Chapter 131 – Arrangement announcement.

Chapter 131 – Arrangement announcement.

Side: Yuki

Well, I explained the outline of the strategy previously and now remains how to arrange it.
Mistakes in allocation will result in painful harm.
I’m not worrying about their levels because everyone is the strongest of their class.
What I want however is to reduce the number of deaths as much as possible.
I absolutely want to avoid the death of one of my wives.

(Yuki)「Well now, I’ll tell you about the future plans. Is that okay?」

Everyone nods.

(Yuki)「For the time being, since none of you disagreed with my strategy, I say let’s get along with it. Let’s continue with the details. 」

That said, I first point to Weed on the map.

(Yuki)「First of all, is the departure. The elites from the three countries and the elites from Weed will leave from Weed. We will be accompanying them to be in command. Liliana-san, Zergis, Raia, Seraria, Ellis and I. The general will be Herge. 」

The general this time will be Herge.
For the moral of the army and to increase the potency of the result, it has to be her.
The soldiers will then be able to tell how serious this is.
I wrote it on the whiteboard.

(Yuki)「Among our people, Seraria, I, Ellis and Liliana-san will work to explore and capture the Demon King in his castle. That being said, Kur will act as the magistrate. Instead of working with Liliana, please work with Zergis and Raia. 」

The five people told nodded.

(Yuki)「The elites of each country are as you know. Ares Leicester from Rochelle. Higil and Lowell from Galtz. Dest and Crack from Ritea. Everyone command their own people. Because they also know of our plan, they will adjust in consequences. 」

With this, there’s is nothing wrong in regard of the Allied Forces’ advancement.

(Yuki)「By the way, in order to reduce the number of deaths on our side of the battle as much as possible, we are supplying weapons handcrafted by Naruja-san from Weed. At the end, you will have to see if you want to return them or purchase them. This is also one way to promote our weapons and armors. 」

(Lutz)「…… Cunning of you, Onii-san. 」

(Yuki)「Well, I will have to bring money here and there by military action. I need to make profits somewhere. 」

(Lutz)「Oh well. This time, the elites are all moving starting from here, they’ll definitely use that as an excuse to get money to cover for their expenses. We must do something for that. 」

(Yuki)「Lutz after all, the time the soldiers will use to gather and get ready for action, can’t you make them buy food, armor and products from us?」

(Lutz)「That’s one solution. I will not escape from any business opportunity. 」

Yes, this rapid dispatch won’t be managed at the benevolence of the other country, we have to act upon it promptly.
In a way, they will probably call for as much money as they can as collateral.
In any case, we will need the support and for now our side doesn’t hold enough money; no matter what the rulers of the countries think, we will need to convince their retainers.
In a sense, we will also prove the usefulness of the gate and that we can quickly form a coalition.

(Yuki)「Our military forces will start their advancement in two days. Before that, we will prepare the route our army will walk on with the grasp of the Dungeon, leave slimes and goblins with Surakichi-san to eliminate the wild monsters. 」

There’s a circle in the middle of the path for the troops.
It’ll be at this point where we will deploy Surakichi-san.

(Yuki)「The capture of the Demon King’s castle will be done by everyone expect for the members I called earlier. Just one thing. The mean of transportation at our disposal will be Marauders and their drivers. You won’t be concerned about leaving your duty of managing the Dungeon. This will make it easy to answer quickly to any convocation1)a large formal gathering, meeting, or Assembly. Incidentally, this is also an insurance against leaking rumors that we defeated the Demon King and all. 」2)Basically the called members go in public while the rest move in the shadows and weaken/kill the Demon King

(Millie)「Ah, now I see. I was wondering if I would have to handle an unlimited amount of work and be ready to head out at the same time. 」

(Ellis)「If then by any chance we kill the Demon King in his castle and the rumor still spread, there won’t be any problem right?」

(Yuki)「That’s how it is. We will put a doppel as a dummy in the stead of the Demon King, but a doppel’s copy of the intellect isn’t perfect. Rather, anyone from Weed will be able to tell if he is genuine or fake. 」

Yes, up until now we used doppels as body-double. But this time we will make a pure imitation.
There is no problem in taking over work, but there may be mistakes when confronting with someone of his entourage.
After all, to make it easy to understand what a doppel is. Weed teached about the differences.

(Yuki)「According to the distance, it’s 4 day of travel with the Marauder. Driving will be impossible for me because I’ll be with the march, I’ll have to ask you. Lutz, Kaya. 」


These two already had already driven without any problem when we went to Galtz.

(Yuki)「Before going to the Demon King’s castle, stop one kilometer apart from the place and set up a Dungeon with a transfer function so that we can attack the castle at once. 」

Then I pointed to the Castle.
We’re halfway through the plan now.

(Yuki)「Liliana-san, Zergis and Raia, take with you a copy of the inner castle’s map. In the unlikely event of the hardest situation, it may come in handy so don’t forget about it. 」

All the eyes that were on me are now looking at the map representing the inside of the Demon King’s castle.

(Yuki)「The copying will be done later. After we defeat the Demon King, we will have to protect Liliana-san while we negotiate about the Gate. This is how we will act. 」

(Seraria)「It’s been a while since we last went all out like this. 」

(Yuki)「That’s true. After the allied forces arrive at the castle we will use the Gate at the same time. As for the remaining members, you will listen and try to talk to the heros from Rankus. I won’t be there and I probably won’t be able to make a Call from this side but you won’t have to worry. 」

I say that and look at everyone.
Did they understand what I conveyed?

(Lutz)「Oh, that reminds me of something. 」

Lutz said.

(Millie)「There was that too」.

Millie added.

Everyone else made a surprised face before nodding.

(Yuki)「What’s with all of you?」

When they heard me, they all look to the others before saying at the same time.

「「「We have completely forgotten about Rankus’ problem. 」」」

I fell off at the reply.

(Riel)「Hey hey. 」

(Shera)「No, I didn’t think there would be an impact of that caliber. 」

(Seraria)「Oh yeah, was it?」

(Kaya)「… Stood out as much as a shadow. 3)Background problem.

(Lulu)「I was only thinking about the insurrection. 」

Their frivolous way of talking about that problem is laughable.
Oh, Rankus, how I pity you.
All of my wives already forgot about you.

And then, someone raises a voice of doubt.

(Leia)「Ano, sor, ruy. Wi,ill I together with you?」

That’s the voice of Leia, my new attendant.
I have yet to tell that she is a hero, but she has already undergone forced leveling inside the dungeon.
With her level reaching 120, she can already fight.
But that girl is probably asking why I haven’t called her name and given her a big job yet since I started explaining about our plans for the Demon King.

(Yuki)「Of course we will. It’s not good without Leia. 」

(Leia)「Wi,thout me?」

(Seraria)「Yes, if something were to happen you’re our trump card. 」

Seraria and me said so and everyone else nods.

(Leia)「If something happens?」

Leia tilts her head to the side.
But everyone knows.
In the unlikely event that the Demon King is extremely powerful, we will have to rely on the heroic power of Leia.
Although it’s not an entreaty from the goddess and she is probably not all that ready, she will definitely be more than enough to kill the Demon King.
That’s why, despite the risks, we will take Leia to the battlefield.

Yes, and I have another job before we could be capturing the Demon King’s castle.

It’s to awaken Leia. 4)Yuki needs to bed her in order for her to awaken, for those who forgot 😀

It’s the hardest game difficulty, honestly.
Even if I wish to go at it slowly later, my wives won’t let me. In fact they want to take all the options we can to attain victory.
They even gave me their approval, without any delay, they talked about me having a sexual intercourse.
In what world do you ask your husband to embrace another woman?5)Tensky: in the world you are would be my guess?
Especially when we love each others.

The time limit is about 6 days.

Whether I’m blown away or I get along with Leia, my death match is about to start.

Scarier than the Demon King!!
Afterword of the author
You too had forgotten about Rankus didn’t you?
Did you also forgot about the hero of love?

Yuki is really busy now.

And, sorry. I did mistake yesterday but I was absent so you will only have the corrections now.

Okay, to continue onto what I said yesterday.


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References   [ + ]

1. a large formal gathering, meeting, or Assembly
2. Basically the called members go in public while the rest move in the shadows and weaken/kill the Demon King
3. Background problem.
4. Yuki needs to bed her in order for her to awaken, for those who forgot 😀
5. Tensky: in the world you are would be my guess?

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