Chapter 111 – Festival and residents: Part 3

Chapter 111 – Festival and residents: Part 3

Side: Delille

(Passerby)「Ah, Delille, are you going on patrol?」

(Passerby)「Thank you for yesterday, Delille-chan. 」

(Passerby)「Delille nee-chan, the store over there is interesting!!」

When called out like that, I reply with a smile before another would quickly greet me.
During the festival, there were many such times I was greeted so warmly. ‘Twas not an unpleasant feeling though. Rather, My heart overflowed with joyful feelings seeing such vigor in the people.

Now that My husband hath finally realized his aims, this city that I helped raised now had its independence formally recognized.
Voices of celebration rang out throughout the city while a sense of happiness and accomplishment filled My heart to the brim, ready to burst.

(Raie)「You look happy, aneue. 」

(Anna)「…… Hihku, Egu. To see the Princess with such a happy face, this Anna1)She refers to herself using her name instead of “I” is simply overjoyed. 」

(Lilli)「Hey hey, calm down Anna. 」

Besides Me is my dear childhood friend Anna and My beloved younger brother.
The last… was a mere tagalong.
…’Twas not that I despised Lilli as such, but rather her very presence and existence itself frustrated me for some reason…

(Delille)「’Tis only natural. After all, I also worked hard to help build this city. ‘Twas not the result of any one person’s power—No, ‘tis the well earned fruit of all our tireless efforts.」

Joining in the festive revelries of the day, I glance about the many shops scattered about the Commercial District’s Central Square.
And here as well, the people celebrate with boundless cheer.

(Delille)「…Long ago, when I was still but a Princess and child. Dear Mother and Father both entrusted Me with such a grand task—That I would someday grant my own people such joys. 」

(Raie)「Yes. You always protected us, loved us, and raised us. And have done so ever since we were children 」

(Anna)「Indeed. Both Her Majesty the Queen and His Majesty the King were also much beloved by the people. And as Royalty, believed in and ruled by noblesse-oblige—That those with power, who stand at the top, must protect and nurture the people so that they grow and prosper 」

While Anna was preoccupied and looking to and fro, I quietly utter aloud my thoughts…

(Delille)「… What would they say now, or perhaps they would tell Me that I can finally atone using my whole strength and move forward. 」2)Not sure : 今更と言うべきか、それともやっと手向けができたと言うべきか

(Raie)「Let’s see. What would they say, I wonder. 」

Looking at him, I notice the subtlest of feelings from younger brother.
Dear Mother, Dear Father, would you be happy knowing that we were finally able to reunite after 200 years? Or would you be disgusted instead?

…Perhaps, you’ve lost interest?

(Delille)「Fumu, but Raie, ‘tis useless to ponder. 」

(Raie)「What do you mean?」

(Delille)「For now, could you simply lend me a hand?」

(Raie)「Huh? a-ah….. 」

After Yuki, Seraria and the others met with my younger brother, they had a long discussion and exchanged information. At the end of that talk, my husband and brother entered into an alliance as Dungeon Masters.
Though, he is more of a subordinate than equal. Unlike Yuki, it seemed my brother wasn’t a visionary. Still, he was dedicated and did his best as an orthodox Dungeon Master.
Well, there’s no helping that though.
Like Yuki, he too was chosen by a Goddess and yet, not a thing was said concerning the fate of the continent, much less to save it.

It was that selfish Goddess Luna who had changed him and granted my brother power. It appeared that in the beginning, he and the others tried to invite others into this Dungeon as Yuki is doing now… Though, not a single attempt bore fruit—Truly lamentable.
No, I should be grateful that such a fate allowed me to encounter Yuki… Yet, to be forcefully separated from your family as the price…

This is a tale I would dearly wish to hear of from Yuki, and is something we wives often discuss amongst ourselves…

(Noble)「~~Oh!! What a beautiful woman!!」

I suddenly heard a strange voice from nearby. And then, before my very eyes, stood a noble I’d never met before.

(Noble)「Would you be my concubine3)This is a pun here. Because “側室” means “concubine”. And the way Delille call herself “妾” means “I” and also “concubine”? I swear to treat you well.」

He even called me a flower4)beautiful.
…Really. This person is beyond help.. and it was only the second day since our independence was declared and the festival began. Even now, and despite all our explanations, the nobility refuse to learn. They continue to act as if commoners will simply bend and bow to their whims just by brandishing their status and wealth.
Regardless of what may happen in other countries, such foolishness was forbidden here. Moreover, what drivel is he spouting with that crooked mouth of his. What more can he possibly offer Me when compared to this place.

Besides, I am wed… and yet to make a pass on both a Representative and a married woman. What gall.

While preoccupied by such thoughts, that foolish noble with his flowery words passed right by Me and headed straight for Anna and Lilli, who stood behind me..


…I froze.
Well, but—I had pride in My beauty and charm as a woman though….

(Noble)「It’s alright. I guarantee to look after your family’s livelihoods sa well, so there’s nothing to worry about, I promise!!」

(Lilli)「Eto, Anna-san. 」

(Anna)「Lilli, it is vital that we absolutely and firmly refuse such a proposition. 」

Anna, who stood only a few feet in front of that noble, replies in Lilli’s stead.

(Anna)「With all due respect, sir. This young lady is, like yourself, a noble traveling incognito. For the time being, I have it deemed it necessary to respond in my lady’s place. Thus, while your fond sentiment is much appreciated, I humbly ask that you please leave it at that.」

(Noble)「Oh, my sincerest apologies. Indeed, the attendants around the young lady seem quite cautious, so it’s no surprise that you would be on guard to protect such a gorgeous person. In respect to your loyal service, I will take my leave then. 」

Having heard Anna’s words, he relented and left, quickly disappearing into the crowd.

(Anna)「Listen. If a noble greets you kindly, they merit the same respect and consideration in return even if you find them personally disagreeable. It is a custom you must bear in mind from now on. That man from earlier was the perfect example. That is what is meant by handling with diplomacy. Lilli, you may not yet be accustomed to such things, but from now on, Weed will see more and more interactions with both Royalty and the aristocracy . Please try to keep that in mind and act with due prudence going forward. 」

(Lilli)「Um, I understand that, but…. I don’t think that’s the real issue at the moment… 」

In other words, ’twas not I that was the object of his affections at all….
‘Twas much later that I learned that the noble in question both held a favorable reputation and had a daughter who shared my likeness. That much, was clearly understood from his eyes then.

(Delille)「…’Tis fine, ‘tis fine. I am but only a small child, after all. 」

(Raie)「A-aneue. Even I was treated like a younger brother!!」

(Anna)「 I agree -degozaimasu. The Princess is not simply a common flower that just anyone may admire, but a singular blossom meant to be treasured by one alone!」

(Lilli)「Look here, Delille! You already have Yuki-san!!」

Hearing Lilli say as much, I reflexively turn away.

(Delille)「…Hmph!! Indeed. I have one who deeply cares for me already! What need have I for others’ amorous glances—let them ignore me then!!」

…I want to see Yuki. He will surely comfort me. And, as if to answer that wish, the man himself appeared before my eyes.

(Yuki)「What’s wrong Delille? Is everything okay?」

(Aslin)「Delille onee-chaaaan!!」

(Philia)「Yahooo desu!!」

Ah, the two dears quickly rushed to My side….
Tenderly carrying them in my arms, I instinctively dove into Yuki’s embrace.

(Aslin & Philia)「「Kyaa, that hurts!!」」

(Yuki)「–Ottotto! …What’s wrong?」

Yuki gently held me and asks..

(Delille)「Please listen!! ‘Twas simply awful!!」

Shortly after, we decided to go out and have lunch together.

(Delille)「Then, to where wert thou headed?」

(Millie)「At first, I thought to head to Super Lutz, but… 」

(Lutz)「No, I want us to enjoy eating at the festival!. 」

(Delille)「Agreed. Millie, dost thou know of any good spots worth recommending?」

(Millie)「But, there’s nothing better than a meal prepared by Yuki-san though, right?」

(Lutz)「…And that’s the problem. 」

(Labiris)「……Then, leave it to me?」

Following Labiris’ suggestion, we headed over to a restaurant, whereupon we slowly let the rest of the day pass us by.
Afterword of the author
When data disappear, I lose my strength.
I’m sorry, man.


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References   [ + ]

1. She refers to herself using her name instead of “I”
2. Not sure : 今更と言うべきか、それともやっと手向けができたと言うべきか
3. This is a pun here. Because “側室” means “concubine”. And the way Delille call herself “妾” means “I” and also “concubine”
4. beautiful

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