Chapter 108 – Explanations about the circumstances, and their husband’s homeland.

Chapter 108 – Explanations about the circumstances, and their husband’s homeland

Side: Seraria

(Taiki)「–And that’s why I think working with you all is my best option right now. 」

(Yuki)「Seraria, I’m sorry about earlier, but I feel the same way, so please. 」

Prostrating themselves in front of me with their heads lowered, the Hero Taiki and my dear husband, plead their cases earnestly.

(Aria)「Seraria. Yuki-san seems to be reflecting, so… 」

(King Rochelle)「U-Umu.. I think, that this much trouble is to be expected of the young.」

Aria ane-sama and my kuso-oyaji are asking me to calm down and forgive them. Hmph.

(Alshtail)「Th-that’s right. Things couldn’t be helped if you consider the Hero’s circumstances. In the end, lives were saved and the scale of conflicts was reduced due to his actions. Though different from us, I think that, in his own way, the Hero is trying his best to reach the same goals we are」

…It seems Ritea’s current Holy Woman, Alshtail, also feels that way.

(Seraria)「Fuu. Shera, what about Rankus’ Princess? …What are your thoughts?」

(Shera)「What about her? …Should I send her severed head back home as a ‘thank you gift’ for tonight’s troubles, perhaps?」

Shera replied, smiling.

(King Galtz)「He-hey, Shera! Stop saying such reckless things! Think about it! Should their Princess actually be harmed, Rankus would absolutely retaliate against us then!」

(Sharl)「That’s true. Shera. I understand your feelings, but collect yourself and remember the bigger picture. 」

(Teak)「…I agree. Even though Yuki and the others were most certainly attacked by the Hero because of Rankus’ Princess, such a response is just going too far… 」

And from Galtz, Shera’s family tried desperately to calm her down and remind her of the reality of the situation, however—

(Shera)「Ara, ‘collect myself’? Keep calm and remember the bigger picture? …Are you serious? What would they even do were we to actually send back that wretch’s head, fight us? So what? Let them try then. Regardless, it doesn’t matter. Rankus’ royal family could easily be held responsible for instigating aggressions against our three countries on neutral foreign soil, that alone justifies our wiping them off the face of the continent. Besides, this incident would give the Hero just cause to openly rebel and set the stage for a civil war even if we don’t do anything. The only things those fools can do is wait for their deaths, isolated and alone. As for preserving our honor and public reputation? It is a non-issue as that Princess both committed an indisputable crime in a foreign country AND attempted to harm my husband. Both of which deserve only one proper response–Death! Enough. Even if someone were to raise a complaint, what could they even say–or do–against our power–Nothing. In the first place, to bring in weapons and incite open violence in the midst of a festival is already an unpardonable crime! It’s already far too late to save her head. 」

With such harsh words from Galtz’s youngest princess, the room was overcome with a cold and heavy silence. No one could say a word against her after hearing all that.

A proper mindset to have as one of Yuki’s wives. Well said. A very appropriate response indeed. But, Shera aside, it’s the same for the other wives as well.
In other words, the highest authority in this Dungeon, the Country of Weed, demand blood and will accept nothing short of war itself now.

Yes, let us take full advantage of this wonderful opportunity…

This is the perfect chance to demonstrate our power! Just one more push, and Rankus will make the perfect sacrifice for that… No, let’s use this as a chance to properly train and hone the strength of Weed itself.

(Taiki)「St-stop this!! If you harm this damned Princess, war would be inevitable! And never mind your own losses, but all the people I spent so long trying keep safe and OUT of harm would just get pointlessly dragged into the fighting, so please reconsider! I’m begging you!」

The Hero once again lowers his head, pleading that we stay our blades.
As we now understand his circumstances, I myself hold no ill will or blame towards the Hero personally, and it’s likely the same for the others as well. But, even so, to ask us to simply let this go is….

(Lulu)「Hero-sama. I understand your feelings and position, but what are you planning to do then? She said it herself didn’t she? That if we release that foolish Princess from our custody and allow her return–she declared that she would bring the full weight of Rankus’ military, including you as their Hero, down against us. What then!?」

Lulu coldly asked, demanding the Hero’s response. Honestly I didn’t think Lulu would get this angry. Still. It warms my heart to see that all of Yuki’s wives are of one heart and mind.

However, it’s just as Lulu said. That idiotic Princess is hellbent on retaliating against us. The moment we release her, and she safely returns home… she WILL conscript troops and raise an army. That’s almost guaranteed.

Well, we won’t lose no matter what happens though. Their Hero was already defeated by us after all. Whatever else they throw at us would amount to little more than a useless mob with swords.

(Taiki)「Etto, look. My aim is to do whatever I can to avoid the worst result possible, so please. Will you at least hear me out?」

Still, that politeness of his….This Hero somewhat reminds me of my dear husband. And even more than that, he has the same color hair and eyes as well.
My Dear’s homeland… We don’t really know anything about it… At the very least, it’s probably not even on this continent.

While I was busy with such thoughts, the Hero managed to get Lulu to hear him out. About Rankus and his plans going forward.

(Taiki)「It’s like this… For now, I’ll return with the Princess under the outward promise that ‘we won’t retaliate against you’. It won’t do much, but it’ll buy us some time. Then, I’ll act as if I’m completely outraged by the whole thing and lead the charge myself. From there, I can work to maneuver the conflict and damage as far away from the citizens as I can. We won’t be able to completely avoid fighting, but..」

(Seraria)「Indeed, if we can display our power with a decisive rout against your forces, then there’ll be no choice but to surrender. More importantly… what will you do about arranging our opponents then? I assume you intend to use the forces supporting Rankus’ King and Princess?」

(Taiki)「Yes, this way I can take the Royal Castle with a small and elite strikeforce while everyone else is busy fighting you here. It kinda dumps all the trouble onto you, but I think this method will net us the highest success in the end.」

(Seraria)「……Fumu. No, it’s a fairly decent strategy. However, as a Hero you won’t just suffer disgrace with this plan, you’ll likely be branded a traitor. 」

(Taiki)「Honestly, I don’t really care about all that. As long as I can stay true to myself, it’s all good. Besides, I don’t wanna be someone who gets sheltered like some caged bird, or used like some mindless pawn. I just want a peaceful life where I can protect what I can protect, that’s all. 」

……What a good person. Ah, I meant his character, that’s it. Naturally, it goes without saying that he infinitely pales when compared to my dear husband. Still, he’s a decent enough person I suppose.

(Lutz)「Now we understand your circumstances and all. There’s just one thing we need to clear up now. When the fighting breaks out, Galtz will have to worry about their own national defenses while we, that is the Country of Weed, will be forced to halt all trade and travel during that time. So? How, exactly, do you plan to compensate us for the losses we’ll incur?」

That’s our Lutz.
She never neglects the details, especially when it comes to money.

(Taiki)「Well, that’s… 」

(Yuki)「Please wait. I think we’d gain more in the long run if we can get Taiki on our side by helping him. 」

My Dear slipped that comment in while the Hero was struggling to answer. Still, what does he mean by that?

But I don’t understand. They don’t seem that close–No, isn’t this the first time they’ve met one another?

(Yuki)「Taiki, you’ve had to do everything and struggle all on your own since coming to this world. That’s worth something. At the very least, I think it’s worth helping you out. Besides, didn’t you say that you started your own business too?」

(Taiki)「Yup. Soap, actually. Well, it’s mostly just stuff based on things from my world. Like paper…which was a total ass pain to manufacture from scratch by the way.」

(Yuki)「I see. Well, using DP, I’m able to quickly produce things in bulk actually. As for magic tools I have Zergis, one of the Big Four, working his hardest to make them. What I’m asking from you… is for your product knowledge and manufacturing techniques. 」

(Taiki)「Sure, no problem. it‘s all yours. 」

I see. What my dear husband wanted were the methods to manually produce things like soap and paper. Not bad. Not bad at all. Especially when you consider the future.

(Yuki)「And what do you two think? Lutz, Ellis?」

(Ellis)「Hmm, I see. Paper production is an important consideration, since our current methods are certainly lacking…」

(Lutz)「Since shampoo and soap haven’t been produced here yet, and if we can hire people once we do learn how, then both our trade and economy will only grow. So I’m all for it~ 」

(Yuki)「Right. If we can come to an understanding and cooperate, then such joint ventures will only help us out in the future. 」

(Taiki)「Yeah, sounds good. I’d like to get something going with you ASAP. I mean, there’s a lot of other stuff I wanna try making here after all!」

(Yuki)「You know. I tried my hand at making various things myself, but without the knowledge… things, didn’t turn out so well for me.」

(Taiki)「Ah, I getcha. It sucks when you’re outta the loop on things. But Torino-san, you’d know all about that too, right? Having experienced this and that already, I mean. 」

(Yuki)「Yeah, more or less…」

That’s when I interrupted my dear husband’s conversation.

(Seraria)「Can you spare a moment? Ah, no. It’s not about our cooperating with you. That’s already fine. What I want to know about is why Hero-sama called my dear husband ‘Torino’. You are aware that his name is ‘Yuki’, are you not?」

(Taiki)「Huh? No, but Torino-san is Japanese isn’t he?」

(Seraria)「……Hmm. ‘Japanese’, is it. 」

I see.
My Dear and the Hero come from the same homeland then.

(Seraria)「So, you were using an alias. In other words, you are also someone called from another world then?」

(Yuki)「Look, things were complicated! And there were various circumstances, so…!!」

(Seraria)「It’s alright, I understand. I won’t think any less of you simply because of that, my Dear. 」

Behind me, my fellow wives nod in agreement.

(Seraria)「But, you see…Keeping secrets. Yes, because you were keeping secrets. I’m quite displeased, my Dear. 」

(Yuki)「…I’m sorry. 」

(Seraria)「Yes, I want you to honestly reflect on this from now on. And I trust that you most certainly will. However, once we’ve heard a proper and thorough explanation. Afterwards….」


All of the other wives nod when I give them a certain wink.

(Seraria)「We’ll wring every last drop out of you, of course. There won’t be anything left, but you can put up with that level of selfishness, can’t you? You lied to us after all, so you’ll have to service us for 2 weeks straight. Without rest….Every moment of every day.」

(Ellis)1)I think it’s Lutz here, but then who would talk about the collar later?「That sounds reasonable. I think we can forgive you with at least that much. 」

(Riel)「I’m sold. 」

(Tori)「M-me too!!」

(Shera)「I agree. 」

(Lutz)「Should we seriously think about collar play then?」

(Millie)「A, co-collar!? On Yuki-san!?」

That’s how excited we wives were about the future….After all, there’s a lot to do and try, to say nothing of our mutual pleasure and anticipation.
My Dear simply dropped his head down in resignation, but don’t worry…Ufufu..we’ll make sure you won’t have time to think about anything else but our bodies…
No, I’ll make sure to squeeze you dry even if you do end up falling asleep, my Dear!.

Divine blessings are truly wonderful and convenient things! I must remember to pay my proper respects to Lilith-sama later.

(Taiki)「Eto, Torino-san? …Mind if I say a few things now?」

Hero-sama, who was quietly observing the situation, finally called out to my Dear .

(Yuki)「……What do you want?」

(Taiki)「…Die. Seriously. Effing, die!! I mean, what the hell, you lucky bastard!? Think about the crap I had to go through until now and STILL have nothing to show for it! Dammit!!」

While Hero-sama was busy ranting, several little silhouettes, who were eagerly listening to us up to now, suddenly launched themselves onto my Dear.

(Aslin)「Onii-chan, it’s fine, we’ll take of you for sure!!」

(Philia)「Nii-sama, you can sleep if you want, no problem!」

(Labiris)「…Fufufu, I can’t wait ~.」

Yosh, when faced with this lovely trio’s pure love, my Dear is hopelessly defenseless! Wonderful!
However, seeing my Dear smiling at them, the Hero’s face once again became unsightly.

(Taiki)「The Wo-worst!! Police!! This way!! There’s the criminal right there! Lolicon! Caught red handed in the act!! Arrest and throw his ass in jail!!」

(Yuki)「Please, stop it!! I’m innocent, officer!! I had no choice!! I swear!!」

…What’s this?
My dear husband is desperately screaming and denying the Hero’s words… Really, it’s such a rare sight to see my Dear getting all flustered like this. Let’s just enjoy it for a while longer, shall we?

Now then, how about going a bout or two in the bath?

Then, another few rounds inside the futon…
…Ah, I can’t wait!

Afterword of the author
What’s the verdict?
Guilty? Guilty?
You don’t have to answer. Ahah

Apart from that, let me tell you. I wrote another story previously and did you know that I already made more than 30000 characters? 2)Face: This guy makes too many characters lmao


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1. I think it’s Lutz here, but then who would talk about the collar later?
2. Face: This guy makes too many characters lmao

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