Chapter 97 – Insanity

Chapter 97 – Insanity

Side : Kur

We are now at the town in Galtz where our target Dungeon is located.
More accurately we’re inside the Dungeon itself. The 47th floor.

First things first, I will explain why there is a town on top of an uncaptured Dungeon.
As you know, a Dungeon can be a seriously dangerous threat, since it attracts Demon Kings, Dragons and more. It’s to the point where they are also called natural disasters.
Then, why would build a town on top of one?

In a sense, it’s preventative measures.
The opinions the various countries have towards Dungeons differs quite substantially. But in Galtz’s case, they see Dungeons not only as dangerous, but also as a source of income.
They cooperate with the Adventurer Guild to generate revenue, they help the Guild make branches and then towns naturally form around them. The towns are then used for monitoring those Dungeons and used as a source of income.
There is a risk that the Dungeon could spit out a powerful monster. But since the established town centers around said Dungeon, they can judge and respond to the danger much faster.

Ah, that obviously wouldn’t work on our Dungeon.
It doesn’t even compare to conventional ones after all.

By the way, the headquarters of the Adventurer Guild is in Ritea. So they immediately learned how Galtz does things and decided to use the same method. They encircle the Dungeons and then proceed to thoroughly monitor them with adventurers and Knights.

As for our country of Rochelle, the number of Dungeons is too low, only 3 have been found in recent decades, with the most recent one discovered 8 years ago.
Therefore, we set up branches of the Adventurer Guild and have Knights stationed at the towns and villages in their proximity.
In the past, Rochelle had no Dungeons at all and as a direct result of that we have very few Adventurers skilled and willing to attempt to earn a living in Dungeons, which is why we can’t do the same.
Also the financial situation of Rochelle’s treasury is generally on the rise because of them at the moment so we appreciate them, but naturally, the danger has also increased, so the revenue they generate goes into training more soldiers. It more or less balances out.

(Seraria)「What on earth are you doing Kur? Pay attention. You’re my bodyguard. 」

(Kur)「Oh, ah. My apologies. 」

Since I was engrossed in pondering this Dungeon’s history, Seraria reminded me that I am her bodyguard.

Our current enemy is something called Ogre Schneid 1)I believe Schneid is a reference to Gundam since the author loves them but I’m not sure, they are particularly strong even among ogres.
Normally speaking, they hover around level 50… In other words, you’d need generals leading a regiment to defeat them…..

(Lutz)「Fumu fumu, the coast is finally clear, they all got blown away in one blow huh. 」

(Kaya)「… Yes. Although I think you should hold back a little. What would you do if something unexpected comes from behind and you’re completely focused on attacking? You need to stay flexible as a rear guard. 」

(Lutz)「Is that so? That’s a good point actually. But from time to time it’s all right to move around a little. 」

…… First is Lutz-sama. It is said that she was an adventurer who used a spear, but she could easily slaughter the Ogres even while using her fake body.
…….Next is Kaya-sama. She seems to be doing her best in the vigilante corps of her village, so she isn’t a problem. She’s easily massacring the monsters using her sword and magic.
…… And lastly Lulu-sama. Just like Seraria, she is supposed to be high leveled since she is the former Holy Woman of Ritea… But it’s just ridiculous how easily she kills ogres using only her staff. I mean why does someone Holy need to be able to fight?

(Shera)『Yuki-sama!? Are you alright!? I have this mysterious feeling that Ogre Schneids appeared!! 』

(Yuki)「Ah, we’re fine. Seraria and the girls wiped them out. 」

(Naruja)『Did they have something like a good metal?』

(Yuki)「Ah, that’s right. I ended up with some Orichalcum. 」2)Anth: Don’t “I ended up with” Orichalcum me!

(Naruja)『M-my goodness. Even though we could summon some with DP, we would go bankrupt if we’re not careful, so getting it for free is nice. Can you gather them here?』

(Yuki)「Let’s see, do you want to buy some in small amounts when we get out of here?」

(Naruja)『Ah, we could do that. But from now on the blacksmiths will start exporting, so even if we can substitute it with DP as much as we want, it would be enough to dry out any mining site, so we should be frugal to avoid suspicion like, how did you get all of that? 』
(Lutz)「I agree. To that end, we won’t export the best of our manufactured products, and since we’d always have a way to import from somewhere else, there shouldn’t be any problems.」

…… There’s also the Dungeon’s brain and Seraria-sama’s husband, Yuki-sama.
Although he himself hasn’t fought at all, his ability is high enough to receive praise from Seraria-sama.
I’m also seeing Yuki-sama’s abilities right now, and there’s no way I can act like him, leisurely talking while being so deep inside a Dungeon.

(Shera)『But it’s annoying!! I also wanted to go with Yuki-sama!! 』

(Naruja)『Well Well, Shera-sama has a way of contacting Yuki-san’s party… 』

(Shera)『Naruja-san, please~!! Why do I, his wife, have to be separated from him…… 』

(Naruja)『Even when Yuki-san said that you are the most suitable person for dealing with the Royal court. 』

(Shera)『Uu~!! 』

Since Shera’s staying behind, she can tell us the trends in Galtz.
Well, it’s like that. She is still a member of Galtz’s royalty, so she is without doubt the most qualified right now.
Also, Naruja-sama.
Naruja-sama seems interested in the armor from Galtz so she remained in the Royal Capital. She also substitutes in for us when we need some information gathering done in the city.
Rock-san is dealing with the Guild3)Adventurer Guild of the Royal Capital.

(Yuki)「Sorry Shera. I will buy you a souvenir before I return. Please be patient until then, okay?」

(Shera)『…I want a souvenir and I want a whole night in your hot embrace without sleeping. 』4)Cre: …What a greedy little Rabbit girl!!! Face: is she really a little girl….

……There are a lot of these indecent conversations lately. Seraria-sama regularly says such things too. It’s something I don’t quite understand.

(Kur)「But, Seraria-sama. Are we still proceeding? We’re already on floor 47 you know? From the Guild’s report, the lowest discovered floor is 34. I think going any further is only going to be more dangerous, also investigating the unknown is a little…… 」

I say that, hoping to stop them from advancing any further inside the Dungeon.
Yes, it’s because we are already advanced way beyond the information possessed by the Guild.

Originally, the strategy inside a Dungeon is to capture floors one at a time.
If you dive a level deeper, the monsters become stronger, the traps harsher, the terrain is unknown and you have no maps.

For example, even if you easily clear a floor of monsters, the next one might not go as smoothly.

(Kur)「In the first place…. We reached the 47th floor in 5 hours, that’s too abnormal!! It’s overdoing it!! We should return already!! 」

Yes… The 47th floor, in only 5 hours…
That’s about 7 minutes per floor.
That’s insane.
This speed shouldn’t be possible.

(Seraria)「…Hmm, there’s also that, oh well. Hey, my dear? What do you think since it’s already been 5 hours now? Should we leave some fun for tomorrow?」

(Lutz)「Ah, there’s that as well, hey~. It’s generally high-paced. 」

…High-paced!? This is actually a pace?!

(Seraria)「Dear, what do you think?」

(Yuki)「Hmm, coming this far, maybe we’ve only finished about half of this Dungeon. 」

(Seraria)「Oya, we made it to the halfway point?」

(Lutz)「…That means. 」

(Yuki)「Ou, as we’re progressing, I’m taking control of the floors we’ve traversed so far…. Long story short, there’s a mechanism in which if you pour DP inside an enemy floor from the start until you reach the Dungeon core, you take control of the other Dungeon.」

Of course. Of course Yuki-sama is casually talking, fighting, moving around and taking over the Dungeon……

If there is another Dungeon Master here, wouldn’t they be in tears by now?
Afterword of the author
Sorry, it’s short.
I wrote various things but I have a feeling that I can’t write more like this.
I’m sorry…


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References   [ + ]

1. I believe Schneid is a reference to Gundam since the author loves them but I’m not sure
2. Anth: Don’t “I ended up with” Orichalcum me!
3. Adventurer Guild
4. Cre: …What a greedy little Rabbit girl!!! Face: is she really a little girl….

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  1. I thought he wanted a friendly chat with another dungeon master… well I don’t think that’s very likely anymore.

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