Chapter 132 – That girl’s hero

Chapter 132 – That girl’s hero

Side : Leia

If fated encounters exist, then I think I had mine.
The war is slowly approaching an end, and I’m still alive.
I may have finally found the answer.

He is a legendary hero-sama who is leading the world to peace.

This person is the one I met.
He is a rare person who tries to save as many people as possible, help a Demon King and is even kind to me who can barely talk properly.
But his way of thinking isn’t ordinary. He sets his goals as high as the sky and then always tries to find the way where the fewest people will be saddened as well.

This hero-sama seems to be called a Dungeon Master by his wives-samas.
But, I think things are different.
The true nature of that man is definitely that of a hero.
He may wear different clothes than the other heroes.
That’s right, he is quite different when compared to your usual hero.

He is a true hero.

I hope that the day I will be able to hear his name will come soon.
I have never regretted not being able to hear names as much as i do now.

(Seraria)「Hey you. 」


A sudden sharp movement and my sword was dropped.

(Seraria)「Leia, you’re thinking of something aren’t you?」

(Leia)「I, am, so, rry. 」

(Seraria)「Well, there’s still a few days. There’s still time for a few more rounds of trial and error. But don’t think that your dull movements will be enough for the real thing. Especially when you are against an opponent of a higher rank than your own. 」

(Leia)「Yes. 」

Now I am practicing the sword with Seraria.
I have heard of this person’s name as well.
Rochelle’s war goddess, Princess of Rochelle and now the Queen of Weed.
I’m envious of her.
But I must admit, she is a suitable woman for him, she is both beautiful and possesses great strength.

(Seraria)「…… I know that you are working hard, but fact is that our precious time is ticking on. As my husband he mentioned, I wonder if we should remove you from the frontlines?」

I froze at the casual words of Seraria.

(Leia)「No!! I am that person’s attendant!!」

That person, my shining light.
No, he is the hope of all who live in this area.
Even if the chances are very low, if against all odds he ever got hurt, it’d be a disaster.
Even if it’s one in a hundred million chance and he dies, the world will definitely collapse.

I pick up the fallen sword and ready my stance again.
Seraria who watched me react like that is surprised. She laughs joyfully and draws her sword again.

(Seraria)「That’s a good attitude. However, Leia. How do you think my husband will see you? To be honest, the appearance you are putting on display is usually quite miserable. If you simply carry on thick-skinned then things are not going to work out for you. Where should you be looking for the motivation to work harder?」

Seraria-sama said to me while executing her sharp swordsmanship as I try to follow her flow.
I desperately fight with my sword to defend myself.

(Leia)「Ah, that…… is true!? Me, an ordinary, human!! Even so!!」

This is it, the meaning.
Because I am an ordinary person, because I fell into slavery, I am not sure about the important matters and what is happening this time.
You are a noble, but it doesn’t mean you are bad or always right.
But clearly, there’s a difference between him and you.

(Leia)「…… -sama, do you know?」

(Seraria)「What are you asking?」

My voice is covered by the intense fight with swords.

(Leia)「Seraria-sama has her own perspective of her companions. No, you have a low evaluation of your own companions!!」

(Seraria)「Leia, you said my name!?」

Seraria-sama is surprised, but that’s far from all I have to say.
Responding as needed, I use my whole weigh to push back her sword.
I should just just speak to my heart’s content.

(Leia)「When he was at school, he went on his knees to be on the same perspective as the students!! At his workplace, he took a cup of coffee with the official staff and they talked about any and many things together!! Is that even possible for you!!」


Yes, no matter how you look at him, he is just like any common guy.
Your average person.
This is the kind of warmth I felt from him ever since we met.
He isn’t much different from me.
No, he is closer to how I was, before I broke.
This is the reason why he is keeping his position.
I can’t imagine how many hardships he has to endure through all this.

(Leia)「There’s no doubt about what you will say, that a noble person must behave as one of his kind, that you wish for me to rise until I become a lady!!」

Seraria’s eyes shook in astonishment.

(Leia)「That’s what you might be thinking!! That everyone must be like you, even if they are people coming from the street!! And that’s why he is the hero!! Whatever you say, he is the hero of the ordinary people and he doesn’t want for anyone to change!!」

Following my speech, my blow knocked the sword of Seraria-sama.

(Leia)「Haah, hah….. 」

It’s bad, I talked frantically and now my breathing is getting hard.
While she is taking her sword back, Seraria-sama has a delighted face.

(Seraria)「Oh well. He can certainly be called a hero. But that doesn’t mean he have a sword of legend nor would he have the skills or the strength to many one. Even so, there are a lot of people who adore him. Including me, you know. 」

Seraria looks at her sword.
Although it’s her training sword, the blade is polished and looks like a mirror.

(Seraria)「You are right. It’s because I fell in love with that person. I don’t have the standing of a ruler and my rash personality is a bother, our standings are also very differents. It’s probably because he is originally an average person just like you said, Leia. Ah, I see where you are coming from. I’ve heard of it before. Nobility, at the beginning, was originating from ordinary people. That’s what he told me. Despite that, in the end; that’s because he understands us that he managed to reach this place, don’t you think?」

Seraria-sama seems nostalgic, talking about her memories.
I, however, am angry.

(Seraria)「I must thank Leia for that. Now I find myself loving my husband even more. But you know…. 」

Seraria-sama suddenly appear before my eyes.
I raise my sword to parry but it does little and I am pushed away.

(Seraria)「To have a little girl trying to teach me about my husband isn’t a great feeling. 」

What, she blew me away for that reason!?

(Seraria)「Which reminds me, didn’t you recently start to join him in the bath?!!」

And with a loud noise, my body’s fyling. Again.

(Leia)「Isn’t that obvious!! Because I am his attendant!! We will be together forever!! I will even go as far as telling you that, despite the cover of the futon and feigning ignorance, I can hear how vigorous he is night after night!!」

Fighting against the hierarchy, I crash against Seraria with all my pant up anger.

(Seraria)「Ara, since it’s a couple thing. Isn’t it only natural?」

(Leia)「Muka1)SFX for when someone gets mad/annoyed. Derives from the intransitive verb “to feel irritated or annoyed with something” or 「むかつく」!! If you think that I’m dull and will simply endure on the side, you are mistaken!!」

I spat out to her, now ready to struggle with my all.
In term of level Seraria-sama is far above me, but in term of strength I can somehow jostle on par with her.
This won’t be easy because even if our physical strength is evenly matched, she overwhelm me in all other aspects.
That’s why the me right now is getting out of breath as I push towards her.

(Seraria)「For that reason I have to thank you. 」

(Leia)「Wh-hat, do y-you mean?」

(Seraria)「You are going to become my husband’s concubine, and as his personal attendant, you will have to take good care of him. 」


Her words surprised me so hard that the grip I had on my sword loosened, letting it fly toward the sky.

(Seraria)「Well, if my husband doesn’t like you then it would another story altogether. Oh, but unless it is you that like someone else?」

(Leia)「There’s no one else!! It’s only him!!」

(Seraria)「Would that be okay for you? You wouldn’t have to endure at night anymore. Finally able to mix after such a long and painful wait. But not today….. It’s Millie’s turn. 」

(Leia)「Eh, eh, is that okay?」

(Seraria)「Of course. Rather, I hope you would understand that my husband Yuki is wandering too much. This way, you will be able to thoroughly take your escort duty to the core. 」

(Leia)「Y-es. So you were looking for an exclusive person to attach to him, am I right?」

(Seraria)「For that very reason I have faced you as an opponent so harshly in training everyday. Until our exchange today and now I feel perfectly safe leaving him in your care as his concubine and his escort. We wish to escort him ourselves but we can’t, we’re simply too overworked. 」

That’s right.
Each of Yuki-san’s wives is someone important, they are representatives or executives, getting busy every day.
That’s also why every night is so fierce.

(Leia)「I can become Yuki-san’s concubine and shoulder him!!」

(Seraria)「Yes. Well, Leia. It came to my mind for a while now but it seems that you are finally able to say a name. 」

(Leia)「Eh, ah, it’s true!! And, who is Millie-san? I don’t think I’ve ever heard her name so far. What kind of people is that Millie-san? I have to hasten and speak with her soon!!」

(Seraria)「Alright, alright. Let’s quickly join Millie and….. No that’s not it, let’s simply greet everyone once again. You didn’t understand their name previously, right?」

(Leia)「…… Yes. 」

After that, Seraria contacted the other wives and they all gathered at the inn.

「Now that you remind me, I think I’ve heard her saying our husband’s name, Yuki. How is that possible?」

(Millie)「Because when I was at work, he signed with the name Yuki. 」

(Seraria)「I see. Oh but even if she is the newest, she will have to wait in line before she can get pregnant. Your escort duty is the most important, you can’t conceive a child with husband this is absolute. 」


(Lutz)「Let’s see. At least for the first two years. After that, we will be able to pass on work at the office and take over as Yuki’s escort. You will have to be patient before you can receive his child. 」


Today I heard the harshest sentence, it felt so horrible.

Side: Yuki

『You earned a special title. 』

I heard such a strange announcement.

(Yuki)「It’s unusual, what exactly is a special title?」

Wait, is Luna playing a prank on me?
That must be it, let’s check my status screen….

Title: Hero of Hero. After being called Hero by another Hero, you became a special existence. ( Hey you, watcha doing? It’s too funny, though)


First of all, let’s call Luna, I decided to protest.
You could have called me master of a hero, even father or lover. But what the hell with hero of a hero?

Hey, but Hero?
What should I do about Leia?
I have to manage something in the incoming five days?
Today she will come tired from Seraria’s training and tomorrow….. Right, let’s try my best tomorrow!!
Afterword of the author
Although the context seems outside of Yuki’s cheat concerns, Leia is an earnest girl and her viewpoint is interesting Ahah.
And yet she is a hero!!
I think you can understand that Leia is special amongst the heros.
Rather than being warned by Yuki, she finds answers herself and becomes a stronger child.
Literally worthy of being a hero for a kid.

2)Face was here3)Sure he was


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References   [ + ]

1. SFX for when someone gets mad/annoyed. Derives from the intransitive verb “to feel irritated or annoyed with something” or 「むかつく」
2. Face was here
3. Sure he was

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