Chapter 27 – Just now a formidable enemy appeared in my sight.

Chapter 27 – Just now a formidable enemy appeared in my sight.

With Momo, we are on our way toward the home center.
Walking to there, it is about a 20 minutes walk.

After leaving the condominium, we followed the path outside the main street.
To stand out as less as possible, quietly.
By the way, Momo now is in the 『Momo』
If anything happens, it can comes out immediately at my order.

Proceeding along the road, we found a new monster slightly apart from the home center.
The thing quietly stood hidden in the bushes on the side of the road.

It has a size just a bit larger than a basketball.
It is a semi-transparent blue sphere; a small ball can be seen floating inside and bubbles, which are likely air, are emerging.
This is a rule of fantasy.
In line with Goblins and Orc as the most common monsters.
Yes, it is a slime.


In fact, when I look at the creature it is far stranger than what I originally thought.
Unlike certain games, the creature has no eyes.
It looks like a big amoeba, or like the head part of a jellyfish….. It is hard to depict its shape.

In any case, how strong is a slime?
I don’t think it is that strong.『Crisis perception』doesn’t give much response toward it…..



Momo peeked out of its 『Shadow』to see the situation.
The slime slowly moved, like a slug. It melted the grass on its path.
Is it eating that?
There’s no appearance of it noticing us.

「…… Shall we hunt?」


Momo acquiesced and immediately release its 『Shadow』toward the slime.
After it is restrained I will be able to kill it with the refrigerator.
It’s a combo offered on an iron plate.

The stretched shadow restrains the slime in but an instant.
But at the next moment, we had an unexpected situation.

The Slime have slipped away from the grip of the shadow.
With a Poyon, it falls to the ground.
And as if nothing had happened, he resumed to eat grass.

Wh-what, how…..!?
The creature could get away from Momo’s Shadow!?


Mo-momo is mortified by the sight.
Wait, it is kawaii.

「Calm down Momo.」

I caress Momo to calm her as I take the refrigerator out.
It’s fine.Even if not restrained by Momo’s Shadow, the creature has dull movements.
Bring it down for the kill!

The released refrigerator crushes the slime.
But once again my expectations got betrayed.
Out from the bottom of the refrigerator crawled the slime with its flattened body.
The part resembling its core also got flattened.
Then, as if nothing happened, the slime reformed and began eating grass again.


Perhaps it is wrong, but after what we did was ineffective, there’s something very frustrating with it eating grass again!


Momo’s groaning.
Ca-calm down Momo.
Momo as such, for the first time. Kawaii.

I mean, seriously, is the slime immune to any physical attack?
What about a slash?
I take out the kitchen knife and approach the creature.
The slime is still munching, there’s no reaction to my approach whatsoever.
By now with the『Shadow』and the attack with the refrigerator, the slime should have noticed us already……
Perhaps a slime has no means of attack?
No, since『Hostility perception』shows no reaction, is it because there’s not even an intent of 『Hostility』?

I brandish my knife, ready my aim and slash at the nucleus. What?
Aside from a little change in the slime’s shape, it is perfectly intact.
There it starts eating the grass again.

Take this! Take this! Take this!
Gunyun, pururun, poyonpoyon.
The slime is completely unharmed.

It’s tough.
What with this?
A slime is such an annoying opponent!?
Even if you crush it, you can’t kill it; it is also impossible to defeat with a physical attack.

Physical is useless….. If so, how about other attack methods?
Fire for example.
I take some oil out and a match to light it.
If I had a spray, I could so something like an instant flamethrower but I don’t have any consumable of the kind at hand.
Considering I could get burned if I start the fire directly, Momo forms its 『Shadow』like a hand and hold the match.
The action caught the slime on fire.


The effect was immediate.
As soon as the slime to which we couldn’t do any damage a while ago started to burn, it immediately rushed and struggled.
The creature desperately tries to extinguish the fire but to no avail.
Before long the slime’s body broke and disappeared.

≪Earning experience points≫

The Heavenly voice echoed in my head.
Where the slime stood before disappearing, a green magic stone now stands.
After I put it in my store, the name displayed was 『Slime’s magical stone (Minimal)』


In a way, this was the most troublesome thing we encountered so far.
It was my first time meeting a monster that could withstand physical attacks.
For the time spent and the tools used, the value of experience is simply too small.
I used a considerable amount of oil to defeat one.

Hmm, the return for the labor and resources isn’t worth it.
Also considering the creature doesn’t attack on its own.
The slime is harmless and just eat grass; if I notice another slime I just have to ignore it.

Is fire the weakness of a slime?
I hope that there will be weaknesses for that High Orc too.
It’s improbable, that guy…..

I gave the slime’s magic stone to Momo and we resume our movements.
We hunted three Goblins on the way.
Yes, it’s easy when we’re against Goblins.
But my level didn’t rise.Too bad.

Momo and I arrived at the home center after a while.
The neighborhood is a shopping mall lined with commerces.
Home center, supermarket, drug store, book store and more. The parking lot is wide and there’s a lot of customers.
There seem to be no monsters around, I can’t see any.
However some『Returning customers』are here.

「That’s what I tell you, we came here first! It’s not my problem idiots, stay outside!」

「Well, that! This place isn’t yours! We desperately escaped and ran for our lives!」

「It’s fine, until the JSDF came to rescue us!」

「True! It would be normal to help each others like this!」

「Quick, let us in! What if some monsters attack us, what will we do!」

「I don’t know! You can die! Anyway, this place is ours!」

They are near the entrance of the home center.
There are several delinquents with weapons and close to them stand nearly ten men and women voicing protests.



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  1. If he read fantasy novels, he should know that slime is not harm by physical attack but by magic. Truly he’s retarded at this point.

    • To be fair, in different games/novels slimes portrayed differently. Most have physical resistance, but some don’t, so he still need to experiment.
      Even more so if they have nucleus that you can target.

      That said, after that jelly-like mass being smashed by refrigerator and appear unharmed, trying “slashing” as different approach is indeed retarded.

      • Trying to slash the slime is completely normal. After all, you can’t squish a rubber but you can cut it.

  2. Oh man, they killed Rimuru O_O!!!

    Dont complain if a slightly big blackish dragon comes seeking revenge.

  3. if the slime is inoffensive it could turn into a pet, or a party member? like, the mc could feed a slime with some grass ou magic stones, like he do with Momo. In most fantasy novels, by naming a creature it becomes your familiar, does the same apply to this world?

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