Chapter 87 – Discussing the future plans

Chapter 87 – Discussing the future plans.
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I’m sorry. There was a lot of things and I was delayed.


Side: Yuki

Now then, as Seraria and Shera had said, if we connect the Dungeon to a number of countries in the future, those countries will surely recognize it as a conspiracy from Rochelle.

In spite of that, we need to start moving at full-scale.

(Shera)「That’s why, even if we try to become independent from Rochelle, if we don’t have any substantial achievements, we won’t appear independent because it will raise the question “What have they done to earn it?”.」

(Seraria)「Huh? Let’s just promptly declare our independence and strike in one fell swoop, it leaves no questions asked.」

As usual, Seraria says something dangerous.

(Shera)「Seraria-sama, Yuki-sama seeks a path in which blood does not flow. What shall we do about cooperation with other countries after that? Intimidate them, or even crush the opposition?」

(Seraria)「It was a joke. If we simply state that we have our independence, it’s still not guaranteed for it to end up in war and subterfuge is it? Even better, since we have Lilith’ and Luna’s backing, can’t we simply use their names and be done with it?」

(Shera)「Sorry, that won’t work either. Well I suppose my father the King of Galtz and the King of Rochelle would be satisfied with that, but not all the vassals will accept Lilith as genuine and not to mention all the smaller countries.」

(Seraria)「That’s right. Even if we manage to persuade them, we will in turn be considered to be under Ritea as the Goddess’s vassal. Finding a solution to appearing truly independant is seeming more and more impossible.」

In their own way, the two Princesses are thinking about it……

(Riel)「How does one usually get recognized as independent? I don’t really know much.」

Riel mutters so.
Well yeah, it would probably be best to start there.
How does one split away from a country and become truly independent, that I don’t understand either.
Well, I also don’t know about the rules of independence for this continent.

(Seraria)「Oh well, generally if you complete large military goals and earn big achievements, you can be rewarded territory.」

(Shera)「About that, I agree with you. After a large-scale event, the results are acknowledged and large rewards are granted and in extreme cases, independence can be granted along with a territory.」

(Seraria)「Well, that’s true. Troublesome lands are frequently chosen for this. The first choice is usually an enemy country, where the inhabitants are dissatisfied with their new rulers or miss their old ones. The second on their priorities list would probably be territory which borders on aggressive neighbors, in which case you essentially become a pillow. Then their final choice would be territories that are just generally underdeveloped and need serious pioneering. The reason they choose troublesome area to hand over is basically so that they don’t have to deal with it anymore.」

(Shera)「It’s not that simple realistically speaking. But as Seraria says, the bid for independence will only be accepted if the country is willing to lose an area, for whatever reason it may be. Then to gain true independence they need to prove themselves against their new neighbors」

I understand, we can force the independence, but if we do so without permission, then from a certain point of view it could be said that the trade was unequal.

(Riel)「Eto, what about this place?」

(Seraria)「Oh well. It would have normally been no problem to become independent if this land was difficult, however…..」

(Shera)「The usefulness of this place has been proven, don’t you think? This Dungeon is a kind place, largely self-sufficient and can be considered a treasure vault.」

(Seraria)「The heavyweights in Rochelle aren’t going to part from this place easily.」

(Shera)「Yes, I think so. Seraria-sama won the previous political event and we’re now exempted from tax for 5 years. However, the goods produced still yield more profits than just taxes can account for, like for example the quality of life is on the rise. And since the time the tax will be paid is in a mere 5 years, they must be eagerly awaiting their earnings and planning or raising taxation. Such people will not look kindly at our independence.」

That makes sense.
If you view this from a more narrow and personal perspective, if Rochelle can monopolize this Dungeon, they can decide on what goods to circulate and which to keep for themselves without permission, travel all over the country free of charge and make a seemingly unlimited amount of money.
If you look at this hypothetical situation from a country’s point of view, then we would earn great disfavor in regards to all the other countries who are helplessly watching it from the sidelines.
Which could in turn lead to war.

(Riel)「… U—n. After I heard this story, why would it be impossible for us to become independent? No one can stop us.」

Riel tilts her head so much it is twisting her neck. 1)Anth : wtf Face: whoa spooky Chill: too much Shaft!
Well, that’s a little extreme.

(Millie)「From what Seraria and Shera said, I understand that there is no way of being independent without doing anything ?」

(Ellis)「Yes, I understand that…… But what should we do?」

(Millie)「That’s right. Thanks to Yuki-san, I have become the manager of the Adventurer Guild, but I’m not good with political things here. Would you like me to ask the Grand Master?」

Ellis and Millie are also inclining their heads, they look puzzled.

(Yuki)「Don’t worry about it. I’m thinking about it.」

(Seraria)「Wow? Can you tell me?」

(Shera)「Yuki-sama probably has some kind of modest method?」

Seraria and Shera are also interested, well it’s not like I’m trying to hide it.

(Yuki)「For the time being, I think this Dungeon will be recognized as an independent nation because of the cooperation from Lulu for Ritea and Shera for Galtz. If we use these cards right then those two nations should accept it. As for Rochelle there are a few options.」

After I said that, Lulu who got lost thoughts murmurs.

(Lulu)「I understand, it is a country as big as Rochelle and they already know about the Dungeon. It will also prevent Rochelle from acquiring all the profits. As for their relationship to the other two countries, if this Dungeon becomes independent, they can easily negotiate through us and maintain contact, Rochelle will have to accept us if that happens.」

(Yuki)「Sounds about right. As for Rochelle, if the other two countries vocally acknowledge our independence to some extent, even if they had refused at first, they would end up with a bad reputation if they refuse our plea for independence. This is because they would receive an image of being dazzled by money and abusing the dungeon, this in turn would form cracks inside Rochelle’s leadership and image which we could abuse. Indeed, currently the situation is at a stage where they have yet to make any profit. No matter how much we look like a gold mine, since there are no actual results yet, the flow should tend towards our independence2)because if they refuse, the other countries will view it as Rochelle trying to monopolize the dungeon. Which they obviously wouldn’t like and would look unfair since the Dungeon became rich after proclaiming their independence.. It would be much more difficult if we had already started trading profitably a lot with Rochelle.」

Seraria and Shera nod, as if they were convinced.

(Seraria)「That’s a characteristic of a great and small country. Abusing the neutrality like that.」

(Shera)「That’s good. If you’re a small country then you should look for backing from the major powers to avoid war. Hah, isn’t this the same as the end-game plan3)Chill: sorry forgot proper english, deal with it Face: anyone remember how world war 1 started? It’s like that, making the countries tie each other down like that.」

Everyone becomes quiet as if to say they understand the story so far.

(Riel)「Un, does that mean you’re going to ask for Galtz’s and Ritea’s support first?」

Riel answers, thinking to the fullest of her capabilities.

(Yuki)「That’s right. From now on, I want to be acknowledged as independent by Galtz and Ritea, so I will ask for their help.」

(Lulu)「That’s good. Though it will merely take the form of talk about independence from Ritea. You can talk with Alshtail at any time regarding the Dungeon which seems to be very concerning for Ritea, so they must want to talk to Rochelle as well.」

Lulu says that there will be no problem contacting Ritea.
I’ve become acquainted with Alshtail, she owes us a lot of debts so she will be friendly and reasonable.
Rather than returning favors, won’t she be earning?

(Shera)「… So that means, Yuki-sama. The biggest problem in the future is the negotiation with my Galtz, is that right?」

Shera stares at me seriously.

(Yuki)「Yes, Shera will return to Galtz to talk about this Dungeon and ask for support and a promise of independence. And also to make a Dungeon in their basement that can connect directly to this place with a gate.」

(Kirue)「Slow down there, wait please. Yuki-sama, Shera-sama hasn’t even married yet and despite that just how much are you planning on using her by suddenly sending her as an emissary to Galtz……」

Kirue whilst flabbergasted stops the talk.
Well, if the daughter you sent to become a wife and gift suddenly returns just a few months after, then you would think she was returned and something went wrong.

(Yuki)「I fully understand that, but this is a race against time. If we’re unskilful dealing with Rochelle then we will lose a lot of options, in addition to that they are going to become more and more pressuring. As soon as possible I wish for a promise of independence and cooperation. Besides, our relationship isn’t bad so even if they suspect something, it will be cleaned up nicely.」

(Shera)「Yes Kirue, worrying is useless. This is Yuki-sama’s strategic arrangement that will save the continent. I am his wife so why would I say that I hate it. And as you said. I and Yuki-sama are properly in love. If I am suspected over there, Kirue can speak as a witness and state the facts. I can also prove with a doctor’s diagnosis that I am no longer a maiden.」

Shera said that with pride and confidence.
Oh, by the way, the nights with Shera are basically one to one, but recently Aslin’s group started mixing in.
Just like Labiris, she is like a sister for Aslin and Philia. But I feel like they aren’t close enough to be allowed to spend the night together yet.

(Yuki)「As for this matter I’ll proceed with the usual dummy setup… I’ll head to Galtz with the doppelganger. Shera and Kirue will have to learn how to use a Doppelganger. Well I’ve spoken about the schedule, but the rating of the small Dungeons has been prolonged beyond what I had imagined and there’s also the inspection from Rochelle. We can’t advance this schedule until those have wrapped up.」

(Shera)「What do you mean by the usual dummy?」

(Riel)「Yuki-san’s real body… Seems that he will be leaving it here……」

(Philia)「O-onii-chan please entrust your body to us!!」

(Aslin)「I’ll take responsibility for nii-sama’s body and I’ll look after him!!」

(Labiris4)Anth: never forget about Labiris, she’s always watching)「…… Kusuh.」

Are, I have the feeling that the aura around the girls has changed.
Even if Lilith said「Because there is various female partners, I will help you reinforce your energy and various other things.」She only gave me a boost to my fighting skills for night battles……

(Yuki)「…… Eto, can it be while I have my consciousness…」

(Philia)「It’s fine!! Even if onii-chan is sleeping, we will feel good!!」

(Aslin)「Desu!! Because nii-sama is always charging around, it’s our turn!!」

(Labiris)「…… Fufufufufu」

…… Yes. It looks like it may be more troublesome than the negotiation with the countries.
Afterword of the author
I think it is difficult to grasp because there is various things to do, so I will try to talk about it another time.


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1. Anth : wtf Face: whoa spooky Chill: too much Shaft!
2. because if they refuse, the other countries will view it as Rochelle trying to monopolize the dungeon. Which they obviously wouldn’t like and would look unfair since the Dungeon became rich after proclaiming their independence.
3. Chill: sorry forgot proper english, deal with it Face: anyone remember how world war 1 started? It’s like that
4. Anth: never forget about Labiris, she’s always watching

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