Chapter 107 – I’m shorryyy!!

Chapter 107 – I’m shorryyy!!

Side: Yuki

(Yuki)「Yotto. 」

Successful landing. Go me!
Because it’s been so long since I went out with my real body, I was a bit worried, but it seems there’s nothing wrong with so I guess we’re good.

(Yuki)「Oops, better call Seraria then. 」

She was watching so I have to explain this to her.



(Yuki)「Huh? Is she busy? Okay, let’s try Ellis then. Call Ellis. 」

(Ellis)『Yuki-san!! Are you okay!! Don’t worry, everyone’s going to be there soon!! …That foolish Princess will be executed at once for this!!』

What’s happening now?

(Ellis) 「This festival will soon rain with that Hero’s blood!! You’ll see!!』

(Yuki)「Wait, Stop!! Hey! Can you hear me!? Listen, it was a performance, an act!! The Hero was just acting!! Calm down or we’ll end up causing an international incident here!!」

Are, what’s going on?
No matter how I think about it, me being blown away could only be thought of as just an act, right?1)Cre: Yuki…Are you stupid? Those girls WORSHIP YOU!!! No way are they gonna be calm seeing that!!! Don’t be so dense man!!!

(Yuki)「Call Labiris!! Answer!! …Man, I have a really bad feeling about this!! Please answer me Labiris!!」

(Labiris)『Yuki, are you alright!? Wait, I will promptly lop off this woman’s head and immediately rush to your side!!』

(Philia)『Nii-zamaaaaaaa!! Please be okaaaa!!』

(Aslin)『Onii-chan!! Hikku, Egu, Nooo!! I don’t want to shee onii-chan dizzapear!!』

(Vilia)『Onii-sama, Higgu, AAA, Fueennn!!』

(Higil)『A, anii, anii… where’s, Egu. 』

(Yuki)「Calm down, things are kind of complicated right now but please try and listen to me, okay? This was only an act!! A performance!! …It’s more like a disaster now though!!」

(Rankus’ Princess 2)Anth:Speaking of which we still don’t know her name lol Face: Can’t say I want to, can we call her shitcess instead?『In-insolence!! Don’t think that you can just restrain the Princess of Rankus and the three countries so easily!! Heyy!! Guards! what are you doing!? Quickly deal with these monsters and kill that little girl!!』

What is that Princess DOING!?

(Labiris)『Steve!! …That person. Kill her immediately. 』

(Yuki)「Don’t spill blood at the festival!! Calm down, I beg you. Everyone, please just calm down!!」

(Labiris)『But, but!! Yuki—!!』

(Yuki)「I’m alright!, okay!? Listen to what I’m saying, please!! I’ll do whatever you want, so–」

(Labiris)『……Whatever I want?』

Did I, just trigger some kind of death flag with this?

(Yuki)「Th-that’s right!! I’ll do anything!! So please, restrain that Princess and declare that it was all just an act!!」3)Cre: Yuki… you just told an evil genius, mind reading loli succubus that you’d do “whatever she wants”. Are you insane!? She’s gonna wring you dry!!

(Labiris)『……Understood. Suuu… Then, have you seen enough? The true power of this, our Dungeon!? Rankus’ meddling, I’ll thoroughly crush it….. 』

That’s my Labiris.
Since she’s always fishing around in my memories she’s become quite clever.
That said, it looks like they were safely captured. I hope they can make it look like a real performance and save face with this.

(Taiki)「…Eto, are you alright?」

Looks like the Hero arrived.

(Yuki)「Well, I managed to get a good grasp of your abilities at least. 」

(Taiki)「Che, too bad I wasn’t as lucky. 」

(Yuki)「Anyway. Despite this whole mess, I can arrange for someone to erase your memory… Rather than staying here like this.」

(Taiki)「Uge!? The hell with that!! That’s not the kinda help I was looking for here!!」

(Yuki)「Right, I’m not a summoned Hero, so my priorities and methods are different. 」

(Taiki)「Seriously? Oh, right. My name’s Taiki Nakasato by the way. Taiki is written with the characters for…–4)After that he explain how to write his name in Japanese: と中里大輝です

(Yuki)「And I’m Kazuya Torino. A pleasure. By the way, are you as old as you look then?」

(Taiki)「What do you mean? Wait, don’t tell me…… Torino-san. Seriously!? 」

(Yuki)「Yeah, 25 actually. That was before coming here though 」

(Taiki)「That’s…effing crazy. This world, for real. 」

We mutually greeted each other with bitter smiles and understanding.

Then, I can see that Seraria and the girls are almost here now.

(Yuki)「Oh crap, this is bad… Really bad! Taiki, defend yourself, right now!!」


(Yuki)「No, not ‘Eh?’!! There’s no time! Those girls are the Dungeon’s representatives and they’re REALLY strong, so you can’t underestimate them or move carelessly!! Otherwise, you’re seriously gonna die!!」

(Taiki)「What the hell!? Tch!」

In a hurry, Taiki draws his sword.

(Yuki)「Hey, but If you hurt my wives—I’ll kill you. So just, keep that in mind okay?」

(Taiki)「Wait!! “Wives”!? A harem?!! What the hell man?」

(Yuki)「Yosh, looks like you’ll manage somehow at least, probably. Try to hang on until I can calm them down anyway!!」

He seems to have some skill with magic I guess, quickly setting up a defensive barrier at least. But Taiki, even if you do that, a barrier that weak is just useless. I’ll help out a little though, so you should be okay…. Probably.

(Delille)「YukiiiiiIIiiIIIIII!! Oooooohhhh!!」

First, Delille blew away the first 5 layers of the barrier with one strike.


Then Millie, with her pair of swords, takes down another 2 layers.

(Kaya)「….Hang on, I’ll be right there!!」

Kaya, just as I’ve trained her, works with the others and takes destroys 3 more layers with magic.

(Riel)「Me too! I’ll be there soon!! HeeerrOOooOoo!!! You’re so… deaaaddd!!」

(Taiki)「Oh… SSSHHHHIIIITTTTT!!??!!???」

Kodachi5)Shot sword in hand, Riel easily cut through another 4 layers of the barrier with a single, elegantly short display of her swordsmanship.

Yeah…, Taiki I don’t blame you for freaking out.
…I’m scared too. My wives are terrifying…

(Tori)「Yuki-san! hurgh!! I won’t… I won’t forgive him until there’s nothing left but his BLOODY, BEATEN CORPSE!! AaaaAAaaAAaa!!」

Finally, Tori broke through the last 6 layers using her beloved sword.

…What the–!?
This is the improved version of my 20 layer super barrier here!!
Why is it that everyone can just suddenly break my improved barrier so easily when they couldn’t even deal with the old one!? 6)Cre: Love fueled rage opened the girls’ Overdrive Mode! Duh!

(Lutz)「Get away from onii-san… YOU DAMNED BASTARDDD!!」

Lutz formed a magic spear in her hand and threw it straight at Taiki.

(Taiki)「Wait a second… WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT!!!」

Is he trying to stop an attack from a Level 232 Lutz? And with a level gap of over 100 between them no less. As expected of a Hero!!


Yes, I understand that desperate voice of his.
I couldn’t die in peace if I didn’t struggle at least that hard….

At the last possible moment, Taiki somehow managed to deflect the spear’s trajectory and avoid certain death.
Well done.

Honestly, I think that deserved applause, but–

(Seraria)「…Die. 」

Without a sound, Seraria suddenly appeared in front of of Taiki and drew her sword.

Ah, that’s really bad. Really, REALLY bad…


Taiki is still dazed from deflecting Lut’s spear and isn’t able to react to Seraria in time.

Her exceptionally trained quickdraw technique reaches Taiki’s neck in no time.

(Taiki)「…Holy shit!!」

At that moment, I step in and quickly use my own secret sword arts and parry Seraria’s iai.
I mainly rely on magic normally, but without being close enough, I wouldn’t be able to make it in time to stop Seraria’s attack.


After that my wives stopped, surprised that I went in for close combat.

I’d never shown them the all-out me in close combat before now, since I do my best to match my skills to their expectations of me.
Haa, why are my family members always the first ones to see my skills?
Normally, wouldn’t this be the kind of trump card that’d be pretty cool in a desperate battle kinda situation though?
And… I ended up thinking of another way to use this technique.

(Seraria)「Eh, ehh? My Dear!? You can use a katana too!? N-no way. You should have told me if that was the case! Mou…」

Seraria eagerly took my katana away from me to compare with hers.
……Still. I ended up exposing another hand in order to save the Hero, didn’t I? Dammit…

Well, whatever.
With this, things can finally advance at least….

(Lulu)「……Then? Is there anything you would like to say, danna-sama?」

(Yuki)「Are, Lulu you’re here too? …But, why are you upset?」

(Lulu)「You took your main body, REALLYYY?!!」


With Lulu’s words, I finally understood what the real issue was….
No, but even if it was Aslin’s fake body, I had to, you know?

…Right? I mean… I had to!
Afterword of the author
In the end this guy is lucky.
Is he?
Not good?
I’m sorry.


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References   [ + ]

1. Cre: Yuki…Are you stupid? Those girls WORSHIP YOU!!! No way are they gonna be calm seeing that!!! Don’t be so dense man!!!
2. Anth:Speaking of which we still don’t know her name lol Face: Can’t say I want to, can we call her shitcess instead?
3. Cre: Yuki… you just told an evil genius, mind reading loli succubus that you’d do “whatever she wants”. Are you insane!? She’s gonna wring you dry!!
4. After that he explain how to write his name in Japanese: と中里大輝です
5. Shot sword
6. Cre: Love fueled rage opened the girls’ Overdrive Mode! Duh!

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