Chapter 116 – Response of each country towards the hero

Chapter 116 – Response of each country towards the hero

Side: Yuki

Well then, our break has ended.
Let’s hear the response of each country concerning Rankus.

Because of the actions of Rankus’ Princess this time, we thought that the Demons would send out scouts.Taking advantage of that, we shared the information we learned about the Demons with our allied nations’ leaders and it seems that the results were good, so in a way, I should probably be thankful to Rankus’ Princess.
Thanks to that, I was able to smoothly disseminate information about the demons.
If we would have simply introduced them, it would have been hard to avoid execution without waiting for an answer.
However, we are in a situation where the Demons can listen to the movements of the Rankus Princess.
In order to know the movements of the other party, no matter what country it is, they have to gather information about any situation. Since this continent regards Demon as evil from the root, this is a situation that can make them hear about the story.

There’s also the possibility that the Demon King will attack with her army.

From here on, if we arrest the demons, the unnecessary rumor that says we’re tied to the Demon King will scatter.
About this, a crack might not necessary appear but our own risks will increase.
I’m talking about assassination.
Although this idiot has a strange sense of justice, she is still trying to kill me. I am afraid she would turn her fangs against my wives.

When I explained that to my wives during the break……

「「「We’re more worried about you! 」」」

Their voices aligned.

「「「We must find a wife specialized in guarding immediately. 」」」

I don’t intend to seek out another wife seriously.
Speaking of which, I already have the monsters outside.

「「「Unless this is a person that can go against your order it’s useless. 」」」

Ah, indeed.
It is not against an assassination they’re trying to defend, but against my orders?
I never thought about it until now because they are all motivated so far, but they are strangely too earnest, it’s a big problem when you think about it.
For the sake of protecting me, they want that an escort follows me 24 hours a day1)even while your having some quality time with your other wives?.
If it’s a soldier, he can’t resist my order so I can easily drive him away.
But that’s a different story altogether when the soldier is in fact my wife.
There is nothing wrong with being together with me for forever.

This is what they are looking for.
Since she would be on escort duties, she must be a reliable person.
Someone who is all over heels for me seems to be fit.
Oriel, Kirue, Anna, Kur. Their loyalties are thick, they also have reasonable military strength and intellect.
…… Why aren’t they here?

It’s not possible to pull one of these four people apart, they all have their exclusive lords.
Moreover, they have their own work to do.

Well, this isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

I thought about this and since everyone started to take their seats, I also take mine.

(Yuki)「Now, on the agenda is how each country is going to deal with Rankus and the demons. Let’s confirm this. 」

Seraria and the others nod.
The leaders of each country have no objections.

(Seraria)「Oh well. Otou-sama, onee-sama, can we hear your opinion?」

(King Rochelle)「I agree. Aria, how do you think we should act?」

(Aria)「Yes, in regard to the demons, whether reconnaissance will come, if we should raise our vigilance or not, and if anything is wrong, whether they will attack our country or not. 」

Hmm, Aria is right.
Information isn’t absolute, merely credible this time.
It’s natural to strengthen the surveillance near the border of the country.

(Aria)「As far as Rankus is concerned, we can’t go out of hand honestly. We’re not doubting in Weed’s victory, but we can’t side with you from the beginning. Because the other party has a hero-sama. Without him I would say yes immediately. In the end, we still supported Rankus with our goods. At this time it’s hard to say if we will keep doing that or not. 」

Rochelle can’t get out of hand this time.
Regardless of Galtz who was supporting them before, they won’t interfere in the country they previously protected.

(Seraria)「I understand, thank you onee-sama. 」

(King Rochelle)「No, this is my responsibility as a ruling figure of our country. Seraria has grown a lot. 」

(Aria)「Onee-sama’s hardship right now penetrates my flesh and blood. But it’s fine since your good husband has great concubines, there is no problem. 」

When Seraria declared so at Aria, Aria’s face flashed with a pleasant smile.

(Seraria)「Cough. Next is Ritea, can I ask about your answer?」

Seraria with a red face urgently follows by asking Alshtail.

(Alshtail)「Yes. Regarding the Demon King and the Demons Ritea doesn’t plan to take much measures apart from raising the alert level on our borders. Regarding Rankus however, we already have messengers running using racing horses. we dispatched personnel to every church in Rankus. We told them to help as many people as possible. 」

(Seraria)「I’m for the church to help the people too. No matter how strong the hero is, he only has two hands. 」

This is how Alshtail from Ritea plans to use her country’s religious power.
There are many churches on this continent under the patronage of Lilith.
Because she is related to love and affection, the church are mostly wedding related in each country. Priests are dispatched for that duty.

(Alshtail)「However, just like Rochelle, we can’t show any direct support before the fight is over. 」

(Seraria)「Naturally. Alshtail, thank you for your cooperation. 」

(Alshtail)「No, in that occasion Rankus is definitely at fault. I will do my best to help. 」

I guess it’s probably all from Ritea.
They’re moving more than I thought.
Taiki, I hope your worries can be decreased even a little.

(Seraria)「Then, how is Galtz going to react?」
(King Galtz)「Just like the other two countries, we can only increase our vigilance at the border regarding the Demons. As for Rankus, it is necessary that we dispatch monitoring units to prevent them from any plundering in the different villages we’re going to station them to. Even if we are uneasy about it, we must support the Hero and cooperate with Rankus subjugation. 」

(Sharl)「Let’s see. My head hurts. Where will we find the expenses for that….. 」

Sharl from Galtz’s political affairs is holding her head.
Galtz must approve of Rankus military action and approve the passage in their territory using a specific route.
Then they will need to make the steps to prevent the villages stationed nearby from receiving damages.
No matter how the war will end, the expenditures will be painful to the end.

(Seraria)「If this is the problem, you can withdraw money. 」

(King Galtz)「It’s a pleasant offer, but the matter of Rankus is a failure from Galtz. 」

Seraria shares the thought of offering cooperation. But Galtz’s honor doesn’t allow them to receive the money.
They humbly decided that Rankus is their loss.
If you get help from Weed, it will be suspicious, and we might even be suspected as being part of Galtz’s national strength.
Besides, this time Rankus is raising an army.
Galtz will have to lead the Rankus to Weed.
If there is a mismanagement regarding the guests who you invited from another country, the blunder to their reputation could be enormous.
It cannot be helped, they have to lend a hand to Rankus.
Also, Galtz already knows about the bad guys from Rankus, they will be very thankful in the case Rankus collapses.
Therefore, it is necessary to have Galtz act alone this time.

(Lutz)「Let’s see. Then, how about providing some technology from our place once the matter with the hero is over?」

(Seraria)「Hee, that’s a good idea Lutz. In this case, Galtz won’t receive any help from Weed and it can be used later as a return gift from hero-sama. What do you think?」

(King Galtz)「In that case, I will refrain from answering immediately but there’s still a problem. What kind of technology would you offer….. in the world?」

(Seraria)「Our side with my husband will also receive help from hero-sama. Well, I don’t care to give you some of our technology right now. But I think it’s better for my husband to do a lot of things before. Because we already have many ideas for tomorrow. 」

She’s terrible.
We make things from Japan.
What’s wrong.
You talk about a peeler when a peeler comes in handy!!
Maybe with a grater!!
Oh, if we make this it might sell well?
There are already various kind of general miscellaneous goods, but the cooking utensils that are sold are only kitchen knives, cutting boards and pots. In short, basic items.

(Seraria)「Hey, looks like he came up with something again. 」

Seraria, don’t you go and look this way so delighted.
When she saw my frustrated face, her smile becomes even wider.

(King Rochelle)「Come to think of it, Seraria. We understand how each countries are going to move now, but what is Weed going to do? No, I mostly understand but I still need an answer. 」

(Seraria)「Let’s see. It is as otou-sama says. Then, Weed will strengthen the security at our entrance and exit, because we expect for Demons to come scouting Weed, so just in case. We will especially strengthen the town outside of the Weed’s entrance to urge the attention from people. In addition, since we don’t know what rank they are or how many will they be, we will avoid any declaration but certainly crush them. Regarding the trade, we will stop when we receive the report of Rankus arrival at Galtz’s border. The reopening is planned one week after the Rankus army will be destroyed. Furthermore, although we are going to either kill or capture every single person from Rankus, they may be some people who will try to flee. Since they may become thieves within Galtz or Rochelle, please also take measures for that. 」

With this, we finished the correspondence with each countries and will now move on the stories regarding the trade.
Since it’s money-related it’s gonna heat up.
Because it concerns our national prosperity it can’t be helped.

(Yuki)「Well, what should we do next?」

I was thinking about what to do next while looking through the documents.
Afterword of the author
With this, the possibility of the demons coming out is real.
Rankus is very annoying. Lol.


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1. even while your having some quality time with your other wives?

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