Chapter 99 – Familly

Chapter 99 – Familly

Side : Delille ・Le. Kossel

(Delille)「Umu, nothing requireth attention on this fine day. It’s peaceful. 」

In recent times Mine routine centerest around traipsing through the Dungeon.
The population hath swelled. Estimation sets them at 30 times their numbers in a mere two months.
Fufu, what a terrific man.
Even in Mine glorious country the population hath never seen such rapid increases.

(Child)「Ah, Delille Onee-chan. Yahoo. 」

(Delille)「Oh hath thou received a wound? Thou ought to be more mindful of how thou playeth. Thou must cleanest thy wound meticulously. Prithee visitest the hospital.」

(Child)「Yess!! 」

It seemeth I hath reached the Residential District of the Dungeon……
There unto seemeth to be frequented by inhabitants who seeketh relaxation.
Whence doth Yuki receive such revelations? Benches are lined up beneath trees, there are vending machines and a source of water. A big plaza hath been placed in the middle.
It seemeth that this place ought to deepen the relations of inhabitants through intermingling.
If thou payeth close attention, then one would see the elderly, men, women, and even children cometh to this park to chat and laugh together.

(Delille)「…… This … posseseth a divine aura. 」

Mineself art sitting upon a bench.
If this one hath not misunderstood, Ellis asked Mineself to assist her with the paperwork later. However Mineself is content. The peaceful people, relaxing beneath this fine weather, such a blissful feeling must be enjoyed. Therewith Mineself thinks Ellis may hath to handle the paperwork without Mine extra help.

Peaceful huh…..
Actually for the longest time Mine hopes were that such a life may returneth…..
Countries are dying. The emotions refugees bring, reave more and thereby spread evermore loss. Thus more innocent people burneth, or become deprived of their everything and must somehow liveth on. Mineself wilt not withstand treachery, so Mine reaction was to mutilate Mine enemies.
Upon completion of Mine goal, Mineself receiveth eternal youth and power beyond the realm of humanity which led to Mine isolation from other people.

Everyday hath been lonely.
Such things, twas Mine forecast for those days to lasteth to the end of days.
No matter how virile Mine path was to be, this one wilt walketh upon it until the end…..

(Aslin)「Ah, Delille onee-chan!! 」

(Philia)「Desu. You are here!! 」

(Labiris)「……I can tell, you’re relaxing huh. 」

Three little girls moveth patapata as they runneth over to Mineself.
These three hath already becometh members of Mine family.

(Delille)「Oh, Aslin and thine friends? How may this one be of service?」

(Aslin)「Ellis onee-chan is looking for you!! 」

(Philia)「She said that you promised!! 」

(Labiris)「……Hang in there. 」

Aslin and Philia taketh Mine hands as they pullest Mineself up.
Resistance is futile. It is unthinkable to resist these sisters of Mine.
It can’t be helped. This one shalt be pulled by these little hands.

(Labiris)「……What’s wrong? What is making you so happy, I wonder?」

(Delille)「…? Hath thou witnessed Mineself smiling?」

(Labiris)「……Did you not realize? Something, was it maybe a nostalgic feeling? 」

(Delille)「…..wistful huh… Ah, Mineself frequently reminisceth upon the past. Mineself hath forgotten such joyful daily life, friends encompasseth Mineself and thereupon this one hath started to remember past joys.」

Ah, but Mine does have some household chores. With this, would Anna have a bitter smile?

Any time now should Mine add flowers to their graves….. ?
Ah, where was the castle? I heard it became ruins. I still remember where my motherland was. Certainly…… It is near Galtz, according to Mine memories….
Right, Yuki is going there, so why not use it as a pretext and ask him?

In the meantime Mineself have these aforesaid thoughts and am led by the hands of Aslin and Philia, a call arriveth unexpectedly.

(Delille)「Hm, is this from Yuki ? Prithee, Aslin, Philia, could ye release Mine hands?」


(Philia)「But, you can’t escape!! 」

(Labiris)「……From Yuki?」

(Delille)「Ah, with what matter doth he call Mineself? To call upon Mineself directly, doth he have yet another dinner request?」

By the way, Yuki1)Don’t really know how to explain it, here Delille talk about Yuki in a plural manner. hast left his real body here… he cometh everyday to eat meals.
Since the person himself also eats meals on the other side, he said that the feeling of eating two meals is special.

And, of course, we cooketh meals for Yuki.
Umu, Mine stunning husband.
And, he is calling?
Mine pressed the button.

(Delille)「What doth ye need, so suddenly… 」

(Yuki)『At last!! 』

(Delille)「What?! Thou maketh Mine jump.」

(Yuki)『It’s an emergency, there is something I want to hear from you immediately!! 』

(Lilli)『I won’t become your plaything!! There is only one person who can touch me!! And he’s a man!! 』

(Yuki)『Ah, Lutz put a cloth in her mouth, quickly!! She’s trying to bite her tongue!! Everyone, tie her up!! 』

It’s kind of hectic and maybe a bit…. 2)Chill: todally added that second part >.>
But, well. There must be some terrible misunderstanding judging by the dialogue of the woman.

(Delille)「Anyway, is there any way for Mine to stop this lass from self-harm?」

(Yuki)『Have you seen her face? She called herself Lilli・Le・Kossel. 』

(Delille)「What? No, this family branch is unknown to Mineself? Even if there were a survivor…… Well, it is unusual, as Mine was the first and last Le Kossel princess from Mine Kingdom. It isn’t wise to take the family name from a fallen country when there’s still survivors…..」

Fumu, the woman appeareth inside the call… Huh? She’s exceedingly young?
However, this lass is quite vigorous.
Doesn’t her level exceed 100 too?
It’s commendable given her young age.

(Yuki)『That’s strange. Because this child is over 180 years old, I thought she might be Delille’s little sister or something. 』

(Delille)「No, wait Mine age is 235 years old. There’s 50 years of difference there. It’s impossible for her to be Mine little sister……. Hmm, girl. Mine wishest to ask thee a question. Dost thou lineage have someone bearing the name Raie Le Kossel?」

(Lilli)『Why do you know Raie-sama’s name??』

(Delille)「Oh, what, are you Mine younger brother’s descendant? However there has been no trace of him. 」

How…is this lass a descendant of Raie?
How else would she know Raie?
Mine doesn’t know why she isn’t aging. But something is swelling a bit inside Me.
Did he run away?
Certainly, my younger brother’s body remains undiscovered…..

(Lilli)『Younger brother? Don-don’t tell me… !? No, I have something I must ask. If you are Raie-sama’s older sister, you should have had a good maid. What was her name?』

(Delille)「What? Did Anna also run away? Fu, fuhahahaha. What a good day, Mine may talk with the descendant of my relatives. 」

(Lilli)『Wa-wait a moment!! I’m not your blood!! I’m Raie-sama’s companion!! 』

(Delille)「….. Ah?」

Wait hey, thy companion?

(Labiris)「By companion do you mean wife?」

(Delille)「….. So?」

(Lilli)『You are wrong. 』

In other words, what?
Eto, is this girl a companion of Raie?
Mine head is stuck.
Bears the name Le Kossel and not Raie’s wife or child?
Mixed and mixed.

(Lilli)『He is alive!! Raie-sama is alive and well!! Anna-san too!! For 225 years they have lived inside this Dungeon!! 』

Lilli proclaims.


A word finally came out.
Quite a boorish word that came out.


(Philia)「Wh-what’s wrong??」

Ah, Aslin and Philia are surprised.
But Mine replies are stuck in Mine throat.
To the extent that Mine understanding disappeareth, tears overfloweth down Mine cheeks and fell to ground.

(Delille)「…….. They are alive… I’m glad. Really glad….. 」

3)Anth : this picture of Delille is just so beautiful, might end as my phone’s wallpaper but it’s so sad :’( / Cre: Seriously…It took my breath away… / Chill: …need a moment…

Sorry, Mine tears seem unstoppable.
A bit more, prithee waitest just a moment more.
Afterword of the author
Oh well, he is Delille-san younger brother ahah.
The actual restart will be next time ahah.
As a matter of fact, writing a novel is crisping in another sense…..
To some extent I’ll release in masse if I can reach a number of stories ahah.

Chill’s note: The archaic english was very difficult. Sorry for the inconsistencies. We’ve discussed this chapter a lot and how the language was handled. In short the future Delille chapter’s english will be simpler – but still archaic – If anyone has any input in regards to this, then post a comment or join discord.


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1. Don’t really know how to explain it, here Delille talk about Yuki in a plural manner.
2. Chill: todally added that second part >.>
3. Anth : this picture of Delille is just so beautiful, might end as my phone’s wallpaper but it’s so sad :’( / Cre: Seriously…It took my breath away… / Chill: …need a moment…

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