Chapter 122 – Consultation

Chapter 122 – Consultation

Side: Yuki

Fuu, I’m done.
After all, I was able to work with Leia until the end.
Well, it doesn’t mean there was any effect, but Ellis treasures the influence of Asu-san.

The reason is because it’s fun to spend time with children every once in a while.
Honestly, Kaya wanted to see how many scars are left inside Leia’s heart.
It’s still only a day so I can’t tell. Perhaps her mind suffered more than her body?

Because, even at school, she never called anyone’s name.

I don’t know whether she intentionally avoids them, but whatever the case it’s quite troubling.
I can’t do psychology or counseling, but I can tell that it’ll be bad if we leave her like this.
This is a problem I have to deal with before Leia can become my bride.
I mean, unless we improve her condition, I have the impression she will feel like the walking-dead.

First, I have to gather information.
There is no choice but to listen to the three people who came along.
I would be grateful if Asu-san could hear me out too.

I need to hear more, let’s talk to Ellis at dinner.

(Yuki)「How was it today, Leia?」

(Leia)「Yes, was, very, fun. 」

(Yuki)「I see, I’m glad. You looked like you were nervous, but since you came to school and laughed, are you going to be okay from now on?」

(Leia)「Eh, laugh, did I?」

(Yuki)「Yes, you didn’t notice? Well, it’s a good thing on its own, a school with children can be qualified as a natural place for a laugher. I doubt you would go to a school with a forced smile. 」

(Leia)「Yeah, that is so. 」

(Yuki)「The first reason is because most of the children are happy. There isn’t really any other reason. 」


However, the place called school seems to have a little influence on Leia.
Well, it is hard to judge whether it is a good influence on her or not, but in any case I have to start with something. So since shows a reaction to school, I will use that for now.
She shouldn’t be assaulted by a young student, so there would be no worry of random explosions either.
Is it better than a normal workplace?

F*uck, have i not been considering the workplace situation of my subordinates? No wait, calm down I have been considering it since the beginning, but this time I have to be even more careful than with the others.
It’s hard to be a manager.

Anyway, today the children have already returned to the dormitory and we decide to just go home as well.
Ah, what am I going to do about Leia’s bed?
Is it good for her to stay in the same inn?
When I was thinking about that, I got a call from Ellis.

(Yuki)「Yes. 」

(Ellis)『Hi, have you finished your work?』

(Yuki)「Yes, I thought about going home now, what should Leia do? The same inn?」

(Ellis)『We’re considering that now. Let’s talk to the four people directly. Why don’t we get together for dinner somewhere?』

(Yuki)「That’s a good idea, the opinions of them themselves is also important after all. Would they manage a house by themselves do you think?」

(Ellis)『Let’s see. For now, I will contact Lutz and take her with me, where do you want to go?』

(Yuki)「The experiment hall would be nice. There I can hope to find a room. 」

(Ellis)『Okay. Then, later. 』

The call from Ellis ended and I start heading to the experimental hall with Leia.

(Yuki)「Do you have a favorite food?」

(Leia)「Not in particular. 」

Humm, there are many people like that who have been sold as slaves.
It’d be closer to say that they don’t want to express their wishes.

(Yuki)「Ok then let’s do this. You don’t have to hold back, do not force yourself to eat something you hate, while you can ask to eat more of the good things. It’s a meal, let’s enjoy it. 」


Whether I was lucky or not, I didn’t come across Ellis on my way to the experiment hall.
During that time, I was talking with Leia, but as usual I am asking questions and Leia answers.
Am I pushing too much?
It’s not my hobby to be so greedy. 1)Chill: uses spellcard; Pot of Greed
Like a friend, if I do Goukon, can I simply enter?
Looking at that I would be rejected, what am I saying?

(Guard)「Hey, welcome. Ah, General. 」

(Yuki)「Yosh, I will have dinner here tonight. I’ll be here with about 6 more people, so could you please lead me to an available room. Ah, is a private room vacant?」

(Guard)「It’s good. You’re free to go. 」

I talk to the owner lightly and head to a private room.
There I sit down.

(Yuki)「Leia, also take your shoes off like at the inn and come sit. 」


(Yuki)「Then, is there something you would like to eat? This is the menu. 」

That way, I hand the menu to Leia.

(Leia)「Eetto, I can hardly understand the dish names….. 」

(Yuki)「Oh, that’s right. Fumu, this should be a proper starter, the others will be arriving later so there is no need to hurry. 」

More specifically, Yakitori or Gratin should be the proper starters.
Lutz and Millie love Yakitori, but Ellis … is pro-salad….

(Lutz)「Onii-san!! Your beloved Lutz has come!!」



After the order, Lutz came and embraced both Leia and me.
She’s going Pink Rabbit2)IE: Erotic Rabbit on purpose.

(Millie)「Hey, Lutz what are you doing. Now Yuki-san, your dear Millie is here!!」
(Lutz)「You can embrace from the other side. 」
(Lutz)「Well well, isn’t it nice to be embraced by beautiful women and enjoy the feel of their boobs?」
(Yuki)「I’m happy, but don’t tell me you want me to massage you…… 」
(Lutz & Millie)「「Massage them to your heart content!!」」
(Yuki)「I mean. It’s a more valuable experience when it’s rare. 」

And the difficulty level inside a shop is too high.
I’m not a pervert.
At night you can already have unlimited rubbings, so resist here please.

(Ellis)「What are you two doing? The children we brought here are gobsmacked. 」

(Millie)「N-no. 」

(Lutz)「Conjugal affection is very nice, so can I stay?」

(One girl)「Ano, Ellis-san isn’t doing that?」

(Ellis)「These actions should be reserved for the night. 」

(The three girls) 「「「Kiya~~!!」」」

She looks delighted, Oi.
Well, if someone ask who the most intense is among the wives, it’s Ellis.
Usually, since she’s so serious, the night’s recoil is terrible.
You can’t say it’s amazing anymore.
I can’t sleep, seriously.
Even if I have been strengthened, drowsiness is another thing and I feel tired after doing it.
Although Ellis is perpetually moving in the middle of the night, she’s not sleepy at all in the morning and becomes glossy.
It’s way intense for me. And, enough about that.

(Ellis)「Because Leia is sandwiched, please remove yourselves. 」

(Lutz)「Yes yes. 」


The two people simply left me.
They probably made an arrangement in advance.
Do they have a bit of information about Leia?

(Yuki)「Are you okay?」

(Leia))「Y-yes. 」

Yosh, she’s surprised but she seems ok.
Seriously, I don’t understand Leia’s circumstances, so don’t just randomly take aggressive actions.

(Yuki)「Take a seat everyone. The order is already made. Just decide what you want to drink. 」

(The three girls)「「「Yees. 」」」

Everyone reach for the menu and decide on a drink.
The four people who came here for the first time wouldn’t know, so we decided on a policy to ask them about various tastes.

「Uwa, delicious!!」

「Nee, this is delicious too!!」

「It’s true!!」

「Yeah, Tasty. 」

Though it is still only the second day, these children are enjoying it.
When I was here for 2 days, I had yet to adapt to the Dungeon.
The inhabitants of this world are tough.

(Lutz)「Yes, onii-san, “Ahhh”. 」

(Millie)「Please here too. 」

(Ellis)「This salad is also delicious. 」

Then, I am carefully taken care by my wives.
No, but I can eat alone.
Maybe because it’s rare since I’m usually taking care of the three little girls.
It’s not because I’m cold-hearted or because I dislike it, but I’m going to eat myself.

(Yuki)「Then, how was it for you 3? Personally I was fine. 」

(Lutz)「Let’s see. No problem here either. 」

(Millie)「My side didn’t have any problems either. 」

(Ellis)「Well, same for me, but it’s only the first day after all. 」

(Yuki)「It’s too early to judge?」

(Ellis)「That’s right. Well, let’s see over the long run. 」

(Millie)「If it doesn’t suit them, we can introduce them to other workplaces. 」

We drank beer with each other and take a breather.

(Lutz)「Well, a pint after work is delicious, isn’t it?」

(Millie)「Yes, I feel alive because of this. 」

(Ellis)「I like wine, but beer isn’t bad either. 」

I relax while eating yakitori.
Once I’d eaten to a certain extent, my hands shake and stop. The main topic is brought up.

(Ellis)「The girls, what are we going to do for their homes?」

Ellis said that and takes a glance to me.
Ellis, do you have a rough idea?

(Ellis)「Although it is an ordinary response, we could put a quadruple room inside an independent building of the training school. Also we can prepare a new house. Is that appropriate?」

(Yuki)「Ellis you said it all. It’s all there is to it. 」

(Ellis)「Yes, since they are just ignorant of Weed’s rules and solid points, they would have nothing to do at the training center, but should we put them in the independent building and use some money, or should we make them a new house. 」

(Millie)「But you know~, If I, the representatives of the Adventurer District. , the representative of the Commercial District Lutz and the representative of the entertainment Ellis prepare a new house, the children would be seen as receiving special treatment. 」

(Lutz)「Let’s see. What do you want to do onii-san?」

(Yuki)「I agree with Millie’s opinion too. It’s completely like a special treatment. But it’s already the case now. 」


(Yuki)「We’re already pulling the 4 girls along with us. 」

(Ellis & Lutz & Millie)「「「Ahh」」」

In other word, it doesn’t change the fact that they have special treatment. After all we personally pulled newcomers through their first days.
Even if there is the circumstances of the hero, that isn’t known to others.
What is there to be done if we have already that.

(Lutz)「In addition, there’s Leia’s case. 」

The voice is made small, and I’m taking a glance at leia having fun with the others.
I’m worried she would be in trouble if left alone.
Because it will go BOOM if managed poorly.
Hot news of tomorrow, the apartment collapsed after an explosion!? I wouldn’t be able to sleep thinking of that.

(Millie)「Then, how about this? If we decide to make them live together in a room of two, we can prepare the houses tomorrow and still save a bit of money. If we send them to the training school instead, I think that within a moment, there would be strange rumors as Yuki-san implied. 」

(Lutz)「Let’s see. Today we will keep you at our side and tomorrow you can sleep at the training center. Others might see this as useless. 」

(Ellis)「Well, I would like Yuki-san to take care of Leia carefully, despite the look of a special treatment. For the time being, let’s have Yuki-san and Leia-san stay together until we decide of a new house. 」

(Yuki)「I think that it’s unlikely. It is just for today, isn’t it?」

(Ellis)「I know that. You have to reduce the risk, you know?」

I know that but.
Today, if I bring Leia home, how will my wives react.
Afterword of the author
I’m sorry.
Posting was postponed.
I created another character in God Eater 2, forgive me!!
It takes time to play alone.
Also, I want the pokemon Diancie.
I need to find it.


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1. Chill: uses spellcard; Pot of Greed
2. IE: Erotic Rabbit

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