result of Ritea’s actions!! The people of our country have shed blood and lost their friends, been separated from their lovers and mourned their families!! 」

(Higil)「I’m aware!! But what do you want to achieve by screaming about that here?! What are you going to do about it?! There’s nothing that can be done right now, so please calm down.」

(Lowell)「I understand that!! So let’s ally with Rochelle and crush Ritea!! Otherwise, Herge and the people who died… !! 」

Lowell and Higil started getting heated.
This is only within the royal family, but if the informations spreads any more than this, it would become a disaster.

(King Galtz)「Quiet down!! 」

(Lowell & Higil)「「Huh!?」」

The King of Galtz stopped Lowell and Higil’s arguing with a thunderous shout.
Eh, he’s giving off the same feeling as my kuso oyaji.

(King Galtz)「…… Seraria-dono. Your father made a heartbreaking compromise. 」


Herge is alive though.


(King Galtz)「… Lowell. As expected you need to study more. Mou, the reason is the Kingdom of Rochelle had judged that extending the fighting any longer wasn’t necessary. 」

(Lowell)「Why would he!! They killed his daughter!! Why!! 」

(King Galtz)「….. It may be because of the people. If he chose to fight any further, surely both Rochelle and Galtz, as well as Ritea, would become exhausted. And it is undoubtedly the people who would suffer the most. 」

(Lowell)「…… 」

(King Galtz)「Lowell. I understand your feelings. I know that you loved Herge as your own sister. But what would happen if the three countries fight and the military of the Demon King really does decide to attack?」

(Lowell)「That… … 」

(King Galtz)「That possibility is mortifying. The three countries in a state of exhaustion trying to defend themselves from the demons. Therefore, King Rochelle prepared this compromise. He chose to stop the fighting above all else, he decided to sacrifice his own daughter….. It is a decisive and painful, yet brilliant move. 」

(Lowell)「Kusoh, Kusoh!! For that stupid reason….. Here, and the people from Galtz…… 」

As expected of this friend of mine, she still isn’t satisfied and it has yet to reach her heart.
I’m glad to call her my friend.

(King Galtz)「…… And about the reparations that you managed to raise… 」

(Higil)「…… From Ritea?」

(Seraria)「Yes, even if things were manipulated to lessen the damage, we couldn’t simply let it go. Therefore, I negotiated directly with them, forcefully. 」

(King Galtz)「A direct negotiation. That place would surely feel a chill.」

(Seraria)「Yes, that’s why we received this amount. 」

(King Galtz)「……. It’s hard to ask, is Seraria-dono satisfied with this conclusion?」

(Seraria)「…… Herge didn’t like to fight. Even if it ended in riots, there’s always a means to treat it, everything has a breaking point. About that… I am hateful, but spreading strife would make Herge sad. 」

(Higil)「… Seems so. Those are the words from her real sister… So let’s bear with it. What about Lowell, my own flesh and blood sister?」

(Lowell)「……. Then it is settled. If it’s what Herge wanted… Sorry, Seraria. 」

(Seraria「It’s fine. Lowell, I am really happy about your feelings. 」

Lowell keeps talking, she wipes her tears with a handkerchief and raises her face.

(Seraria)「About that. It would definitely be bad if the truth spreads too far… 」

(King Galtz)「…… Ritea would be plunged into a full-scale war. I have no way to control the people enough to stop that. Let’s swear that we won’t talk about it. Is everyone alright with this?」


Everyone understands how unscrupulous and dirty this story is, yet they nod.

(King Galtz)「Thanks to Shera, I didn’t end up pushing for the truth about this story more than necessary. Thank you. 」

(Shera)「No, this is my royal duty after all. 」

(King Galtz)「Umu. 」

The King of Galtz praises Shera for a little bit.

(Higil)「… Why is the Holy Woman-dono from Ritea, who committed such crimes, married to the same husband as Seraria-dono then?」

Higil gazes at Lulu with disgusted eyes.
Whether she is solely responsible or not, there’s no mistake that she is at the top of Ritea.

(Lulu)「I’d like to explain this myself, is that okay?」

(Seraria)「I don’t mind. 」

(King Galtz)「…… Fumu. If Seraria says so, it will be fine.」

(Lulu)「You have my thanks. 」

Once Lulu expressed her gratitude, she began talking.

(Lulu)「First of all, I will speak about only the facts. Unless asked to, I will not speak about my thoughts. Whatever you think, there is no doubt that I carry a part of the responsibility for this incident. Some of you might want to condemn me, but please listen to my explanation until the end. 」

An approach like that is just as expected of an elite from Ritea.
Also that Kuso Oyaji, the King of Galtz, isn’t moving, the air feels like it’s stagnating from the intimidation.

Hence, here is what we heard from Lulu.
She knew about Herge’s assassination and went to stop it, but couldn’t make it in time and was forced to return home.
On the way back she was about to be assassinated herself, so she ran away until she reached the Dungeon where I was and her life was saved.
Later, we left the Dungeon to deal with Ritea.
Eventually, we discovered that everything was planned and executed by the hardliners of Ritea, who wanted to pull the strings of government in both Ritea and Rochelle.
As an apology for this, all of the hardliners’ assets in Ritea were transferred to Seraria.
Lulu stepped down from the seat of Holy Woman and entered the opposite side as a concubine and a hostage4)Chill: it just occurred to me, but we’re experiencing a pattern here. Could this be a story about Rance? Traveling the world “liberating” princesses from all the countries…..

Yes, you did brilliantly Lulu. Yuki, who is the central figure of this, didn’t appear.
But it’s a miracle you were able to tell this story so calmly and clearly.
Although we would like to brag about our husband, the dilemma is that we simply can’t.

(King Galtz)「…… Lulu-dono had hardships too. As a fellow head of a country, I express my respect for that attitude of working hard until the end. 」

(Higil)「…… I was impolite earlier. I am truly sorry. 」

King Galtz gives his praise while Higil apologizes for his earlier attitude.

(King Galtz)「Lowell, are you ok now?」

(Lowell)「….. I also know that Lulu was Herge’s teacher. It’s the name that she always wrote in our letters. According to the letters, it is this figure with this attitude. There’s nothing I can say. 」

(Lulu)「… Is that so. 」

That way, everyone takes a breather.
Well, that was a pretty long story, so I would like to take a break.

(Teak)「And, sorry. Now I understand the truth behind the reparations and earlier conflict. However, this… Yuki-dono, why are you the husband of Seraria-dono and Lulu-dono?」

Teak is the one asking.
As ever, he’s poking at the smallest details.
But I was waiting for this!!

(Seraria)「It’s simple. It was precisely the outstanding job of my husband that stopped the conflict of this scale. 」

(Teak)「Ho? Is that true?」

(Seraria)「Yes. It is my father who executed this compromise, but my husband is the one who proposed and planned it. And then, because of Ritea’s string-pulling, Rochelle had many enemies. It was my husband that saved my sister who was about to be poisoned, and he saved my father who was also about to be assassinated. 」

(Teak)「It is not an exaggeration to say that he is a hero. 」

(Seraria)「That might be so. However, it doesn’t end there. Right, Lulu?」

(Lulu)「Yes, danna-sama healed me when I was injured. To the me who was disappointed to the depths of my soul, he gave me the determination to return to Ritea and purge its corruption, after that he escorted and helped me restore my country. Thanks to my husband, the hardliners were suppressed. 」
(King Galtz)「Fuh, fuhahahahah!! What, what a great hero!! Stunning, truly magnificent!! But, with outstanding feats like these, why isn’t his name spreading…… 」

(Seraria)「Simply because this is not a public incident. Well, there is one achievement in name only, My father and my sister, he saved them from the grasp of the Demon King. 」

(King Galtz)「Then so be it. However, he’s worthy. He is the husband that is the most appropriate for you. Seraria-dono. Lulu-dono. 」


We didn’t hesitate to reply.
There’s evidently no one more suitable to be our husband than Yuki .
I will tell you more about it.

From now on, it’s the real deal.
Afterword of the author
I am sorry for being late everyone.
When I got home yesterday I felt sleepy, when I realized it was past 0:00 and I was still writing, I went to bed.
I will do my best.


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1. in the order that the happened in time
2. Anth : What a killer move Seraria… XD Face: Evil….
3. Cre: I’m assuming Seraria is talking about the news that reported of Herge’s “death” in the past tense and Lowell’s anger about it
4. Chill: it just occurred to me, but we’re experiencing a pattern here. Could this be a story about Rance? Traveling the world “liberating” princesses from all the countries….

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